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Test Answers

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There are 302 answer(s) beginning with the letter Y.

Question: YADO
Answer: The entry is left as it is. An additional entry is made referring back to the erroneous entry and noting what the correct entry should read

Question: YAHQ
Answer: Merchant Shipping Notices (MSNs), Marine Guidance Notes (MGNs) and Marine Information Notes (MINs)

Question: YAJD
Answer: Under keel clearance is given by C on the figure

Question: YAKE
Answer: The ship’s officer in charge of the oil transfer

Question: YAPA
Answer: The slave controller with the master controller in manual mode

Question: YAPE
Answer: two sponges

Question: YARM
Answer: will conduct electricity with very high voltage

Question: YATK
Answer: all vessels in the Ocean Region concerned can read it

Question: YAVX
Answer: Turn the rudder towards midship, but normally not all the way to midship position

Question: YAWR
Answer: He should be aware of the steel thickness of the valve

Question: YBEA
Answer: increase

Question: YBGW
Answer: Centrifugal pump.

Question: YBHU
Answer: ICE-method.

Question: YBJC
Answer: They are to let go of the stern lines

Question: YBRQ
Answer: 300 – 3000 kHz

Question: YBTF
Answer: Maximum allowable working pressure

Question: YCAS
Answer: Both in a conspicuous place in each machinery space and in a conspicuous place at the bilge and ballast pump control station

Question: YCDB
Answer: The tug may be sucked into your stern with danger of striking the propeller

Question: YCDF
Answer: 96 hours

Question: YCEY
Answer: At any time, provided he is confident that the engine room will operate in a safe and efficient manner for the period it will be left unattended.

Question: YCIJ
Answer: Neutral to Alkaline solution.

Question: YCKT
Answer: Radiotelephony – Phase modulation

Question: YCLM
Answer: If at sea, the master shall immediately undertake an investigation, secure evi-dence and take statements, inform Norwegian Consulate/Maritime Directorate

Question: YCLR
Answer: pressed in constantly to work duplex

Question: YCRJ
Answer: the oxidising agent in the presence of which fuel may burn. The oxygen is a comburent par excellence

Question: YCRN
Answer: It would be determined by risk assessment, but at very least would comprise safety line and harness, lifebuoy standing by, safety hat, boiler suit safety boots

Question: YDAV
Answer: Chapter II-2

Question: YDTC
Answer: 95° C

Question: YDUN
Answer: Tell the person to sit down and lean forward with the head between the knees taking deep breaths.

Question: YDVL
Answer: During crossing, ports on the car deck shall be closed and battened.

Question: YDWL
Answer: Not allow the clothes to be hung anywhere in the unmanned machinery spaces

Question: YEDY
Answer: To comply with MARPOL requirements

Question: YEIA
Answer: Class C fire

Question: Yellow and black stripes are the colours for___
Answer: dangerously protruding object

Question: Yes,
Answer: if the seafrers demands it

Question: Yesterday was Tuesday, today is . Wednesday
Answer: Wednesday

Question: YESY
Answer: Change the lube oil.

Question: YEYS
Answer: Piracy is increasing

Question: YFBB
Answer: A liquid change to gas.

Question: YFBK
Answer: Development of toxic gases?

Question: YFKM
Answer: From the condenser.

Question: YFKP
Answer: 4

Question: YFPM
Answer: Printed Circuit Board

Question: YFQI
Answer: Telephone

Question: YFXS
Answer: Neutral.

Question: YFYM
Answer: Soot would be swept toward the uptakes

Question: YGGF
Answer: Water can be removed in the separator but not in the filter

Question: YGJV
Answer: swim through the water at least 25m and board a survival craft

Question: YGMX
Answer: Has to contain a work-frequency

Question: YGNT
Answer: lifejacket

Question: YGVH
Answer: Yes.

Question: YHAK
Answer: Total pressure head

Question: YHDN
Answer: Green

Question: YHFJ
Answer: can be unpacked and donned without assistance within 2min.

Question: YHJP
Answer: 2 min

Question: YHQE
Answer: That the separation may cause sparks that can possibly ignite the oil or any other flammable substances.

Question: YIEH
Answer: 300.000 kilometres per second

Question: YIHT
Answer: the frequency actually used by transmitter and receiver

Question: YIIO
Answer: In stairways and corridors

Question: YIKG
Answer: Yes, you must attend to a course held by certified personnel, and then be certified by national authorities (NMD, USCG, etc)

Question: YIPI
Answer: Ensure the valves are of the correct discharge capacity for the boiler.

Question: YISM
Answer: 25 %

Question: YITG
Answer: Give the coating time to “weather out” the trapped solvents using good ventilation, and recover it’s hardness again, prior loading the next cargo?

Question: YIVB
Answer: In % of full scale

Question: YIXM
Answer: received messages, which aren’t intended for own ship are not passed on

Question: YJCM
Answer: amplitude is variable and frequency of carrier wave is constant

Question: YJGQ
Answer: O2: 21% N2: 78% H2O: traces CO2: traces Rare gases: traces

Question: YJIM
Answer: The heat given to or given up from a substance is called latent heat

Question: YJMJ
Answer: Yes, must be cooled to 25 Degr. C.

Question: YJNK
Answer: Every day.

Question: YJOA
Answer: The Stevedore company?

Question: YJRK
Answer: To prevent the circulating oil in the crankcase from being contaminat with fuel oil

Question: YJTI
Answer: the number of persons the liferaft is permitted to carry

Question: YJUB
Answer: Fasten seat belts

Question: YKDF
Answer: Water with less than 15 ppm vitiation of oil

Question: YKIE
Answer: Large fenders meant for floating between vessels and absorbing considerable impact. Example of fender size: L – 4.5 m. Dia. – 3.3 m

Question: YKKV
Answer: Not less than 10000 kJ

Question: YKKX
Answer: All of the other alternatives.

Question: YKMK
Answer: A wheel with which the ship is steered.

Question: YKNC
Answer: Use the intercom to inform crew and passengers of the reason for the alarm

Question: YKQR
Answer: In G3E mode – on simplex basis

Question: YKVP
Answer: to suppress noise

Question: YLDC
Answer: Portable foam applicator

Question: YLEB
Answer: Fouled cooling water system.

Question: YLFV
Answer: In a clarifier solids are removed from oil, whereas in a purifier solids and water are removed from oil

Question: YLII
Answer: Put the plates in water with qualified cleaning chemicals, and use soft brush, or high pressure cleaner with care.

Question: YLKO
Answer: A ship which carries more than 12 passengers

Question: YLLJ
Answer: 10 to 11%

Question: YLLL
Answer: Forward breast line is given by C on the figure

Question: YLNB
Answer: only the master

Question: YLNC
Answer: Release falls

Question: YLPV
Answer: A Norwegian Consulate has already duties on behalf of the NMD and the directo-rate can in addition instruct a Consulate to act on the directorate’s authority

Question: YLQT
Answer: LAPQ4

Question: YLRD
Answer: an indication of aerial problems

Question: YMBN
Answer: Uncertainty – Alert – Distress

Question: YMCC
Answer: Spherical cargo tanks are used on all types of gas carrier, fully refrigerated, semi-refrigerated and fully pressurised gas carriers

Question: YMFJ
Answer: Bow/stem is given by B on the figure

Question: YMKS
Answer: Feed-check valve

Question: YMYA
Answer: Seelonce mayday

Question: YNBN
Answer: You set watch on channel 16

Question: YNDB
Answer: time (in UTC) whereupon the telex for the subscriber is delivered.

Question: YNDY
Answer: call-signs of ships for which a radio-telephone call, a telegram or another call is intended

Question: YNEO
Answer: 5 knots

Question: YNET
Answer: All alternatives

Question: YNKQ
Answer: Fully-refrigerated gas carrier can be discharged by condensate the cargo to shore or another cargo tank or let it boil off

Question: YNKS
Answer: 8 hours a day?

Question: YNPN
Answer: Open steam valve very slowly, considering system expansion.

Question: YNRG
Answer: Emergency fire pump

Question: YNRH
Answer: every 4 months

Question: YNUN
Answer: Message concerning an important navigational message.

Question: YNUO
Answer: To prevent oil spills in US waters?

Question: YNVI
Answer: Fuel tanks should be topped off with no room for expansion.

Question: YNXB
Answer: That no solid beam of fuel shall be present

Question: YNYU
Answer: Warm clothes, blankets and lifevests.

Question: YOAM
Answer: a telephone conversation with a person whose name is known, department or extension on the telephone number given

Question: yoghurt, apple, lemon, orange
Answer: yoghurt

Question: YONW
Answer: Sprinkler section valve

Question: YOOK
Answer: Increase in condenser pressure.

Question: YOPO
Answer: One short blast, one prolonged blast, one short blast

Question: YORY
Answer: 5 sec

Question: YOSR
Answer: Circle the vessel.

Question: You are 10 to 60 nautical miles away from the ce
Answer: Rapid fall.

Question: You are about to clean out the domestic refriger
Answer: Bicarbonate of Soda

Question: You are about to iron a pair of white cotton ove
Answer: Steam

Question: You are about to iron a polycotten shirt what te
Answer: Hot

Question: You are about to iron a silk shirt what temperat
Answer: Cool

Question: You are about to start cleaning duties in the ga
Answer: Cove it all

Question: You are approaching a prohibited...
Answer: are approaching

Question: You are approaching the starboard...
Answer: are approaching

Question: You are asked to perform sliver service, what ty
Answer: The food is served to each di

Question: You are assisting with a stores delivery, what s
Answer: Put the items in the cold roo

Question: You are at anchor in the wrong position.
Answer: at

Question: You are at stations forward for weighing anchor.
Answer: When the cable is up and down

Question: You are berthed with a steady offshore beam wind
Answer: quadrupled.

Question: You are clearing away after lunch, and you disco
Answer: Keep them to one side report

Question: You are cooking a piece of meat that will be ser
Answer: Place in a ventilated food st

Question: You are discharging a cargo of Propane and the c
Answer: Request that vapour is suppli

Question: You are experiencing blow-by on the main engine
Answer: Reduce speed temporarily and

Question: You are experiencing major surging in the fresh
Answer: You have a cracked liner, or

Question: You are gas freeing a tank from LNG using a comb
Answer: Hydrogen Sulphide

Question: You are getting closer to the vessel...
Answer: are getting

Question: You are going to leave a crowded anchorage by ma
Answer: Rudder hard to port, full ast

Question: You are heading towards fishing gear.
Answer: towards

Question: You are heading west and observe a north cardina
Answer: Alter course to starboard.

Question: You are in a 360 degrees turn with engine full a
Answer: The turning diameter will inc

Question: You are in charge of a rescue team searching a g
Answer: "Give oxygen to the casualty

Question: You are meeting another ship in confined waters.
Answer: Initially the bows of the shi

Question: You are night duty officer on a ship under way w
Answer: Sound the fire / general alar

Question: You are not complying with traffic regulations.
Answer: with

Question: You are notified that it is getting hot in the a
Answer: If the aircon compressor is s

Question: You are on a VLCC and are approaching shallow wa
Answer: Reduce to slow or less in due

Question: You are on watch at night and you stop the main
Answer: Switch on two vertical red li

Question: You are performing an overtaking manoeuvre in co
Answer: The bow may be pulled towards

Question: You are proceeding at a dangerous speed.
Answer: at

Question: You are required to order 1 years supply of refr
Answer: 24 pails x 20 litres.

Question: You are running into danger.There is ….
Answer: into

Question: You are sailing in shallow water ... Coming full
Answer: The heading will most likely

Question: You are sailing in shallow water ... How will yo
Answer: Stopping distance longer & tu

Question: You are serving fresh fruit as part of a meal, w
Answer: Dessert knife and fork

Question: You are serving fresh fruit at lunchtime, what m
Answer: Wash it all well

Question: You are serving salads as the main course for lu
Answer: Cool / Cold

Question: You are transiting a narrow channel. What can ha
Answer: The bow could be pushed away

Question: You are underway on a tanker and observe the lig
Answer: Alter course to STARBOARD and

Question: You can stow poisonous and flammable...
Answer: can stow

Question: You can tell if food poisoning bacteria are on f
Answer: You can't

Question: You can't go out dressed like that! You look___!
Answer: ridiculous

Question: You cut yourself in the catering department what
Answer: Blue

Question: You cut youself whilst working in the catering a
Answer: Report the accident and cover

Question: You expect to sight land at 2100. By 2120 no lan
Answer: Call the master.

Question: You have a cylinder liner with 8 outlet holes fo

Question: You have a new or different chemical delivered o
Answer: Read the label carefully

Question: You have an industrial vacuum cleaner onboard yo
Answer: Weekly

Question: You have another vessel on your port bow in clea
Answer: Observation of the compass be

Question: You have been making a pudding and have half a t
Answer: In a covered bowl

Question: You have checked the oil viscosity in an auxilia
Answer: Clean the system and change t

Question: You have finished discharging a cargo of Butane
Answer: Pressurize the lines with hot

Question: You have four pints of long life milk in your fr
Answer: The one dated today

Question: You have installed a new bearing in the main eng
Answer: Allowance must be made for a

Question: You have just finished cleaning silver cutlery w
Answer: Wash the silver cutlery in ho

Question: You have made a turning test at full speed in de
Answer: The diameter will be the same

Question: You have orders to load a cargo of API gravity 1
Answer: the same as fresh water

Question: You intend overtaking a vessel in a narrow chann
Answer: I do not understand your inte

Question: You look a mess___
Answer: have you been fighting?

Question: You may come across items made from copper onboa
Answer: A propriety copper cleaner or

Question: You must anchor until the pilot arrives.
Answer: until

Question: You must bring your immersion suit.
Answer: must bring

Question: You need to anchor a ship in 80 meters of open w
Answer: 11 shackles.

Question: You notice the sump level in an engine has incre
Answer: Stop the engine and check for

Question: You now have the watch.
Answer: have

Question: You observe this vessel - range 4 miles. What ac
Answer: Sound one short blast and alt

Question: You observe this vessel at a range of 9 miles. W
Answer: Stand on but continue to moni

Question: You observe this vessel on a steady bearing at r
Answer: Sound one short blast and alt

Question: You observe this vessel on a steady bearing, ran
Answer: Sound one short blast and alt

Question: You often have limited refrigerator space to sto
Answer: On the top shelf of the fridg

Question: You ought to___the salary and working conditions
Answer: think over

Question: You see a two flag signal on a ship close-by. Wh
Answer: International Code of Signals

Question: You see a vessel displaying a black cylinder on
Answer: Three all-round red lights in

Question: You should check with the Master first!
Answer: with

Question: You should never wear jewellery whilst handling
Answer: Because bacteria build up in

Question: You should'nt___so late; you'll be tired in the
Answer: stay up

Question: You sight a vessel bearing 3 points abaft the st
Answer: A vessel overtaking situation

Question: You want to stop your ship as quickly as possibl
Answer: Use the rudder hard over both

Question: You were with another crew on your last contract, weren`t you?
Answer: weren`t you

Question: You will meet crossing traffic in...
Answer: will

Question: You will notice in this drawing that steam traps
Answer: Because the water is condense

Question: You'll soon learn to use a computer with these__
Answer: user-friendly

Question: YOUP
Answer: is marked that it must be worn in conjunction with warm clothing if it is made of material which has no inherent insulation

Question: Your actions will be reported...
Answer: will be reported

Question: Your engine is going astern and you gather stern
Answer: You will change heading to st

Question: Your hair is very long." " Yes l know. I must___
Answer: get

Question: Your hotel number is 2947. twenty-nine forty-seven
Answer: twenty-nine forty-seven

Question: Your power-driven vessel is fitted with radar an
Answer: A safe speed

Question: Your ship is equipped with a right handed propel
Answer: Put the rudder hard to starbo

Question: Your ship is equipped with a single right-handed
Answer: You will sheer to starboard a

Question: Your ship is making sternway of about 1.5 knots,
Answer: Yes, it will give the stern a

Question: Your ship is on a course of 240? True. A person
Answer: go hard to port until you are

Question: Your station in convoy will be number 4. four
Answer: four

Question: Your vessel is at anchor. What daytime signal mu
Answer: A black ball.

Question: Your vessel is carrying a full cargo of scrap st
Answer: The magnetic compass.

Question: Your vessel is entering a tropical area and high
Answer: Operate the engine with sligh

Question: Your vessel is loading liquid oil cargo and oil
Answer: "carry out emergency stop pro

Question: Your vessel is to turn to port in a narrow canal
Answer: Make the tug fast on the port

Question: You___worry about it.
Answer: must not

Question: YOWU
Answer: An observed situation where objective evidence indicates the non-fulfilment of a specified requirement

Question: YOYO

Question: YPAH
Answer: A whistle and a light

Question: YPCU
Answer: At a place easily accessible from the shore

Question: YPCX
Answer: All the mentioned alternatives?

Question: YPPE
Answer: the use of MF and/or VHF R/T

Question: YPSO
Answer: automatic self-righting abilities when every persons are held in their place

Question: YQFW
Answer: Line currents: 0 A, 180 A, 180 A. Trip condition: trip on overload.

Question: YQGU
Answer: Ships can use their own boats if they cannot safely lift hired boats, but boat crews must be hired from shore

Question: YQGV
Answer: Silicon controlled rectifier (SCR)

Question: YQHS
Answer: Midwinter

Question: YQIL
Answer: To prevent too much shrinkage.

Question: YQIM
Answer: General cargo holds

Question: YQOD
Answer: neither for …

Question: YQPA
Answer: 30 months before the expiry date- +/-`6 months

Question: YQPX
Answer: The flash point for an oil or liquefied gas is the temperature at which it is possible to ignite the vapour above the liquid

Question: YQTK
Answer: Put on the life jacket

Question: YRFW
Answer: Aft of the manifold.

Question: YRFX
Answer: Vegetables

Question: YRRM
Answer: Blue

Question: YRRO
Answer: Enclosed Space Entry Permit and Cold Work Permit.

Question: YSGL
Answer: the name of each inoccupants (passengers included, if any)

Question: YSJC
Answer: J3E

Question: YSSE
Answer: Yes, the quick closing devices shall be tested and maintained frequently to ensure proper function in case of fire in the engine room.

Question: YSTY
Answer: 5 – 10 Degr. C.

Question: YSUB
Answer: Any of the below.

Question: YSUD
Answer: Water leaking into the combustion chamber.

Question: YSUS
Answer: EPIRB

Question: YSVQ
Answer: 1.5 litre

Question: YSYB
Answer: If a sudden drop in pressure appears after the valve is supposed to be closed, this is caused by a leak

Question: YSYG
Answer: This call is an all station call

Question: YTKY
Answer: At least one member of the crew shall hold a repairman certificate for life-saving equipment

Question: YTQK
Answer: three tin-openers

Question: YTQQ
Answer: Mixing of : Incompatible cargoes, Annex 1 and Annex II cargoes and veg oils with chemical slop.

Question: YTSF
Answer: The GPS system gives information about position, speed and time continuously world wide.

Question: YTTD
Answer: Length overall is given by B on the figure

Question: YTYS
Answer: The welder shall have been instructed in the use of the ship’s welding plant.

Question: YUKR
Answer: 30.5°C ET?

Question: YUNF
Answer: Close the valves, oxygen first.

Question: YUNY
Answer: 3,5 – 3,9%

Question: YUOW
Answer: Roller fairlead is given by B on the figure

Question: YUTT
Answer: an area excluding sea areas A1 and A2 within the radiotelephone coverage of at least one Inmarsat geostationary satellite in which continuous alerting is availabl

Question: YUVL
Answer: the use of VHF DSC

Question: YUVN
Answer: To be briefed about what to expect and when ships and lights should be detecte

Question: YUYX
Answer: One year.

Question: YVFL
Answer: The lower speed the higher ratio of oil/oily water can be discharged?

Question: YVGK
Answer: The point where the sideways motion of the ship`s centreline is zero

Question: YVGL
Answer: Returned to the Ship Control via a Norwegian Consulate

Question: YVJT
Answer: 2 PSI above / 0,5 PSI below?

Question: YVJW
Answer: A converter that converts an analogue signal to a digital signal and vice versa

Question: YVNV
Answer: one drain valve fitted near the lowest point in the hull, except for free-fall lifeboats

Question: YVQI
Answer: Maritime investigators, The ship Control,, the Electrical Inspectorate, and other public institutions, Det Norske Veritas and other approved survey institutions, other private institutions of foreign countries, the authorities of foreign countries

Question: YVTS
Answer: Measure oxygen contents in the atmosphere.

Question: YVXD
Answer: Check that the painter is made fast to a secure point and that the sea below is clear

Question: YWBF
Answer: The Seaworthiness Act

Question: YWEO
Answer: Dilute the remains by 10 times with water, then overboard if the vessel is more than 12 miles off land and proceeding at a speed of 7 knots or more. The discharge need not take place below the waterline.

Question: YWEP
Answer: At least one portable foam applicator unit

Question: YWFH
Answer: Electrostatic hazards?

Question: YWIY
Answer: A Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan

Question: YWMB
Answer: pressed in during transmitting only to work simplex

Question: YWNV
Answer: the way radio waves are propagated

Question: YXCS
Answer: to swim a short distance through the water and board a survival craft

Question: YXDO
Answer: the use of VHF R/T

Question: YXEN
Answer: 30 miles

Question: YXVD
Answer: The manoeuvring vessel presents her port side to the constant direction vessel

Question: YXWV
Answer: At least two jets of water not emanating from the same hydrant, one of which from a single length of hose, may reach any part of the ship normally accessible to passengers and crew

Question: YXWW
Answer: He is steering the ship.

Question: YXYL
Answer: At about 1/6 of the ship’s length from the bow

Question: YYBW
Answer: By using rubber gloves.

Question: YYFY
Answer: Rescuing of life, fighting the fire, limitation of the fire and secure the retreat

Question: YYMW
Answer: Absolute pressure

Question: YYNQ

Question: YYNS
Answer: The asphalt unlike sulfur is a viscous product and does not transmit its heat easily to the steel bulkheads, allowing the steel to stay cooler than the cargo

Question: YYPD
Answer: One on each side of the ship

Question: YYRO
Answer: To prevent serious damages to the plates.

Question: YYRT
Answer: if they are more than 25% of the total crew

Question: YYSM
Answer: Sea water

Question: YYSQ
Answer: He is to notify the Chief Officer

Question: YYXR
Answer: Anchor ball.