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Test Answers

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There are 741 answer(s) beginning with the letter I.

Question: I advise you change to a larger range scale.
Answer: to

Question: I always going ashore when...
Answer: going

Question: I am altering course...
Answer: am

Question: I am coming to your...
Answer: coming

Question: I am heaving up the anchor.
Answer: up

Question: I am in danger of capsizing.
Answer: in

Question: I am not making way through the water.
Answer: through

Question: I am on watch until 0800 hours.
Answer: until

Question: I am ready to receive you.
Answer: to receive

Question: I am reversing my engine slow...
Answer: reversing

Question: I am waiting for clearance...
Answer: am waiting

Question: I am___bored, I'm falling alseep.
Answer: so

Question: I can't stand him. He___rudely in class.
Answer: is always behaving

Question: I can't stand___compositions for English class e
Answer: having to write

Question: I can't thank you enough I really___what you hav
Answer: appreciate

Question: I cannot keep my present course.
Answer: keep

Question: I didn't___he was at home.
Answer: think

Question: I do not have radar.
Answer: not have

Question: I don't believe him. He talks___nonsense.
Answer: such

Question: I expect to refloat with tug assistance.
Answer: with

Question: I feel___screaming at him!
Answer: like

Question: I first sailed in 1951. nineteen fifty-one
Answer: nineteen fifty-one

Question: I have been sailing all...
Answer: have been sailing

Question: I have collided with an...
Answer: have collided

Question: I have located you on my radar...
Answer: I have located

Question: I haven't been to the cinema___last month.
Answer: since

Question: I haven't been to the theatre___ages
Answer: for

Question: I hear he's been ill." "Yes, and his condition s
Answer: worse

Question: I like___small animals.
Answer: all

Question: I look forward___you soon.
Answer: to seeing

Question: I May I have your manoeuvring data?
Answer: May

Question: I plan to be at sea for at least four months.
Answer: at

Question: I suggest that you first speak...
Answer: speak

Question: I thanked the travel agent for___the useful info
Answer: all

Question: I think___jeans are more comfortable than tight
Answer: loose

Question: I thought you were a smoker." " Not any more, bu
Answer: used to be

Question: I was at sea for six months… February to July
Answer: February to July

Question: I was on tankers from 1962 until 1989. twenty-seven years
Answer: twenty-seven years

Question: I wasn't hungry so I___anything at dinner.
Answer: didn't eat

Question: I went aground at high water.
Answer: at

Question: I went out without___money.
Answer: any

Question: I will complete the manoeuvre ...
Answer: will complete

Question: I wish I___harder. I might have made the team.
Answer: had trained

Question: I wish I___more time.
Answer: had

Question: I won't forget him as long as I___
Answer: live

Question: I work for an international computer company so
Answer: abroad

Question: I would advise you approach ...
Answer: would advise

Question: I wouldn`t go that way if I were...
Answer: wouldn`t go

Question: I'll have a salad for my main___, please.
Answer: course

Question: I'll never___all this work.
Answer: get through

Question: I'll see you___Tuesday afternoon.
Answer: on

Question: I'm afraid I know nothing about computers." "___
Answer: Neither do I

Question: I'm sorry your're not going on vacation with us"
Answer: I could be you

Question: IAFK
Answer: muster station

Question: IAKJ
Answer: Check if fuel injection is too early or fuel pump lead too large

Question: IAKL
Answer: 150 tons

Question: IAQA
Answer: one first-aid outfit in a waterproof case

Question: IATQ
Answer: A wire for pulling burning ships off the pier

Question: IAUG
Answer: safety call

Question: IBFF
Answer: 25 % more than the wire’s

Question: IBHY
Answer: a given number of buoyant oars provided with thole pins or crutches attached by lanyards

Question: IBOK
Answer: 64

Question: IBOM
Answer: It is incumbent on the shipowners and the master to ensure that the requirements are complied with and documented.

Question: IBPY
Answer: Evacuation slide

Question: ICAA
Answer: The hydraulic pump is usually used for tightening the G-nuts

Question: ICHS
Answer: Shut off the oil flow if the flames goes out

Question: ICHU
Answer: Radiotelephony – Single sideband suppressed carrier

Question: ICIK
Answer: The use of engines and accessories

Question: ICWU
Answer: Remote controlled fire pumps

Question: ICYJ
Answer: Windlass is given by B on the figure

Question: IDCO
Answer: The fuel oil filters or pipes are clogged.

Question: IDDM
Answer: Amount of superheat in the vapor leaving the coil

Question: IDEA
Answer: of being deployed by one person

Question: Ideally the adjustable jet/spray nozzle on a hos
Answer: a spray of arc 60 degrees

Question: Ideally, securing lashings for vehicles should b
Answer: "special securing points

Question: Identify the misspelled word.
Answer: abrupte

Question: Identify the powered hand tool in No. 1 ?
Answer: Drill

Question: Identify the powered hand tool No. 2 ?
Answer: Input wrench

Question: IDIL
Answer: Bollard is given by D on the figure

Question: IDIN
Answer: Warm clothes, blankets and lifevests.

Question: IDQV
Answer: The method of donning life-jackets.

Question: IDRK
Answer: Stuck grease was blocking the grease pipe

Question: IDUT
Answer: Starboard quarter is given by C on the figure

Question: IDVS
Answer: At least two

Question: IDYB
Answer: Amplitude of output signal divided by amplitude of input signal

Question: IEOE
Answer: Class B fire

Question: IEOX
Answer: J2B/F1B

Question: IERT
Answer: Reduce to slow or less in due time before entering

Question: IEXH
Answer: 424432010 or 424432020

Question: If a 100 metre length of 1.25 mm dia. wire has a
Answer: 30 metres

Question: If a 2kW heater is on for four hours, how much e
Answer: 28.8mJ

Question: If a ballast tank has just been emptied, within
Answer: No, in this circumstance the

Question: If a bonding cable is not connected by the termi
Answer: "you should insert an insulat

Question: If a cable length 100m, dia.1.25 mm has a resist
Answer: 30 metres.

Question: If a cargo is of low flash point it is said to b
Answer: flammable

Question: If a cargo space has been closed for a long time
Answer: The space may be deficient in

Question: If a centrifugal pump does NOT pull a vacuum wha
Answer: Priming pump not functioning

Question: If a centrifugal pump operating with a positive
Answer: vent the casing.

Question: If a combination carrier is engaged in the carri
Answer: isolated by fitting a blind f

Question: If a dirty oily/water mixture is entering chambe
Answer: On the bottom item 4.

Question: If a fault has occurred (shorted, earthed) in an
Answer: replace all three fuses, blow

Question: If a fault occurs in this power supply system, t
Answer: checking supply volts, fuses

Question: If a gas is carried in a pressurized state how w
Answer: "Can be carried warmer

Question: If a gas pressure gauge is over-pressured and bu
Answer: The flexible back.

Question: If a helmsman is given an order "starboard 10" ,
Answer: He must repeat the order befo

Question: If a leak is suspected in a tube heat exchanger
Answer: Tightness of packed tube end.

Question: If a meteorological depression has a large warm
Answer: deepen.

Question: If a nylon mooring rope gets wet by immersion in
Answer: a decrease in strength of 20

Question: If a p.d. of 24V exists across a 15 Ohm resistor
Answer: 1.6amps

Question: If a person is in shock, which of these is the c
Answer: Try and reassure the patient

Question: If a serious cavitation problem is experienced e
Answer: The shape of the impeller to

Question: If a short taper section is required how is this
Answer: Using the compound slide.

Question: If a total short circuit occurs on a 3 phase alt
Answer: The under voltage trip.

Question: If a vessel is being towed alongside on the star
Answer: Sidelights and sternlight.

Question: If a vessel of length 20metres or more is requir
Answer: Not less than 4 metres

Question: If a view is projected in a direction which is n
Answer: "An auxiliary view.

Question: If all the pumps failed in a Kvaerner Moss type
Answer: Pressurize the tank to push t

Question: If an alternator runs at 900 RPM and delivers AC
Answer: Four.

Question: If an injured person's pulse cannot be felt at t
Answer: The side of the neck.

Question: If an observer is facing the wind in the norther
Answer: "To the right"

Question: If an oil tanker is used for the storage of oil
Answer: The requirements for SBT, PL,

Question: If an oil tanker is used to receive dirty ballas
Answer: The requirements for SBT, PL,

Question: If another ship does not appear to be taking suf
Answer: Sound 5 short and rapid blast

Question: If at sea the inert gas low pressure alarm is ac
Answer: inert gas topping up operatio

Question: If cutting a mm thread on a non-metric centre la
Answer: 127 teeth.

Question: If dedicated lashing points are provided on a ve
Answer: One

Question: If during your engine room watch the steam suppl
Answer: The viscosity of the heavy fu

Question: If during your engine room watch you hear the bo
Answer: Open the by-pass feedwater ch

Question: If during your engine room watch, without any pr
Answer: The cleanliness of the photoc

Question: If during your watch the air-conditioning compre
Answer: That there is sufficient cool

Question: If excessive current flows in a circuit which of
Answer: The fuse.

Question: If fuel contamination of lub oil is confirmed wh
Answer: Rectify the source of contami

Question: If fuel is dripping from the water outlet of the
Answer: Gravity ring is of the wrong

Question: If fuel is removed from the fire triangle, what
Answer: Starving.

Question: If heat is removed from the fire triangle, what
Answer: Cooling.

Question: If in doubt about any injury, you should:
Answer: Seek medical advice

Question: If individuals require essential familiarisation
Answer: then the company should ident

Question: If information concerning a cargo is not availab
Answer: not loaded

Question: If insufficient water sealing is present (blue c
Answer: The purifier will overflow oi

Question: If it is necessary to enter the water, how shoul
Answer: Look straight ahead, legs tog

Question: If it is noted after overhaul that the pump bear
Answer: misalignment of the shaft.

Question: If jacket water alkalinity keeps dropping what c
Answer: Possible cracked liner/head o

Question: If lub oil analysis results indicate fuel diluti
Answer: Locate and rectify source of

Question: If magnet pole faces are 3cm X 4cm and have flux
Answer: 0.5mWb

Question: If mandatory annual surveys are established by t
Answer: The unscheduled inspections s

Question: If oil is found in the auxiliary boiler water, w
Answer: Dose the coagulant, skim and

Question: If on inspection, anodes are unworn what could b
Answer: No electrical contact between

Question: If open circuit and interruption of current cont
Answer: a winding break.

Question: If ordered to steer "east", how many degrees on
Answer: 090 degrees

Question: If oxygen is removed from the fire triangle, wha
Answer: Smothering.

Question: If possible the radar display should be sited___
Answer: so it can be viewed facing fo

Question: If purifier does not attain full speed what coul
Answer: Drive clutch slipping.

Question: If Q1 is the filling volume of the tank and Q2 t
Answer: 50 %

Question: If refrigerant gauges are calibrated in Absolute
Answer: Can be used for Freon 12 or F

Question: If ship's head by compass was 045 ( C ), What is
Answer: "030.5 ( T )"

Question: If ships other than tankers have spaces construc
Answer: 200 cubic metres

Question: If slight water contamination of lub oil is conf
Answer: Run the purifier, checking th

Question: If some part of a purifier bowl assembly is defe
Answer: Contact the makers for guidan

Question: If someone is going to use water to put out a fi
Answer: Do not use water to put out t

Question: If someone was injured by a spillage of liquefie
Answer: ICS cargo data sheet

Question: If the angle of heel is less than 10 degrees, wh
Answer: GM times Sin(x).

Question: If the auxiliary condenser is not in use for any
Answer: "By the Main Seawater Pump "M

Question: If the auxiliary seawater pump "AS" fails, which
Answer: "Main Sea Water Pump(s) "MS".

Question: If the cargo density is different from that spec
Answer: Float correction

Question: If the centrifugal pump delivery pressure is low
Answer: Excessive neck bush/shaft cle

Question: If the compressor discharge in a refrigeration s
Answer: the refrigerant flooding back

Question: If the containment pressure of LPG increases the
Answer: increase

Question: If the cooling water temperature exceeds its rec
Answer: A less effective lubricating

Question: If the cooling water temperature goes below it's
Answer: Condensation of sulphuric aci

Question: If the diameter of this valve is 60 mm on it's i
Answer: 15 mm.

Question: If the dirty oily water mixture fills chamber 1
Answer: Item 2 in the bowl.

Question: If the distance between two consecutive isobars
Answer: 30 kts

Question: If the effective resistance of a circuit is 8 oh
Answer: 12V

Question: If the electric motor on an oil purifier is over
Answer: that there are defects in the

Question: If the engine room is in UMS mode and one of the
Answer: activates all of these.

Question: If the flapper is pushed against the nozzle so t
Answer: 20 psi.

Question: If the forward draught of a vessel is greater th
Answer: The vessel is trimmed by the

Question: If the FW generator is producing water with sali
Answer: slowing down production by op

Question: If the gauge glass indicates no water level in t
Answer: "Shut off all the burners."

Question: If the governor of the driving machine of an alt
Answer: The high/low frequency trip.

Question: If the heart of a casualty has stopped, approxim
Answer: Beyond 6 minutes.

Question: If the heated medium of this heater is oil and t
Answer: carbon formation.

Question: If the input flow Q1 increases to Q1' and level
Answer: The amplifier will increase i

Question: If the insulation fails on a major distribution
Answer: The short circuit protection.

Question: If the Jacket Cooling Water expansion tank level
Answer: There is an internal leakage

Question: If the label on a chemical container is missing,
Answer: Label 'DO NOT USE' and report

Question: If the length of "a" is equal to the length of "
Answer: 100 %

Question: If the main engine jacket cooling water expansio
Answer: Any of these.

Question: If the measured value bellow is connected to the
Answer: It will increase above 9 psi.

Question: If the oil flows from the sludge outlet on an oi
Answer: that the bowl has not been cl

Question: If the oil flows out on the heavy liquid (water)
Answer: that the gravity disc inside

Question: If the OOW is in doubt as to the Pilot's actions
Answer: Seek clarification from the P

Question: If the outlet temperature "Tout" is kept constan
Answer: "Inlet temperature "Tin" will

Question: If the output of this auxiliary diesel increases
Answer: They will slightly increase (

Question: If the performance of a centrifugal pump deterio
Answer: excessive wear between impell

Question: If the pressures in the MV and the SV bellows ar
Answer: 9 psi

Question: If the prime mover of an alternator is a diesel
Answer: 5 - 12 %

Question: If the priming pump was not working how could a
Answer: Starting the pump with the se

Question: If the reefer condenser pump "PP" fails, which p
Answer: Any of these pumps may be use

Question: If the resistance of a circuit doubles while the
Answer: halved.

Question: If the resistances RL and Rv are equal, what wil
Answer: Zero

Question: If the stand-by indicating light is energised on
Answer: That the boiler is ready to b

Question: If the suction and delivery valves are closed fo
Answer: The shaft seal (item No 7).

Question: If the system pressure is 3.5 kg/cm2, what will
Answer: Fluctuating around 3.5 kg/cm2

Question: If the trace is not correctly centred, error may
Answer: measuring bearings

Question: If the true transit bearing of two leading light
Answer: "compass error."

Question: If the valve wheel (5) is moving very freely, bu
Answer: Open gear box (4) and check i

Question: If the valve wheel of an extended spindle valve
Answer: To see if the valve spindle i

Question: If the visibility is 10 miles, what action shoul
Answer: A broad alteration to starboa

Question: If the visibility is restricted, what action sho
Answer: A substantial reduction of pe

Question: If the welding torch and the oxygen/acetylene pr
Answer: Oxygen and acetylene pipe lin

Question: If there are no casualties involved, what is the
Answer: Isolate the leak at it`s sour

Question: If there is a problem, make sure ...
Answer: make

Question: If there is a very sudden and large increase in
Answer: It will at first rise suddenl

Question: If there is an isolated fire on the poop deck, w
Answer: The bridge

Question: If two pieces of metal are welded together while
Answer: A butt weld.

Question: If two vessels approach each other on a collisio
Answer: The period when action to pre

Question: If Var= 8W and Dev =4W, What is the compass erro
Answer: "12 W"

Question: If water is detected in the generator crankcase
Answer: Leakage from cracked cylinder

Question: If we shift the nozzle/flapper assembly to the l
Answer: Half the height from Level L.

Question: If when in port there is an urgent need to pump
Answer: Issue strict instructions tha

Question: If when in port there is an urgent requirement t
Answer: Pump the bilges only to a sho

Question: If when you start up a purifier it does not come
Answer: friction pad linings.

Question: If you abandoned ship by jumping into the sea we
Answer: After getting clear of the sh

Question: If you are an engine room rating, what basic tec
Answer: Be able to identify and selec

Question: If you are doing heart compression, approximatel
Answer: About 60 compressions per min

Question: If you are going to enter the engine's crankcase
Answer: Engage the turning gear on th

Question: If you are in a survival craft, after clearing t
Answer: Stream the sea anchor.

Question: If you are in water at a temperature 10 degrees
Answer: About an hour.

Question: If you are taking crankshaft deflections, for wh
Answer: Zero

Question: If you are welding in the workshop, you must ens
Answer: the fire alarm for the worksh

Question: If you changed the set point of a relief valve,
Answer: "Ship`s log

Question: If you cut yourself, what colour plaster do cate
Answer: Blue

Question: If you discover a fire, what is the most importa
Answer: Report it by raising the alar

Question: If you do not rinse out hand washed garments eno
Answer: A rash

Question: If you find a leak on one of the tubes of this h
Answer: Seal off the tube with plugs

Question: If you find chipped or cracked crockery, for wha
Answer: The cracks and chipped areas

Question: If you find it difficult to obtain suction whils
Answer: All of these.

Question: If you find that the feed rate of an oil purifie
Answer: insufficient delivery from th

Question: If you fire the boiler and it misfires repeatedl
Answer: "The photocell is clean in si

Question: If you get a heavy scavenging air fire, which of
Answer: The stuffing box.

Question: If you had to board your lifeboat which of the f
Answer: Wear as many layers of warm c

Question: If you have a fuel injector nozzle with 10 holes

Question: If you have a main engine failure, what shapes w
Answer: Two black balls in a vertical

Question: If you have to abandon ship what type of clothin
Answer: Put on extra clothing, prefer

Question: If you have trouble going to sleep try___a glass
Answer: drinking

Question: If you hear a fog signal forward of the beam, Ru
Answer: reduce to minimum steerage wa

Question: If you increase fuel flow to the purifier using
Answer: Adjust back pressure with bac

Question: If you miss the flight, you will miss...
Answer: will miss

Question: If you need to replace the mechanical seal on th
Answer: Remove pump casing half, rele

Question: If you noticed that a piece of equipment is brok
Answer: Report it to the officer on w

Question: If you see a lot of smoke coming from the oven i
Answer: Raise the alarm. close all ve

Question: If you want to keep___, you have to exercise reg
Answer: fit

Question: If you want to obtain a higher lift-off pressure
Answer: tension the injector spring m

Question: If you want to obtain a higher spray-off pressur
Answer: Tension the injector spring m

Question: If you were at the entrance to an enclosed space
Answer: Raise the alarm with the brid

Question: If you were ever in trouble, I would give you al
Answer: needed

Question: If you wish to enter or leave a space that has a
Answer: The airlock`s other door is o

Question: If you wished to calculate how much cargo was in
Answer: "

Question: If you wished to operate the CO2 smothering to e
Answer: "That there are no people in

Question: If your radar suffers from shadow sectors you sh
Answer: determine and record their li

Question: If your vessel is tending to "synchronise ", wha
Answer: You should try to alter the w

Question: If your vessel, while proceeding east at 10 knot
Answer: West at 20 knots

Question: If your vessel, while proceeding north at 15 kno
Answer: "South at 15 knots"

Question: If your vessel, while proceeding south at 10 kno
Answer: "Stationary"

Question: IFAS
Answer: Airway Breathing Circulation

Question: IFFT
Answer: G3E

Question: IFJV
Answer: 2 separate compartments

Question: IFJW
Answer: The uppermost deck to which transverse bulkheads are carried

Question: IFLU
Answer: Two tongue-type/hinged bowstoppers with separate closed fairleads – Capacity 200 tons

Question: IFMN
Answer: A compilation of Norwegian laws and regulations concerning the safety of ships and crew.

Question: IFMO
Answer: MARPOL 73/78.

Question: IFRI
Answer: out of order

Question: IGCA
Answer: To prevent electrostatic generation

Question: IGDX
Answer: You should have reduced your speed to the minimum on which the vessel can be kept on course

Question: IGES
Answer: Nervous tension,allergy, or none obvious cause.

Question: IGFO
Answer: Rotary positive displacement (mono type).

Question: IGGI
Answer: Overboard discharge is stopped.

Question: IGRD
Answer: IMO divides cargo tanks on gas carriers into 4 groups: Integral tanks, Membrane tanks, Semi-membrane tanks and independent tanks

Question: IGWC
Answer: No spark or flame is required to ignite gas or vapor

Question: IHAH
Answer: activate the fire alarm

Question: IHAO
Answer: Two

Question: IHBJ
Answer: Notify Master, Deck officer and Engineer in charge.The loop for this special sensor to be switched off and take normal precautions for hot work.

Question: IHCB
Answer: Start air supply

Question: IHCD
Answer: Powder

Question: IHCU
Answer: To secure/lash containers?

Question: IHCX
Answer: This call was sent by a coast station

Question: IHHG
Answer: 5 sets of Firemen’s outfits

Question: IHSR
Answer: Fully charged bottles with a total free air capacity of at least 6000 liters for each breathing apparatus.

Question: IHTT
Answer: Closed loop feed back system

Question: IHUR
Answer: Pressure indicator, installed on panel/console

Question: IHXA
Answer: Ahead is given by A on the figure

Question: IHXT
Answer: Ensure a flow of steam through the superheater when raising steam pressure after shut down

Question: IIBD
Answer: A person may serve on board as from the 17th. calendar year

Question: IIES
Answer: Don’t let the ship turn to port

Question: IIGG
Answer: If the back pressure when discharging is so high that one pump is not able to deliver any cargo.

Question: IIHB
Answer: It is the SOLAS conventions that take care of the human safety at sea

Question: IIHE
Answer: Presentation flange.

Question: IIOS
Answer: Both STCW and Class rules

Question: IIPJ
Answer: Monthly

Question: IIQH
Answer: Regularly check your pressure gauge and note how much air you used to reach your work area. Start to return when you have this amount left plus a reasonable reserve.

Question: IITK
Answer: Stern line is given by A on the figure

Question: IIYU
Answer: 1. Switch off the transmitter – 2. Switch equipment on – 3. Make broadcast on 2182 kHz “Mayday all stations…” and cancel the false distress alert.

Question: IJEM
Answer: Reduced.

Question: IJEO
Answer: Start with intermittent firing, using small firing periods and long intervals gradually building up to longer firing periods and shorter intervals.

Question: IJIP
Answer: Chemical powder is the main medium for tank deck fire fighting on gas and chemical carriers

Question: IJNO
Answer: J3E

Question: IJOI
Answer: In permanently exhibited fire control plans

Question: IJRT
Answer: anti-seasickness medicine and one seasickness bag for each person

Question: IJRV
Answer: Height is given by D on the figure

Question: IJST
Answer: one knife of the non-folding type having a buoyant handle and a lanyard

Question: IJVB
Answer: the curvature of the surface of the earth

Question: IJWV
Answer: Reduce speed and, if possible, keep the fire zone to the leeward of the ship

Question: IKAB
Answer: All the mentioned alternatives

Question: IKCT
Answer: 0,56 m3/kg

Question: IKIN
Answer: Tanks adjacent to the tank where work is to be carried out shall be cleaned and free of gas.

Question: IKKD
Answer: To avoid build-up of static electricity, which may cause explosion

Question: IKLV
Answer: Full power on the aft tug, reduce on the forward while checking the gyro

Question: IKLX
Answer: Clogged air inlet filter.

Question: IKNO
Answer: to wear a lifejacket inside

Question: IKSJ
Answer: Hatch openings in weather deck to be closed and battened down before loading of deck cargo.

Question: IKTI
Answer: Yes

Question: ILDJ
Answer: Prior to every plant start-up, following an 8 hour stop

Question: ILED
Answer: 1530 C

Question: ILEH
Answer: Every second hour.

Question: ILFC
Answer: It will destroy the properties of the lube oil and lead to serious damage in our engine.

Question: Ill be on watch at 1200 hours. twelve noon
Answer: twelve noon

Question: Ill meet you in 30 minutes. Ill meet you in half an hour
Answer: half an hour

Question: ILMM
Answer: the “Abandon ship” signal is not specified, only the general emergency alarm signal is stated

Question: ILOD
Answer: The light from lanterns and signals must not be obstructed.

Question: ILOI
Answer: trying to ignite burner from hot brickwork

Question: ILRP
Answer: The Norwegian Consular Court at the nearest competent Norwegian Foreign Service Station.

Question: ILTE
Answer: In SOLAS chapter II-2, rule 17 and in the IGC code

Question: ILTH
Answer: 5 times the maximum pressure the hose will be subjected during cargo transfer.

Question: Im 47 years old. forty-seven
Answer: forty-seven

Question: Im tired of these six month contracts.
Answer: of

Question: IMBR
Answer: A Norwegian Maritime Investigator

Question: IMGM
Answer: 1 VHF RT + DSC+ DSC watch receiver – 1 or 2 SART – 1 NAVTEX and/or 1 EGC receiver and/or 1 HF NBDP watch receiver – 2 or 3 VHF portable – 1 EPIRB – 1 MF RT + DSC+ DSC watch receiver – 1 HF RT + DSC+ DSC watch receiver

Question: IMJB
Answer: A suitable composition of water and detergent.

Question: IMJD
Answer: 15 and 17

Question: Immersion suits are provided with a rescue loop.
Answer: It is intended for pulling th

Question: Immersion suits or anti-exposure suits must be w
Answer: "2 minutes"

Question: IMNG
Answer: Stripping pump.

Question: In a 'shunt' DC motor how are the pole windings
Answer: In parallel with the armature

Question: In a 2 stroke engine what controls the admission
Answer: Upper edge of piston.

Question: In a 250,000 tonne VLCC, how many tonnes per hou
Answer: 4,000 tonnes

Question: In a 4 cycle engine the exhaust valve opens when
Answer: jusbefore BDC on the power st

Question: In a 4 cycle engine the inlet valve begins to op
Answer: just before TDC on the exhaus

Question: In a 4-stroke diesel what is referred to as valv
Answer: Period when both inlet and ex

Question: In a centrifugal general service pump how are su
Answer: Machineable sealing rings.

Question: In a constant pressure type turbocharger how doe
Answer: Via a single, common exhaust

Question: In a constant pressure type turbocharger the exh
Answer: the grids of the common exhau

Question: In a conventional rudder system when will least
Answer: With vessel moving astern.

Question: In a DC generator, where is the current generate
Answer: In the armature windings.

Question: In a distress situation, how many times or for h
Answer: Until all crew members and pa

Question: In a fluorescent lamp what is used to improve th
Answer: Capacitor

Question: In a four stroke cycle diesel engine, the four s
Answer: compresses the air.

Question: In a fuel oil service system where would the rel
Answer: Re-circulating line or pump s

Question: In a gas tanker, what should be your first actio
Answer: Go to your emergency station

Question: In a hydraulic telemotor steering system movemen
Answer: controls movement of the tran

Question: In a marine diesel engine , what cools the cylin
Answer: Circulating fresh water.

Question: In a marine diesel engine, the piston runs up an
Answer: The cylinder liner.

Question: In a mixture of flammable vapour and air, if the
Answer: too rich.

Question: In a modern steam turbine, steam is prevented fr
Answer: a labyrinth seal.

Question: In a narrow canal, a ship proceeding at half spe
Answer: "be rejected away from the ba

Question: In a naturally aspirated 4 cycle diesel engine t
Answer: 250 degrees.

Question: In a non-reactive circuit which statement applie
Answer: Impedance is equal to resista

Question: In a provison room refrigeration system what wou
Answer: Inadequate condenser cooling.

Question: In a purely resistive circuit what is the phase
Answer: 0 degrees.

Question: In a reciprocating pump what would NOT cause of
Answer: Priming pump malfunction.

Question: In a refrigeration system the method of reducing
Answer: hot gas by-passing.

Question: In a refrigeration system what effect has the so
Answer: Shuts off the refrigerant on

Question: In a refrigeration system, a fluid that serves o
Answer: secondary refrigerant.

Question: In a refrigeration system, a precooler is someti
Answer: condenser and the expansion v

Question: In a series wound generator what is the connecti
Answer: Series connected.

Question: In a set of thread taps the plug tap has___
Answer: the full thread to the end.

Question: In a shunt generator the armature current is 100
Answer: 95 Amps.

Question: In a single motor electrical steering system wha
Answer: Mains electrical supply.

Question: In a single stage air compressor what is the max
Answer: 7bar.

Question: In a Star-connected 3-phase motor___
Answer: the line current is equal to

Question: In a steam plant, the steam turns to water in___
Answer: the condenser.

Question: In a three-phase system why is a resistor fitted
Answer: To provide an easier path for

Question: In a traffic separation scheme a vessel engaged
Answer: any vessel following a traffi

Question: In a traffic separation scheme a vessel of less
Answer: a power driven vessel followi

Question: In a tropical revolving storm, "the eye" is a sm
Answer: comparatively light winds and

Question: In a trunk piston Diesel engine how is the pisto
Answer: By the crankcase oil spraying

Question: In a trunk type piston, the gudgeon pin is subje
Answer: Vertical force and horizontal

Question: In a Type 2 chemical tanker the tank's capacity
Answer: 3000 cubic metres

Question: In addition to a fire suit, a fireman's outfit a
Answer: At least two.

Question: In addition to bow and stern lines, what other l
Answer: Back springs.

Question: In addition to fireman's outfits, how many BA se
Answer: 3

Question: In addition to initiating the action of the tran
Answer: display to start the timebase

Question: In addition to pressure, Freon gauges are calibr
Answer: absolute corresponding temper

Question: In addition to reducing drift, what other things
Answer: Keeps the doors at right angl

Question: In addition to routine drills prescribed in Inte
Answer: emergency situations such as

Question: In all refrigeration installations, the cooling
Answer: evaporator.

Question: In an "IMPULSE TYPE" exhaust gas turbocharger, h
Answer: Via manifold groups led direc

Question: In an "impulse type" exhaust gas turbocharger, t
Answer: are led in pipe groups direct

Question: In an alternator what effect does increasing the
Answer: Increases the voltage produce

Question: In an alternator, what controls the generated Vo
Answer: "Excitation current.

Question: In an automated engine the center from which the
Answer: the engineering control room

Question: In an auxiliary diesel engine the connecting rod
Answer: Piston and crankshaft.

Question: In an electrically controlled hydraulic system w
Answer: Hydraulic telemotor system.

Question: In an emergency insulation resistance readings l
Answer: 1.0 Meg Ohm

Question: In an emergency situation is it a good idea to j
Answer: As a general rule, don't jump

Question: In an emergency, what would be the lowest accept
Answer: 1.0 Meg Ohm

Question: In an engine operation, what is the effect calle
Answer: Hunting.

Question: In an engine room, pipework coloured green carri
Answer: Sea water.

Question: In an existing tanker, which tanks can be design
Answer: Any tank provided with adequa

Question: In an incandescent lamp how much of the energy i
Answer: 20%

Question: In automation, RTD & CV stands for:
Answer: resistance temperature detect

Question: In auxiliary diesel engines timing of the exhaus
Answer: the camshaft.

Question: In bolt sizes what does AF refer to?
Answer: Hexagon size.

Question: In both circuits Voltage E is the same and all r
Answer: Circuit 1

Question: In DC generators what effect can be caused by 'a
Answer: Arcing at the brushes.

Question: In diesel engines, cylinder lubrication has the
Answer: forming a film between liner

Question: In electric arc welding, what purpose does the t
Answer: "It provides a gas shield

Question: In extreme circumstances what is the allowable m
Answer: 85% - 120%.

Question: In fire-fighting, what does the term "boundary s
Answer: Removing the fuel from the bo

Question: In general terms, what would you consider to be
Answer: The ship itself

Question: In GMDSS, there are sea areas A1, A2, A3 and A4.
Answer: A1

Question: In ideal conditions, the forward distance a prop
Answer: pitch

Question: In incandescent lights what is the filament cons
Answer: Tungsten

Question: In internal alleyways what is the light spacing
Answer: Lights spaced at 1.5 X alleyw

Question: In meteorology, isobars are lines joining places
Answer: pressure.

Question: In meteorology, isotherms are lines joining plac
Answer: temperature.

Question: In oil type circuit breakers, what is the purpos
Answer: All of the other options.

Question: In one complete cycle of a single phase of alter
Answer: Twice

Question: In one cycle of 3-phase AC how often is voltage
Answer: Six times

Question: In open waters, you see the lights ( shown in th
Answer: Sound one short blast and alt

Question: In order for a tanker to be called a "new oil ta
Answer: after 1st June 1979.

Question: In order to contain oil spills Gutter Bars (Fish
Answer: they have not developed crack

Question: In order to prevent a fire:
Answer: Don't overload sockets, use d

Question: In parallel connected resistors which value rema
Answer: Voltage

Question: In passenger ships, all watertight doors in main
Answer: daily.

Question: In preparing for a long passage, what must be do
Answer: Remove from working areas, st

Question: In preparing for sea, what must be done with all
Answer: Make sure all contents are pr

Question: In readiness for use, a good scraper would have
Answer: "Ground

Question: In reefer installations the cooling effect is pr
Answer: its boiling point is reached

Question: In relation to squat effect, which of the follow
Answer: Squat results in a decrease i

Question: In relation to the ISM code, what is the functio
Answer: The person with a direct link

Question: In relation to the quayside, where should the ou
Answer: Clear of cargo working areas

Question: In relation to weather and sea state, what must
Answer: That the pilot ladder is rigg

Question: In restricted visibility, risk of collision can
Answer: watching the target's radar b

Question: In securing nylon or polyproplene ropes, what mu
Answer: Make two round turns on the n

Question: In series connected resistors which value remain
Answer: Current.

Question: In service, a pump shaft becomes overheated. Wha
Answer: The inner ring will expand.

Question: In ship handling terms, what is meant by "sinkag
Answer: Sinkage is the change of draf

Question: In ship handling terms, which of these overtakin
Answer: A large vessel overtaking a s

Question: In spaces declared gas-free, further gas may be
Answer: after loose scale and sludge

Question: In steam power plant what supplies the energy in
Answer: The boiler.

Question: In t
Answer: e meat freezer

Question: In tankers an alternate hydraulic oil supply mus
Answer: 45 seconds.

Question: In terms of flashpoint, what defines if a contai
Answer: Required for a flashpoint of

Question: In the absence of a Doctor, how long should arti
Answer: Until the heart starts beatin

Question: In the AC sin wave what is the periodic time?
Answer: Time for one complete cycle.

Question: In the case of a serious main engine malfunction
Answer: Inform the bridge watch keepe

Question: In the case of air-cooled compressors what form
Answer: Finned circular pipes.

Question: In the case of permanent loss of power, what typ
Answer: "Urgency"

Question: In the Collision Regulations, the Government of
Answer: Warships and vessels sailing

Question: In the diagram of a ship's ... A known as?
Answer: "Advance"

Question: In the diagram of a ship's ... B known as?
Answer: "Tactical Diameter "

Question: In the diagram of a ship's ... C known as?
Answer: Pivot Point

Question: In the diagram, B represents the start of a turn
Answer: A

Question: In the diagram, if E is set to 15 Volt, Uz will
Answer: 12 Volt

Question: In the engine room a pressure vessel half full o
Answer: a pneupress or hydrophore tan

Question: In the event of a "Hull and Machinery" claim, wh
Answer: The underwriters will appoint

Question: In the event of a failure in the inert gas plant
Answer: the discharge must be immedia

Question: In the event of a fire, what would be your first
Answer: "Raise the alarm before carry

Question: In the event of a man overboard, what flag would
Answer: "Flag "O""

Question: In the event of accidental or exceptional discha
Answer: The circumstances of and the

Question: In the event of cargo spillage cargo operations
Answer: slowed down

Question: In the event of cargo spillage, which of the fol
Answer: The Port Authority

Question: In the event of fire on board, what do you think
Answer: The safety of the crew

Question: In the event of total ... or oils, what correcti
Answer: Wash with tetrachloride, heat

Question: In the event of total ... what corrective action
Answer: Wash with tetrachloride, heat

Question: In the figure, what are the items marked 6 calle
Answer: Bilge Brackets

Question: In the figure, what is the section marked 4 call
Answer: Offset Bulb

Question: In the following gas flame temperatures, which i
Answer: 3200 ?C

Question: In the following, which gives advantages only fo
Answer: Weight reduction/may join thi

Question: In the formula e = B l ?Sin . What does sin repr
Answer: Instantaneous rotational velo

Question: In the formula e = B l ?Sin. What does 'e' repre
Answer: Instantaneous voltage

Question: In the formula for calculating engine power, P.L
Answer: Number of power strokes per s

Question: In the formula P.L.A.N. how is 'N' derived for a
Answer: Eng rpm/30.

Question: In the formula P.L.A.N. what is 'N' for a 4 stro
Answer: RPM/120.

Question: In the Inert Gas system, - what types of Deck Se
Answer: The dry and the wet type

Question: In the last few years,___has become easier and f
Answer: communication

Question: In the Main Engine sea water circuit why are the
Answer: The Lub Oil and Scavenge air

Question: In the method of datum dimensioning (sometimes k
Answer: Improves positional accuracy.

Question: In the modern cross-head type diesel engine, the
Answer: to protect the cross head bea

Question: In the operation shown what is being checked?
Answer: Turbine wheel/nozzle clearanc

Question: In the output characteristics (right) of this co
Answer: The proportional, integration

Question: In the pump illustrated what separates the sucti
Answer: "The mouth ring."

Question: In the refrigeration system, the low pressure si
Answer: the outlet of the expansion v

Question: In the sketches, which view is incomplete?
Answer: No.4

Question: In the starting air layout shown what is the pur
Answer: Interlock air blocking valve.

Question: In the system of limits and fits shown, on what
Answer: Hole bases fits.

Question: In the top integrator drawing the bellows fill w
Answer: the capacitor takes the place

Question: In the USA any food waste being put ashore must
Answer: biodegradable sacks.

Question: In the vicinity of an electrical storm tank clea
Answer: must be stopped.

Question: In the Ward/Leonard" method of DC motor speed co
Answer: Reversal of generator polarit

Question: In the worst case what would be the effect a 25
Answer: Could be fatal

Question: In the worst case, an electric shock of as low a
Answer: be fatal.

Question: In theory, a cargo pump should be able to draw u
Answer: "10 metres

Question: In thermodynamic terms what is a 'perfect fluid'
Answer: Fluid that remains unchanged

Question: In these circuits current I1 and I2 are the same
Answer: Circuit 2.

Question: In these integrator circuits the air flow throug
Answer: decreases with time.

Question: In this diagram if left is portside and right is
Answer: Between S and TS

Question: In this drawing, the triangle marked "A" represe
Answer: an operational amplifier.

Question: In this electrical amplifier drawing, what takes
Answer: R2

Question: In this nozzle/flapper assembly (part of a pneum
Answer: h = 0.25 D.

Question: In this oil-free compressor, of what material ar
Answer: Chrome plated.

Question: In this picture of a very commonly used lamp, wh
Answer: The end fittings.

Question: In this picture, what should be checked prior to
Answer: The rubber around the underne

Question: In this schematic diagram ... in what location i
Answer: Between points 9 and 1.

Question: In this schematic diagram ... through which poin
Answer: Through points 3 and 8.

Question: In what area of the scavenge air system is heat
Answer: The exhaust gas turbine.

Question: In what capacity range are refrigeration compres
Answer: 2.5 kW to 7.5 kW.

Question: In what direction does the axis of the gyro-comp
Answer: True North

Question: In what direction does the wind blow around a cy
Answer: Anti-clockwise

Question: In what kind of machinery do you find this type
Answer: Air compressors cylinder head

Question: In what kind of machinery would this type of gla
Answer: Refrigerating installations.

Question: In what kind of piping would you find this type
Answer: In fuel oil piping.

Question: In what latitude do tropical revolving storms ge
Answer: 0 to 25 degrees.

Question: In what operations would a ship showing this fla
Answer: Diving operations.

Question: In what part shown on this scavenge air schemati
Answer: In part 1, the exhaust gas tu

Question: In what sequence do the unloader and automatic d
Answer: Unloader valve closes first,

Question: In what situation is Induced EMF given by the fo
Answer: When a single conductor cuts

Question: In what situation would you expect a vessel to s
Answer: When unable to manoeuvre

Question: In what type of waveform does the current go fro
Answer: "Saw- tooth wave form"

Question: In which area will the isobars be spaced closest
Answer: 40kts

Question: In which direction will the bow of a vessel move
Answer: To starboard.

Question: In which document will full references and detai
Answer: The IMDG Code

Question: In which kind of compressor is this type of pist
Answer: Oil-free instrument air compr

Question: In which machinery can you not add oil when runn
Answer: Air compressors or refrigeran

Question: In which of the following ways can chemicals cau
Answer: Being swallowed absorbed thro

Question: In which of these cases would you transmit a Dis
Answer: "Flooding "

Question: In which of these vessel ... "sinkage" likely to
Answer: A vessel with a high block co

Question: In which of these vessel ... "squat" likely to b
Answer: A vessel with a high block co

Question: In which order should we place the priorities of
Answer: Protection from the environme

Question: In which part indicated on this scavenge air sch
Answer: In the turboblower and scaven

Question: In which part of a large alternator is the elect
Answer: In the stator.

Question: In which part of a refrigeration circuit is the
Answer: The evaporator.

Question: In which pipe lines would you expect to find an
Answer: Tank overflow lines.

Question: In which publication can information on ship rep
Answer: ALRS

Question: In which publication can information on VTS be f
Answer: "ALRS "

Question: In which stage of its working process is this tw
Answer: Scavenging.

Question: Incoming target echoes are detected by the___
Answer: mixer crystal

Question: Incr
Answer: ase cylinder oil consumption, determine fuel quality and readjust the fuel oil purifiers

Question: Indicate the correct characteristic of the ampli
Answer: A voltage gain greater than 1

Question: Indicate which of the ... has the fastest rotati
Answer: Steam turbines.

Question: Indicate which of the ... is the largest ?
Answer: Slow speed diesel engines.

Question: Indicate which of the ... needs regular chemical
Answer: The jacket cooling water syst

Question: Indirect echoes appear on the display___
Answer: on the true range, but on a f

Question: Indirect echoes are caused by reflections from__
Answer: obstructions close to the sca

Question: Indirect echoes can be recognised by the fact th
Answer: appear in shadow sectors

Question: individual, crew, team, group
Answer: individual

Question: Induced E.M.F. is out of phase with current by w
Answer: 90 degrees

Question: Inert gas - how is sea water supplied to the dec
Answer: Through the deck seal pump fi

Question: Inert gas blowers are___
Answer: turbine type centrifugal blow

Question: Inert gas is produced on board of ships by___
Answer: any of these

Question: Inert gas is___
Answer: lighter than hydrocarbon gas.

Question: Inert gas- how can you tell if the demister unit
Answer: By the differential pressure

Question: INEX
Answer: lifebuoy with line

Question: Information regarding assembly points, emergency
Answer: muster

Question: Ingestion means poisoning by___
Answer: swallowing

Question: Inhibited or polymerizable cargoes should not be
Answer: heated cargoes

Question: Inhibitors are used to stop the product from___
Answer: self reacting

Question: INKV
Answer: CES two digits code # 00 Country code Area code Subscriber code #

Question: INRG
Answer: No ventilation should be done?

Question: INSB
Answer: Able to effect a complete change of air of the space being ventilated 16 times an hour?

Question: Inshore traffic zones shall not be used by which
Answer: One that can safely use the a

Question: Inspection of the crank bearing shows the bearin
Answer: Water in the lubricating oil

Question: Instructions for operating and lowering ramps ar
Answer: prominently displayed

Question: Instructions which are essential must be identif
Answer: Those that clearly define the

Question: INUQ
Answer: Centrifugal pump

Question: Investigators are trying to find...
Answer: are trying

Question: IOAU
Answer: Acts.

Question: IOBI
Answer: request for a collect call

Question: IOQF
Answer: No

Question: IOQH
Answer: Yes.

Question: IPEP
Answer: Proximity switch

Question: IPFK
Answer: Maximum allowable working pressure

Question: IPGK
Answer: Class A

Question: IPJW
Answer: All the listed alternatives

Question: IPLJ
Answer: Opened after rough weather or before loading/discharging or transferring cargo to check for liquid accumulation and contents drained into a drip pan.

Question: IPPP
Answer: watertight receptacles containing 1.5l of fresh water for each person (may be partially replaced by a desalting apparatus)

Question: IQBD
Answer: Figure 3.

Question: IQEQ
Answer: Discharge the slop tank completely and refill it from another tank from which the bottom 1m ullage has already been discharged

Question: IQGE
Answer: Ventilate the holds as well as possible

Question: IQGK
Answer: The user should be warned that the product contains fluids that may irritate and itch skin.

Question: IQHC
Answer: Washing and polishing floors, chemical cleaning of furniture and carpets in cabin and other common rooms.

Question: IQHE
Answer: Need more space than normal

Question: IQLG
Answer: recommended at the beginning and at the end of the message-transport to exchanges ‘answer back’ s’

Question: IQMB
Answer: Released blocking function in remote starting system.

Question: IQOS
Answer: to have a telephone conversation with a person whose name is known

Question: IQPN

Question: IQTT
Answer: The human body absorb toxicants through respiration, skin and the aliment channel

Question: IQXU
Answer: Monthly

Question: IRAJ
Answer: 4 mA.

Question: IRHV
Answer: there is never a direct connection with the shore-subscriber

Question: IRIT
Answer: 1300210

Question: IRVA
Answer: not more than 800 mm

Question: IRWV
Answer: The extinguishing agent

Question: Is a medical examination required?
Answer: Is

Question: Is anchoring permitted in a narrow channel?
Answer: It should be avoided if at al

Question: Is capacity control feasable on this compressor
Answer: Yes, capacity control valve a

Question: Is damage control material available?
Answer: Is

Question: Is English___maths?
Answer: more difficult than

Question: Is everything in order?
Answer: Is everything in order

Question: Is extra power available in an emergency?
Answer: in

Question: Is Giovarnni ?
Answer: a friend of yours

Question: Is he___clever___his sister?
Answer: as, as

Question: Is it advisable to jump onto the canopy of the r
Answer: No, as you might injure yours

Question: Is it all right if I leave early?"."There 's no
Answer: as long as

Question: Is it necessary to report this incident?
Answer: Is it necessary

Question: Is it permitted to introduce dillutants or to ap
Answer: Not allowed at all

Question: Is it possible to blow down a steaming boiler?
Answer: Yes but never allow the level

Question: Is the cargo ready to load?
Answer: to load

Question: Is the certificate of survey available and complete?
Answer: Is

Question: Is the engine diesel or turbine?
Answer: Is

Question: Is the engine on bridge control?
Answer: on

Question: Is the lookout allowed to leave his post without
Answer: No, it is not OK.

Question: Is the VHF signal strong?
Answer: Is

Question: Is the wind expected to change?
Answer: Is

Question: Is the wind speed expected...
Answer: Is

Question: Is there a doctor on board?
Answer: on

Question: Is there anyone still on board?
Answer: Is there anyone

Question: Is there extra power available in an emergency?
Answer: Is there

Question: Is there sufficient depth of water?
Answer: Is there

Question: Is this coat___?
Answer: yours

Question: Is your radar working?
Answer: Is

Question: Is your vessel equipped for GMDSS?
Answer: Is your vessel equipped

Question: ISIJ
Answer: 1.495 kg/l

Question: ISPY
Answer: Measurement of differential pressure

Question: ISRV
Answer: Figure 2.

Question: ISSQ
Answer: High block coefficient vessel

Question: ISUD
Answer: 12 mm, 16 mm and 19 mm

Question: ISVS
Answer: Special area is certain areas like Red Sea, Black Sea, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean, Gulf area, Antartic area.

Question: ISVY
Answer: 68 – 79°C

Question: ISXN
Answer: A1

Question: It drifted for 20 miles, or 32.187 km. around 32 miles
Answer: around 32 miles

Question: It has been five months since...
Answer: has been

Question: It is a miracle that everyone___
Answer: lived through the accident

Question: It is a rule that the inert gas supply valves to
Answer: securing in a closed position

Question: It is dangerous to anchor in your …
Answer: in

Question: It is dangerous to swim there because of the str
Answer: current

Question: It is necessary to pass the safety ...
Answer: to pass

Question: It is possible to discharge substances containin
Answer: III , IV

Question: It is required to make a drip tray. What machine
Answer: Hand operated folding machine

Question: It is said sometimes that alternators are operat
Answer: When the alternator in questi

Question: It is the Master's responsibility to review the
Answer: the shore based management.

Question: It is the Master's responsibility to verify that
Answer: The Master and Officers

Question: It is the responsibility of the Company to defin
Answer: safety management objectives

Question: It is true that John has been out of___since Jan
Answer: work

Question: It is very important to cover cuts with WATERPRO
Answer: Food is prevented from being

Question: It is___beautiful___silk, I must say.
Answer: as, as

Question: It looks___if I have to bake him a cake
Answer: as

Question: It seems to rain most of the time in England.
Answer: in

Question: It should be checked that the Company has docume
Answer: by the Company's Main Policy

Question: It takes 60 seconds from … sixty
Answer: sixty

Question: It took over an hour to get out of the port.
Answer: out of

Question: It was 37 degrees Celsius in Madrid last week. thirty-seven
Answer: thirty-seven

Question: It was a good engine, 12,500 HP. twelve and a half thousand
Answer: twelve and a half thousand

Question: It was loaded at the rate of 120 gallons per minute
Answer: 120 gallons per minute

Question: It was small, only 1/8 . an eighth of an inch
Answer: an eighth of an inch

Question: It was___cold day that we had to wear heavy swea
Answer: such a

Question: It was___long film that we were late to bed.
Answer: such a

Question: It's___weather.
Answer: terrible

Question: ITAY
Answer: Safety Radio

Question: ITCP
Answer: To purge a tank means that we change atmosphere in the tank e.g. change cargo vapour with inert gas.

Question: ITEE
Answer: In suitable lockers easily accessible, yet segregated from the living spaces themselves?

Question: Item "H' of the drawing indicates___of this turb
Answer: the manoevring stand.

Question: Item No 2 of this Wheatstone Bridge is___
Answer: the thermal resistance fed by

Question: ITKE
Answer: evacuation slide

Question: ITNO
Answer: IMDG – CODE

Question: ITOJ
Answer: The 0-voltage must always be grounded.

Question: ITOL
Answer: Small changes in temperature can cause large movement of the interface

Question: ITPC
Answer: A visual and audible alarm signal at the control panel

Question: ITRO
Answer: Start water-spray

Question: ITRV
Answer: All of the listed alternatives.

Question: Its an interesting place, isn`t it?
Answer: isn`t it?

Question: Its your job to make sure the gangway...
Answer: to make sure

Question: ITWS
Answer: liferaft

Question: It___again.It___all the time here in the winter.
Answer: 's raining, rains

Question: IUBR
Answer: No. More readings should be taken and sediments, sludge and residue should be removed at least 10 m from working site.

Question: IUBW
Answer: Glycerine is compatible with both of the other cargoes.

Question: IUED
Answer: In any port in a country which is a member of one of the port state control regimes currently in operation, other than the UK

Question: IUHP
Answer: I require assistance

Question: IUIH
Answer: Cargo ships of less than 500 tons gross shall have the batteries located in the upper part of the ship

Question: IUJJ
Answer: 121.5/406MHz

Question: IURP
Answer: Operate valves gradually

Question: IUTX
Answer: Call the nearest coast station and inform it that a false distress alert has been transmited

Question: IUWK
Answer: 32

Question: IVAV
Answer: Minimize corrosion, prevent deposits and scaling, and control of biological growths.

Question: IVDF
Answer: 60 %

Question: IVGQ
Answer: Head line is given by B on the figure

Question: IVHF
Answer: To ensure that we do not have any water assembly in the cylinders when the compressor start.

Question: IVHI
Answer: handrails for persons moving about the exterior of the lifeboat

Question: IVIF
Answer: NO. 1,2,3 and 4

Question: IVKX
Answer: On the bridge

Question: IVMO
Answer: always with the coast-station

Question: IVNJ
Answer: a personal call

Question: IVPP
Answer: To prove that oil has been pumped overboard according to regulations

Question: IVRK
Answer: a mock search and rescue of passengers trapped in their staterooms

Question: IVSE
Answer: How to don lifejackets, immersion suits and anti-exposure suits, as appropriate

Question: IVWK
Answer: 60 bar

Question: IVXI
Answer: Directional control valve.

Question: IWDX
Answer: Every motorized survival craft shall have a certificated engineer assigned

Question: IWES
Answer: The tug’s bow against my stern, made fast with lines. By moving the tug to either side of my stern, this will help to steer the ship (figure 4).

Question: IWGN
Answer: Safety equipment to be made good in a given time period; Safety equipment to be made good at next port; Safety equipment to be made good before sailing; Vessel to be detained until all safety gear brought up to a minimum standard

Question: IWHE
Answer: The route to musterstation, how to put on lifejacket and different emergency signals used onboard the ship.

Question: IWIF
Answer: 3 litre

Question: IWNB
Answer: To prevent the steam and water in the boiler from discharging out by the feed line, if a feed line fracture or a joint in the line blows.

Question: IWOD
Answer: Broken water seal.

Question: IWQN
Answer: Separation of two insoluble liquids with different densities, and at the same time removing of solids.

Question: IWUO
Answer: Correct flow, pressure and temperature. ( Viscosity)

Question: IWVQ
Answer: Chemically dose and fill up.

Question: IWWK
Answer: To prevent the suction line from draining and keeping the pump primed.

Question: IXBH
Answer: rescue boat

Question: IXHF
Answer: States of matter means that a substance can exist either as solid, liquid or vapour state

Question: IXIY
Answer: 30 minutes

Question: IXTV
Answer: First Zero adjustment and the Span adjustment. Then Zero should be rechecked.

Question: IXUQ
Answer: Water extinguisher

Question: IYBF
Answer: The meaning of MARVS is Maximum Allowable Relief Valve Setting

Question: IYEL
Answer: 3 cm

Question: IYES
Answer: The latest IMO gas code is IGC code International Code for the Construction and Equipment of ships carrying liquefied gases in bulk

Question: IYJN
Answer: Contact the issuing authority via the company office

Question: IYLF
Answer: The alternators output itself via the automatic voltage regulator

Question: IYNT
Answer: 2 sec

Question: IYPK
Answer: Non-inverting amplifier

Question: IYQF
Answer: 1000 A

Question: IYRC
Answer: Will relay a message concerning an important navigation -or meteorological warning

Question: IYRE
Answer: All of the mentioned reasons.

Question: IYTO
Answer: 100% of the ships complement on each side

Question: IYUJ
Answer: the use of SART transponders

Question: IYVI
Answer: Reduce speed and use soot blowers if some are fitted

Question: IYYL
Answer: A unit which automatically releases the liferaft/lifeboat at a depth of approx 4 metres.

Question: I___my hairdresser tomorrow.
Answer: am seeing

Question: I___she___you.
Answer: think, likes

Question: I___to America.
Answer: have been