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Test Answers

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There are 834 answer(s) beginning with the letter T.

Question: TAFD
Answer: – 20° C

Question: TAGC
Answer: The location of the beacon is determined by Doppler shift measurement

Question: TAHA
Answer: one (two for a 13 person accommodation) buoyant bailer

Question: TAIP
Answer: 5 years

Question: TAKH
Answer: A tankerman certificate

Question: TAKJ
Answer: On all short international voyages, muster of passengers shall take place as soon as possible after departure

Question: TALF
Answer: TX: 2177.0 kHzRX: 2177.0 kHz

Question: talk, pole, sold, bulk
Answer: talk

Question: talking, football, basketball, swimming
Answer: talking

Question: Tank cleaning will require the vessel's officers
Answer: The P&A Manual

Question: Tank overflows while loading oil cargo or bunker
Answer: II, IV, V, VI, VI

Question: TAQH
Answer: To ensure safe and efficient operation.

Question: Target echoes appear along a line called the___
Answer: timebase.

Question: Target echoes are received in the display unit i
Answer: an increased potential to the

Question: Target ranges are obtained from___
Answer: the range marker.

Question: TASR
Answer: This tank must be inerted if carrying a flammable product (Flash Point<60°C).

Question: TAVB
Answer: Reject it?

Question: TAXN
Answer: Put on your life jacket.

Question: TBAY
Answer: a buoyant bailer and two buckets

Question: TBGU
Answer: That the Seamen’s Act applies in full

Question: TBSL
Answer: That all vessel’s water tight ramps and doors are locked and secured at sea.

Question: TBUY
Answer: After the separator shell has warmed up.

Question: TBVW
Answer: Greater than the pressure in the lubricating system.

Question: TBXU
Answer: A period not exceeding 24 months

Question: TCFW
Answer: To control the tank atmosphere by introducing the required inert gas.

Question: TCGV
Answer: 12 – 16 times per minute

Question: TCQW
Answer: Put the rudder full starboard.

Question: TCQX
Answer: To the master according to his instructions

Question: TCUD
Answer: Every 5th year.

Question: TCYE
Answer: 406.0 MHz Cospas-Sarsat EPIRB

Question: TDJH
Answer: Prior to sailing

Question: TDKX
Answer: 100 Tons.

Question: TDPX
Answer: Same powers as Marine officers in that they can detain a vessel, conduct an inquiry into an incident/accident and start legal proceedings against the persons involved

Question: TDVP
Answer: Its always possible to put the turning unit in a fixed position, so the MF distress frequencies can still be used

Question: TDVR
Answer: alerting

Question: TDWO
Answer: The confined space always has six sides

Question: TEDC
Answer: Midships is given by B on the figure

Question: TEEY
Answer: Drill press

Question: TEFQ
Answer: Operate valves gradually

Question: TEFS
Answer: All of the mentioned alternatives.

Question: TEIE
Answer: The buoy may not be in its charted position

Question: TEJW
Answer: Draught is given by D on the figure

Question: television, book, magazine, newspaper
Answer: television

Question: Tell me at once___David arrives.
Answer: when

Question: Temperature can be measured by a___
Answer: pyrometer.

Question: Temperature control of cargoes means___
Answer: applying heat in a controlled

Question: Temperature in the combustion chamber will be re
Answer: a defective fuel valve.

Question: Temperatures next weekend___dramatically.
Answer: will rise

Question: Testing boiling water for chloride content will
Answer: solids in the water as a resu

Question: TETA
Answer: at the beginning of every watch

Question: TFDX
Answer: Enclosed Space Entry Permit and Cold Work Permit.

Question: TFGO
Answer: Llebuoy with light and smoke

Question: TFKV
Answer: TX: 2187.5 kHzRX: 2187.5 kHz

Question: TGBK
Answer: 10 minutes

Question: TGER
Answer: That the CBA expressly states that it applies to NIS ships and is subject to Norwegian laws and courts of law unless courts of another country is explicitly mentioned.

Question: TGHE
Answer: The relevant regulations’ Section 8.

Question: TGNC
Answer: General Mundial Distress and Safety System.

Question: TGWD
Answer: all the answers are correct

Question: TGXW
Answer: Close the ventilation system and other openings to the hold in order to choke the fire

Question: Thailand, Thursday, thirsty, thermal
Answer: Thailand

Question: THAN
Answer: always immediately detected by the satellites concerned

Question: Thanks. Your message was received.
Answer: was received

Question: That route will take approximately...
Answer: will take

Question: THBE
Answer: to regulate the light

Question: The
Answer: ontroller will not react on a process change in a specific range

Question: The "scleroscope" is used to determining___"
Answer: the existence of cracks in me

Question: The 2nd Officer is 33 years old. thirty-three
Answer: thirty-three

Question: The 2nd Officer is steering the...
Answer: is steering

Question: The 3 main types of safety risk connected with e
Answer: Electric shocks, burns, fire

Question: The AB was born in 1961. nineteen sixty-one
Answer: nineteen sixty-one

Question: The abbreviation L.O. stands for___
Answer: Lubricating Oil.

Question: The ABC rule is important for first aiders to kn
Answer: Airway - Breathing - ?Circulat

Question: The accident occurred yesterday …5.30. five thirty
Answer: five thirty

Question: The affected area covers 100m. one hundred square metres
Answer: one hundred square metres

Question: The agent is helping the crew.
Answer: is helping

Question: The agent will be here soon.
Answer: will be

Question: The air-less type of paint spraying equipment wo
Answer: putting paint onto large flat

Question: The alteration of own ship's course or speed req
Answer: radar plot

Question: The amount, condition and appearance of liquid c
Answer: specific system losses.

Question: The anchors have been secured.
Answer: have been

Question: The angle between the magnetic north and the tru
Answer: variation.

Question: The applicant wanted to know___for the job.
Answer: if anyone else had applied

Question: The application is due on 10/9. the tenth of September
Answer: the tenth of September

Question: The area code is 8617. eight six one seven
Answer: eight six one seven

Question: The ash content of a fuel oil is significant bec
Answer: is non-combustible and remain

Question: The atmospheric pressure is accurately indicated
Answer: barometer.

Question: The bad weather was coming straight towards …
Answer: towards

Question: The barge will be alongside at 10.00 am. ten o`clock
Answer: ten o`clock

Question: The basic type of reversing air starting system
Answer: rotating camshaft.

Question: The basic unit of measurement of inductance is t
Answer: Henry

Question: The bearing is steady. The range is 5 miles, red
Answer: Sound one short blast and alt

Question: The berth is opposite the breakwater.
Answer: opposite

Question: The best land target to use for a radar bearing
Answer: a small isolated feature

Question: The best land target to use for radar ranging is
Answer: a cliff face

Question: The best position fix is obtained when the beari
Answer: 90 degrees apart.

Question: The best way of testing the "stand-by" function
Answer: by switching off the emergenc

Question: The best way to ensure engine speed governor sta
Answer: speed droop.

Question: The bilges in a ship are___
Answer: the lowest part of the ship r

Question: The board exam for masters is the___exam for dec
Answer: most difficult

Question: The boat moved through the canal locks.
Answer: through

Question: The boiler part known as the feed check valve, p
Answer: It has final control over the

Question: The bonus was shared evenly among the ….
Answer: among

Question: The Bosun and the Pumpman were born in 1956. nineteen fifty-six
Answer: nineteen fifty-six

Question: The breakdown in insulation between one or more
Answer: an insulation breakdown.

Question: The bright spot which forms the trace or timebas
Answer: half the speed of the radar w

Question: The brilliance control of a Cathode Ray Tube ( C
Answer: the anode

Question: The brilliance control should be adjusted so tha
Answer: the trace is just barely visi

Question: The bursting pressure of new cargo hoses is requ
Answer: 5

Question: The cabin measures three metres by four.
Answer: by

Question: The captain of a vessel has 2 years of experienc
Answer: The master

Question: The captain ordered us to be on board by 1400. two o`clock
Answer: two o`clock

Question: The car cost 23,600. twenty-three thousand six hundred dollars
Answer: twenty-three thousand six hundred dollars

Question: The cardiovascular system refers to what parts o
Answer: The heart and blood circulati

Question: The cargo is loaded by cranes.
Answer: by

Question: The cargo on board weighs 5500 …. fifty-five hundred
Answer: fifty-five hundred

Question: The cargo Stowage Factor is the___
Answer: volume per unit of weight.

Question: The category of cargo requiring the most efficie
Answer: A

Question: The category of chemical posing the greatest thr
Answer: A

Question: The cause of ice accumulation on a ship is due t
Answer: -5 degrees C.

Question: The cause of shadow or blind sectors is___
Answer: obstructions on your own ship

Question: The centre of pressure, on a bulkhead flooded on
Answer: 0.33h

Question: The characteristics shown here indicate a ramp i
Answer: a pure integrator.

Question: The charge air pressure is low, what is the most
Answer: Dirty air inlet filter.

Question: The charge in a lead acid battery can be measure
Answer: A hydrometer.

Question: The chart indicated 26 metres of water. twenty-six
Answer: twenty-six

Question: The Chief Engineer has reported...
Answer: has reported

Question: The Chief Engineer lives in Holland.
Answer: in

Question: The Chief Officer is 46 tomorrow. forty-six
Answer: forty-six

Question: The choice and level of detail to assist familia
Answer: the individual experience wit

Question: The city centre is not far from the port.
Answer: from

Question: The city has an excellent system of public___
Answer: transportation

Question: The city is the home of two of the world's highe
Answer: skyscrapers

Question: The commonest type of radar scanner is the___
Answer: horizontal slotted waveguide

Question: The commutator of a DC generator is examined and
Answer: None, this is hoe it should a

Question: The company employed over 1,250 … twelve hundred and fifty
Answer: twelve hundred and fifty

Question: The Company should carry out___to verify whether
Answer: internal safety audits

Question: The Company should ensure that all personnel inv
Answer: All of the other options.

Question: The Company should ensure that each ship is mann
Answer: qualified, certified and medi

Question: The Company should ensure that the Master is inf
Answer: including such requirements i

Question: The Company should establish ... ensure that per
Answer: All of the other options

Question: The Company should establish ... ensure that the
Answer: any additional requirements w

Question: The Company should establish ... identify, descr
Answer: potential

Question: The Company should establish ... the ship's pers
Answer: whatever is necessary to ensu

Question: The Company should establish ... under SMS to id
Answer: tests and other procedures sh

Question: The Company should establish and maintain proced
Answer: 1) Valid documents are availa

Question: The Company should have available shoreside orga
Answer: a 24-hour contact has to be a

Question: The Company should have procedures established f
Answer: may reduce or prevent occurre

Question: The Company should have___for responding to non-
Answer: procedures

Question: The Company should identify the individual(s) ha
Answer: All of the other options.

Question: The company was started in 1909. nineteen oh nine
Answer: nineteen oh nine

Question: The condenser in a steam plant is where___
Answer: steam is turned back into wat

Question: The connecting rod on a cross-head diesel engine
Answer: Cross-head bearing and cranks

Question: The cook forgot to turn off...
Answer: forgot

Question: The cook has ordered 16 kilos of fish. sixteen
Answer: sixteen

Question: The cook often serves soup at...
Answer: serves

Question: The cook serves lunch at 12 noon.
Answer: at

Question: The cooling effect in a refrigeration system is
Answer: lowering the pressure of the

Question: The correct cutting action when using a knife in
Answer: All of these

Question: The correct order to follow when planning a pass
Answer: "appraise, plan, monitor, exe

Question: The correct position for taking a "bottom" sampl
Answer: from the surface of the tank

Question: The cost of replacing …1145. one thousand one hundred and forty-five dollars
Answer: one thousand one hundred and forty-five dollars

Question: The crew ate chicken for lunch.
Answer: for

Question: The crew is fighting the fire...
Answer: is fighting

Question: The crew was on shore for most of the day.
Answer: on

Question: The cruise ship set sail in heavy seas.
Answer: in

Question: The crumb tray on a toasting machine is a well k
Answer: At the end of each meal

Question: The Customs Officer will be waiting for you at …
Answer: at

Question: The damage was caused by a fire...
Answer: was caused by

Question: The deck needs to be painted as soon...
Answer: needs to be painted

Question: The detection range of surface targets is decrea
Answer: sub refraction

Question: The diagram shows four types of machine screws.
Answer: No.4

Question: The diagram shows four types of socket head scre
Answer: No.2

Question: The diagram shows loadline marks. How is the dis
Answer: One forty-eighth of the summe

Question: The diagram shows the manoeuvring characteristic
Answer: Transfer

Question: The diameter of a hole in a piece of metal can b
Answer: inside calipers.

Question: The diameter of round bar is best measured with
Answer: outside calipers.

Question: The difference between the desired value (level
Answer: the offset.

Question: The direction of flow of cooling water in an eng
Answer: from bottom to top.

Question: The direction of the centre of a storm may be fo
Answer: in the Northern hemisphere th

Question: The direction of the tidal current will change in …
Answer: in

Question: The direction towards which a tidal stream runs
Answer: "set "

Question: The Disc type oil separator can usually separate
Answer: 0.78 to 0.98.

Question: The discharge of oily mixtures is not allowed wi
Answer: II, IV, V, VII, VIII

Question: The disguise was so effective that it was imposs
Answer: recognize

Question: The display symbol shown here is for___
Answer: the power monitor

Question: The display trace is caused to rotate in synchro
Answer: scanner motor

Question: The disposal of plastics at sea is___
Answer: strictly prohibited.

Question: The distance of a target can be measured by usin
Answer: variable range marker

Question: The distance of the radar horizon is largely det
Answer: the downward refraction of ra

Question: The Dock Water Allowance is calculated as a prop
Answer: fresh water allowance.

Question: The doctor decided to keep the patient under___f
Answer: observation

Question: The documents are in the top drawer.
Answer: in

Question: The documents used to describe and implement the
Answer: Safety Management Manual.

Question: The door frame is 1.9m high. almost two metres
Answer: almost two metres

Question: The drawing of an engine mechanism component giv
Answer: With a vernier protractor.

Question: The e-mail was sent at 0755. seven fifty-five
Answer: seven fifty-five

Question: The easiest way to spread bacteria in a food are
Answer: Cross contamination

Question: The effect of the anti-rain clutter control is t
Answer: reduce the size of all echoes

Question: The electrolyte in a charged lead acid battery c
Answer: dilute sulphuric acid.

Question: The electrons in the Cathode Ray Tube ( CRT) are
Answer: from the cathode to the anode

Question: The end of the pumping action of this fuel pump
Answer: overflow valve.

Question: The engine failed 12 miles from port.
Answer: from

Question: The engine room high level bilge alarm keeps sou
Answer: Check the function of the lev

Question: The engine room is manned 24 hours...
Answer: is manned

Question: The engine room workshop carries different types
Answer: Tooth pitch =14/cm

Question: The engine room workshop has a bench shear. What
Answer: 5 mm

Question: The engine to which this fuel pump is fitted is_
Answer: a main engine with direct cou

Question: The engineering course finishes in two weeks.
Answer: in

Question: The engineers usually meet in the...
Answer: meet

Question: The entries in the Oil Record Book must be___
Answer: in the official language of t

Question: The equipment operates at 220 volts. two hundred and twenty
Answer: two hundred and twenty

Question: The ETA was changed to 1100...
Answer: was changed

Question: The Evening Watch is 1600 - 2000. sixteen hundred hours
Answer: sixteen hundred hours

Question: The examiner___the students to open their books
Answer: instructed

Question: The exchange rate at the …1.55. one point five five
Answer: one point five five

Question: The exhaust steam line of one of the consumers s
Answer: Laundry."

Question: The eye of a tropical revolving storm is an area
Answer: very high and confused.

Question: The factors which determine the selection of the
Answer: the specific gravity of the o

Question: The failure of an AC generator to pick up voltag
Answer: Failure of the exciter.

Question: The fall block on a lifeboat is capable of on-lo
Answer: The lifeboat can be released

Question: The famous ski___attracts tens of thousands of v
Answer: resort

Question: The feedwater valve and the feedwater by-pass va
Answer: pneumatic controlled valves w

Question: The ferry can carry 75 vehicles. seventy-five
Answer: seventy-five

Question: The figure shows welded ... for No.2 ?
Answer: Double bevel

Question: The figure shows welded ... for No.3 ?
Answer: Single bevel

Question: The figures show welded ... for No. 1 ?
Answer: None

Question: The file known as a "bastard" file is which of t
Answer: One that is rough and flat.

Question: The fire broke out when we started...
Answer: started

Question: The fire didn`t start in the...
Answer: didn`t start

Question: The fire party must have breathing...
Answer: must have

Question: The firing or the flame indicating light on the
Answer: the boiler is operating norma

Question: The First Aid equipment is behind the door.
Answer: behind

Question: The first potentiometer of this electric command
Answer: By any of these steering meth

Question: The flame failure lamp on the control panel of t
Answer: Any of these faults.

Question: The flammable range of different chemicals may b
Answer: often different

Question: The flight from Barcelona arrives at 9.20. twenty past nine
Answer: twenty past nine

Question: The flow through this heat exchanger is determin
Answer: turbulent flow or laminar flo

Question: The force tending to twist the material such as
Answer: torsional stress.

Question: The frequency of pressure testing ashore of BA s
Answer: 5 Years

Question: The fuel delivery pipe between fuel pump and inj
Answer: It needs to be a shielded pip

Question: The function of the local oscillator is to___
Answer: provide a frequency for mixin

Question: The function of the waveguide is to___
Answer: conduct pulses to and from th

Question: The function of this measuring system is to___
Answer: convert an electric temperatu

Question: The functional requirement for a Safety Manageme
Answer: 1) a safety and environmental

Question: The fundamental difference between a 2-stroke an
Answer: piston strokes each one needs

Question: The gain control should be adjusted so that___
Answer: there is a light speckled bac

Question: The Garbage Record Book must be open for inspect
Answer: two years.

Question: The graph shows the decrease of speed, against t
Answer: Series 1

Question: The greatest decrease in the temperature of a re
Answer: expansion valve.

Question: The handle of a butterfly valve must be___
Answer: parallel to the flow when in

Question: The heat used to change a liquid to a vapour is
Answer: evaporation

Question: The horizontal distance between the adjacent cre
Answer: the wavelength

Question: The horizontal pattern of a radar beam consists
Answer: one large lobe and smaller si

Question: The ice rink is___far, we go by train.
Answer: so

Question: The IMO regulations for timber deck cargoes requ
Answer: a taut lifeline on the ship's

Question: The indications of a faulty refrigeration compre
Answer: Any of these.

Question: The initial Marpol (IOPP) survey carried out bef
Answer: a complete survey of its stru

Question: The injector seen in the drawing is best describ
Answer: a water cooled

Question: The injured man must see a doctor.
Answer: must see

Question: The instantaneous rate of discharge of oil conte
Answer: 30 litres per nautical mile

Question: The instrument used to measure electrical insula
Answer: a megger.

Question: The intensity of the electron beam in the C.R.T.
Answer: varying the potential on the

Question: The interest on the loan is 6.7 APR. six point seven per cent
Answer: six point seven per cent

Question: The interest rate dropped to 6.5 … six point five percent
Answer: six point five percent

Question: The intermediate frequency is generated by the__
Answer: mixer crystal

Question: The International Regulations for Prevention of
Answer: instructions on action to tak

Question: The International Safety Management Code states
Answer: ship shall comply with the re

Question: The IOPP certificate shows under which governmen
Answer: the designation of organisati

Question: The ISM code aims to ensure that safe practices
Answer: written procedures and work i

Question: The kWatt indicator indicates 300 kWatt and the
Answer: 0.832

Question: The lamp on top of a liferaft canopy must operat
Answer: 12 hours

Question: The last stroke of two-stroke diesel engine is c
Answer: power stroke.

Question: The latest obtained system values are fed into t
Answer: trend analysis and maintenanc

Question: The laundry is located between the hospital …
Answer: between

Question: The law of the sea is embodied in the United Nat
Answer: Geneva Conventions of 1958.

Question: The lifebuoys are on the deck railings.
Answer: on

Question: The light on a lifejacket must have an energy so
Answer: 8 hours

Question: The lights are off when the ship leaves...
Answer: leaves

Question: The lights shown indicate a vessel___
Answer: towing, tow of less than 200m

Question: The lights were on at the pilot...
Answer: were

Question: The line-to-line current of a Star connected mot
Answer: 16.18 Amps.

Question: The list of cargoes capable of being carried on
Answer: The Certificate of Fitness

Question: The list shows 133 barrels of oil. one hundred and thirty-three
Answer: one hundred and thirty-three

Question: The low voltage side of a welding transformer ha
Answer: 20 Amps.

Question: The lower end of the stem bar of a ship is attac
Answer: keel plate

Question: The lowest temperature at which a liquid gives o
Answer: "flash point

Question: The lowest temperature at which oil will continu
Answer: pour point

Question: The lowest temperature obtained in a refrigerato
Answer: liquid in the evaporator.

Question: The LSU's (Local Scanning Units) have to measure
Answer: "A Digital Transducer gives a

Question: The lubricating oil on the exhaust side of the t
Answer: Labrynth seal leaking exhaust

Question: The machinery operates at 125 … one hundred and twenty-five
Answer: one hundred and twenty-five

Question: The magnetron is sited in the___
Answer: transceiver unit.

Question: The magnetron sends the R.F. pulses to the___
Answer: scanner unit

Question: The Main as well as the Emergency switchboard ar
Answer: fed into, monitored and suppl

Question: The main component of the transmitter is the___
Answer: magnetron

Question: The main danger of feeding cold feedwater into a
Answer: that it causes stress in the

Question: The main inert gas distribution line on deck is
Answer: Pressure / Vacuum breaker.

Question: The main lubricating oil pumps would supply___
Answer: lubricating oil to the main e

Question: The main switchboard on a ship is usually situat
Answer: The Machinery Control Room.

Question: The majority of auxiliary engines on modern ship
Answer: four stroke diesel engines.

Question: The manometer with scale indication shown here i
Answer: "output, " Open "

Question: The MARPOL Annex I regulations for the preventio
Answer: All ships, unless expressly p

Question: The Marpol regulations prohibit discharges of oi
Answer: IV, V

Question: The Master and the Chief Officer have worked...
Answer: have worked

Question: The Master is to be fully conversant with the Co
Answer: shore management.

Question: The Master must be given the necessary support s
Answer: respond to identified deficie

Question: The master onboard a VLCC of 280,000 dwt has rec
Answer: Two tongue-type/hinged bowsto

Question: The Master was in the engine room when …
Answer: in

Question: The Master's review reporting on the Safety Mana
Answer: proposals for corrective acti

Question: The Masters birthday is on June the 7th. seventh
Answer: seventh

Question: The maximum rudder angle on your ship is 35 degr
Answer: "No, the most effective rudde

Question: The maximum speed is 100km/hr. one hundred
Answer: one hundred

Question: The measuring signal obtained to carry out flow
Answer: oriface plate.

Question: The meeting will take place in 45 minutes. forty-five
Answer: forty-five

Question: The monitoring system that tests the plant for r
Answer: the scanning unit.

Question: The most common cause of radar interference is__
Answer: other radar transmissions on

Question: The most common reason for overflow on purifiers
Answer: water seal broken.

Question: The most common source of power for deck machine
Answer: hydraulic.

Question: The most common type of radar reflector used by
Answer: the octahedral cluster.

Question: The MOST important reason you should not wear je
Answer: It can carry dirt and bacteri

Question: The murder suspect was arrested at the airport w
Answer: attemping

Question: The muster list shows who is the designated GMDS
Answer: The letters refer to the Glob

Question: The name given to the force that drives electric
Answer: Voltage.

Question: The name given to the material placed in a valve
Answer: packing.

Question: The narrow band of speed variation through which
Answer: dead band.

Question: The navigation light is 45 degrees to port. forty-five
Answer: forty-five

Question: The next full moon is on 8/8. August the eighth
Answer: August the eighth

Question: The next training session is about fire fighting.
Answer: about

Question: The nitrogen level is 41.4. forty-one point four per cent
Answer: forty-one point four per cent

Question: The normal base line for measuring the extent of
Answer: the low-water line.

Question: The number of cycles of a radio wave which pass
Answer: frequency

Question: The observed vessel sounds three short blasts. W
Answer: I am operating stern propulsi

Question: The oil lubrication schedule___
Answer: describes the type of oil req

Question: The Oil Pollution Act of 1990 is___
Answer: United States legislation.

Question: The oil record book for cargo/ballast operations
Answer: I, II, III, IV, V,

Question: The oil record book for machinery space operatio
Answer: I, II, III, VII

Question: The OOW has, during the pre-departure check of t
Answer: Advise the master as soon as

Question: The operating function of the valve on which thi
Answer: air to open (bottom connectio

Question: The operating rinse cycle in a dishwasher should
Answer: 82 oC to 88 oC

Question: The outside of deck cranes, derricks and hatch c
Answer: gloss paint.

Question: The overall length …158.45m. one hundred and fifty-eight point four five metres
Answer: one hundred and fifty-eight point four five metres

Question: The part of a hand drill which holds the drill b
Answer: the chuck.

Question: The part of the centre lathe which holds the cut
Answer: the tool post.

Question: The part of the valve which stops leakage around
Answer: the stuffing box.

Question: The person in charge of the day to day running o
Answer: the second engineer.

Question: The phase current in a Delta connected alternato
Answer: 219.97 Amps.

Question: The phase to phase voltage of a Star connected a
Answer: 440 Volt.

Question: The phone number is Geneva 55403. double five four oh three
Answer: double five four oh three

Question: The physical data of a liquid chemical can be fo
Answer: all of these

Question: The pick up and the time settings of reverse pow
Answer: 2 - 3 %

Question: The picture shows a tackle being used to lift a
Answer: 4

Question: The picture shows the process which takes place
Answer: Serving

Question: The piece of electrical equipment used for chang
Answer: a transformer.

Question: The pilot boats bearing is 215 degrees true from you. two one five
Answer: two one five

Question: The pilot gives the helmsman an order which the
Answer: Ask the pilot to clarify the

Question: The pilot instructed the …175. one seven five
Answer: one seven five

Question: The pilot ladder has...
Answer: has

Question: The pilot station requires...
Answer: requires

Question: The plate heat exchanger is separated for cleani
Answer: Put the plates in water with

Question: The play___by the time we get there.
Answer: will have finished

Question: The plural of car is cars. Which of these are co
Answer: journeys

Question: The point at which the helm must be applied to a
Answer: Wheel-over position."

Question: The police are going to___the matter.
Answer: investigate

Question: The position of the pivot point when making ster
Answer: one quarter of the length of

Question: The potential of this thermocouple bridge is zer
Answer: Because the connections in A

Question: The preferred method of radar position fixing fo
Answer: taking a radar range and visu

Question: The present SOLAS regulations, unless expressly
Answer: cargo ships in excess of 500

Question: The pressostat shown in the picture controls the
Answer: An auxiliary relay.

Question: The price of crude oil has gone...
Answer: has gone

Question: The principal reason for cargo segregation is to
Answer: keep apart cargo that should

Question: The principle of a corner reflector is that it__
Answer: changes the direction of the

Question: The principle of a racon is that it___
Answer: transmits on receipt of ship'

Question: The principle of an automatic voltage regulator
Answer: The output voltage and the ou

Question: The process of removing the last remaining liqui
Answer: "stripping

Question: The proportion of nitrogen in inert gas is appro
Answer: "77% by volume

Question: The purpose of inert gas systems aboard tankers
Answer: prevent outside air from ente

Question: The purpose of pressure/vacuum valves is to___
Answer: "provide for the flow of smal

Question: The purpose of radar is to enable___
Answer: the range and bearing of obje

Question: The purpose of the anodes in the C.R.T. is to___
Answer: attract the electrons to the

Question: The purpose of the bearing cursor is to___
Answer: measure the bearing of target

Question: The purpose of the gain control is to adjust___
Answer: the amplification of the targ

Question: The purpose of the T/R cell is to___
Answer: protect the receiver during t

Question: The radar transceiver must be___
Answer: at a safe distance from the m

Question: The range is 7 miles and constant. The bearing i
Answer: Maintain course and speed.

Question: The ratings messroom is on the second deck.
Answer: on

Question: The ratio of active power to apparent power is k
Answer: Power factor.

Question: The reason for an oil fired boiler uptake emitti
Answer: Any of these.

Question: The reason we never put sharp knives in washing
Answer: It can cut your hands

Question: The reason why two-stage starting air compressor
Answer: the temperature developed by

Question: The Record of Construction and Equipment for shi
Answer: I, II, III, IV, V,

Question: The Record of Construction and Equipment has a c
Answer: The total tank capacity and t

Question: The regulations for existing tankers for SBT, CB
Answer: The ship's IOPP certificate

Question: The relationship between the distance on the ear
Answer: natural scale.

Question: The relief valve is fitted in the position shown
Answer: if the cylinder head air star

Question: The relief valves in a fuel oil service system d
Answer: recirculating line.

Question: The report included details of the accident.
Answer: included

Question: The report___and on the Captains desk by 9:00 th
Answer: had to be finished

Question: The requirements for using radar for collision a
Answer: International Regulations for

Question: The resistance characteristic of Platinum is lin
Answer: By fitting another resistance

Question: The resistance in a wire decreases if___
Answer: the cross-sectional area of t

Question: The revolutions on the turbocharger have increas
Answer: the wind and current holding

Question: The rudder is hard over ... deep water. How much
Answer: About 20%.

Question: The rudder is hard over ... shallow water. How m
Answer: About 10%.

Question: The rudder is in the hard over position, propell
Answer: Give a kick ahead.

Question: The Safe Working Load should be marked on which
Answer: Lifting gear.

Question: The safety features for a welded acetylene gas c
Answer: Bursting discs.

Question: The safety management ... include___
Answer: continuous improvement of saf

Question: The safety management ... provide for___
Answer: safe practices in ship operat

Question: The Safety Management System should ensure in th
Answer: compliance with mandatory Rul

Question: The safety manuals were issued...
Answer: were issued

Question: The safety objectives and requirements of a Comp
Answer: set above

Question: The safety sign indicating that you MUST DO some
Answer: Yellow triangle with a black

Question: The safety sign indicating there is a risk of da
Answer: Yellow triangle with a black

Question: The SART is the Search and Rescue Radar Transpon
Answer: It is carried into the surviv

Question: The scope of drills should exercise the company'
Answer: that the Company has been abl

Question: The sea trial was held off the coast of Florida.
Answer: off

Question: The second potentiometer of this electric comman
Answer: The rudder position via the t

Question: The serial number for the engine part ended in six digits. 871130
Answer: 871130

Question: The Sharples separator, shown left and the Disc
Answer: The Sharples runs at a higher

Question: The ship ran aground 0.75 kms …. three quarters of a kilometre
Answer: three quarters of a kilometre

Question: The ship was built in the early 60s. sixties
Answer: sixties

Question: The ship will be leaving...
Answer: leaving

Question: The ship's fire fighting installation should pro
Answer: two

Question: The ship's insulation meter indicates a low resi
Answer: A connection box has been fil

Question: The ship's Loading Manual contains details of th
Answer: permitted deck loading

Question: The ship's steering gear uses___
Answer: hydraulic power to turn the r

Question: The ship's training manual must contain instruct
Answer: Correct use of ship's line th

Question: The shipment includes 565 drums … five hundred and sixty-five
Answer: five hundred and sixty-five

Question: The ships computer has 520 …. five hundred and twenty
Answer: five hundred and twenty

Question: The ship___in port in two hours time.
Answer: will arrive

Question: The signal from a racon___
Answer: enables the beacon to be iden

Question: The simplest method to use for determining if a
Answer: close off the discharge valve

Question: The site of the new …1,850 one thousand eight hundred and fifty
Answer: one thousand eight hundred and fifty

Question: The size of any electrical conductor should be s
Answer: 2 %

Question: The sketch shows a partially completed knocked u
Answer: No.2

Question: The sketch shows the configuration of a pinch be
Answer: Roller No. 3 rises

Question: The sketch shows the rollers for a pyramid rolli
Answer: No.1

Question: The sketch shows the two scales of a Vernier cal
Answer: 0.02

Question: The SMS (Safety Management System) should ensure
Answer: All of the other options.

Question: The SMS should include procedures ensuring that_
Answer: non-conformities, accidents a

Question: The soldiers did their best to defend the___agai
Answer: fort

Question: The solvent used with emulsion paint is which of
Answer: Water.

Question: The soup ___if you put a little bit more salt in
Answer: will taste better

Question: The span of this pneumatic transmitter is set by
Answer: part No 9.

Question: The specific gravity of the cells in a lead acid
Answer: No action is required.

Question: The Specific Heat of water is___
Answer: One

Question: The speed and feed for a 20 mm diameter reamer w
Answer: 50% less than a drill.

Question: The square to round section shown requires a tem
Answer: "a1"

Question: The starting/ accelerating current of a purifier
Answer: 250

Question: The state of charge of a lead acid battery is be
Answer: the specific gravity of the e

Question: The static suction head of a pump is the___
Answer: distance of the suction liqui

Question: The storm passed over us last night.
Answer: over

Question: The Suez Canal took ten years...
Answer: took

Question: The sun___in the east.
Answer: always rises

Question: The supervisor sat between the two engineers.
Answer: between

Question: The symbol shown here identifies the___
Answer: bearing cursor

Question: The tanker arrived at 1630. half past four
Answer: half past four

Question: The tanker entered the port after waiting...
Answer: waiting

Question: The tanker is less than five...
Answer: is

Question: The tanker was in good condition.
Answer: in

Question: The team___next week instead of tomorrow.
Answer: are meeting

Question: The technique of parallel indexing makes use of_
Answer: a rotatable mask mounted on t

Question: The technique used in radar pilotage for continu
Answer: parallel indexing

Question: The temperature is -10 degrees Celsius. minus ten
Answer: minus ten

Question: The temperature of a refrigerant is highest just
Answer: condenser.

Question: The temperature reached 81 degrees … eighty-one
Answer: eighty-one

Question: The temperatures in the Baltic …-25. minus twenty-five
Answer: minus twenty-five

Question: The term "segregated ballast" means___"
Answer: a ballast system completely s

Question: The term "tanks with smooth walls" is meant to i
Answer: All of the other options.

Question: The term 'compression ignition engine' defines__
Answer: a diesel engine.

Question: The term PADDING means protecting cargo with a b
Answer: nitrogen

Question: The term solubility refers to the ability to mix
Answer: other liquids

Question: The testing and maintenance of stand by equipmen
Answer: Any or all of the other optio

Question: The thinners used with a gloss paint is___
Answer: white spirit.

Question: The third stroke of four-stroke diesel engine is
Answer: power stroke.

Question: The three basic parts of any eductor are the noz
Answer: diffuser.

Question: The three conductor system used by Wheatstone Br
Answer: compensation for changing con

Question: The ticket cost 189 dollars. one hundred and eighty-nine
Answer: one hundred and eighty-nine

Question: The tide is against you.
Answer: against

Question: The tide turns at 8.00 pm. eight o`clock this evening
Answer: eight o`clock this evening

Question: The time interval for automatic sludge discharge
Answer: will result in difficult desl

Question: The timing of the engine is delayed and the exha
Answer: Cause increased turbocharger

Question: The tool used for marking out a circle on steel
Answer: a pair of dividers.

Question: The tool used for scoring lines on metal surface
Answer: a scriber.

Question: The tools shown here are ___?
Answer: electrician's tools.

Question: The torque developed by a three phase induction
Answer: Its voltage, current and impe

Question: The total cost of the …2,500,000. two and a half million dollars
Answer: two and a half million dollars

Question: The trace on the display rotates___
Answer: in synchronization with the s

Question: The train for Geneva departs at 1800. 6 o`clock in the evening
Answer: 6 o`clock in the evening

Question: The training video will be shown at 9.40. twenty to ten
Answer: twenty to ten

Question: The transmitted frequency is determined by the d
Answer: magnetron

Question: The transmitted pulse length is determined by th
Answer: modulator

Question: The transmitter P.R.F. is determined by the___
Answer: trigger unit

Question: The transportation of chemical cargoes is govern
Answer: I

Question: The tray's on a washing machine where the washin
Answer: After every use

Question: The treatment for muscle strain may be remembere
Answer: Rest - Ice - ?Compression - El

Question: The tugs have been delayed by one hour. …2.50. ten to three
Answer: ten to three

Question: The tuning control adjusts___
Answer: the frequency of the local os

Question: The tuning control is best adjusted by using the
Answer: visual tuning indicator

Question: The turbo charger turbine wheel is rotated by___
Answer: exhaust gas from the exhaust

Question: The turbocharger (constant pressure) is making W
Answer: Heavy seas from astern.

Question: The twins are such good athletes that___should w
Answer: neither of them

Question: The two main types of refrigeration system evapo
Answer: finned and tube.

Question: The two valves on the left of this picture are__
Answer: linear, equi-percentage.

Question: The two valves shown at the right of the picture
Answer: equi-percentage.

Question: The two valves shown in the centre of the drawin
Answer: linear valves.

Question: The two valves shown on the left of this picture
Answer: open - close regulation.

Question: The type of main engine known as a trunk piston
Answer: A medium speed diesel engine.

Question: The typhoon is heading from the east.
Answer: from

Question: The unconscious or recovery position should be u
Answer: To prevent the casualty drown

Question: The unit of measure used to express the chloride
Answer: PPM.

Question: The unit which sends returning target echoes to
Answer: scanner unit

Question: The upward movement caused by the fuel cam is tr
Answer: roller

Question: The US Oil Pollution Act of 1990 applies to___
Answer: petroleum, animal and vegetab

Question: The use of a steam trap has a beneficial influen
Answer: all heat will be extracted fr

Question: The use of boiler economisers___
Answer: increases the overall boiler

Question: The use of radar ranges in preference to radar b
Answer: they are more accurate

Question: The usual mode of series operation of two heavy
Answer: two identical machines being

Question: The valve positioner acts on the principle of th
Answer: 9 (spring), 18 (membrane)

Question: The ventilation trunk shown goes from square to
Answer: No.1

Question: The Vernier protractor gives an angular accuracy
Answer: 5 minutes of angle.

Question: The vertical beam must be wide enough to allow f
Answer: rolling and pitching of the s

Question: The vertical distance between the sea bed and th
Answer: underkeel clearance.

Question: The vertical distance measured from the deck lin
Answer: statutory freeboard.

Question: The vessel has not arrived...
Answer: has not arrived

Question: The vessel must complete the 60-60 Turn. sixty sixty
Answer: sixty sixty

Question: The vessel was built in 1989.
Answer: was built

Question: The vessel was in dry dock for two weeks.
Answer: for

Question: The vessel will arrive at 1300 hours local time.
Answer: at

Question: The vessel will be in Hong Kong in three days.
Answer: in

Question: The video lasts approximately 90 minutes. ninety
Answer: ninety

Question: The voltage in a 60Hz AC generator is adjusted b
Answer: the magnetic field strength.

Question: The volume is measured in cm . cubic centimetres
Answer: cubic centimetres

Question: The volume of any one centre tank on a tanker sh
Answer: 50,000

Question: The water cooling space on the turbocharger is d
Answer: Remove rotor assembly and fit

Question: The water in a steaming auxiliary boiler should
Answer: chlorides.

Question: The watertight integrity of a hatch should be te
Answer: 12 months.

Question: The weakening of boiler steel as the result of i
Answer: caustic embrittlement.

Question: The weight a vessel can carry is called the___
Answer: deadweight.

Question: The white light shown must be so fixed as to sho
Answer: 225 deg. (20 points of the co

Question: The winner of the contest will be___at the end o
Answer: announced

Question: The word/term " Bouquet " decribes what in a win
Answer: The smell

Question: The working pressures used by pneumatic control
Answer: Between 0 and 20 mA or 4 and

Question: Their contract begins on August 20. twentieth
Answer: twentieth

Question: their, piece, team, fleet
Answer: their

Question: There are 1,500 seafarers currently … one thousand five hundred
Answer: one thousand five hundred

Question: There are 6 annexes to MARPOL 73/78 (Annex I to
Answer: I = Oil, II = Noxious liquid

Question: There are about 40,000,000 people in Spain. forty million
Answer: forty million

Question: There are fenders on the berth.
Answer: are

Question: There are four cartons of cream in the fridge. T
Answer: Tomorrow

Question: There are fourteen vessels at anchor.
Answer: at

Question: There are grab rails all around the lifeboat.
Answer: around

Question: There are nets with buoys in this area.
Answer: with

Question: There are nine vessels behind us in the convoy.
Answer: behind

Question: There are no dangerous targets on the radar.
Answer: on

Question: There are small fishing boats, in the area around ….
Answer: around

Question: There are twenty-five crew members on board.
Answer: on

Question: There are various IMO gas carrier codes. What de
Answer: "The year of construction

Question: There are various methods available to extinguis
Answer: fuel starvation

Question: There aren't___for everybody.
Answer: enough chairs

Question: There are___islands in the Philippines.
Answer: many

Question: There have been 472 applicants… four hundred and seventy-two
Answer: four hundred and seventy-two

Question: There is a lot of weight...
Answer: is

Question: There is a requirement to maintain an Oil Record
Answer: an inspection can be made by

Question: There is a risk of collision with another vessel
Answer: her bearing is steady and the

Question: There is potential for pollution when starting t

Question: There is something wrong with the radar.
Answer: with

Question: There is___loud noise that I can't hear you.
Answer: such a

Question: There's a supermarket___our house.
Answer: in front of

Question: Thermal efficiency refers to heat engines and is
Answer: output on the shaft/flywheel

Question: Thermoplastic type adhesives soften when subject
Answer: Aluminium.

Question: These aren't the books we bought,___?
Answer: are they

Question: These characteristics show Pu in relation to fla
Answer: Unsteady operation. Bellows a

Question: These graphs are, left, the step input and, righ
Answer: The integrator characteristic

Question: These items are standard inspection items for Ma
Answer: Item VII - does not belong

Question: These slings do not permit safe...
Answer: do not permit

Question: These small pneumatic pipes are connected to the
Answer: plugs and O-rings.

Question: they
Answer: are fixed-temperature detectors

Question: They are spending the night...
Answer: are spending

Question: They are visiting the agents office on …
Answer: on

Question: They are working under difficult circumstances.
Answer: under

Question: They continued east until they were near …
Answer: near

Question: They decided to interview the top five___for the
Answer: candidates

Question: They do not have enough food for the voyage.
Answer: for

Question: They drove for 512 miles. over five hundred
Answer: over five hundred

Question: They had been at sea for ..
Answer: had been

Question: They had to cut their way through the___jungle.
Answer: dense

Question: They have been unloading...
Answer: have been

Question: They have cut the line in half.
Answer: in

Question: They have driven 400 miles...
Answer: have driven

Question: They have loaded 195 cars already. one hundred and ninety-five
Answer: one hundred and ninety-five

Question: They have switched on the anchor...
Answer: switched

Question: They have worked 40 hours overtime this month. forty
Answer: forty

Question: They left for the airport at 2300. 11 o`clock last night
Answer: 11 o`clock last night

Question: They need to pick up the supplies at ….
Answer: at

Question: They sell the charts at the store.
Answer: at

Question: They showed the training video in …
Answer: in

Question: They traded by sea in the 1700s. seventeen hundreds
Answer: seventeen hundreds

Question: They went into town for supplies.
Answer: into

Question: They were able to secure the line at time.
Answer: at

Question: They were waiting for 45 minutes. three quarters of an hour
Answer: three quarters of an hour

Question: They will be leaving in two hours.
Answer: in

Question: They will disembark on the 26th. twenty-sixth
Answer: twenty-sixth

Question: They're___out some wonderful new computer games
Answer: bringing

Question: They're___young to get married.
Answer: too

Question: Theyll be at home tomorrow.
Answer: at

Question: They___by tomorrow.
Answer: will be finishing

Question: The___boy reads everything he can get his hands
Answer: well-informed

Question: The___was so boring that he almost fell asleep.
Answer: lecture

Question: Thick plates require a multi-run weld. Which typ
Answer: No.4

Question: This automatic control system shows one temperat
Answer: split range.

Question: This characteristic ... controller effecting val
Answer: Amplification 0, Proportional

Question: This characteristic ... pneumatic controller con
Answer: The proportional band is too

Question: This characteristic shows that only linear part
Answer: 0.01 mm.

Question: This characteristic shows the output pressure of
Answer: Graph b

Question: This diagram shows the characteristics of a___
Answer: diode.

Question: This diskette holds 1.44 megabytes. one point four four
Answer: one point four four

Question: This display symbol shown is for___
Answer: head-up presentation

Question: This drawing indicates the timing of the unloade
Answer: 12 seconds.

Question: This drawing shows a simple mechanical controlle
Answer: set point.

Question: This drawing shows the structure of a___
Answer: bipolar transistor.

Question: This drawing shows which kind of pneumatic contr
Answer: A proportional integrating co

Question: This electric circuit is part of the Steering Ge
Answer: A Wheatstone Bridge.

Question: This in terms of overall pump performance, what
Answer: The pumping efficiency deteri

Question: This installation consists of the following turb
Answer: All of these.

Question: This is an actual lay-out drawing of a pneumatic
Answer: At air passage item 13

Question: This is a___
Answer: Wheatstone bridge.

Question: This is my friend Joe I___met, have you?
Answer: don't think you've

Question: This is the 18th accident this year. eighteenth
Answer: eighteenth

Question: This is the drawing of a Machinery Monitoring an
Answer: The CPU.

Question: This is___winter for 20 years.
Answer: the worst

Question: This looks___silk. Is it?
Answer: like

Question: This old book is useless. Why don't you buy one
Answer: up to date

Question: This shows a pneumatic control unit which forms
Answer: a nozzle/flapper assembly wit

Question: This steering gear telemotor system is drawn in
Answer: "neither solenoid "S1" or "S2

Question: This symbol identifies the___
Answer: range scale control

Question: This symbol represents a___
Answer: thyristor.

Question: This time tomorrow, they___the Atlantic.
Answer: will be crossing

Question: This training record book is for the Bosun.
Answer: for

Question: This vessel is on a ... and the range is reducin
Answer: Sound two short blasts and al

Question: This vessel is on a ... range 3 miles. What acti
Answer: Sound five short and rapid bl

Question: This vessel is on a ... the range is 2 miles and
Answer: Make a substantial reduction

Question: This vessel is signaling two flashes at interval
Answer: I am altering my course to po

Question: This vessel only operates...
Answer: operates

Question: This vessel sounds one short blast. What does th
Answer: I am altering my course to st

Question: This vessel was delivered in October 1996. nineteen ninety-six
Answer: nineteen ninety-six

Question: This will be a very busy day.
Answer: will be

Question: THOS
Answer: EPIRB

Question: though, rough, tough, enough
Answer: though

Question: THQB
Answer: Means shall be available to prevent any discharge of water on to survival crafts during abandonment.

Question: Three months of …4,609 kilos. "four thousand six hundred and nine
Answer: "four thousand six hundred and nine

Question: Three motors with full load currents of 15, 40 a
Answer: Approx 134 Amps.

Question: Threshold Limit Value (TLV) is the maximum conce
Answer: an atmospheric sample.

Question: thumb, able, submarine, double
Answer: thumb

Question: THXS
Answer: The use of onboard communication systems

Question: THXV
Answer: in ASCII

Question: TIFE
Answer: 120 mm above the water (in calm water)

Question: TIJL
Answer: If we have a sudden drop in pressure after the valve is supposed to be closed, this is caused by a leak

Question: TIKJ
Answer: Bad management and poorly maintained old ships over several years have proven to be fatal

Question: Time and number half past twelve
Answer: half past twelve

Question: Times of opening or closing all hull doors must
Answer: Deck Log Book

Question: TIMW
Answer: The side from the wind.

Question: TIPH
Answer: As stated by shipper?

Question: TIQA
Answer: one whistle or equivalent

Question: tired, timid, shy, quiet
Answer: tired

Question: TITO
Answer: 13

Question: TIXV
Answer: IX

Question: TJCM
Answer: Heating of the feed-water

Question: TJEO
Answer: Discharge to a shore facility only

Question: TJJI
Answer: have self-bailing arrangements

Question: TJKB
Answer: Distress relay call

Question: TJQW
Answer: Fire control plans.

Question: TKAB
Answer: for radiotelex-traffic in the MF/HF bands between ship and shore stations

Question: TKBU
Answer: In stairways and corridors

Question: TKED
Answer: International Maritime Organization (IMO)

Question: TKFX
Answer: to enhance the safety of lives at sea

Question: TKGC
Answer: access hatches capable of being opened and closed from both sides

Question: TKGR

Question: TKLD
Answer: Once a month

Question: TKRN
Answer: Dry extinguishing remedy.

Question: TKTI
Answer: Within 24 hours, or within 14 days in relation to serious injuries

Question: TLDL
Answer: 6

Question: TLEF
Answer: Yes if the cargo compartment is designed for temperature down to -48oC

Question: TLKF
Answer: Table 11 and 13.

Question: TLNN
Answer: The ITU List of Coast Stations

Question: TLPT
Answer: CT2, WT2 port, WT2 starboard.

Question: TLPV
Answer: 4000m3/h at 120 meter liquid column. (delivery head).

Question: TLRO
Answer: Remove any contaminated clothing and flood the affected area with slowly running water. Make sure that the contaminated water drains away freely and safely.

Question: TLRP
Answer: According to the specific eductor`s performance curve.

Question: TLTI
Answer: Place the heel of one hand, two finger breadths above the bottom of breastbone. Cover the hand with the heel of the other hand.

Question: TMEE
Answer: It depends on the installation

Question: TMFC
Answer: It is important that the rotation direction is correct to avoid dry running.

Question: TMMM
Answer: Distribution and weight of the containers?

Question: TMQK
Answer: Total weight in tons of cargo, equipment, complement, stores and supplies on summer freeboard in saltwater

Question: TMRE
Answer: Tins of 850 g each

Question: TMSD
Answer: Fatty fish

Question: TNAU
Answer: Wood

Question: TNBS
Answer: Cut it with the safety knife stowed on the exterior of the canopy close to the painter attachment point

Question: TNJV
Answer: continuously after having been immersed for a period of 10 seconds under 100mm of water

Question: TNLK
Answer: Because the Captain expects fog early in the morning

Question: TNLM
Answer: Behind one`s back and over one of the shoulders.

Question: TNOD
Answer: No

Question: TNOX
Answer: Development of nitrous gases?

Question: TNPO
Answer: an area excluding sea areas A1 and A2 within the radiotelephone coverage of at least one Inmarsat geostationary satellite in which continuous alerting is available

Question: To avoid the possibility of a scavenge fire what
Answer: The scavenge drain flow throu

Question: To convert a compass course to a magnetic course
Answer: deviation.

Question: To convert a magnetic course to a true course, i
Answer: variation.

Question: To d
Answer: al with emergencies and safety of the ship

Question: To ensure a continuous routine check of the mach
Answer: An official document called t

Question: To establish additional target data other than t
Answer: draw a relative velocity tria

Question: To find the indicated power developed in the cyl
Answer: mean effective pressure.

Question: To help establish safe levels of toxicity, which
Answer: Draeger tubes

Question: To make a single grooved seam from 1 mm plate, i
Answer: "Fold

Question: To prevent pollution you should look at how the
Answer: II, IV, VI

Question: To prevent water entering the space below, door
Answer: sills.

Question: To protect wire ropes, what must you ensure?
Answer: That they are kept well oiled

Question: To provide accurate target bearings the radar be
Answer: narrow in the horizontal plan

Question: To which channel is the nitrogen-filled thermal
Answer: Channel 8.

Question: To which one of these actions would you give pri
Answer: "Prepare for anchoring if in

Question: To which side of the tanker is the bunkering bar
Answer: Starboard side

Question: To which traffic separation schemes does Rule 10
Answer: Those adopted by the Internat

Question: To which type of installation would you find the
Answer: Small domestic refrigeration

Question: TOCE
Answer: The main supply line to be blanked off prior to the work.

Question: Today is Monday. They will depart in two days on . Tuesday
Answer: Tuesday

Question: Today is Wednesday the fifth, yesterday was. Tuesday the fourth
Answer: Tuesday the fourth

Question: toe, to, too, two
Answer: toe

Question: TOHK
Answer: They are not normally used for pumping oil

Question: TOIX
Answer: Blocked condenser.

Question: Too high alkalinity of boiler water may cause___
Answer: scale.

Question: tool, coin, toy, void
Answer: tool

Question: TOPM
Answer: 8

Question: Topping off during oil cargo loading or bunkerin
Answer: I, III, V, VI,

Question: TORA
Answer: The master shall notify next of kin/ Norwegian Consulate – arrange for burial/ repatriation of coffin/ashes – and maritime inquiry

Question: TOTU
Answer: centre, alternately towards each end

Question: TOVL
Answer: Checking that lifejackets are correctly donned.

Question: TPCA
Answer: Start air supply

Question: TPDU
Answer: Zero-point is accurate, but 100% input is not giving 100% output

Question: TPDV
Answer: Able to effect a complete change of air of the space being ventilated 16 times an hour?

Question: TPEO
Answer: 1 to 2%

Question: TPGI
Answer: Increase the jacket cooling water temperature to avoid the sulfur dew point

Question: TPHC
Answer: a first-aid outfit in a waterproof case

Question: TPLC
Answer: 200 meters

Question: TPLE
Answer: One for each person on board who is not provided with an immersion suit

Question: TPNT
Answer: The Norwegian Consulate

Question: TPXQ
Answer: Incomplete combustion owing to wrong mixture of air and oil.

Question: TQCW
Answer: 2 men

Question: TQLY
Answer: Make it possible to drain to shore the remaining cargo in the ship’s lines and pumps, after the discharging is completed

Question: TQTJ
Answer: Heat level rises

Question: TQWY
Answer: Wear protective goggles, gloves, coverall, footwear and mask.

Question: TRAE
Answer: The seaman signs in section b) of the appropriate ALC form (ALC1a, ALC 1b or ALC 1c as appropriate), the Master signs below in section c) of the crew agreement. Completes the relevant information in the seaman’s discharge book, signs in the appropriate co

Question: TRAF
Answer: Notify the Master, Deck officer on duty and the Engineer on duty, the loop for this special sensor to be switched off and take normal precautions for hot work

Question: Trai
Answer: ing in lifeboat handling.

Question: Transfer the person to my vessel by boat.
Answer: by

Question: Transit speed is twelve knots. 12
Answer: 12

Question: Transit will begin at 0700 hours.
Answer: at

Question: Transverse lashings for vehicles should make an
Answer: 30? to 60?

Question: TRFB
Answer: 60 minutes

Question: Tropical revolving storms are accompanied by___
Answer: heavy rain sometimes with thu

Question: Tropical storm warning for West Florida at 1430 …. fourteen thirty
Answer: fourteen thirty

Question: TRQA
Answer: Weight of the ship including fixed and permanent equipment, less cargo, complement, passengers, stores and supplies

Question: TSEM
Answer: Close all air ventilators and other openings to the hold in question

Question: TSJG
Answer: The pressure drop across the filter.

Question: TSKA
Answer: Because the ship is leaving after sunset the following day

Question: TSKB
Answer: received messages, which aren’t intended for own ship are not passed on

Question: TSLU
Answer: To enhance safety in general

Question: TSLV
Answer: 24 hours

Question: TSMU
Answer: All of the alternatives together.

Question: TTBT
Answer: Excessive heating caused by over tightening of the gland packing.

Question: TTGT
Answer: He has disengaged the windlass and put the brake on

Question: TTGW
Answer: Stop the purifier immediately. Check the bowl for heavy side, deposits, bearings, housing, and the spindle for damage.

Question: TTHL
Answer: 0,75 candelas (about 0,6 mile range at normal meteorological sight), 8 hours

Question: TTL is the abbreviation for a family of___
Answer: Integrated digital circuits.

Question: TTQU
Answer: Keep the floors and decks free from fat and grease.

Question: TUBR
Answer: Broken water seal, oil outside the top disc.

Question: TUBT
Answer: Ensuring that all persons avoid smoking in bed.

Question: TUEB
Answer: Forecastle is given by B on the figure

Question: TUFA
Answer: All the mentioned alternatives

Question: TUKT
Answer: It is a gas containing insufficient oxygen to support combustion of hydrocarbons

Question: tune, paragraph, word, sentence
Answer: tune

Question: tune, rub, duct, flush
Answer: tune

Question: TUNG
Answer: QI is an authorised individual, situated in the US, and contracted by the owner or operator of the vessel

Question: Turbo alternators perform which of the following
Answer: Supplying electricity on stea

Question: Turbocharging an engine is the operation providi
Answer: A compressor driven by an exh

Question: Turn hard to starboard at the first buoy.
Answer: at

Question: TUSK
Answer: When the machinery spaces are in the manned condition.

Question: TVHI
Answer: to have the correct position in case of accidents

Question: TVSI
Answer: the time of day in relation to propagation

Question: TVTB
Answer: Stop all F.O. transfers immediately, and inform the CE.

Question: TVTC
Answer: the day/night situation

Question: TVWK
Answer: He wants all the lashings tightened and two extra chains fastened to each container

Question: TVWN
Answer: 120° C

Question: TVXB
Answer: All these actions are required

Question: TVYV
Answer: Helps keep accommodation floors clean longer.

Question: twelve, tenth, third, twentieth
Answer: twelve

Question: Twist drills can be sharpened with the aid of wh
Answer: The bench grinder.

Question: TWIY
Answer: 8 minutes

Question: TWND
Answer: In case of an overfilling.

Question: Two 3 phase 4160 Volt, 60 Hz alternators are ope
Answer: the Power Factor of alternato

Question: Two 30 Ohm resistors are connected in parallel.
Answer: 15 Ohm

Question: Two electrical heaters both marked 220 Volt and
Answer: The heaters will produce half

Question: Two generators are running in parallel. Generato
Answer: Adjust the excitation of the

Question: Two ratings have decided...
Answer: have decided

Question: Two resistors of 6 ohm & 3 ohm are connected in
Answer: 6A

Question: Two resistors of 6O ohm & 3O ohm ... current in
Answer: 2A & 4A

Question: Two resistors of 6O ohm & 3O ohm ... effective r
Answer: 20 ohm

Question: Two ships approach each other on reciprocal cour
Answer: 37 knots

Question: TWOB
Answer: 30 litters per nautical mile

Question: TWPS
Answer: Propeller disengaged and ahead or astern propulsion

Question: TWRH
Answer: In main vertical zones

Question: TWRI
Answer: Keep a low pressure in the tanks at all times at sea and in port (periods of gas-freeing excepted)

Question: TWSG
Answer: six hand flares

Question: TWSY
Answer: a license must be issued

Question: TWTQ
Answer: 9 mtrs

Question: TWVL
Answer: to enhance safety

Question: TXIB
Answer: Level in the tank to be reduced as much as possible to reduce/stop any further oil spill.

Question: TXJY
Answer: All cargo tanks, pump rooms and cofferdams shall be examined by two type approved explosimeters.

Question: TXKL
Answer: If the face mask has a leak toxic fumes/smoke would still not enter the mask

Question: TXLI
Answer: Disposed of in an ashtray and ensuring that it is extinguished.

Question: TXMD
Answer: 1200 litres

Question: TXNC
Answer: geostationary

Question: TXTT
Answer: 2187,5 khz

Question: TXUR
Answer: The main difference is that deep well pumps are connected to the motor with a long shaft and submerged pumps have both pump and motor submerged down in the tank

Question: TYDR
Answer: That they are kept under constant surveillance.

Question: TYEQ
Answer: 1m/s

Question: TYFI
Answer: Raise the boom.

Question: TYHB
Answer: CT2, WT2 port, WT2 starboard.

Question: TYHW
Answer: Risk for pollution

Question: TYIT
Answer: Check that the painter is made fast to a secure point and that the sea below is clear

Question: TYIV
Answer: Tug towing line is given by D on the figure

Question: TYPE
Answer: Toxic substances

Question: Typically, how many times full load current are
Answer: 2 - 3 times.

Question: TYQG
Answer: The oxygen content shall be measured to 21% by volume

Question: TYRF
Answer: Propane, Butane, Isobutane, Ammonia and some chemical gases as VCM, Propylene and Butadiene can be condensed against water

Question: TYXA
Answer: Wet pipe system