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Test Answers

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There are 341 answer(s) beginning with the letter O.

Question: OAES
Answer: An abbreviation of American Petroleum Institute.

Question: OAQC
Answer: Hot work

Question: OATS
Answer: 200 nm and capacity for evacuating more then 15 persons.

Question: OBCW
Answer: Fire extinguishers equipped for powder or CO2 only.

Question: OBEQ
Answer: 2

Question: Objective evidence is required to confirm confor
Answer: of documented procedures and

Question: OBJN
Answer: The load connected to the switchboard

Question: OBLY
Answer: Only if approved by the Flag State

Question: OBNS
Answer: At the deck level and near the bulwark top level.

Question: OBNV
Answer: Wrong installation will result in a major deviation in measurement

Question: OBPJ
Answer: 38237

Question: OBRV
Answer: All the mentioned alternatives.

Question: OBYL
Answer: Embarkation ladder

Question: Occasionally a MacGregor hatch may pull from sid
Answer: the pulling chains being of u

Question: ocean, sky, atmosphere, air
Answer: ocean

Question: OCEG
Answer: Central cooling system

Question: OCJJ
Answer: check that we have an open discharge line all the way to the pressure bottle.

Question: OCKG
Answer: a manually controlled lamp fitted on the outside

Question: OCSM
Answer: two minutes

Question: OCSO
Answer: J3E

Question: OCYK
Answer: Metals

Question: ODAG
Answer: Any of the mentioned extinguishers

Question: ODBF
Answer: Wire for pulling burning ships off the pier

Question: ODEH
Answer: All the answers are good

Question: ODFH
Answer: access hatches which can be closed watertight

Question: ODMV
Answer: The method of launching from within the survival craft

Question: ODNH
Answer: make contact with an RCC

Question: ODTM
Answer: 2 – 3 %

Question: OEEI
Answer: westerly and northerly direction

Question: OEQU
Answer: Fasten seat belts

Question: OEUA
Answer: It is more easy to give correct pressure to the fractured/injured area, and the control of swelling and bleeding is more easy to observe.

Question: OEVU
Answer: Procedures according to instructions for hot and cold work should be carried out and necessary forms filled in

Question: OEVV
Answer: Bearing damage.

Question: OEWT
Answer: Abeam is defined as A on the figure

Question: OEXO
Answer: When the machinery spaces are in the manned condition.

Question: OEXP
Answer: have self-bailing arrangements

Question: Of the four categories of discharge associated w
Answer: Type I only

Question: Of what is this finned pipe a part ?
Answer: Of any of the other options.

Question: OFBQ
Answer: 1,200 litres of free air

Question: OFGT
Answer: Aft spring is defined as A on the figure

Question: OFHS
Answer: Class B fire

Question: OFLW
Answer: Starting and operating radio life-saving appliances

Question: OFPV
Answer: Can not produce enough energy to ignite a gas (explode)?

Question: OFQT
Answer: Seelonce Distress

Question: OFSJ
Answer: Pick up for tachometer is wrongly adjusted.

Question: OFXF
Answer: med +

Question: OGEA
Answer: No

Question: OGEV
Answer: Outside the space which is to be protected

Question: OGHH
Answer: To neutralize the acids occurring in the condensate system.

Question: OGLP
Answer: To get rid of sludge in the water chamber.

Question: OGNG
Answer: mayday (1x), call-sign of ship in distress (3x) / this is / own call-sign (3x) / received mayday

Question: OGNH
Answer: There are three types of independent tanks, type A, B and C

Question: OGPR
Answer: All the mentioned alternatives ?

Question: OGQP
Answer: Pushed by sufficient force to accurately check the correct adjusting pressure.

Question: OGXE
Answer: blending LF & HF signals

Question: OHCB
Answer: Heat the ballbearing in oil, and put it on the shaft.

Question: OHDB
Answer: PAN-PAN

Question: OHDY
Answer: In the Flag State official language with copies in English or French

Question: OHEU
Answer: 100 – 300 PPM CaCO3.

Question: OHFV
Answer: Parallel System

Question: OHGM
Answer: Painted red/yellow/red with the red bands 0.1 meter (0.33 feet) wide, and the middle yellow band 0.8 meter (2.64 feet) wide; and Labelled ”VAPOR” in black letters at least 50 millimetres (2 inches) high.

Question: Ohms are a measure of which of the following ?
Answer: A conductor's resistance to e

Question: OHNX
Answer: three tin-openers and a pair of scissors

Question: OHQF

Question: OHQH
Answer: To clarify circumstances and causes of an occurrence with particular reference to the seaworthiness of the ship and safety at sea.

Question: OHSY
Answer: 1,0 – 1,5 watt

Question: OHTW
Answer: 30 – 300 MHz

Question: OIBJ
Answer: 2 miles

Question: OIDU
Answer: The performance of the engine is reduced noticeably

Question: OIDW
Answer: Constant flow, clean probes and temperature below 60 Degr.C.

Question: OIEQ
Answer: No

Question: Oil purifiers can be ... The clarifying operatio
Answer: The 2 phase liquid-solid oper

Question: Oil purifiers can be ...The purifying operation
Answer: a 3-phase separating operatio

Question: Oil tanker design rules require that petroleum c
Answer: "a cofferdam

Question: Oily water separators are used in which one of t
Answer: As part of the bilge pump sys

Question: Oily water separators perform which of the follo
Answer: They make sure that no oil is

Question: OIPL
Answer: 21 %

Question: OIXQ
Answer: Triac

Question: OJEL
Answer: 1906 hours UTC on the 17th of the month

Question: OJEM
Answer: No he is exempt from signing

Question: OJFG
Answer: Alkaline detergent (strong).

Question: OJHX
Answer: month

Question: OJLA
Answer: All of the mentioned alternatives.

Question: OJRA
Answer: 10 Mohm

Question: OJRC
Answer: 5 %

Question: OJXP
Answer: C

Question: OKBI
Answer: 41

Question: OKKG
Answer: on ships on short international voyages, each lifeboat shall be launched and manouvered in the water at least every six months

Question: OKMB
Answer: Bringing the engine up to sufficient number of revolutions for combustion to take place and engine to run

Question: OKUF
Answer: Search the engine room, make sure all personnel is out. -Stop ventilation. -Close for all air access. -Upon approval of the Master, release the halon/CO2.

Question: OKWV
Answer: a testing program built in for this purpose

Question: OLBD
Answer: Stop the washing process and not resume until the oxygen content in the tank is below 8%.

Question: OLHT
Answer: Every three months.

Question: OLKG
Answer: Anchor ball

Question: OLLX
Answer: ionisation layers

Question: OLNU
Answer: Prevents the backflow of inert gasses into nonhazardous areas

Question: OLTI
Answer: fitted with water pockets of a highly visible colour and so designed as to fill to at least 60% of their capacity within 25 seconds of deployement

Question: OLXQ
Answer: The Act relating to hours of work and the Seamen’s Act

Question: OMCP
Answer: The tank shall be mechanically ventilated as long as there are people inside it.

Question: OMDJ
Answer: The camshaft rotates with half the RPM of the crankshaft on a 4 stroke engine.

Question: OMGR
Answer: 2

Question: OMHQ
Answer: Blow the bunker hose to avoid oil spill when the hose is disconnected

Question: OMIP
Answer: TC

Question: OMXQ
Answer: Only Merchant Shipping Notices (MSNs)

Question: On a boiler the main steam outlet is called___
Answer: the main stop valve.

Question: On a boiler, the valve fitted to protect the boi
Answer: the safety valve.

Question: On a Bosch type fuel injection pump how does the
Answer: By altering the effective str

Question: On a centre lathe how can the chuck jaws be prev
Answer: Using softer strips under the

Question: On a centre lathe how is the work piece secured
Answer: Tee bolts into the faceplate

Question: On a centre lathe there is a drive shaft with ke
Answer: Auto feed operation of the cr

Question: On a centre lathe what advantage is there in usi
Answer: Allows for one-piece working.

Question: On a centre lathe what is a "live centre"?"
Answer: Tailstock centre that revolve

Question: On a centre lathe when must turning between cent
Answer: When turning a long taper wit

Question: On a centre lathe with a lead screw pitch of 5mm
Answer: 1:2.5

Question: On a centre lathe, when turning between centres
Answer: To allow for expansion of the

Question: On a centre lathe, when turning without a centre
Answer: Three times the work piece di

Question: On a centrifugal pump what would happen if the p
Answer: Pump would not prime.

Question: On a fully refrigerated gas tanker carrying liqu
Answer: By the reliquefaction plant

Question: On a gas tanker, a combustion type generator is
Answer: "0.50%

Question: On a horizontal boring machine how is the work p
Answer: Using a surface gauge on the

Question: On a large, slow speed diesel engine what would
Answer: Thick walled.

Question: On a McGregor hatch, if the chains on either sid
Answer: Uneven closing of the hatch a

Question: On a McGregor steel pull type hatch cover what i
Answer: It is the pulling wire.

Question: On a medium speed four-stroke engine what is an
Answer: "Peak cylinder pressure.

Question: On a modern ship the main engine lubricating oil
Answer: Sea water in a tubular heat e

Question: On a motorship whilst in port electrical power i
Answer: diesel generators.

Question: On a navigational chart, how is the probable dir
Answer: Letter a

Question: On a navigational chart, what does this figure i
Answer: "Sector lights"

Question: On a radar display, the return from a racon___
Answer: gives a distinctive echo on t

Question: On a radar display, this symbol identifies the__
Answer: gain control

Question: On a radar display, this symbol indicates the___
Answer: variable range marker

Question: On a reciprocating pump piston, the rings are ma
Answer: heat them in boiling water fo

Question: On a set of crankshaft deflection readings, what
Answer: The crank webs have opened up

Question: On a shaping machine where is the tool post fitt
Answer: To the clapper box.

Question: On a ship operating the U.M.S. system, entry int
Answer: During the day, with another

Question: On a small diesel engine how would pump "P" be d
Answer: By gears driven from the cran

Question: On a steamship at sea electricity is supplied by
Answer: turbo alternators.

Question: On a tanker, apart from in cargo tanks, where is
Answer: In pumprooms.

Question: On a trunk piston engine how are the connecting
Answer: By the piston and cylinder li

Question: On all gas ships, any pipework entering or leavi
Answer: "

Question: On all ships it is possible to cool the propulsi
Answer: salt water pump (main sea wat

Question: On an electrical drawing ... impedance?
Answer: L

Question: On an electrical drawing ... Inductance?
Answer: L

Question: On an LNG tanker, why would you carry out cargo
Answer: To cool the tanks ready for l

Question: On an LPG tanker, you wish to enter a hold space
Answer: Inform the Bridge that you ar

Question: On an oil tanker, the final valve between the sh
Answer: Manifold Valve.

Question: On board modern ships the majority of the lights
Answer: 220 volts.

Question: On board ship an electrical transformer is used
Answer: change A.C. voltage from one

Question: On board ship you ... Where would you place high
Answer: At the bottom of the fridge

Question: On board ship you ... you mus know where differe
Answer: On the top shelf of the fridg

Question: On board your vessel the main engine consumes ho
Answer: 2350 litres/hour

Question: On chemical tankers, the term REACTIVITY refers
Answer: the cargo

Question: On fires involving burning liquids, which of the
Answer: Foam.

Question: On many modern tankers, which of the following d
Answer: Mechanical seals.

Question: On modern ships, which type of pump would be use
Answer: A scroll type positive displa

Question: On nearing a bend in a narrow channel and the wa
Answer: One prolonged blast.

Question: On resuming normal purification after automatic
Answer: Fit or adjust (increase) time

Question: On tank vessels, which of these valve types is m
Answer: Butterfly valves.

Question: On tankers using hydraulic tank valve actuation,
Answer: Butterfly valves.

Question: On tankers, segregated ballast tank and clean wa
Answer: oil getting into the sea.

Question: On tankers, the ... (among other things) that du
Answer: the quality of the inert gas

Question: On tankers, the ... (amongst other things) that
Answer: the quality of the inert gas

Question: On the air compressor crankcase there is a small
Answer: Overhaul the compressor unit.

Question: On the Beaufort scale, hurricane force correspon
Answer: force 12.

Question: On the Beaufort scale, storm force corresponds t
Answer: force 10 and above.

Question: On the centre lathe what is a collet chuck most
Answer: Gripping small diameters.

Question: On the centre lathe what is the biggest advantag
Answer: Work piece can be removed and

Question: On the fresh water generator why is a baffle pla
Answer: To prevent carry over of brin

Question: On this commonly used electric pressure transmit
Answer: With item No. 7.

Question: On this pneumatic transmitter part drawing, whic
Answer: Part No. 4.

Question: On this weather ... figure indicate?
Answer: Single Occulting

Question: On this weather ... indicated?
Answer: "Radio calling in point, way

Question: On this weather ... lower figure represent?
Answer: The percentage frequency of c

Question: On this weather ... the wind speed indicated by
Answer: "4 kts"

Question: On this weather ... upper figure indicate?
Answer: The number of observations.

Question: On weather routeing charts how are iceberg limit
Answer: letter a

Question: On what equipment should the wrench shown bottom
Answer: On large diameter pipes and s

Question: On what part of the air compressor does the unlo
Answer: It keeps the SUCTION VALVES o

Question: On what part of the compressor does the unloader
Answer: It keeps the suction valves o

Question: On what parts of the ship are fire retardant pai
Answer: Accommodation surfaces.

Question: On what type of ships are insulated tweendeck co
Answer: Reefer ships.

Question: On what type of ships are you likely to find ver
Answer: Container ships.

Question: On which goods are harmful bacteria most likely
Answer: Cooked metas, cooked rice, gr

Question: On which machine tool does the work piece not mo
Answer: Shaping machine.

Question: On which of these factors does bearing resolutio
Answer: HBW

Question: On which part of the Pneumatic Amplifier is the
Answer: On membrane M

Question: On which part of the ship would gloss paint be u
Answer: The superstructure.

Question: On which part of this pneumatic transmitter does
Answer: Item No. 2.

Question: On which side of this buoy should you pass?
Answer: "South"

Question: On which type of cargo tank would you find a Bi-
Answer: "Kvaerner Moss Type B

Question: On which unit of the scavenge air system is an a
Answer: On the scavenge air manifold.

Question: Onboard modern ships the main electrical power c
Answer: 440 volts.

Question: Onboard ship an evaporator performs which one of
Answer: It desalinates sea water to m

Question: Onboard ship which piece of equipment removes wa
Answer: A purifier.

Question: Once launched how should boats and rafts be dist
Answer: Congregate and tie together t

Question: Once the fire is contained, the master needs to
Answer: Re-introducing air circulatio

Question: Once the lifeboat is under way, the Coxswain sho
Answer: Preferably upwind and clear o

Question: Once the ship is tied up, what must be put on al
Answer: Rat guards.

Question: ONDK
Answer: Not less than 20 changes per hour.

Question: One cause of bearing error is___
Answer: misalignment of the centre of

Question: One kilo-watt is equal to___
Answer: 1.34 horse power.

Question: One litre equals 1.76 pints. one point seven six
Answer: one point seven six

Question: One of the main parameters to be considered in t
Answer: thermal

Question: One of the requirements for an oil tanker operat
Answer: an oil content meter.

Question: One of the requirements for Crude Oil Washing on
Answer: Every cargo tank and slop tan

Question: One of the sources of pollution from gas cargoes
Answer: incondensible

Question: One purpose of the US Oil Pollution Act of 1990
Answer: enhance the preparedness of s

Question: ONFS
Answer: To make sure the job is done under controlled conditions

Question: ONGT

Question: ONHN
Answer: The percentage of the L.E.L. in the ambient air

Question: ONJG
Answer: Close the valves on both bottles, first the acetylene and then the oxygen bottle

Question: ONKB
Answer: Inmarsat-C equipment

Question: Only twelve people can fit...
Answer: can fit

Question: ONPW
Answer: How to release from launching appliances

Question: ONQR
Answer: Safety shoes or safety boots

Question: ONUY
Answer: No it is not

Question: OOAU
Answer: Power dissipation capability

Question: OOAW
Answer: By giving the vessel a starboard turn

Question: OOHJ
Answer: Ask your superior for advice before attempting to operate it.

Question: OOKQ
Answer: The master and the shipowner are responsible for the adequate manning of the ship.

Question: OOMJ
Answer: Goggles and shield.

Question: OOSW
Answer: Give information on survival craft capacity

Question: OOYE
Answer: Investigating accidents/incidents and making reports

Question: OPA 90 - a key element of the Incident Command S
Answer: liaison with government agenc

Question: OPA 90 - during oil spill clean up, booming stra
Answer: calm weather conditions in co

Question: OPA 90 - if any telephone numbers listed in the
Answer: local directory assistance ,

Question: OPA 90 - in the event of a major oil spill, what
Answer: He would lose his job

Question: OPA 90 - in the event of an oil spill, mooring l
Answer: to keep an oil slick from esc

Question: OPA 90 - most important in monitoring the loadin
Answer: that tanks should be sounded

Question: OPA 90 - spills of persistent oils with greater
Answer: do not readily evaporate and

Question: OPA 90 - the costs of cleaning up a major oil sp
Answer: All of the other options

Question: OPA 90 - the most cost effective and convenient
Answer: incineration.

Question: OPA 90 - the telephone number of the local US Co
Answer: the geographic Appendix in th

Question: OPA 90 - the three types of boom are___
Answer: heavy duty offshore, river &

Question: OPA 90 - three functions of the Incident Command
Answer: information, safety and liais

Question: OPA 90 - tools for mitigation include the ships
Answer: prevent floating oil from esc

Question: OPA 90 - under normal conditions a spill of Grou
Answer: sink.

Question: OPA 90 - who is responsible for the supervision
Answer: the person in charge of oil t

Question: OPA 90 regulations are effective up to___miles o
Answer: 200

Question: OPA 90 response times for salvage and lightering
Answer: the occurrence of the oil spi

Question: Open cargo venting should only be used for cargo
Answer: 60 ?C

Question: open, close, near, beside
Answer: open

Question: Openings in the hull must only be activated by__
Answer: a competent person

Question: Operate the lifeboat engine and0then report...
Answer: report

Question: Operational Which of these would you NOT use on
Answer: Water

Question: OPNU
Answer: All the mentioned alternatives.

Question: OPPO
Answer: The vessel will roll violently?

Question: OPQN
Answer: The thermostat has one or more contacts (open or closed) depending on the temperature/setting. The temperature transmitter converts a temperature signal to an electric signal.

Question: OPRI
Answer: 4 Rocket parachute / 6 hand flares / 2 buoyant smoke.

Question: OPSV
Answer: Government Authorities of the Flag State

Question: OPWD
Answer: One hose for each fire hydrant

Question: OPWI
Answer: Oregano

Question: OQHJ
Answer: Frequency

Question: OQIC
Answer: Every three months

Question: OQJQ
Answer: heat the feed-water

Question: OQKO
Answer: Fuel injection advanced too far due to incorrect preinjection angle.

Question: OQLL
Answer: Notify the engine room of the procedure.

Question: OQOS
Answer: 1 metre

Question: OQPL
Answer: be provided with a painter system with a breaking strength of not more than 2.2 kN

Question: OQUS
Answer: 30 litres pr. nautical mile

Question: ORDD
Answer: Cut it with the knife contained in the equipment locker

Question: OREP
Answer: Smoking is only permitted in designated places.

Question: ORFJ
Answer: Fat fish

Question: ORHE
Answer: To relief pressure in a crankcase explosion

Question: ORIW
Answer: C(S) = 4 µF

Question: ORMA
Answer: 70

Question: OROR
Answer: TX: 2177.0 kHzRX: 2177.0 kHz

Question: ORXC
Answer: 1250 m3

Question: OSAI
Answer: Immediately stop the discharging.

Question: OSAK
Answer: Portable fire extinguisher

Question: OSDQ
Answer: Personnel authorized by the master?

Question: OSDY
Answer: The primary controller in a cascade control system

Question: OSER
Answer: Yes.

Question: OSFJ
Answer: two sea-anchors, one being spare

Question: OSFK
Answer: Strong alkaline solution.

Question: OSIO
Answer: F1B

Question: OSNR
Answer: Read off the compass and keep her steady on the course

Question: OSPJ
Answer: Yes, in ship of 76 m in length and longer, a double bottom shall be fitted midship, and extend to the fore and after peak bulkheads, or as near as practicable.

Question: OSTK
Answer: Just prior to reaching the water, the lanyard should be pulled. This sets the hook which will automatically release once the raft is waterborne

Question: OTAE
Answer: Mechanical and chemical.

Question: OTDK
Answer: Release gripes

Question: OTFG
Answer: In the SOLAS convention.

Question: OTGX
Answer: a coax cable of proper impedance

Question: OTQA
Answer: Higher temperature leads to lower literweight.

Question: OTTM
Answer: 20ppm

Question: OTUG
Answer: Discharge the washing to shore reception facilities only?

Question: OTUI
Answer: Increase dosage.

Question: OTYF
Answer: The bow may be sucked against, and the stern may be pushed away from the other ship as you pass

Question: OUDL
Answer: pressed in during speaking only to work semi-duplex

Question: OUMN
Answer: It is easier to damage a centrifugal pump than a piston pump if they run dry.

Question: OUOE
Answer: Transistor

Question: OUOJ
Answer: Inmarsat -B and -M

Question: Our contract will end in Rotterdam on the 15/6. fifteenth of June
Answer: fifteenth of June

Question: OURT
Answer: Each vessel vapor connection flange must have a permanently attached 0.5 inch diameter stud at least 1.0 inch long projecting outward from the flange face. The stud must be located at the top of the flange, midway between bolt holes, and in line with the bolt hole pattern.

Question: Out of the following list of food which would yo
Answer: Cooked rice

Question: out, flew, school, loop
Answer: out

Question: Outside special areas there are three ways of di
Answer: I, IV, V

Question: OVDG
Answer: 3

Question: Over what length of time should a diesel powered
Answer: 1 hour.

Question: Over which components does the Blending Unit Con
Answer: All of these.

Question: Overshoot is an ... How can overshoot be determi
Answer: Do a 20/20 degree zigzag mano

Question: Overshoot is an ... What does this mean?
Answer: It is the way a ship continue

Question: OVHR
Answer: Pale or grey.

Question: OVKD
Answer: The officer in charge at the barge or the foreman in charge if it is at a shore facility

Question: OVKW
Answer: Reactive load (kVAR)

Question: OVKY
Answer: Fuel oil with poor combustion properties.

Question: OVLW
Answer: A variable electric signal.

Question: OVQS
Answer: 2182 kHz/VHF channel 16

Question: OVRL
Answer: Copy of crew agreement posted in a conspicuous place giving details of relevant information and contractual clauses as per ALC 1d

Question: OVRM
Answer: One

Question: OVSH
Answer: On the fire control plan

Question: OVUT
Answer: Neutral to alkaline solution.

Question: OVUY
Answer: the calling station

Question: OVVR
Answer: On ILO 22

Question: OWAU
Answer: Cotton

Question: OWBR
Answer: Secure all burners

Question: OWDI
Answer: Survival craft distress pyrotechnic signals

Question: OWFT
Answer: water

Question: OWFX
Answer: A vessel may proceed only when it has received specific orders to do so

Question: OWGL
Answer: Grapes

Question: OWGN
Answer: It is how many degrees a ship continues to turn after you apply counter-rudder

Question: OWLM
Answer: A garage tweendeck on a passenger ferry

Question: OWLQ
Answer: 41821

Question: OWOE
Answer: Too much combustion air

Question: OWQM
Answer: Most attacks take place in territorial waters

Question: OWRH
Answer: 2000

Question: OXAN
Answer: 3 long blasts repeatedly

Question: OXAS
Answer: To avoid the compressor-oil to disappear from the crankcase during starting.

Question: OXET
Answer: December

Question: OXFU
Answer: Direction-finders to be installed on, or as near the navigating bridge as possible

Question: OXKW
Answer: you must call on another working channel

Question: OXLR
Answer: That the strainer needs cleaning.

Question: Oxygen deficiency will begin to cause problems t
Answer: "16% by volume

Question: Oxygen reduction is particularly likely in cargo
Answer: "inert gas or steam have just

Question: OXYX
Answer: To maximize discharge outturn?

Question: OYAM
Answer: 3 meters

Question: OYMC
Answer: It`s a product added into a cargo in order to keep the cargo stable. This cargo should never be blanked with nitrogen because the inhibitor needs oxygen to be effctive.

Question: OYTW
Answer: Match the size and capacity of the ship’s loading line, venting system and static generation hazard limitation, if any?

Question: OYTX
Answer: From the water space.

Question: OYXH
Answer: It will give full back flow at the time the pump stops.

Question: OYYQ
Answer: 10 000 kJ/person