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Test Answers

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There are 246 answer(s) beginning with the letter R.

Question: RABL
Answer: Push button for fire alarm

Question: Racking stresses in a ship can be reduced by fit
Answer: bulkheads.

Question: Radar bearing discrimination depends mainly on w
Answer: Horizontal beamwidth

Question: Radar bearing discrimination is the ability to d
Answer: two targets at same range on

Question: Radar bearing discrimination should be within___
Answer: 2.5 degrees

Question: Radar does not transmit continuously because it
Answer: prevent detection of targets.

Question: Radar maintenance should be carried out in accor
Answer: operator's manual

Question: Radar navigational techniques should___
Answer: be practised in clear visibil

Question: Radar range accuracy depends mainly on the___
Answer: accuracy of the timebase.

Question: Radar range accuracy should be within___
Answer: 1.5 % of the range scale in u

Question: Radar range discrimination should not be less th
Answer: 50 metres.

Question: Radar reflectors are fitted to some buoys and sm
Answer: make them better radar target

Question: Radar targets give the strongest echoes if they
Answer: hard and dense.

Question: raft, flame, date, play
Answer: raft

Question: RAGG
Answer: Line throwing appliance

Question: RAHA
Answer: Renew lub oil in the system.

Question: RAHB
Answer: Near the entrance to that space

Question: Railway Iron as far as possible should be stowed
Answer: fore & aft.

Question: RAKK
Answer: Rescue Co-ordination Centre

Question: RALO
Answer: with the exception of the A1 and A2 area, within the coverage of an Inmarsat satellite’in which continuous alerting is possible

Question: RAMF
Answer: Four (4) days.

Question: Ramps for wheelchairs should have a maximum slop
Answer: 1:20

Question: Range discrimination depends mainly on which of
Answer: Pulse length

Question: RARA
Answer: By a telecom report followed by a report on a personal injury report form

Question: RARC
Answer: Information regarding maximum deck cargo permitted shall be available.

Question: RARK
Answer: The confined space always has six sides

Question: RAVI
Answer: Rescue boats shall be stowed attached to launching appliances

Question: Raw food and cooked food must be kept separate,
Answer: Prevent cross contamination

Question: RBCW
Answer: The master or his qualified representative must be on the bridge at all times

Question: RBDT
Answer: Must be capable of being stopped from an easily accessible position outside the space being served

Question: RCCV
Answer: The Chief Engineer

Question: RCFG
Answer: Yes

Question: RCLB
Answer: Report to bridge or duty officer, actuate the fire alarm, call the persons around the fire and join the fire squad

Question: RCLC
Answer: smothering and cooling

Question: RCLY
Answer: All the mentioned alternatives ?

Question: RCOH
Answer: No, if this is done the lifetime of the inhibitor will be reduced.

Question: RCTK
Answer: Prevent damage to sensitive electronic components from high voltage tester

Question: RCWF
Answer: 3

Question: RCWR
Answer: The main diesel generator or shaft generator.

Question: RCXT
Answer: Boneless beef entrecote

Question: RDBW
Answer: International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate, UK Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate, Safety Construction Certificate of Fitness.

Question: RDFA
Answer: Throughput too high.

Question: RDFC
Answer: Changing of filter element would not interrupt the engine operation.

Question: RDPC
Answer: The apparatus shall be capable of being operated on VHF channel 16

Question: RDRP
Answer: 579.2 kW

Question: RDSN
Answer: White flour

Question: RDSP
Answer: To reduce the free surface “sloshing” on the cargo

Question: RDWQ
Answer: F1B

Question: Re-conditioning part 4 and part 7 of this valve
Answer: grinding.

Question: Reciprocating pumps are most suited to pumping w
Answer: Liquids having high air conte

Question: red, we, see, feed
Answer: red

Question: Reduce the pressure in the...
Answer: Reduce

Question: Reefer holds must be inspected...
Answer: must be inspected

Question: Referring to Annex II of the Collision Regulatio
Answer: I am hauling nets.

Question: Refrigerating or cooling effect is produced by__
Answer: lowering the pressure of the

Question: refrigerator, radiator, boiler, heater
Answer: refrigerator

Question: refuse, order, command, instruct
Answer: refuse

Question: Regarding feed water, which of the following sta
Answer: Feed water in H.P. boilers is

Question: Regarding performance ... what are the requireme
Answer: It should rotate at a constan

Question: Regarding performance ... what should be the bea
Answer: "Plus or minus 1deg"

Question: Regardless of the size of an oil spill in U.S. w
Answer: the U.S. Coast Guard National

Question: Regulation 14 of Marpol states that no ballast w
Answer: Ships with special nature of

Question: Regulation 23 of Marpol Annex I is concerned wit
Answer: The oil discharged into the s

Question: RENR
Answer: Fully knowledgeable of the content.

Question: REOI
Answer: The current and wind are holding the vessel back

Question: repair, metre, leader, anchor
Answer: repair

Question: Replace the liferaft in the next port.
Answer: in

Question: Report the time of the accident.
Answer: of

Question: Report to the bridge at 1.10. ten past one
Answer: ten past one

Question: Requirements for Crude Oil Washing demand that a
Answer: Sufficient to take account of

Question: Responsibility for the provision of hoses to a s
Answer: "terminal

Question: RFBU
Answer: G3E

Question: RFFV
Answer: Alkaline.

Question: RFGW
Answer: Longer

Question: RFHP
Answer: Overheating of the piston, and oil coke deposits in the cooling chambers.

Question: RFJB
Answer: Dismantle the rotor and assemble the sealing plate

Question: RFJD
Answer: Vessel steering a few degrees off weather / sea (approx 30 degree)

Question: RFKY
Answer: Arrange ment for rowing

Question: RFPA
Answer: the distance travelled by a radio vibration in a period

Question: RGAY
Answer: Suction valve open, delivery valve closed

Question: RGBR
Answer: Better linearity and increased accuracy

Question: RGCL
Answer: B-15

Question: RGCP
Answer: Once every month.

Question: RGEC
Answer: 0 – 7

Question: RGFD
Answer: To the satisfaction of the administration

Question: RGFU
Answer: In all professions you have to learn before you can manage a job.

Question: RGGR
Answer: the use of MF and/or VHF R/T

Question: RGMJ
Answer: ensuring that every passenger is provided with an immersion suit or a thermal protective aid

Question: RGQQ
Answer: Harness with a rope secured to a safe point on the ship.

Question: RGVO
Answer: Outside the colored zone.

Question: RGVQ
Answer: The product is both flammable and toxic.

Question: RGYC
Answer: Telephone

Question: RHCF
Answer: The Very High Frequency (VHF) band.

Question: RHFP
Answer: send a DSC distress alert relay

Question: RHGO
Answer: A vessel is aground

Question: RHKU
Answer: We mean maximum allowed relieve valve setting

Question: RHWK
Answer: The difference between maximum and minimum measurement that gives a standard output signal

Question: RHWP
Answer: No, the turning diameter will be increased in shallow water

Question: RHXD
Answer: Start air supply

Question: RHYX
Answer: By audible and visual signals at the control panel

Question: rice, mark, sick, lock
Answer: rice

Question: RIFO
Answer: In a secure and sheltered position and protected from damage by fire or explosion.

Question: RIGH
Answer: C

Question: RIHE
Answer: Means of access, working environment, working conditions and general compliance with regulations

Question: RIIT
Answer: +2 bar

Question: RIOP
Answer: Good radio communication facilities (preferable 2182 kHz and/or 156.8 MHz (channel 16) radiotelephony and 500 kHz radiotelegraphy)

Question: RIPO
Answer: In conjunction with the senior watchkeeper and electrician, isolate valves, electrical supply, automatics and post ‘Do not operate’ signs before commencing work.

Question: RIRG
Answer: A described UMS-mode check shall always be carried out prior to leaving the engine room, irrespective of the time he will be absent.

Question: RIRJ
Answer: Vessel with a high block coefficient

Question: rise, list, miss, wrist
Answer: rise

Question: RITQ
Answer: At all times

Question: RIUL
Answer: Either Oil fitting equipment , or Oily-water separating equipment , or combination of both.

Question: RIVP
Answer: the use of MF DSC

Question: RIWF
Answer: child’s lifejacket

Question: RJHC
Answer: Ch.13

Question: RJWB
Answer: Woodward regulator will regulate very slowly

Question: RKFK
Answer: Report to and discuss with the Master.

Question: RKHY
Answer: While at sea the installation shall be maintained in a satisfactory condition

Question: RKIR
Answer: About 10 %

Question: RKIX
Answer: Within range of VHF coast radio stations.

Question: RKJP
Answer: Waterline corresponding to deepest allowed draft permitted by subdivision requirements

Question: RKKC
Answer: immersion suit

Question: RKLD
Answer: PAN PAN

Question: RKMT
Answer: The diffuser ring is damaged.

Question: RKMV
Answer: No, high-level alarms should be a separate system.

Question: RKOI
Answer: 00 followed by an MID-number and a station number

Question: RKPG
Answer: NAVTEX and EGC-receiver

Question: RKPK
Answer: Promptly locate the fire and raise the alarm

Question: RKPM
Answer: Yes, one if the ship is under 500 brt. And two if the ship is over 500 brt.

Question: RKRA
Answer: A surveyor from one of the 6 societies authorised by the MCA

Question: RKSY
Answer: Put the rudder about half way to port to slow down the turning rate

Question: RKWT
Answer: Not at temperatures used for pre-heating

Question: RKWU
Answer: Foam is the main medium for tank deck fire fighting on oil tankers

Question: RLAM
Answer: Checking that lifejackets are correctly donned

Question: RLDL
Answer: No, when the speed exceeds 5 knots we have not much help in a tug

Question: RLEI
Answer: 1.5 litre

Question: RLFI
Answer: Because you may cut your fingers.

Question: RLMB
Answer: 100% of the ship’s complement on each side

Question: RLPJ
Answer: Cold drinks and salt.

Question: RLPK
Answer: Class A

Question: RLVB
Answer: Use of dedicated, clean dry transfer equipment, ie. buckets, tubing and pumps

Question: RLVD
Answer: All of the mentioned alternatives.

Question: RLYO
Answer: Cast steel, Iron, Brass & Bronze.

Question: RMHT
Answer: SEC On tankers over 10 years old

Question: RMIN
Answer: Where possible the master shall provide such service. Cost and other circumstances may be taken into consideration.

Question: RMNJ
Answer: 20 minutes if there is inert gas; 30 minutes if there is not

Question: RMPC
Answer: Fluorine and/or bromine

Question: RMTF
Answer: Close the valves on both bottles, first the acetylene and then the oxygen bottle

Question: RMTH
Answer: 85 – 90 Centigrades.

Question: RMUB
Answer: Instruction for emergency repair of fire-fighting equipment

Question: RMUI
Answer: At room temperature.

Question: RMUY
Answer: Vapour at low pressure.

Question: RMXG
Answer: The anchor to be all way in the hawsepipe and secured by brake on winch and wire/chain stopper

Question: RMXL
Answer: Means shall be available to prevent any discharge of water on to survival craft during abandonment

Question: RNCS
Answer: until all crew members and passengers have reported to their respective muster stations

Question: RNEG
Answer: the height

Question: RNFB
Answer: Verify that the sefarer has been given his rights according to law or agreement, make entries in the sea service book or record of service, have a report on seamen sent to the Maritime Employer/Employee Register.

Question: RNFT
Answer: reporting to stations and preparing for the duties described in the muster list

Question: RNFX
Answer: Scrubber.

Question: RNOD
Answer: Integrator

Question: RNOE
Answer: Fire alarm panel

Question: RNOG
Answer: The method of release from launching appliances

Question: RNPW
Answer: Inform the bridge about the reason for blackout, and expected time to restart.

Question: RNSP
Answer: Fast FWD and AFT in center lead to pull the vessel out from the jetty and make it in position for voyage

Question: RNTY
Answer: No. 2

Question: RNUD
Answer: child’s lifejacket

Question: Ro-R0/Passenger Ships - The IMO stability regula
Answer: 0.15m

Question: Ro-Ro units should generally be stowed___
Answer: fore and aft

Question: road, office, hotel, house
Answer: road

Question: ROML
Answer: 21% oxygen by volume and 0% hydrocarbon of LEL.

Question: RONJ
Answer: 50 enclosed spaces

Question: ROSD
Answer: instructions on how to survive

Question: Rotary vane and 4 Ram are two types of___
Answer: steering gear.

Question: Rotterdam is the___port in Europe.
Answer: busiest

Question: Rotterdam to Singapore takes about three weeks.
Answer: to

Question: round, clue, spool, group
Answer: round

Question: ROVT
Answer: All over the world

Question: RPBK
Answer: He must instigate an investigation. He must inform the complainants of his findings and make recommendations as may be necessary

Question: RPHF

Question: RPIE
Answer: To avoid an explosion in case of oil have been leaking into the boiler furnace.

Question: RPIG
Answer: He is to notify the Chief Officer

Question: RPJS
Answer: To know specificly where to clean every day/week/month.

Question: RPLM
Answer: Latex?

Question: RPSC
Answer: Sierra, Hotel, India, Papa

Question: RPUA
Answer: ensuring that passengers and crew are made aware of the order to abandon ship

Question: RPUT
Answer: Broken water seal.

Question: RQDA
Answer: When anything unusual happens, and 30 minutes before the pilot station

Question: RQDD
Answer: +/- 50° C

Question: RQDE
Answer: a MF/HF-antenna

Question: RQKV
Answer: a 50 Ohm resistance coax cable

Question: RQRK
Answer: No, they are not compatible.

Question: RREN
Answer: evacuation slide

Question: RRLK
Answer: Abeam is defined as A on the figure

Question: RRRD
Answer: At the gangway.

Question: RRRG
Answer: Plan for safety preparedness

Question: RRWD
Answer: Using sinking agents

Question: RRYQ
Answer: Yes

Question: RSFL
Answer: Collect rain water

Question: RSHB
Answer: The vessel is proceeding at 7 knots or more, is more than 12 miles off land and is in a water depth of 25 metres or more.

Question: RSSX
Answer: Stop the engine immediately and keep the lube oil pump running for at least 20 minutes before opening the crankcase

Question: RTLE
Answer: After use

Question: RTMY
Answer: Radiation burns.

Question: RTOK
Answer: Both master and shipping company.

Question: RTPF
Answer: Ask your superior for advise before attempting to operate it.

Question: RTQE
Answer: Extinguishing attempt is started immediately

Question: RTTQ
Answer: Inform the master

Question: Rubber jointing is used for the flanges of pipew
Answer: Water.

Question: rudder, port, starboard, aft
Answer: rudder

Question: RUEJ
Answer: Check for proper air vent of the exchanger.

Question: Rule 19 says that, if you detect another vessel
Answer: determine if risk of collisio

Question: RUQY
Answer: Inter-ship channel

Question: rush, bush, look, could
Answer: rush

Question: RUTJ
Answer: Bowl opens unintentionally during operation.

Question: RUYL
Answer: Disposed of in an ashtray and ensuring that it is extinguished.

Question: RVAV
Answer: F1B

Question: RVBW
Answer: Yes, freon reacts with open flame to a poisonous gas (Fosgen).

Question: RVED
Answer: Closing must be possible from outside the spaces being ventilated

Question: RVGU
Answer: Start engine

Question: RVHM
Answer: Forward is given by C on the figure

Question: RVYE
Answer: Making the complete crane move fore and aft.

Question: RWGN
Answer: per minute or parts of it

Question: RWGX
Answer: To prevent forming a potential flammable gas cloud

Question: RWKT
Answer: Yes, transit passage through US waters to a non US port

Question: RWUV
Answer: He should take the padlock inside the room.

Question: RWWQ
Answer: It depends on the installation

Question: RXCL
Answer: Put the rudder 10 degrees to starboard

Question: RXFR
Answer: liferaft

Question: RXKT
Answer: This is firezones which can be divided from eachother with firedoors. If a fire start in one zone, all firedoors in front and aft of the fire will be closed from the bridge to stop the smoke and fire from spreading.

Question: RXOA
Answer: every week

Question: RXRE
Answer: Give a kick ahead

Question: RXRM
Answer: First wash and then rinse with fresh water from hose.

Question: RXRO
Answer: Activate bridge watchkeeping receivers and attract the attention of the person on watch.

Question: RXRQ
Answer: Stop pumps – report – clean up?

Question: RXTB
Answer: one buoyant rescue quoit, attached to not less than 30m of buoyant line

Question: RXTW
Answer: Because these metals have a very low thermal expantion coefficient and do not burst of extreme low temperatures

Question: RXWG
Answer: Increased turbocharger revolutions.

Question: RYDF
Answer: 5 %

Question: RYJV
Answer: Legs bent, back straight, using leg muscles to lift

Question: RYML
Answer: Activate the nearest fire alarm button and advise bridge of the location of the fire

Question: RYMM
Answer: A calculation example showing the use of “KG” limitation curves.

Question: RYNA
Answer: a searchlight which can work continuously for not less than 3hours

Question: RYOR
Answer: Dirty scavenging air cooler on the air side

Question: RYOX
Answer: All of these.

Question: RYUT
Answer: the height of the aerial

Question: RYWE
Answer: The use of all survival equipment

Question: RYYY
Answer: 4,50 m