Test Answers

Test Answers

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There are 281 answer(s) beginning with the letter P.

Question: package, sugar, grain, rice
Answer: package

Question: paid, said, dead, fed
Answer: paid

Question: Paint spraying has been carried out in the engin
Answer: Higher then normal exhaust ga

Question: Paint used in engine rooms needs to be___
Answer: resistant to oils and chemica

Question: pair, individual, person, adult
Answer: pair

Question: palm, oil, film, hold
Answer: palm

Question: PANF
Answer: Use water extinguisher to put out the fire.

Question: panic, peace, chance, cycle
Answer: panic

Question: PAOY
Answer: He is to help the other crew members and fetch more Vaseline from the storage room if they run short

Question: paper, copper, steel, iron
Answer: paper

Question: PAQS
Answer: Consult with the instruction manual for the equipment in question for correct values.

Question: PAQV
Answer: All of the mentioned equipment.

Question: Part B is a turnbuckle for adjusting the length
Answer: The chain must be the same le

Question: Parts of the South China Sea are___place for pir
Answer: notorious

Question: Passengers and crew!Follow the lifeboatmen to …
Answer: to

Question: patient, doctor, medic, nurse
Answer: patient

Question: Paul felt very ill when he caught the___.
Answer: flu

Question: PAUY
Answer: the use of SART transponders

Question: PBHG
Answer: 60 minutes

Question: PBIF
Answer: A unit subordinate to a rescue co-ordinating centre

Question: PBKR
Answer: The slave controller receives the set-point from the output signal of the master controller

Question: PBKT
Answer: Navigate the vessel on ground as soon as possible

Question: PBQI
Answer: 6

Question: PBRK
Answer: give a bright red light during the entire emission time

Question: PBTW
Answer: equally spaced, not less than 300 mm or more than 380 mm

Question: PBVP
Answer: Any of the others.

Question: PCCF
Answer: The diameter will be the same whatever initial speed we have when starting the turn

Question: PCHA
Answer: Passenger ships carrying more than 36 passengers

Question: PCHF
Answer: Fats

Question: PCHH
Answer: Transducer

Question: PCIV
Answer: Distress call

Question: PCJS
Answer: The floor surface becomes cleaner.

Question: PCJU
Answer: 85% of the gas can be discharged into the space within two minutes

Question: PCOU
Answer: Seek advice from your superior before attempting to operate it.

Question: PCVI
Answer: Class C fire

Question: PDJX
Answer: 3

Question: PDPR
Answer: Weekly

Question: Penalties under the law for violation of Marpol
Answer: adequate in severity to disco

Question: pencil, folder, binder, manual
Answer: pencil

Question: Periodical Marpol surveys are to be carried out
Answer: five years.

Question: Permanent or Portable ventilation systems may be
Answer: cargo tanks

Question: Personal escape sets are to be provided for___
Answer: all cabin berths and addition

Question: Personnel carrying out audits should be___the ar
Answer: independent of

Question: Perspex is an example of a thermoplastic, How is
Answer: Heat in boiling water.

Question: Peter had a fantastic time when he___to Paris
Answer: went

Question: Peter___for ten years.
Answer: has been teaching

Question: PETM
Answer: 20 – 100 meters.

Question: PETN
Answer: remove any oil or scum on water surface

Question: PEUL
Answer: Fuel oil pipes or filters are clogged.

Question: PEVX
Answer: Nothing for the first 24 hours, then 1/2 litre per day (more in the tropics)

Question: PEWY
Answer: instructions for immediate action

Question: PFDR
Answer: Place sterile dressing over the burn and secure with a bandage.

Question: PFDT
Answer: Primary and secondary slop tank.

Question: PFKA
Answer: At the gangway.

Question: PFKF

Question: PFNQ
Answer: the old mariphone must be checked out and the new one must be checked in

Question: PFNU
Answer: Near to the deck, crawl out keeping your face as near to the deck as possible

Question: PFOM
Answer: Never.

Question: PFPG
Answer: Pork

Question: PFRD
Answer: To take part in public traffic

Question: PGFF
Answer: Blow down boiler and reduce dosage.

Question: PGHS
Answer: Dispersement of chemicals?

Question: PGHU
Answer: As the second course.

Question: PGII
Answer: instructions or diagrams printed on its casing by the manufacturer

Question: PGIK
Answer: Ventilation must be capable of being stopped from an easily accessible position outside the space being served

Question: PGKC
Answer: Stop the engine before meeting, and apply engine during meeting

Question: PGNP

Question: PGSL
Answer: Injection pump failure.

Question: PGXN
Answer: Remaining on board.

Question: PGXQ
Answer: To get rid of sludge in the water chamber.

Question: PHEI
Answer: Silverside

Question: PHFB
Answer: To maintain a tank at atmospheric or overpressure.

Question: PHGS
Answer: Greasy sludge from the compressor sticking between the fins in the air coolers, necessitating extra cleaning of these.

Question: PHLT
Answer: to deliver a message by telephone via a modem on the computer of the subscriber

Question: PHOE
Answer: Kkkk

Question: Phone the agent on 63444 when …. six three treble four
Answer: six three treble four

Question: phone, repeat, approach, passage
Answer: phone

Question: photo, pilot, apple, clip
Answer: photo

Question: PHPE
Answer: not allowing undue ingress of water after a jump from a height of not less than 4,5 m into the water

Question: Physical contamination of food can be caused by:
Answer: All of these

Question: physical, departure, captain, copper
Answer: physical

Question: PIAV
Answer: Ethylene is the gas produced by most fruits and vegetables during the ripening process

Question: PIBQ
Answer: in urgent cases

Question: Pick 3 operations from this list which, when con
Answer: II, IV, V

Question: pick, phrase, phone, fine
Answer: pick

Question: PIIA
Answer: It is double acting oil free piston compressors

Question: pill, cut, bruise, break
Answer: pill

Question: Pipe number 8 is connected to the salt water coo
Answer: For use in an emergency only.

Question: pipe, window, glass, mirror
Answer: pipe

Question: PITC
Answer: Total content of organic and inorganic acids in the oil.

Question: Pitting in the suction areas of a centrifugal pu
Answer: cavitation.

Question: PIUV
Answer: may only be present at the place, as indicated in the license

Question: PIWK
Answer: An efficient engine room watch with the main engine on standby be maintained.

Question: PJCN
Answer: Yes, if an employment agreement refers to the collective wage agreement

Question: PJEU
Answer: TX: 8415.0 kHzRX: 8436.5 kHz

Question: PJKV
Answer: Section on Births and Deaths to be completed, and entries made in Official Log Book detailing circumstances of the death and actions taken on board. Deceased is signed off the crew agreement in his absence

Question: PJQQ
Answer: + 85° C

Question: PJRQ
Answer: Pre-wash the tanks with cold water first?

Question: PJSY
Answer: Owner or master

Question: PJTD
Answer: Unloaded.

Question: PJTT
Answer: Exhaust gas boiler fouled.

Question: PJUX
Answer: The nearest coastal radio station

Question: PKFN
Answer: Maximum filling limit of cargo tanks on gas carriers is 98% if the liquid temperature is equal to safety valve reference temperature

Question: PKKU
Answer: Feed the pump from the sea water inlet pipe.

Question: PKPS
Answer: To get the oil into the cylinder when the piston is in the right position.

Question: PKRF
Answer: From the stripping pump’s delivery side directly to the manifold’s presentation flange.

Question: PKSA
Answer: Start air supply

Question: PKUQ
Answer: a number which indicates the nationality of the ship

Question: PKUT
Answer: background noise in receiving a weak FM-signal

Question: place, circle, square, triangle
Answer: place

Question: Plate or tubular heat exchangers are used for wh
Answer: Cooling the main engine fresh

Question: plate, floor, ceiling, wall
Answer: plate

Question: Plates of less than 6 mm thickness (T) have no e
Answer: T/2

Question: PLDX
Answer: To ensure that the proper residuals of treatment chemicals, as specified, are maintained all time.

Question: Please repeat your position for identification.
Answer: for

Question: Please___those books tomorrow.
Answer: bring back

Question: PLEV
Answer: Transfer heat from one fluid to another

Question: PLMY
Answer: 1 entrance fitted with a semi-rigid boarding ramp

Question: PLOS
Answer: a 10 cm radar.

Question: PLOX
Answer: MMSI-number

Question: PLRF
Answer: No.

Question: plumber, lifeboat, Brazil, timber
Answer: plumber

Question: PLVK
Answer: Comply with all the requirements listed here

Question: PMBF
Answer: Milk

Question: PMCW
Answer: They have to bunker fuel oil and diesel oil

Question: PMCX
Answer: Evaluation of the situation, rescue and life-saving, confinement of fire, extinction, then feed back on the emergency

Question: PMCY
Answer: No.2 generator trips on reverse power

Question: PMFR
Answer: Salted and dried rack of mutton, mashed swedes, boiled potatoes.

Question: PMOS
Answer: atmospheric line

Question: PNAE
Answer: 8 %

Question: PNAF
Answer: To single up to one line and spring forward

Question: PNBY
Answer: All personnel onboard (crew and passengers) must be registered to keep a track of number of people onboard.

Question: Pneumatic instruments have an air filter fitted
Answer: In the base of the amplifier,

Question: pneumatic, sleep, passport, stamp
Answer: pneumatic

Question: Pneupress tanks supply___
Answer: water to the accommodation.

Question: PNON
Answer: 6

Question: PNUJ
Answer: Lifeboats shall be stowed attached to launching appliances.

Question: PNWR
Answer: The name of the person responsible for the oil discharge

Question: PNYN
Answer: be given no receipt indubitably too distant from the distress-case

Question: POAD
Answer: Measure the amount of explosive gases in % of LEL.

Question: POAH
Answer: By showing the ship’s register

Question: PODI
Answer: Every report or message must be logged including time and date

Question: PODJ
Answer: Wilful misconduct, gross negligence and violation of Federal Safety

Question: POEH
Answer: a one-sided transmission

Question: POJH
Answer: Class B fire

Question: POLB
Answer: Organize a lookout system and join up with other survival craft if possible. You should also stream the sea anchor

Question: Pollution incidents have been caused by leaking
Answer: Hydrostatic pressure tests sh

Question: POLU
Answer: The water will explode into steam causing hot fat to be thrown far away thus possibly causing severe burns or fire.

Question: POPC
Answer: The method and use of sea-anchors (drogues)

Question: Portable lights should be removed from cargo wor
Answer: reduce the safety hazard.

Question: Positions obtain by radar___
Answer: should be checked by other av

Question: Positive displacement pumps are___
Answer: self priming pumps.

Question: POSK
Answer: Bulkheads constructed of approved non-combustible materials but do not meet any of the requirements relative to smoke and flame nor limitations relative to temperature rise.

Question: POSP
Answer: Every fifth year with a periodical survey every 12. month.

Question: Possible shifts of grain cargo may be controlled
Answer: "saucers" filled with bagged

Question: POUC
Answer: Start with intermittent firing, using small firing periods and long intervals gradually building up to longer firing periods and shorter intervals.

Question: pouch, joint, boy, soil
Answer: pouch

Question: POVA
Answer: To monitor the cable/wires for break.

Question: POVX
Answer: Due to temperature expansion.

Question: Power is the work done___
Answer: per unit of time.

Question: Power-driven vessel 'A' sees power-driven vessel
Answer: Keep her course and speed and

Question: Power-driven vessels 'A' and 'B' are in sight of
Answer: 'A' and 'B' should alter cour

Question: POWT
Answer: lifejacket

Question: PPNJ
Answer: In stairways, corridors and escape routes

Question: PPNK
Answer: A will take 1/3 of the extra load. B will take 2/3 of the extra load

Question: PPOI

Question: PPTF
Answer: All ships covered by Chapter IV of SOLAS I.e. all cargo ships of 300GRT and above and all passenger ships on International voyages

Question: PPYD
Answer: to ask for ‘maritime inquiries

Question: PQBN
Answer: Using nets

Question: PQFE
Answer: By turning up the rope on the bitts, fig. 1

Question: PQFU
Answer: B class fire door self closing

Question: PQIJ
Answer: This is the best place to land

Question: PQNK
Answer: immersion suits for the number of persons the boat is permitted to accommodate

Question: PQOV
Answer: lifeboat

Question: PQPC
Answer: Owners submits delivery certificate and proof of eligibility, RSS send Carving note, vessel is “Carved”, completed carving note returned to RSS, RSS issue Register

Question: PRBR
Answer: Orifice plate

Question: PRDJ
Answer: The dedicated heavy weather ballast tank

Question: PRDY
Answer: The Chief Officer wants the 1st Engineer to empty the starboard bilge in hold No. 5

Question: PREC
Answer: Calcium

Question: PREE
Answer: not always radiotelex

Question: Prepare to cast off the tow line.
Answer: off

Question: Press the red button if there...
Answer: Press

Question: Pressure can be measured by the use of a___
Answer: Bourdon tube.

Question: Pressure gauges on gas tankers are marked in abs
Answer: kPaA

Question: Pressure in the combustion chamber can be reduce
Answer: All of the other options.

Question: pretty, sender, getting, jetty
Answer: pretty

Question: previously, now, presently, currently
Answer: previously

Question: PRHG
Answer: Pressure

Question: Prior to any cargo operations, what tests need t
Answer: A full function test of all e

Question: Prior to carrying out any work on boiler burners
Answer: All of these.

Question: Prior to crew working in a compartment, it shoul
Answer: below 50

Question: Prior to preparing and cleaning holds in prepara
Answer: consult the IMO Code of Pract

Question: Prior to pumping fuel or ballast around the vess
Answer: General Arrangement Plan

Question: Prior to sailing, the names and gender of all pe
Answer: the SAR authority

Question: Prior to sailing, to whom must the details of pa
Answer: The Master

Question: Prior to starting the ... a tanker cargo, it mus
Answer: the inert gas plant is runnin

Question: Prior to starting the ...of cargo it must be ens
Answer: the inert gas plant is runnin

Question: Prior to starting the distillate pump, item No 7
Answer: water is visible in the sight

Question: Prior to unloading, all pumps, valves and associ
Answer: function tested

Question: Prior to use by vehicles, ramps must be___
Answer: free of oil

Question: Prior to welding, plate edges are prepared to?
Answer: Allow maximum penetration of

Question: PRJE
Answer: ensuring that a supply of blankets is taken to the survival craft

Question: Procedures for key shipboard operations should h
Answer: measures to mitigate identifi

Question: Procedures in the event of an emergency should b
Answer: all crewmembers

Question: Proceed with caution.
Answer: with

Question: PROF
Answer: The national DSC-call frequencies of the coast-station concerned

Question: Professionals like doctors make a better___than
Answer: living

Question: propeller, whistle, alarm, bell
Answer: propeller

Question: Propellers that have adjustable blades are calle
Answer: controllable pitch propellers

Question: Propellers used to assist the berthing of a ship
Answer: bow and stern thrusters.

Question: Protective clothing is issued...
Answer: is

Question: Protective clothing should be changed?
Answer: When it gets dirty or a least

Question: proud, soup, rule, blue
Answer: proud

Question: prove, both, goes, those
Answer: prove

Question: PRQS
Answer: Protective clothing, safety shoes, gloves, goggles, earmuffs.

Question: PRRL
Answer: Conduction, convection and radiation

Question: PSEX
Answer: Water extinguisher.

Question: PSIB
Answer: the frequency actually used by transmitter and receiver

Question: PSNB
Answer: Overboard discharge is stopped.

Question: PSUV
Answer: The Chief Officer

Question: PSXB
Answer: Rocket parachute flares

Question: PSYS
Answer: Use of breathing apparatus

Question: PTDV
Answer: high/low power

Question: PTEU
Answer: frequency modulation is often applied in the maritime VHF-range (band)

Question: PTFK
Answer: Protect against corrosion

Question: PTIX
Answer: Only one type of launching and recovery arrangements shall be used for similar survival crafts onboard the ship

Question: PTNV
Answer: 422753810

Question: PTQH
Answer: 5:20 pm (17:20)

Question: PTQI
Answer: An area of defined dimensions within which search and rescue services are provided

Question: PTRD
Answer: Metals

Question: PTTS
Answer: Dirty scavenging air cooler on the air side.

Question: PTUO
Answer: Ship’s captain

Question: PTWE
Answer: R(Pt100) = R1 – R2

Question: PUBC
Answer: The shipping company and the master

Question: PUHC
Answer: Stop the purifier immediately. Check the bowl for heavy side, deposits, bearings, housing, and the spindle for damage.

Question: Pull the handle down to open...
Answer: Pull

Question: Pump out the ballast water.
Answer: out

Question: Pump room sea chest valve leaks are a common cau
Answer: The outboard sea valve is tes

Question: PUPO
Answer: 11 00

Question: PUQJ
Answer: Report it immediately to the chief engineer

Question: purple, soft, hard, smooth
Answer: purple

Question: PUSR
Answer: Throw a lifebuoy over board and report to the bridge immediately.

Question: Put down the receiver when you finish the call.
Answer: down

Question: Put on your warm clothing.
Answer: on

Question: Put the helm hard to starboard...
Answer: Put

Question: Put the safety instructions on the wall.
Answer: on

Question: Put the windlass in gear.
Answer: in

Question: Putting additives into diesel engine cooling wat
Answer: scaling.

Question: PUUL
Answer: Urgent call

Question: PVGY
Answer: Enables sludge to be discharged directly to shore tanks

Question: PVHA
Answer: Manually operated call point

Question: PVIR
Answer: Reduce speed temporarily and increase cylinder oil consumption.

Question: PVSS
Answer: At the first occurrence he would be given an informal warning, if the offence occurs again, this may lead to a formal warning

Question: PWDQ
Answer: +2 bar

Question: PWEN
Answer: on the basis of a three minute minimum charge with one minute incremental steps

Question: PWKH
Answer: can not be adjusted, this is set by the manufacturer

Question: PWOI
Answer: the captain

Question: PWPD
Answer: Neutral cleaners.

Question: PWUB
Answer: When we have a higher cargo tank pressure than the corresponded in the table, it means that we have inert or nitrogen left in the tank or the cargo itself is not clean

Question: PWVY
Answer: Because the manometer units change with the atmospheric pressure and all values start at vacuum

Question: PWXQ
Answer: Information about muster station on boarding card, poster in cabins, safety video running continuous.

Question: PWYO
Answer: To secure the rope

Question: PXDL
Answer: Upper explosive limit.

Question: PXHP
Answer: 56 hors

Question: PXKF
Answer: Wearing and fastening of lifejackets and associated equipment

Question: PXNM
Answer: Gives reference number as per crew agreement, and name of each crew member on board

Question: PXNO
Answer: Melting heat.

Question: PXTG
Answer: 5 seconds

Question: PXXG
Answer: Use the winch. Forerunner and wire stopper to pick up the slack and stop the wire. One man operating each. Make the forerunner fast on the bit, releasing the eye of wire and the stopper, lower the wire easy by forerunner

Question: PYHM
Answer: When the boiler is firing on high rate.

Question: PYHO
Answer: Closing of watertight doors, fire doors, valves, scuppers, sidescuttles, skylights.

Question: PYIH
Answer: 6

Question: PYIK
Answer: Increased.

Question: PYKD

Question: PYKE
Answer: Emergency shut down.

Question: PYPA
Answer: Every four months

Question: PYQV
Answer: One prolonged blast followed by two short blasts at intervals of not more than two minutes

Question: PYRQ
Answer: Stripping pump.

Question: PYTF
Answer: To prevent serious damages on main components.

Question: PYUA
Answer: Maintain a safe distance, apply the extinguishing agent to the base of the flames with the wind behind us

Question: PYWM
Answer: A vessel engaged in fishing other than trawling not making way through the water