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Test Answers

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There are 482 answer(s) beginning with the letter H.

Question: HACL
Answer: Equipment for detecting flammable vapours.

Question: HADH
Answer: To minimise oil losses and prevent the sludge getting too hard

Question: HAEF
Answer: Seawater

Question: HAFF
Answer: Check in appendix 2 of MGN 1

Question: HAJA
Answer: That a secondary auxiliary set is switched to automatic standby mode

Question: half, halt, plan, slow
Answer: half

Question: hand, mouth, eye, nose
Answer: hand

Question: HANH
Answer: On the motherboard

Question: HANI
Answer: Stop the engine immediately and keep the luboil pump running for at least 20 minutes before opening the crankcase?

Question: HAPC
Answer: It shall be cleaned daily and oiled and inspected regularly.

Question: HAQP
Answer: By pumping test of each bilge before loading?

Question: HARO
Answer: 22 A

Question: HARQ
Answer: Radiotelephony – Single sideband full carrier

Question: Has everybody got a training record book?
Answer: Has

Question: Has he charted the route yet?
Answer: Has he

Question: Has he met the Training Manager before?
Answer: Has he met

Question: Has the radar been switched on?
Answer: on

Question: hate, enjoy, like, admire
Answer: hate

Question: HAUF
Answer: This is firezones which can be divided from eachother with firedoors. If a fire start in one zone, all firedoors in front and aft of the fire will be closed from the bridge to stop the smoke and fire from spreading.

Question: Have a rescue team on standby.
Answer: on

Question: Have fire patrols ready in all areas.
Answer: in

Question: Have they had the propeller fixed yet?
Answer: Have

Question: Have you altered course?
Answer: Have you altered

Question: Have you located the fire extinguishers nearest your cabin?
Answer: Have you located

Question: Have you locked the door to the ships hospital?
Answer: Have you locked

Question: Have you read the companys safety manual?
Answer: Have you read

Question: Have you seen the Chief...
Answer: seen

Question: HAWM
Answer: Once every month

Question: HAYE
Answer: Alkaline cleaner.

Question: HAYG
Answer: on board communications (intra-ship traffic)

Question: HBGO
Answer: Passenger ships carrying more than 36 passengers

Question: HBJX
Answer: Alarm the rescue centre and commence searching for any survivors

Question: HBOC
Answer: Figure 1

Question: HBQV

Question: HCAT
Answer: A sticking start air valve.

Question: HCBI
Answer: A fixed sprinkler system at the cargo manifold

Question: HCBO
Answer: All of the mentioned

Question: HCCJ
Answer: 12MHz

Question: HCMG
Answer: Part ALC 1d of the crew agreement, giving details of specific terms and conditions for seafarers

Question: HCQM
Answer: The emergency generators

Question: HDAT
Answer: Increased.

Question: HDBM
Answer: Wash thoroughly and hang up for drying.

Question: HDCJ
Answer: one whistle or equivalent

Question: HDFT
Answer: Section 3.

Question: HDJV
Answer: It could be any of the alternatives listed.

Question: HDKP
Answer: Not less than 10000 kJ

Question: HDOT
Answer: 38

Question: HDPT
Answer: Every three months

Question: HDQQ
Answer: Rescue boat

Question: HDSW
Answer: 1st February 1999

Question: HDTU
Answer: Smoke and increased pressure in the crankcase of the engine.

Question: HDVM
Answer: Type of oil or gas chemicals having been carried in the actual tank and the adjacent tanks.

Question: HDXC
Answer: Leave a “cushion”of water in the sloptank, to minimize the risk of polluting the sea

Question: HDXU
Answer: So that no part of any corridor is more than 20m away from any manually operated call point

Question: HDYY
Answer: It will always be a deviation between the set-point and the process value

Question: He began his watch at 1600 hours. sixteen hundred
Answer: sixteen hundred

Question: He spent it all on video equipment.
Answer: on

Question: He started the company in 1985. nineteen eighty-five
Answer: nineteen eighty-five

Question: He was born in Moscow in 1939. nineteen thirty-nine
Answer: nineteen thirty-nine

Question: He won 100,000. one hundred thousand dollars
Answer: one hundred thousand dollars

Question: He worked on reefers for three years…. 1988 to 1991
Answer: 1988 to 1991

Question: He works on reefer vessels.
Answer: on

Question: heavy, high, wide, long
Answer: heavy

Question: HEBH
Answer: all alternatives

Question: height, eight, paint, weight
Answer: height

Question: help, prohibit, deny, ban
Answer: help

Question: HEOT
Answer: Applying 12 – 15% nitric acid on tank surfaces, either with a brush or spray; then washing off after 10 – 20 minutes using copious amounts of fresh water?

Question: HEVD
Answer: Figure 2 is correct.

Question: HEWF
Answer: Removing trash, dusting and light cleaning in cabins, messrooms and WC.

Question: HFLB
Answer: On the fire control plans

Question: HFLG
Answer: Full power on the forward tug, reduce on the aft tug while checking the gyro

Question: HFMT
Answer: the painter

Question: HFNQ
Answer: The master.

Question: HFPI
Answer: At least one

Question: HFQD
Answer: the use of HF DSC and SARSAT COSPAS Epirbs

Question: HFQI
Answer: Secure hatches

Question: HFRA
Answer: Fasten seat belts

Question: HFSQ
Answer: It keeps the boat alongside the embarkation deck so that the tricing pennants can be released

Question: HFXU
Answer: Hydrochloric acid and citric acid.

Question: HFXV
Answer: This is not correct, inter-ship has to be intra-ship

Question: HFYQ
Answer: assembling passengers at muster station

Question: HGCY
Answer: Serious emergency – all vessels to stop or divert according to instructions

Question: HGDT
Answer: Inerted to less than 8% oxygen(IMO).

Question: HGEO
Answer: Not at temperatures used for pre-heating

Question: HGGE
Answer: Stop bunkering, and establish facts, before bunkering is resumed

Question: HGGY
Answer: Open the tank, provide adequate ventilation/lighting, test oxygen content, have someone standing by with rescue equipment, complete a tank entry permit then commence work.

Question: HGHB
Answer: Cooling water spaces insufficiently vented.

Question: HGHY
Answer: The change needed in the input signal to produce a change in the output signal.

Question: HGKK
Answer: At least one hose for each 30 meter length of ship plus one spare

Question: HGLB
Answer: Leather safety boots and gloves

Question: HGNW
Answer: Marine Officers of the MCA

Question: HGOM
Answer: The ITU List of Ship Stations

Question: HHBW
Answer: The pump is not primed.

Question: HHCO
Answer: Yes, the ship usually steers better if trimmed by the stern

Question: HHDN
Answer: Pork

Question: HHFA
Answer: 2

Question: HHIJ
Answer: Centre line is given by A on the figure

Question: HHLE
Answer: That the wires are just above the water line at all times

Question: HHNL
Answer: the time in minutes, or parts of it, when the landline was used

Question: HHNN
Answer: The master, and any person who does not form part of the crew e.g. riding squad

Question: HHUD
Answer: Maintain the specified boiling temperature

Question: HHWS
Answer: 3 sets

Question: HHYM
Answer: Ch.70

Question: HIBY
Answer: 1. Switch off the transmitter – 2. Switch equipment on – 3. Make broadcast on channel 16 “Mayday all stations…” and cancel the false distress alert.

Question: hide, find, seek, locate
Answer: hide

Question: HIFC
Answer: 3 – 30 MHz

Question: HIHW
Answer: Yes, by “distress priority” one always is assigned a channel

Question: HINF
Answer: The fixed fire fighting medium in engine room, pump room etc. is Carbon Dioxide CO2, Halon or foam

Question: His contract begins on 4/10. October the fourth
Answer: October the fourth

Question: His contract runs from 2/10 to 1/4. October second to April first
Answer: October second to April first

Question: His last contract was for...
Answer: was

Question: HIWP
Answer: It is an automatic system for plotting vessels for rescue purposes

Question: HIXI
Answer: Just in forepart of the rudder square (figure 3)

Question: HIXJ
Answer: in presence of atmospheric or interfering signals automatically adjust itself

Question: HJCN
Answer: Ships fitted with free-fall life-boats may carry thermal protective aids instead of immersion suits

Question: HJLS
Answer: Re-pack the stuffing box loosely with the correct size packing at the earliest opportunity.

Question: HJMN
Answer: reduce the “noise” in the background

Question: HJMQ
Answer: Safetynet

Question: HJNL
Answer: Pressure relief valve.

Question: HJPY
Answer: 98 Centigrades

Question: HJSI
Answer: To prevent contamination of the cargo.

Question: HJVM
Answer: RSS, HM Coastguard, Marine Officers, Enforcement Unit, Channel Surveillance Unit, MPCU

Question: HKDC
Answer: 4 Rocket parachute flares / 6 hand flares / 2 buoyant smoke signals

Question: HKLJ
Answer: + 85 ° C

Question: HKMF
Answer: be as small and of as little mass as possible

Question: HKNF
Answer: Check linearity

Question: HKSD
Answer: 6

Question: HKTA
Answer: Special section for Births and Deaths and also to be included in narrative section

Question: HKUV
Answer: lifebuoy with light

Question: HKXE
Answer: Yes

Question: HKYX
Answer: The seafarers shall have available for their use the Seamen’s and NIS-acts with regulations, together with all relevant CWA`s/CBA`s.

Question: HLFN
Answer: Inverting amplifier

Question: HLIX
Answer: In stairways, corridors and escape routes

Question: HLJS
Answer: Higher measuring accuracy.

Question: HLNC
Answer: All the mentioned alternatives

Question: HLOW
Answer: search and rescue at sea

Question: HLQN
Answer: instruction in the use of radio life-saving appliances

Question: HLRC
Answer: a person who holds a “certificate of proficiency in survival craft”

Question: HLVJ
Answer: Flat file

Question: HLWF
Answer: Space thoroughly ventilated, Oxygen and gas readings taken, communication set up, permit to work completed, Crewmember standing by, with rescue gear.

Question: HLXE
Answer: He wants the heating coils inspected

Question: HMBI
Answer: Exhaust leakage

Question: HMEV
Answer: Assorted canapes.

Question: HMGD
Answer: On area A3 this function is based on the use of INMARSAT A, B or C

Question: HMGN
Answer: a ship idendity number

Question: HMLF
Answer: All preventive methods to avoid spreading of bacteria and fungus.

Question: HMPK
Answer: To protect both owners and charterers

Question: HMSW
Answer: Safety purpose?

Question: HMTS
Answer: When the container also contains water

Question: HMYN
Answer: All the actions listed in the other alternatives

Question: HNAL
Answer: 30 minutes

Question: HNCT
Answer: Depth is given by B on the figure

Question: HNCU
Answer: Fully slacken and remove top ones first, then middle, then bottom.

Question: HNLE
Answer: Opening water function missing.

Question: HNVG
Answer: Scavenge box fire

Question: HNVI
Answer: Channels 6, 13 & 16

Question: HNWY
Answer: It should be about 20%

Question: HOCT
Answer: COTP-zones may have additional rules and regulations

Question: HOLA
Answer: A throughput of at least 400 litters a minute and a “throw” of 15 metres?

Question: hold, stop, taught, yacht
Answer: hold

Question: holiday, week, month, day
Answer: holiday

Question: HOLX
Answer: Water extinguisher.

Question: honest, head, hospital, hurt
Answer: honest

Question: HOQE
Answer: 4.5 bar

Question: HORY
Answer: – 43° C

Question: hospital, jail, prison, cell
Answer: hospital

Question: HOTH
Answer: Adiabatic.

Question: HOUE
Answer: Yes, you must attend to a course held by certified personnel, and then be certified by national authorities (NMD, USCG, etc)

Question: hour, hold, harbour, hand
Answer: hour

Question: hour, ounce, drown, hoist
Answer: hour

Question: hourly, higher, heavy, hatches
Answer: hourly

Question: How are bottom end bearing clearances taken on a
Answer: Taking leads.

Question: How are cargo hold bilge wells covered to preven
Answer: By perforated plating.

Question: How are double bottom ballast tanks filled?
Answer: They are gravitated in.

Question: How are ropes supplied to ships?
Answer: In coils.

Question: How are stacked containers prevented from moving
Answer: By cell guides

Question: How are starting air valves made gas tight in th
Answer: A copper gasket is fitted.

Question: How are the components of this type of refrigera
Answer: By soldered piping connection

Question: How are the crosshead bearings on this Diesel en
Answer: Via the main bearing, cranksh

Question: How are the inlet, exhaust valves and rocker arm
Answer: Indirectly lifted by cam via

Question: How are the moving parts of deck equipment maint
Answer: By greasing.

Question: How are the solenoid valves "S" (fitted before t
Answer: By the temperature inside the

Question: How are you feeling today?
Answer: How are you feeling

Question: How can a bevel gear be cut on a milling machine
Answer: Using a universal dividing he

Question: How can a ship dispose of plastic at sea?
Answer: Disposal of plastic is not al

Question: How can a thread be cut without a chasing dial?
Answer: By not disengaging the lead s

Question: How can a Voltmeter measure a variety of voltage
Answer: By connecting a shunt in seri

Question: How can an Ammeter measure a variety of current
Answer: By connecting a shunt in para

Question: How can asthma attacks be triggered?
Answer: By nervous tension, allergy o

Question: How can concentricity be affected when using a t
Answer: Foreign body between jaws and

Question: How can crankcase overpressure be checked?
Answer: Checking the crankcase breath

Question: How can lamp E be turned on?
Answer: Lamp E cannot be turned on.

Question: How can the danger of food poisoning be reduced?
Answer: Avoid touching food

Question: How can the direction of a three phase induction
Answer: Change the position of the en

Question: How can the output pressure Pu of this pneumatic
Answer: By screw item 4

Question: How can vice jaws be checked for parallel on a s
Answer: Dial gauge attached to tool p

Question: How can you be assured that the inert gas analys
Answer: The instrument is calibrated

Question: How can you monitor the correct instant for sync
Answer: By fitting a voltmeter over o

Question: How can you prevent a patient from fainting?
Answer: Tell the person to sit down a

Question: How could an internal keyway be cut on a centre
Answer: Locking the chuck and using t

Question: How could drilling and tapping be carried on the
Answer: With the work set up and bolt

Question: How did the engineer break his arm?
Answer: How did

Question: How did they travel to Singapore?
Answer: How did

Question: How did you travel?
Answer: How

Question: How do "P & I" clubs provide advice to owners at
Answer: Through their nearest corresp

Question: How do I adjust the range?
Answer: How

Question: How do I get from the terminal to the airport?
Answer: How

Question: How do the requirements of Marpol stand in relat
Answer: National regulations in the p

Question: How do you adjust the zero setting on this commo
Answer: By item No. 5.

Question: How do you carry out skimming operations on the
Answer: Four to five repeated blows o

Question: How do you direct a fire nozzle under full water
Answer: Direct the nozzle slightly do

Question: How do you ensure reliable results from an Incli
Answer: Perform test in calm conditio

Question: How do you open a coil of rope?
Answer: By taking rope from outside o

Question: How do you respond to an order "hard a port"?"
Answer: "Repeat the order then turn t

Question: How do you respond to an order "steer 10 degrees
Answer: Repeat the order, turn the wh

Question: How do you respond to an order "steer 270 degree
Answer: "Repeat the order, then alter

Question: How do you secure a fibre rope to bitts?
Answer: By a figure eight.

Question: How do you test the probes for the 15 ppm monito
Answer: By checking in air and immers

Question: How do you to make this valve air tight during o
Answer: By lapping and polishing valv

Question: How does a 'quick closing' valve operate?
Answer: The valve bridge is collapsed

Question: How does a bolt differ from a Set Screw?
Answer: Threaded right up to the head

Question: How does a two-stage pressure regulator give pre
Answer: Second stage only is adjustab

Question: How does height above sea level influence the ra
Answer: Higher objects are detected f

Question: How does the brake press differ from the other f
Answer: Uses male and female formers

Question: How does the cooling water flow through the engi
Answer: Inlet the lower liner and out

Question: How does the RMS voltage compare to peak voltage
Answer: 0.707 of peak value

Question: How does the turbo-charger improve engine effici
Answer: Utilize exhaust gas energy

Question: How does this vessel compare with…
Answer: with

Question: How far from land must the vessel be before resi
Answer: 12 miles

Question: How far from the coast is it permitted to use Lo
Answer: 20 miles.

Question: How far is it from Paris to London?
Answer: How far

Question: How far is it to Rotterdam?
Answer: How far is it

Question: How frequently are the tanks (item number 3) of
Answer: They are refilled once per da

Question: How frequently should the operation of lifeboat
Answer: Monthly.

Question: How is a "Turning Couple" formed?"
Answer: A couple is formed when two e

Question: How is a centtre lathe chuck usually fastened to
Answer: With a right hand screw threa

Question: How is a draught of 7.5 meters read from a draft
Answer: At the top of 7.4.

Question: How is a parallel surface achieved on a shaping
Answer: Dial gauge attached to the to

Question: How is a throw-over liferaft usually secured on
Answer: With a hydrostatic release un

Question: How is a vacuum created in the fresh water gener
Answer: By the vapour ejector driven

Question: How is a Voltmeter connected in a circuit?
Answer: In parallel, combined with a

Question: How is air leakage into the packing gland of a c
Answer: A water seal line to the pack

Question: How is an air conditioning compressor normally u
Answer: By holding open the suction v

Question: How is an Ammeter connected in a circuit?
Answer: In series.

Question: How is an angled face cut on the shaper?
Answer: Setting head angle.

Question: How is an enclosed space tested to check it is s
Answer: By using an oxygen analyzer a

Question: How is an end mill secured in the chuck?
Answer: Parallel shank and collet.

Question: How is attenuation affected when using waves of
Answer: Attenuation is greater

Question: How is bank effect felt by a vessel?
Answer: The vessel's bow is pushed aw

Question: How is cooling / cleaning water supplied to the
Answer: By the scrubber sea water pum

Question: How is expansion allowed for in large diesel eng
Answer: By the fitting of steel bello

Question: How is expansion of the Diesel engine cylinder l
Answer: Liner is free to expand at it

Question: How is fresh air supply ensured in cargo tanks v
Answer: By removing the fresh air int

Question: How is heavy fuel oil from the deeptank transfer
Answer: "Via own pumps "P1" and "P2",

Question: How is it ensured that the flow of the scavenge
Answer: By the scavenge port shape.

Question: How is lubrication arranged in this refrigeratio
Answer: By splash lubrication.

Question: How is pump "P" driven from the purifier ?"
Answer: By shaft drive with replaceab

Question: How is sea water supplied to the deck seal?
Answer: Through the deck seal pump fi

Question: How is shallow water effect felt by a vessel?
Answer: The vessel becomes sluggish i

Question: How is stern tube wear down measured when in dry
Answer: By a poker gauge, inserted in

Question: How is temperature controlled in a jacket water
Answer: Jacket water bypassing the he

Question: How is temperature controlled in a steam oil hea
Answer: Steam outlet valve throttled.

Question: How is the air-tightness of the sliding piston (
Answer: Piston rings are fitted.

Question: How is the cable leading?
Answer: How is

Question: How is the capacity of this type of refrigeratio
Answer: No capacity control is fitted

Question: How is the cutting tool ground when thread cutti
Answer: The tool matching the thread

Question: How is the differentiating action of this PID co
Answer: By C and R1

Question: How is the direction of a three-phase induction
Answer: Change the position of the en

Question: How is the direction of rotation changed in an a
Answer: By switching two of the three

Question: How is the emergency stop button indented on wor
Answer: Large round head painted red.

Question: How is the excitation current transmitted to the
Answer: Via slip rings and brushes.

Question: How is the exhaust gas turbocharger cooled in re
Answer: In parallel with the cylinder

Question: How is the free flow of HFO in the bunker tanks
Answer: By heating the oil with steam

Question: How is the fuel injection timing altered on a Di
Answer: By moving the camshaft positi

Question: How is the gear train lubricated on this Diesel
Answer: Direct from the common lub oi

Question: How is the gudgeon pin removed on a trunk piston
Answer: Heat the piston using water o

Question: How is the inert gas pressure controlled in the
Answer: By an automatic pressure cont

Question: How is the opening pressure (setpoint) adjusted
Answer: By spring adjustment.

Question: How is the power output of an alternator control
Answer: By the excitation current in

Question: How is the propeller fitted onto its shaft, so a
Answer: It is keyed onto a tapered sh

Question: How is the quality and supply of inert gas check
Answer: Using the oxygen content and

Question: How is the quality of the distilled water from a
Answer: Slowing down the output of th

Question: How is the radius put on thread crests?
Answer: Using a hand-chasing tool.

Question: How is the range of this instrument adjusted ?
Answer: With item No. 1.

Question: How is the rotation direction changed in an asyn
Answer: By switching two of the three

Question: How is the sealing ring (2) fitted on the butter
Answer: It is kept in place by a reta

Question: How is the set pressure (opening pressure) adjus
Answer: By adjusting the spring press

Question: How is the shaping machine head slide checked to
Answer: Engineers square on the table

Question: How is the soot which will accumulate between th
Answer: Soot blowing at sea, water wa

Question: How is the surface gauge secured to the bed of a
Answer: Magnetic base.

Question: How is the thrust bearing lubricated on this Die
Answer: Direct via the main lub oil l

Question: How is the timing (degrees advance) adjusted on
Answer: By the fuel cam setting.

Question: How is the timing adjusted on this type fuel pum
Answer: By the fuel cam setting.

Question: How is the tool height adjusted on a centre lath
Answer: By shimming under the tool.

Question: How is the tool set up when thread cutting on th
Answer: Using a thread gauge against

Question: How is the valve shown here made air tight in th
Answer: A copper gasket is fitted.

Question: How is the vertical clearance of the impeller in
Answer: By adjusting distance/ height

Question: How is the voltage output of an alternator contr
Answer: By the excitation current in

Question: How is the work piece centred in a cantre lathe
Answer: Using a dial gauge against th

Question: How is the zero setting of this temperature tran
Answer: By item No. 1.

Question: How is this finned piping of an exhaust gas boil
Answer: It is welded.

Question: How is this type of valve kept in place in the c
Answer: It is secured to the cylinder

Question: How is Water hammer" best avoided in steam lines
Answer: Leave main stops and line val

Question: How long does it take to get to Stockholm?
Answer: How long

Question: How long does it take to take to change the engine from ahead to astern?
Answer: How long

Question: How long have the Superintendents been on…
Answer: on

Question: How long have you lived in Odessa?
Answer: How long

Question: How long will a parachute flare burn after it ha
Answer: A minimum of forty seconds

Question: How long will it take to send the spares to Japan?
Answer: How

Question: How many buoyant smoke signals should each lifeb
Answer: 2

Question: How many containers are there?
Answer: are there

Question: How many crew members are there?
Answer: are there

Question: How many degrees are there in each point of the
Answer: 11.25

Question: How many degrees are there on the rose of a magn
Answer: 360

Question: How many diodes are there in a single phase full
Answer: Four

Question: How many fire extinguishers are in the galley?
Answer: How many

Question: How many fireman's outfits are required to be ca
Answer: At least four sets.

Question: How many hand flares should each liferaft normal
Answer: 6

Question: How many loading conditions should be used when
Answer: 4

Question: How many of the crew have been sick this month?
Answer: How many

Question: How many ohms make one megohm?
Answer: 1,000,000

Question: How many passengers are on board?
Answer: How many

Question: How many points of the compass are there?
Answer: 32

Question: How many reefer plugs does the vessel have?
Answer: How many

Question: How many rocket parachute flares should each lif
Answer: 4

Question: How many seconds time delay is considered normal
Answer: 3 - 5 seconds.

Question: How many shackles are left?
Answer: How many

Question: How many shackles of cable is indicated here?
Answer: 2 shackles.

Question: How many slip rings with carbon brushes are fitt
Answer: Two.

Question: How many sliprings with carbon brushes are fitte
Answer: Two.

Question: How many strands can a flexible steel wire have?
Answer: 6 or 12 or 18

Question: How many teaspoons of instant coffee would you u
Answer: 1 level teaspoon

Question: How many times full load current are motor fuses
Answer: 2 - 3 times.

Question: How many tonnes are there in 1 ... fresh water?
Answer: 1

Question: How many tonnes are there in 1 ... salt water?
Answer: 1.025

Question: How many tonnes of oil can you take?
Answer: How many

Question: How many tonnes of steel are booked?
Answer: How many

Question: How many tonnes were loaded?
Answer: How many

Question: How many watts are there in one horsepower ?
Answer: 746 Watts.

Question: How might this steering system be actuated?
Answer: By automatic gyro steering.

Question: How much ballast can the vessel take?
Answer: How much

Question: How much cable is out?
Answer: How much

Question: How much do they need for expenses?
Answer: How much

Question: How much does it cost?
Answer: does it cost

Question: How much energy is dissipated when a 2A current
Answer: 36kJ

Question: How much higher than full load current is motor
Answer: 5 to 7 times.

Question: How much space would 300 tonnes of tea with a st
Answer: 990 cubic metres

Question: How much time will you need to finish loading?
Answer: How much time

Question: How much water is in your vessel?
Answer: How much

Question: How near is the airport to the oil terminal?
Answer: How near

Question: How often are chart corrections published?
Answer: Weekly

Question: How often is a chart catalogue published?
Answer: Annually

Question: How often is the water filter in a washing machi
Answer: At ;least once a week

Question: How often should a position fix be taken during
Answer: At least every 30 minutes

Question: How often should emergency steering drills be ca
Answer: "At least every 3 months"

Question: How often should the auto pilot be tested in man
Answer: "At least once a watch"

Question: How often should the magnetic compass error be c
Answer: Once a watch and after a majo

Question: How often should the operation of a boiler safet
Answer: At regular intervals.

Question: How ofter should you change, wash & iron bed lin
Answer: Weekly

Question: How quickly do bacteria grow and multiply at the
Answer: Every 10-20 minutes

Question: How should a dry cell battery be stored when it
Answer: In a warm room with ventilati

Question: How should a pilot ladder "hang" on the ship's s
Answer: Flat against ship's side with

Question: How should a vessel cross a traffic separation l
Answer: On a HEADING as nearly as pra

Question: How should diesel engine exhaust temperatures ch
Answer: Alter according to engine loa

Question: How should gas bottles be stored?
Answer: In two separate rooms outside

Question: How should oxygen and acetylene bottles be trans
Answer: In an upright position.

Question: How should the anchor be positioned when a ship
Answer: It should be lowered to just

Question: How should the master treat cargo claim surveyor
Answer: He should receive them courte

Question: How should tight, cooler end covers be removed?
Answer: Using jacking bolts.

Question: How should you clean work surfaces?
Answer: With a sanitiser, leave and t

Question: How should you minimize squat effect?
Answer: Decrease the speed.

Question: How was your position obtained?
Answer: How

Question: How will an earth failure be noticed in an insul
Answer: The system insulation meter w

Question: How will an earth fault be noticed in an insulat
Answer: The system insulation meter w

Question: How will coil C be activated ?
Answer: When A and B are closed and e

Question: How will the plastic insulation in a cable be af
Answer: The insulation is likely to b

Question: How will the tool shown at the top be powered if
Answer: By compressed air 8.5 kg/cm2

Question: How will you find out if an electric motor has d
Answer: By carrying out a Megger test

Question: How would a "V" slot best be cut on a Universal
Answer: Using an end mill and setting

Question: How would a large flat area be cut on a vertical
Answer: Using a 'fly cutter'.

Question: How would an existing oil tanker of less than 40
Answer: As a crude oil / product carr

Question: How would the helmsman respond to an order "stea
Answer: Repeat the order, note the co

Question: How would this stern tube bearing be lubricated
Answer: By a closed lubricating oil s

Question: How would you clean the base of an iron?
Answer: By rubbing with alcohol then

Question: How would you defrost a frozen chicken?
Answer: In the bottom of the fridge,

Question: How would you determine if a pump is working cor
Answer: Check the motor amperage load

Question: How would you drain sediment from a bottle of po
Answer: Pour it carefully through mus

Question: How would you ease the pain for someone who gets
Answer: Put the hand in cold water fo

Question: How would you identify "roll over" in a full or
Answer: "Rapid rise in pressure

Question: How would you increase the KG of a ship, loaded
Answer: By filling the small divided

Question: How would you initiate a test, if found necessar
Answer: By lowering the generator fre

Question: How would you know when 3 shackles of cable have
Answer: By locating seizing wire on t

Question: How would you respond to an order "midships" ?"
Answer: "Repeat the order, then bring

Question: How would you respond to an order "starboard ten
Answer: "By repeating the order, turn

Question: How would you respond to an order of "hard a sta
Answer: Repeat the order, then turn t

Question: How would you respond to an order of "steer 045
Answer: "Repeat the order, then alter

Question: How would you send a cluster light down into a c
Answer: Lower it on a line.

Question: How would you send tools down a hold or tank?
Answer: Lowered in a bag or bucket.

Question: How would you test the insulation on an AC motor
Answer: By carrying out a Megger test

Question: HOWT
Answer: Water-tube boilers are more efficient and contains less water. They suffer from major damages when run dry during operation.

Question: How___!
Answer: hard he works

Question: HOYJ
Answer: All launching appliances shall be capable of recovering survival crafts and rescue boats with their crew

Question: HPDQ
Answer: 4.25% of the volume of the room

Question: HPDU
Answer: Aft breast line is defined as B on the figure

Question: HPGW
Answer: Plate

Question: HPHR
Answer: Zener diode

Question: HPHU
Answer: 5 seconds

Question: HPLE
Answer: When you need to protect your eyes.

Question: HPMA
Answer: 40 ohm

Question: HPMR
Answer: 10 %

Question: HPPB
Answer: The smallest diameter piston is the stage two piston.

Question: HPPC
Answer: Deballasting and loading simultaneously.

Question: HPTH
Answer: To maintain a record of all British ships and British certificates

Question: HPVB
Answer: Regularly check your pressure gauge and note how much air you used to reach your work area. Start to return when you have this amount left plus a reasonable reserve

Question: HPVX
Answer: Immersion suit

Question: HQAX
Answer: 1 m depth per minute

Question: HQEF
Answer: Figure 1

Question: HQGU
Answer: continuously after having been immersed for a period of 10 seconds under 100mm of water

Question: HQHT
Answer: Shut off the starting air supply and open the indicator cocks

Question: HQIS
Answer: Not more than 13,5 litres and not less than 9 litres

Question: HQJG
Answer: Avoid spilling water and fat on the floors.

Question: HQLU
Answer: Forward spring is given by D on the figure

Question: HQQS
Answer: To do a full calibration.

Question: HQQW
Answer: the degree of priority

Question: HQQY
Answer: 8 MHz band

Question: HQXO
Answer: Bow/stem is given by B on the figure

Question: HQXQ
Answer: Outside the coloured zone.

Question: HRCT
Answer: Equal power on both tugs while checking the gyro

Question: HREE
Answer: No. 1 diesel and No. 2 diesel

Question: HREY
Answer: He is to check the heater for the hydraulic oil

Question: HRJV
Answer: Radiotelephony – Single sideband full carrier

Question: HSTT
Answer: 11 %

Question: HSUT
Answer: Use the “cleaning in place” arrangement or open the heat exchanger for visual inspection and manual cleaning.

Question: HSXB
Answer: Cargo ships of less than 500 tons gross

Question: HSYU
Answer: You cannot survive in H.E. foam as the oxygen content is reduced.

Question: HTAQ
Answer: 3 cm radar

Question: HTAU
Answer: 4 Rocket parachute flares / 6 hand flares / 2 buoyant smoke signals

Question: HTPS
Answer: Raise the load

Question: HTPX
Answer: Loose tight clothing, ask all unnecessary bystanders to leave and carefully place something soft under the head. If casualty is unconscious, place the person in Recovery position.

Question: HTQN
Answer: Air in the cooling water system.

Question: HTVI
Answer: In tanks not adjacent to the ship’s shell plating having heating coils?

Question: HTYW
Answer: Forward spring is given by D on the figure

Question: HUHC
Answer: Expands

Question: HUIB
Answer: They shall be carried in cargo tanks independent of the ships hull structure?

Question: hull, foot, put, pull
Answer: hull

Question: HUPO
Answer: Singapore

Question: Hurry! The ship does not stay...
Answer: does not stay

Question: hurt, bandage, gauze, plaster
Answer: hurt

Question: HUSV
Answer: Foam.

Question: HUTX
Answer: Duration of public correspondence communications

Question: HVER
Answer: Each lifeboat shall be launched with its assigned crew, and manoeuvred in the water at least once every three months during an abandon ship drill

Question: HVGC

Question: HVGD
Answer: Answering Pendant

Question: HVGH
Answer: He is asking about the position of the chain

Question: HVJO
Answer: Chemical powder is the main medium for tank deck fire fighting on gas and chemical carriers

Question: HVKH
Answer: Yes, neutral atmosphere in hold space on all gas carriers exempt from those who have independent type C tanks

Question: HVQG
Answer: One month

Question: HWBC
Answer: Too low suction pressure.

Question: HWCB
Answer: 2 lines of position.

Question: HWDR
Answer: 2

Question: HWHD
Answer: To cool, remove sulphur dioxide and particulate soot from the flue gas?

Question: HWKI
Answer: substitutes for key persons who may become disabled

Question: HWQG
Answer: Stand on dry insulating material and pull the person away with isulating material.

Question: HXBC
Answer: Lower lifeboat to water

Question: HXCQ
Answer: an area within the radiotelephone coverage of at least one VHF coast station in which continuous DSC alerting is available

Question: HXGD
Answer: VHF-equipment

Question: HXGI
Answer: rescue boat

Question: HXHS
Answer: For at least three years

Question: HXIM
Answer: When temporary bulkheads (bins) are used on deck, openings shall be arranged as to prevent water accumulating.

Question: HXKF
Answer: A thorough ventilation of the combustion chamber before the ignition takes place

Question: HXMV
Answer: The temperature must at all times be 10 degrees Centigrade above the oil’s pour point temperature.

Question: HXNP
Answer: have at least two entrances

Question: HXUC
Answer: Figure 1

Question: HXVA
Answer: That the watch keeping personnel shall be ready for starting or manoeuvring the main engine.

Question: HXWA
Answer: Not less than 10000 kJ

Question: HYDL
Answer: 4,50 m

Question: Hydrocarbon vapours are detected in a compartmen
Answer: stop operations until normal

Question: HYEK
Answer: too much combustion air

Question: HYRP
Answer: Close the valves on both the Acetylene and the Oxygen bottles.

Question: HYSN
Answer: West cardinal buoy

Question: HYTJ
Answer: Both STCW and Class rules

Question: HYVW
Answer: NAND