Test Answers

Test Answers

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There are 249 answer(s) beginning with the letter L.

Question: LAAH
Answer: Letter M plus two other letters.

Question: laden, spanner, hazard, travel
Answer: laden

Question: lake, hill, mountain, cliff
Answer: lake

Question: lamb, verb, crab, knob
Answer: lamb

Question: land, ocean, sea, lake
Answer: land

Question: LAOL
Answer: To assist in the efficient and safe watchkeeping.

Question: Lapping a valve and valve seat together means___
Answer: grinding the valve against th

Question: LARA
Answer: Breadth is given by B on the figure

Question: LASX
Answer: Forcastle head, manifolds, maindeck?

Question: LAYN
Answer: All of the items in the other alternatives should be done.

Question: LAYU
Answer: Sufficient fuel to run at 6 knots for a period of at least 24 hours

Question: LBGG
Answer: The use of the ship’s line throwing apparatus.

Question: LBGX
Answer: coax cable

Question: LBSN
Answer: Increase the dosage of chemicals, and take new test of the water.

Question: LBVB
Answer: At least once a month if circumstances permit it

Question: LBVY
Answer: The smallest diameter piston is the stage two piston.

Question: LBWB
Answer: Allowance must be made for a running-in period with reduced speed and careful temperature monitoring.

Question: LBYM
Answer: urgency signal

Question: LCFH
Answer: 85 – 90 Centigrades.

Question: LCGW
Answer: They must be fabricated of non-combustible material

Question: LCMO
Answer: All of the mentioned alternatives.

Question: LCPA
Answer: 12.000 hours

Question: LCQU
Answer: The General Civil Penalties Code § 315 .

Question: LCQV
Answer: Start air supply

Question: LCRT
Answer: The rotor blades are damaged or the blades are not properly cleaned

Question: LDEA
Answer: The method of release from launching appliances.

Question: LDGV
Answer: in a continuous way so that the powder spray is in the same direction as the one of the flame

Question: LDHS
Answer: a. blue b. gray c. orange

Question: LDIQ
Answer: Thick paper (old charts).

Question: LDKV
Answer: A vessel engaged in fishing other than trawling, making way, with gear extending more than 150m from the vessel

Question: LDLP
Answer: Double shut-off valves or by clearly identifiable blanks.

Question: LDLS
Answer: Zero-Point

Question: LDLY
Answer: Potato flour

Question: LDOK
Answer: He wants the OS to show him where the switch that changes between automatic, manual, and emergency steering is

Question: LDPC
Answer: one copy of the prescribed life-saving signals

Question: LDPW
Answer: a means for collecting rain water

Question: learn, mean, team, seen
Answer: learn

Question: learn, reef, feet, east
Answer: learn

Question: LEDM
Answer: OBQ (on board quantity).

Question: LEKY
Answer: Radar transponder

Question: LEMO
Answer: listen out on VHF channel 16

Question: LEQT
Answer: Yes, to avoid cold cargo to came in contact with the ship construction

Question: LETE
Answer: TLV is threshold limit value and the unit is parts pr million ppm

Question: letter, number, fraction, digit
Answer: letter

Question: LFAT
Answer: Governor droop settings on each prime mover

Question: LFAV
Answer: During work in tanks, the gas concentration shall be checked every second hour

Question: LFDG
Answer: Keep the manifoild closed and not let any cargo reach the cargo tanks, then call Chief officer/Captain.

Question: LFTT
Answer: When an accident nearly occurs in connection with the operation of a ship

Question: LFXF
Answer: 3 phase excitation winding/rectifier bank/main field winding

Question: LFYY
Answer: Formula 4

Question: LGGI
Answer: A ship’s classification society recognized by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

Question: LGHG
Answer: assigned frequency

Question: LGSE
Answer: Decrease the speed as much as practicable

Question: LGWL
Answer: Wire connected to chain through center lead or anchor chain

Question: LHEQ
Answer: 4

Question: LHFO
Answer: Care, wages, free passage home

Question: LHIW
Answer: Within 24 hrs.

Question: LHND
Answer: CO2 plant.

Question: LHSA
Answer: Separation of two insoluble liquids with different densities, and at the same time removal of solids.

Question: LICU
Answer: Flash point

Question: LICX
Answer: Keep the floors and decks free from fat and grease.

Question: LIDV
Answer: Astern is defined as D on the figure

Question: lifeguard, lifebuoy, lifeboat, lifejacket
Answer: lifeguard

Question: Lifejackets are stored in your cabins.
Answer: are stored

Question: Liferafts are designed so that only which of the
Answer: A visual check of the contain

Question: Liferafts are sent for re-packing and checking e
Answer: year.

Question: LIFP
Answer: Flame detector

Question: Lifts must not be used in a evacuation because:
Answer: Power supplies may go off and

Question: light, green, brown, yellow
Answer: light

Question: lighthouse, coastguard, surveyor, pilot
Answer: lighthouse

Question: LIGK
Answer: Weekly

Question: limb, sign, climb, wine
Answer: limb

Question: LIMC
Answer: Because the ship is leaving after sunset the following day

Question: Line to line voltage of a Delta connected 3 phas
Answer: 440 Volt.

Question: LINN
Answer: Neutral cleaner.

Question: LIQF
Answer: Radiotelex and DSC – Frequency shift keying of carrier with error correction

Question: LIQG
Answer: Slower

Question: LIRE
Answer: Radiotelephony – Frequency modulation

Question: LISN
Answer: Seaman’s Act Section 5.

Question: LISS
Answer: must also be kept after the implementation of GMDSS

Question: Listen and ... For how many hours have you been
Answer: seven

Question: Listen and ... How many degrees to starboard sho
Answer: five

Question: Listen and ... How many tonnes will be loaded in
Answer: four hundred

Question: Listen and ... How many tonnes will be loaded to
Answer: five hundred

Question: Listen and ... How should you hold the anchor?
Answer: on the brake

Question: Listen and ... How will you answer?
Answer: It's difficult to say.

Question: Listen and ... PLEASE___THE PILOT LADDER.
Answer: rig

Question: Listen and ... THE JACKET WATER TEMPERATURE IS__
Answer: very high

Question: Listen and ... This is the answer to which quest
Answer: Is the anchor ready for letti

Question: Listen and ... to complete the sentence. HE'S BE
Answer: for about four minutes

Question: Listen and ... to complete the sentence. When sh
Answer: Before

Question: Listen and ... What course must we steer?
Answer: two six five

Question: Listen and ... What did he ask you to do?
Answer: Watch the pipe seals carefull

Question: Listen and ... What did he say?
Answer: I have checked the port alter

Question: Listen and ... What does this mean?
Answer: We have had an accident.

Question: Listen and ... What happened at 08.00 hours?
Answer: We put the fan in place.

Question: Listen and ... What should you check?
Answer: the port alternator

Question: Listen and ... What should you keep a good look
Answer: leaks

Question: Listen and ... What should you tell the bargeman
Answer: We're loading into the aft ta

Question: Listen and ... What was the order given?
Answer: Third go and check the gland

Question: Listen and ... When did bunkering start?
Answer: 10.30

Question: Listen and ... When should you come?
Answer: Now

Question: Listen and ... When should you inform him?
Answer: As soon as you are ready.

Question: Listen and ... When the sounding is 6m what shou
Answer: Close the valve to the forwar

Question: Listen and ... Which side should you go to?
Answer: right

Question: Listen and ... Why did the engines fail?
Answer: Because of the water cooling

Question: Listen and ... Why did the pump stop?
Answer: Because of the power problem.

Question: Listen to the question and then select the corre
Answer: We are ready to start bunkers

Question: listen, speak, shout, talk
Answer: listen

Question: LISU
Answer: directions for search operations

Question: LIVF
Answer: cannot be charged

Question: LIYJ
Answer: Use a rope ladder close to the raft to climb down and board

Question: LJBE
Answer: A zener barrier is a unit made to obtain intrinsically safety in installations for instrumentation in hazardous areas.

Question: LJEQ
Answer: 125 %

Question: LJIO
Answer: Relatively non linear characteristic

Question: LJKN
Answer: one waterproof electric torch suitable for Morse signalling

Question: LJLY
Answer: The vessel becomes sluggish in responding to the rudder

Question: LJWW
Answer: Do not use loose garments, belts, ties or scarfs near winches and moving machinery.

Question: LKCQ
Answer: Nine digits, beginning with a three (3).

Question: LKDM
Answer: Sufficient foam concentrate shall be supplied to ensure at least one hour of foam generation

Question: LKDO
Answer: Immediately reduce on the suction valve, and watch the gauge.

Question: LKEJ
Answer: the use of SART transponders

Question: LKHU
Answer: always sent twice

Question: LKHX
Answer: Organize a lookout system and join up with other survival craft if possible. You should also stream the sea anchor

Question: LKJO
Answer: as a fax

Question: LKVE
Answer: Area protected by sprinkler

Question: LKYH
Answer: In a pressure transmitter.

Question: LLIP
Answer: Go to your lifeboat station

Question: LLTF
Answer: Hand or body heat the affected parts skin-to-skin (e.g. frozen hand in persons opposite armpit…)

Question: LLUA
Answer: Move the load in the direction of the signal man’s hand.

Question: LLUC
Answer: on the basis of a six second minimum charge with six second incremental steps

Question: LLVU
Answer: Lubricating oil temperature is too high.

Question: LLVW
Answer: Stow the product adjacent to a cargo which have a heating around the requested temperature for the isocyanate.

Question: LLXP
Answer: 0.2 A

Question: LMCM
Answer: at least 15 % of N (*)

Question: LMPX
Answer: Switch the UMS selector switch to manual mode and engage the “dead man alarm”

Question: LMQS
Answer: Securite Securite (3 times)

Question: LMSK
Answer: Position A.

Question: LMTI
Answer: A non-emulsifying agent with self splitting emulsifiers.

Question: LMXF
Answer: everybody can read along

Question: LNAV
Answer: In case of an emergency situation, the car deck can be difficulty to find the way around, and cars can shift position caused by ships movement.

Question: LNDE
Answer: Everyone who may be in charge of life-saving equipment

Question: LNEE
Answer: No, the vessel must wait his return or his replacement

Question: LNGQ
Answer: the height of the layers of ionisation

Question: LNKR
Answer: The water can be applied in a fine spray starting from the front in a sweeping motion

Question: LNKX
Answer: Set the engine to dead slow ahead, and change the course 10 degrees to port

Question: LNOD
Answer: Too long I-time

Question: Loading through the pumproom is___
Answer: to be avoided.

Question: local, back, aft, rear
Answer: local

Question: LOFV
Answer: clean the dust filter of the fan regularly

Question: LOGQ
Answer: two buoyant rescue quoits

Question: LOIY
Answer: to enhance the safety of lives at sea

Question: LOKP
Answer: A large vessel overtaking a small vessel with little difference in speed between the two vessels

Question: LOLK
Answer: Knowing exactly how the equipments are working.

Question: lonely, funny, money, sunny
Answer: lonely

Question: Look at how late it is ! We really___to be going
Answer: ought

Question: Look at page 90 in the safety … ninety
Answer: ninety

Question: Look at the diagram (Chemistry of Liquefied Gase
Answer: ethylene

Question: Look at this mess!". I'll get___immediately."
Answer: it cleaned up

Question: Looking at the drawing, can this component be ma
Answer: No - relevant dimensions are

Question: Looking straight ahead at night you observe the
Answer: Each ship shall alter course

Question: Loop scavenging, cross scavenging and traverse s

Question: LOPP
Answer: lifebuoy with light and smoke

Question: lose, hire, buy, rent
Answer: lose

Question: LOSI
Answer: In and outlet temperatures, and flow rates for both media

Question: love, off, cough, soft
Answer: love

Question: Low alkalininity of boiler water or the presence
Answer: corrosion.

Question: Lower the derrick over the pier.
Answer: over

Question: LOXC
Answer: Unsaturated hydrocarbons are colourless liquids with a sweetish odour and they are chemically reactive

Question: LPFX
Answer: Windlass is given by B on the figure

Question: LPHX
Answer: once a month

Question: LPJV
Answer: Yes

Question: LPOU
Answer: The employer must write an up-to-date policy statement and bring this to the notice of all on board

Question: LPXX
Answer: Powder

Question: LPYS
Answer: J3E

Question: LQBJ
Answer: a sea-anchor fitted with a shock-resistant hawser

Question: LQFL
Answer: 14 hours per day

Question: LQGH

Question: LQGJ
Answer: gooseneck vent on main deck

Question: LQLH
Answer: Less than 12 to 1

Question: LQRD
Answer: Shut down of inert gas blower

Question: LQSV
Answer: Raise the boom, lower the load.

Question: LQUE
Answer: Pork

Question: LQWD
Answer: Figure 3.

Question: LQXX
Answer: Open for the steam first to avoid freezing of condensate inside the heater.

Question: LRBA
Answer: The best use of all survival craft facilities in order to survive

Question: LRDS
Answer: The purpose of the IGC code is to provide an international standard for safe carriage of liquefied gases in bulk

Question: LRIU
Answer: A person taking cargo samples must wear protective clothing.

Question: LRNW
Answer: J3E

Question: LROO
Answer: Gently flood the casualty’s ear with terpid water so that the insect will float out.

Question: LROQ
Answer: Check if any internal or hull leakages

Question: LRSW
Answer: 18,8 mA.

Question: LRSY
Answer: pH value 7.5

Question: LRUI
Answer: a food ration for each person

Question: LRWC
Answer: Indonesian waters

Question: LRXW
Answer: Kg

Question: LSCP
Answer: Seven (7).

Question: LSDR
Answer: All of the alternatives together.

Question: LSFC
Answer: Making the grab bucket/hook move up and down.

Question: LSJL
Answer: Ore Bulk Oil.

Question: LSRS
Answer: Acknowledgement request

Question: LSSR
Answer: Wire for pulling burning ships off the pier

Question: LSWV
Answer: Brass knife

Question: LTCP
Answer: 8,3 – 9.

Question: LTGA
Answer: Isolated danger

Question: LTIN
Answer: Broken water seal.

Question: LTNI
Answer: A1

Question: LTNL
Answer: 406,025 et 121,5 MHz

Question: LTQR
Answer: the length of the ship

Question: LTXR
Answer: Yes, at the first port after his birthday, he would sign off from the ALC1c and re-sign on in the ALC 1a section

Question: LUAE
Answer: No, despite the fact that he promised to carry out several duties.

Question: LUAT
Answer: The slave controller shall be in remote mode

Question: LUDJ
Answer: Start engine

Question: LUDO
Answer: To provide continuous digital selective calling coverage.

Question: LUFB
Answer: According to the nomograms You select a gravity disc with larger hole diameter.

Question: LUMK
Answer: Unannounced drills at any time

Question: LUMM
Answer: Ball and butterfly valves are generally utilised on loading lines on gas carriers

Question: LURR
Answer: 622753420

Question: LVDJ
Answer: Tanker vessels carrying oil

Question: LVEH
Answer: Any of the others.

Question: LVFA
Answer: muster and embarkation stations shall be readily accessible from accommodation and work areas

Question: LVLW
Answer: Combustion suppression

Question: LVMK

Question: LVRO
Answer: Checking the operation of watertight doors, fire doors, fire dampers and relevant communication equipment

Question: LVSL
Answer: Black

Question: LVUY
Answer: 38237

Question: LVVO
Answer: Because the Captain expects fog early in the morning

Question: LVVQ
Answer: 5 l /m?/ min

Question: LVXI
Answer: all the answers are correct

Question: LVYA
Answer: PI-controller

Question: LVYC
Answer: The ship is loaded in such a manner that adequate stability is achieved in all loading condition.

Question: LWAA
Answer: ARQ followed by the coast-station’s ID-number

Question: LWBS
Answer: Lower lifeboat to water

Question: LWDJ
Answer: The IGC code primarily deals with gas carriers design and equipment

Question: LWKS
Answer: Check own vessel for any loss of life, danger of explosion and offer your assistance to the other vessel

Question: LWND
Answer: 2

Question: LWPS
Answer: request of an “automatic telex test”

Question: LWUP
Answer: Vessel “A”, merchant vessel

Question: LWXH
Answer: only send a positive delivery notification (PDN) to the sender if the sender requested, so in the send menu

Question: LXHE
Answer: HM Coastguard

Question: LXIT
Answer: A lamp, (0-50 mA) and a mA-meter in series.

Question: LXNG
Answer: It must be constructed of approved non-combustible materials

Question: LXSX
Answer: Enclosed Space Entry Permit and Cold Work Permit

Question: LXTX
Answer: sky wave

Question: LYIU
Answer: EPIRB

Question: LYIV
Answer: No

Question: LYKN
Answer: A remedy to which the mooring lines are made fast.

Question: LYKO
Answer: Breadth is given by B on the figure

Question: LYMA
Answer: Safetynet