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Test Answers

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Question: A "venturi" tube would normally be found in___"
Answer: an eductor.

Question: A 1.3 m long slot is to be marked off on the flo
Answer: By using a chalk line.

Question: A 20 Amp motor operates from a 240 V insulated s
Answer: 20 Amps.

Question: A 3-phase 60 cycle motor delivers 50 HP to a pum
Answer: 223 pound-feet

Question: A 90?centre punch is specifically designed to?
Answer: Pop mark for drilling.

Question: A basic paint is made up of___
Answer: pigment, binder, solvent and

Question: A basic radar plot can be used to___
Answer: estimate the speed of target.

Question: A battery of dry cells consists of 8 cells conne
Answer: 2.3 Ampere

Question: A blind hole in a valve casing requires to be ta
Answer: Taper, second and plug.

Question: A boiler burner fails each time it is started wi
Answer: The flame cell is dirty.

Question: A boiler fitting known as a gauge glass, is used
Answer: To indicate water level.

Question: A boiler mounting is___
Answer: the various valves and fittin

Question: A Bourdon Tube is used to assist the measurement
Answer: Pressure.

Question: A breakdown in insulation between a motor windin
Answer: an earth.

Question: A calcium based primer is used instead of a lead
Answer: Aluminium.

Question: A cargo plan would NOT include___
Answer: loading and discharge equipme

Question: A cargo tank has been gas freed from LNG and you
Answer: "The top, bottom and levels i

Question: A cargo tank should not be entered unless___
Answer: an Enclosed Space Entry Permi

Question: A cargo tank which has been gas-freed can be ine
Answer: "displacement

Question: A casualty has been injured by crushing his hand
Answer: Give the patient a shot of al

Question: A centre punch has a 60? point for?
Answer: Accurate marking.

Question: A centrifugal bilge pump requires priming___
Answer: due to the inability of this

Question: A centrifugal pump may fail to deliver water whe
Answer: pump is not primed.

Question: A centrifugal pump should always be started agai
Answer: "To minimize the pump motor l

Question: A chipping hammer would be used for which of the
Answer: Removing paint from small are

Question: A chisel is refurbished and requires the cutting
Answer: "Heat to 260.C Quench in wate

Question: A clogged or dirty lubrication oil filter can be
Answer: the pressure drop across the

Question: A companion of yours on a ship falls down a flig
Answer: Seek help.

Question: A company is expected to have documented emergen
Answer: shipboard communication metho

Question: A Company's safety management objectives and req
Answer: encouraged and supported.

Question: A complete oscillation of a radio wave is called
Answer: a cycle.

Question: A component with a working temperature of 325 C
Answer: Epoxy phenolic.

Question: A conductor's electrical current is measured in_
Answer: Amperes.

Question: A container with this warning sign would contain
Answer: Toxic.

Question: A corner reflector is used to___
Answer: increase the detectability of

Question: A crankcase weld requires detailed inspection wh
Answer: By dye penetrant.

Question: A crew member has fallen from a height of about
Answer: Do not move the patient as he

Question: A crewman reports feeling dizzy after time in a
Answer: test the compartment atmosphe

Question: A current clamp meter is clipped around a cable
Answer: 0 Amps.

Question: A cylinder of a large diesel engine is 900 mm in
Answer: 508,680 kg

Question: A DC series motor is used to operate a pump driv
Answer: The motor will over speed and

Question: A diesel engine block is made of___and does not
Answer: cast iron.

Question: A diesel engine cylinder diameter is 700 mm, its
Answer: 1095 IHP

Question: A distinguishing feature of an eductor, when com
Answer: lack of moving parts.

Question: A factor in determining a radar maximum range is
Answer: receiver sensitivity.

Question: A falling barometer is an indication of___
Answer: bad weather to come.

Question: A fishing vessel is showing a basket and a singl
Answer: From the basket towards the c

Question: A flashback arrester has been triggered. Which i
Answer: "Ascertain cause of activatio

Question: A flat chisel requires tempering; which temperat
Answer: 260 C dark brown.

Question: A flat lead acid battery can be revived by___
Answer: Filling with dilute sulphuric

Question: A frustrum of a hexagonal pyramid is shown. Whic
Answer: No.1

Question: A function of the deflection coils in a C.R.T. i
Answer: cause the electrons to form t

Question: A General Arrangement drawing gives details of a
Answer: layout

Question: A generator's Reverse Power protection relay is
Answer: the generator and the bus bar

Question: A hacksaw blade is placed in the body of the hac
Answer: Down and away from the handle

Question: A hammer with one flat end to its head and one h
Answer: Engineer's hammer.

Question: A heavy fall or a severe blow to the upper part
Answer: The casually has difficulty i

Question: A horse-shoe magnet has___
Answer: 2 poles.

Question: A hydrazine test is conducted on boiler water to
Answer: Excess oxygen.

Question: A hydrometer is used to measure___
Answer: the specific gravity of the b

Question: A large metal surface is best cleaned and prepar
Answer: Shot blasting.

Question: A leak from the gland of a centrifugal pump is f
Answer: re-pack the stuffing box loos

Question: A liferaft must be constructed so that it operat
Answer: 18 metres

Question: A line-throwing appliance that meets SOLAS requi
Answer: "At least 230 metres in calm

Question: A lot of___is being done on this disease.
Answer: research

Question: A machine tool used for reducing the diameter of
Answer: a centre lathe.

Question: A Main Engine revolution counter reads 69,980 at
Answer: 87.3 rpm

Question: A method of joining two plastics together is by
Answer: Adhesive is applied and disso

Question: A micro-processor is:
Answer: a CPU integrated circuit.

Question: A mooring rope breaks close to the eye-splice du
Answer: Replace it at once.

Question: A motor controlled by thyristors is to be tested
Answer: Disconnect all cables to the

Question: A Move the pilot ladder clear...
Answer: Move

Question: A navigational position line is a part of a___
Answer: "position circle."

Question: A new oil tanker of 20,000 tons deadweight and a
Answer: crude oil / product carrier.

Question: A new oil tanker of 20,000 tons dwt and above bu
Answer: product carrier

Question: A new oil tanker of 20,000 tons or above, satisf
Answer: product carrier

Question: A new oil tanker of 70,000 dwt and above, satisf
Answer: crude oil / product carrier

Question: A non-return valve can be identified from an ord
Answer: an arrow on the body of the v

Question: A paint which is resistant to oils would be used
Answer: The engine room.

Question: A parachute distress flare must burn with a brig
Answer: "red colour"

Question: A perforated flat is part of the structure in th
Answer: fore peak.

Question: A piston of this type is composed of the followi
Answer: piston crown, piston rod, pis

Question: A power driven vessel engaged in towing is displ
Answer: Not less than 4.5 metres.

Question: A power driven vessel observes the stern light o
Answer: The observing vessel

Question: A pressostat as well as a thermostat are sources
Answer: binary

Question: A pressure reducing valve works according to the
Answer: the membrane spring.

Question: A pump can empty a tank in 12 hours, another pum
Answer: 2 and 1/4 hours

Question: A radar log should record___
Answer: the details of repairs and se

Question: A radar presentation feature which can often be
Answer: an off-centred display

Question: A radar presentation feature which is useful in
Answer: true motion

Question: A radar reflection plotter can be used to___
Answer: make a quick radar plot

Question: A radar target is likely to give the poorest ref
Answer: conical.

Question: A radar target of a certain size is likely to gi
Answer: metal.

Question: A radar with a wavelength of 3.2 cm would have a
Answer: 9,375 MHz

Question: A receiver in a refrigeration system is used to_
Answer: store the refrigerant.

Question: A reflection plotter is a radar device which___
Answer: fits directly over the displa

Question: A refrigerant gives up heat when it___
Answer: condenses.

Question: A repair to a compressor requires a plate of the
Answer: No.4

Question: A rescue boat must be capable of carrying a pers
Answer: 5

Question: A sanitizer is a cleaning chemical used to do wh
Answer: Reduces Bacteria to a safe le

Question: A scriber should not be used for marking out?
Answer: When material is to be bent.

Question: A ship is being turned short round in a tidal st
Answer: "6 cables "

Question: A ship makes an observed speed of 17 knots. The
Answer: 2.85 %

Question: A ship other than a tanker of 400grt and above,
Answer: II, V, VII

Question: A ship turns around a point ... is at full sea s
Answer: At about 1/4 of the ship's le

Question: A ship turns around a point ... is going astern?
Answer: At about 1/4 of ship's length

Question: A ship turns around a point ... is stopped in th
Answer: At the ship's centre of gravi

Question: A ship's electrical system is ... "closed insula
Answer: The system is totally insulat

Question: A ship's electrical system is ... "insulated neu
Answer: The system is totally insulat

Question: A ship's main engine runs at 114 RPM. The slip t
Answer: 4040 mm

Question: A ship's propeller is 4882 mm in diameter with p
Answer: 16.7 knots.

Question: A shipmate touches some live electrical wires an
Answer: Find and isolate the source o

Question: A short box girder is ... 8 mm steel plate. What
Answer: "None.

Question: A short box girder is ... 8 mm thick steel plate
Answer: Single bevel 45?

Question: A short box girder is ...18 mm thick steel plate
Answer: Double bevel

Question: A single phase motor has a full load current of
Answer: 63 Amps

Question: A six pole 50Hz three phase induction motor has
Answer: 975 rpm.

Question: A six pole asynchronous motor is fed from a 60 H
Answer: 1140 RPM

Question: A six-pole asynchronous motor is connected to a
Answer: 954 RPM

Question: A small electrical circuit can be used to switch
Answer: A relay.

Question: A small piece of plastic found in a pork pie is
Answer: Physical contamination

Question: A space that has been declared 'gas-free'___
Answer: can only be said to be gas-fr

Question: A split-phase motor is an induction motor where
Answer: the main and the auxiliary wi

Question: A squall line of sharp changes of wind, is very
Answer: cold front.

Question: A star connected induction motor operates on 220
Answer: I phase is 27.3 Ampere, phase

Question: A stiff vessel will have a GM which is___
Answer: large

Question: A stowaway has been found...
Answer: has been found

Question: A sudden rising strong wind, or sudden increase
Answer: squall

Question: A swing check valve is used in a pipeline to___
Answer: allow flow in one direction o

Question: A tank vessel owner or operator can ensure he ha
Answer: contracting sufficient resour

Question: A target with a "rough" surface is likely to___"
Answer: give a good echo at any aspec

Question: A target with a smooth surface will only give a
Answer: 90 degrees.

Question: A temperature guide on a lable on a shirt reads
Answer: Cottron

Question: A tool should be used___
Answer: only for the function for whi

Question: A tool used to mark the centre for a twist drill
Answer: a centre punch.

Question: A triac circuit is used to regulate the brightne
Answer: The power losses are almost z

Question: A tropical storm has been hitting...
Answer: has been hitting

Question: A true motion radar display shows___
Answer: a target's actual movement

Question: A tug is connected by a line at your bow. Will t
Answer: No, when the speed exceeds 5

Question: A typhoon is a___weather phenomenon.
Answer: very dangerous

Question: A typical figure for minimum radar range is___
Answer: 25 metres.

Question: A typical pulse repetition frequency is___
Answer: 500 to 3000 pulses per second

Question: A typical radar pulse length is___
Answer: 0.05 to 1.25 microseconds.

Question: A valve which is operated by an electric circuit
Answer: solenoid valve.

Question: A vessel fitted with an operational radar must u
Answer: assess the course and speed o

Question: A vessel has a propeller with 3828 mm pitch and
Answer: 5.3 %

Question: A vessel in the condition shown in Figure 1will
Answer: hogging

Question: A vessel is at anchor and displaying two anchor
Answer: Not less than 4.5 metres.

Question: A vessel is under pilotage approaching a Europea
Answer: The master and duty officers.

Question: A vessel joining the general direction of traffi
Answer: at as small an angle as pract

Question: A vessel not using the traffic separation scheme
Answer: avoid it by as wide a margin

Question: A vessel shall, so far as is practicable, avoid
Answer: on a heading as nearly as pra

Question: A vessel using a traffic separation scheme shall
Answer: keep clear of the traffic sep

Question: A vessel which can only safely navigate within a
Answer: sailing vessels, fishing vess

Question: A vessel's sidelights should be positioned above
Answer: Three-quarters the height of

Question: A voltmeter with 5,000 ohm internal resistance r
Answer: 70000 Ohm

Question: A watchkeeping engineer normally works in the en
Answer: 4 hours on 8 hours off.

Question: A Wheatstone Bridge is a precision instrument us
Answer: Resistance.

Question: A Wheatstone Bridge is used to measure an unknow
Answer: A known resistance.

Question: A white metal lined bearing is to be fitted on t
Answer: Use a half-round scraper with

Question: A wire rope is___than a fibre rope.
Answer: stronger

Question: AAET
Answer: Transistor

Question: AAJT
Answer: A large temperature drop across the drier.

Question: AALB
Answer: 30 litres pr. nautical mile.

Question: AAWE
Answer: lowering of at least one lifeboat after any necessary preparation for launching

Question: ABAF
Answer: He has control of the navigation and movement of the vessel

Question: ABAM
Answer: Cavitation

Question: ABBG
Answer: Figure 1

Question: Abdominal Thrust is the name of a technique used
Answer: Stand close behind the casual

Question: ABDQ
Answer: Water Pump Pliers

Question: ABEN
Answer: not less than 180m

Question: ABFC
Answer: One long blast followed by two short blasts at intervals of not more than 2 min

Question: ABHV
Answer: Forward breast line is given by C on the figure

Question: ABKJ
Answer: By soft machine scrubbing with red pad and a renewing of polish only where there is heavy traffic (f.i. in the middle of corridors and not the whole floor).

Question: ABLH
Answer: Yes, even if he/ she did not die while onboard.

Question: About which point on a waterline does a vessel c
Answer: The Longitudinal Centre of Fl

Question: ABPJ
Answer: The employer/master.

Question: AC generators are rated in___
Answer: KVA.

Question: ACAJ
Answer: Secure hatches

Question: ACBX
Answer: To avoid pollution.

Question: Access doors on deck cranes have to be___
Answer: weathertight.

Question: According to Annex V of Marpol , no garbage can
Answer: Comminuted (ground up) food w

Question: According to Marpol, what does the term "new shi
Answer: All of the other options appl

Question: According to Marpol, what does the term "oil " m
Answer: Petroleum in any form includi

Question: According to Marpol, what is ... "oil fuel"?"
Answer: Any oil used on board in conn

Question: According to Marpol, what is ... "oily mixture "
Answer: A mixture with any oil conten

Question: According to OPA 90 Pollution Response, clean-up
Answer: Group V

Question: According to Regulation 13.3.b, in which of thes
Answer: I, III, IV

Question: According to regulations, on board ships it is n
Answer: All essential pumps in the en

Question: According to SOLAS - for carbon dioxide fire-fig
Answer: 85 % of the gas can be discha

Question: According to SOLAS - sanitary, ballast, bilge or
Answer: they are not normally used fo

Question: According to SOLAS - the number and position of
Answer: at least two jets of water no

Question: According to the MEPC, Circular No. 235, issued
Answer: strongly recommended for all

Question: According to the weather forecast, we are___a bi
Answer: due for

Question: Accurate target bearings are obtained by___
Answer: synchronizing the radar beam

Question: ACGC
Answer: Ensure that the chart and the GPS use same datum

Question: aches, chest, chief, reach
Answer: aches

Question: ACKJ
Answer: Chemical foams

Question: ACMU
Answer: Atmosphere is not combustible in either situation.

Question: ACPG
Answer: By smothering and also by providing some cooling

Question: ACXK
Answer: 2 h, 2 candelas (about 1,7 mile range at normal meteorological sight)

Question: ACYL
Answer: Notify the Chief Officer or officer on duty and run the ventilation for at least 15min

Question: Additional bottom stiffening is required immedia
Answer: pounding.

Question: address, package, envelope, box
Answer: address

Question: ADLS
Answer: Charts, nautical publications, GMDSS log, Oil Record book(s)

Question: ADNN
Answer: Machinery spaces of category A

Question: ADTB
Answer: Because they wanted to make sure that the ship could be turned safely.

Question: Advance to 2.5 nautical miles …. two and a half
Answer: two and a half

Question: ADVC
Answer: Yes – any consular official can detain a vessel

Question: Advise you make course 150. one five zero
Answer: one five zero

Question: AECJ
Answer: The water can be applied in a fine spray starting from the front in a sweeping motion.

Question: AECL
Answer: Sodium Hydroxide Solution

Question: AEFB
Answer: First aspect confirm death. Notify company, and next-of-kin, and if on board to be advised and comforted as may be required. Arrange to have body moved to freezer area. Notify local agents and British Consul when abroad. Entry to be made in Record of Bir

Question: AEKV
Answer: Every three months

Question: AEMQ
Answer: Red

Question: AENE
Answer: To prevent the steam and water in the boiler from discharging out by the feed line, if a feed line fracture or a joint in the line blows.

Question: AEOG
Answer: To determine wether the ship is seaworthy

Question: AEPT
Answer: Disperse or dissolve the oil into the water

Question: AEPV
Answer: Yes, the bottles can be dumped if they are ground so that the resulting particles can pass through a screen with 25 mm openings

Question: AFCL
Answer: 5% by volume.

Question: AFRF
Answer: routine

Question: After 24 hours submersion in fresh water, the bu
Answer: 5%

Question: After a collision on the high seas, the Master o
Answer: To inform the other ship of t

Question: After a lifting block has been dismantled, clean
Answer: That all the split pins and l

Question: After a partial discharge and prior to sailing,
Answer: secure & shore the remaining

Question: After a total black-out with an automatic power
Answer: Main sea water pump, jacket C

Question: After boiler inspections and surveys, what is th
Answer: Check safety valve blow-off p

Question: After bunkering when all the fuel oil tanks have
Answer: The tanks should be sounded t

Question: After changing range scales on which the ARPA fa
Answer: "A period of time not exceedi

Question: After checking for open airway, giving the first
Answer: 12-16 times per minute.

Question: After doing which ONE of the following is it MOS
Answer: Handling raw meat

Question: After fitting a new cylinder liner to a 2 -strok
Answer: Reduce the cylinder load.

Question: After gear pump re-assembly what must be checked
Answer: Direction of rotation is corr

Question: After how many hours would you consider changing
Answer: 12000 hours.

Question: After oil cargo loading/discharge or bunkering,
Answer: I, III, IV, VI,

Question: After putting the windlass in gear, what must yo
Answer: Open the brake

Question: After seven months at sea, Im looking forward to going on…
Answer: on

Question: After sharpening a twist drill, which points are
Answer: "Clearance angle Chisel edge

Question: After sometime, scale build-up is unavoidable in
Answer: Bythe circulation of chemical

Question: After testing the atmosphere of a cargo hold, wh
Answer: If the cargo space is safe to

Question: After the operation, he was in terrible___.
Answer: pain

Question: After throwing a liferaft into the water, what s
Answer: Pull the painter all the way

Question: After using hand or power tools, they should be_
Answer: returned to their allotted st

Question: After water washing the turbocharger exhaust sid
Answer: The rotor blades are damaged

Question: After work on the fuel system what must be carri
Answer: System bled through at the in

Question: AFTY
Answer: select the telex in on-line position

Question: AFYY
Answer: When unsaturated chemical compounds are heated under pressure, the molecules react with each other and form large molecules.

Question: again, prior, before, previously
Answer: again

Question: AGCH
Answer: Flat file

Question: AGEC
Answer: A tank is only to be considered as gas free when no traces of flammable and/or poisonous gas are measured and in addition O2 content is measured to be 21 %.

Question: AGGL
Answer: All mentioned.

Question: AGGM
Answer: Fairlead is given by C on the figure

Question: AGLK
Answer: 30 months / 5 years

Question: AGRJ
Answer: Get out of the engine room as soon as possible.

Question: AGXI
Answer: High delivery pressure

Question: AGYC
Answer: Specific heat

Question: AHCF
Answer: does not sustain burning or continue melting after being totally enveloped in a fire for a period of 2seconds

Question: AHCJ
Answer: This call will normally be followed by a DSC acknowlegment call

Question: AHGM
Answer: Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon.

Question: AHIC
Answer: 23:23

Question: AHIF
Answer: at least 12 distributed on both sides of the ship

Question: AHJU
Answer: To avoid uncontrolled decomposition the cargo should be discharged overboard.

Question: AHTR
Answer: The HSE has authority only where an interface exists between the ship and shore e.g. means of access regs. In a serious case, they would contact the local Marine Officer

Question: AHWA
Answer: Vessels with bulbous bow, LPG- and LNG-vessels must provide their own projector

Question: AHWE
Answer: Panama lead is given by C on the figure

Question: AHWF
Answer: Tell the jettyman to stop loading immediately.

Question: AHXB
Answer: outside the sea areas A1, A2 and A3

Question: AIGK
Answer: Good eyesight and able to communicate with the OOW (officer on watch)

Question: AIHG
Answer: Water-tube boilers are more efficient and contains less water. They suffer from major damages when run dry during operation.

Question: AIIW
Answer: The bottom washing starts whilst there is still a small amount of cargo in the tank.

Question: AINU
Answer: Checking that passengers and crew are suitably dressed and lifejackets correctly donned

Question: AINY
Answer: F1B

Question: AIQE
Answer: Stop the washing process and not resume until the oxygen content in the tank is below 8%.

Question: AISX
Answer: Near to the deck, crawl out keeping your face as near to the deck as possible.

Question: AISY
Answer: Test pressure equal to 1.5 times the maximum allowable working pressure

Question: AIWE
Answer: have separate draining pumps of sufficient capacity

Question: AIWH
Answer: Start water-spray

Question: AIXA
Answer: A 2 stroke engine has an ignition every time the piston reaches its top position.

Question: AJBF
Answer: In Section 6 of the Act.

Question: AJMX
Answer: Vitamin B

Question: AJSP

Question: AJUH
Answer: Every four years

Question: AJWX
Answer: interrupt

Question: AJXS
Answer: 0,5 – 1 watt

Question: AKAH
Answer: Cavitation

Question: AKAJ
Answer: Insufficient amount of bowl closing water

Question: AKFY

Question: AKQA
Answer: At such locations that at least two jets not emanating from the same hydrant may reach any part of the ship normally accessible to the crew while the ship is being navigated, one of these jets coming from a single length of hose (the other jet may come from a connection of several lengths of hoses)

Question: AKRP
Answer: During loading/discharging of persistent/non persistent oil?

Question: AKRT
Answer: 1 min

Question: AKRW
Answer: the sea areas

Question: Alaska, Algeria, Libya, Egypt
Answer: Alaska

Question: ALEN
Answer: Orange

Question: ALIJ
Answer: Yes.

Question: All
Answer: he spaces mentioned

Question: All accidents must be recored in:
Answer: The Accident Report Form or B

Question: All engine crankcase explosion investigations ha
Answer: evidence of a hot spot.

Question: All essential supplies need to arrive by …
Answer: by

Question: All liquids can change into vapour and the proce
Answer: evaporation

Question: All mechanical cutting devices have the same bas
Answer: One moving and one fixed blad

Question: All Noxious Liquid Substances (NLS) are listed i
Answer: 17

Question: All tank vessels under OPA 90 are required to ca
Answer: accommodate oil spilt on deck

Question: All the ferrous components of a ship will sustai
Answer: acid waters.

Question: All types of food___stored in these boxes.
Answer: can be

Question: Altering the range scale may automatically chang
Answer: pulse length

Question: Alternator (A) 100 kVA runs parallel with altern
Answer: 429.8 Amps

Question: Alternator temperature indicators often giving r
Answer: 26.6.

Question: Although he felt very___he smiled___.
Answer: angry, in a friendly way

Question: ALUC
Answer: Public announcement system to be used for informing. The cabin attendant should proceed to their cabin section, and search all cabins. If the area is inaccessible report to their superior.

Question: AMAX
Answer: two efficient painters

Question: AMDH
Answer: Alarm instruction

Question: AMDJ
Answer: Act according to the check list “during crude oil washing”.

Question: AMEG
Answer: G2B

Question: America___by Christopher Columbus in the year 14
Answer: was discovered

Question: AMGW
Answer: Employment agreement, report on seamen and documentation that the seafarer has the necessary qualifications, health certificate, record of service

Question: AMHQ
Answer: He shall arrange for proper care within what he may find to be reasonable expenses

Question: AMMR
Answer: Every 5 years

Question: Amongst other requirements, what kind of arrange
Answer: A slop tank arrangement

Question: AMPX
Answer: In the cargo tanks we use either float or radar type gauge to control the liquid level

Question: AMWO
Answer: Stretch a painter from fore to aft

Question: AMYI
Answer: red

Question: An A.R.P.A. is an___
Answer: Automatic Radar Plotting Aid

Question: An abnormally hot suction line in a refrigeratin
Answer: insufficient refrigerant.

Question: An acetylene welding cylinder is packed with cha
Answer: 375 times

Question: An adult lifejacket must be constructed so that
Answer: 4.5 metres

Question: An adult lifejacket must have sufficient buoyanc
Answer: 2 seconds

Question: An aid to identifying land features at long rang
Answer: a chart with topographic deta

Question: An air compressor driven by the exhaust gases is
Answer: a turbo-charger.

Question: An alternative name for the anti-rain clutter co
Answer: F.T.C. control

Question: An alternative name for the anti-sea clutter con
Answer: S.T.C. control

Question: An automatically controlled Freon-12 compressor
Answer: solenoid valve closes.

Question: An auxiliary diesel Engine cylinder head valve g
Answer: "11.92 : 27.05 11.81 : 27.04"

Question: An earth fault on an electrical motor can be def
Answer: metal frame work.

Question: An electric appliance takes 2500 Watt. The elect
Answer: 11.11 Ohm

Question: An electrical breaker is defined as which of the
Answer: A device that acts as a fuse

Question: An electrical heater is marked 220 V, 4400 W. Wh
Answer: 11 Ohm

Question: An electrical three phase motor connected to a p
Answer: Stop the motor and check the

Question: An engine develops 2500 IHP and the BHP is 2000.
Answer: 0.8 or 80%

Question: An engine's fuel pump supplies fuel in excess of
Answer: pressure regulating valve.

Question: An epoxy non-contaminant paint would be most sui
Answer: Deep tanks.

Question: An ideal operational amplifier is characterised
Answer: all the other options.

Question: An important publication required to be approved
Answer: The Procedures and Arrangemen

Question: An inert gas system should be used to___
Answer: reduce the oxygen content in

Question: An insect has become lodged in the ear. How shou
Answer: Gently flood the casualty's e

Question: An occluded depression tends to move___
Answer: slowly and irregularly.

Question: An oil spill removal organisation that can demon
Answer: "Level "E "."

Question: An oil tanker is prohibited from discharging oil
Answer: II, III, V, VII, IX, X,

Question: An OOW, on duty in coastal waters, notices that
Answer: Call the master to assist him

Question: An operation check required on installation is t
Answer: determine the limits of shado

Question: An operational check you should carry out when a
Answer: check the accuracy of the hea

Question: An overdose of toxic petroleum vapour affects yo
Answer: "reducing it temporarily

Question: An unconscious seaman is lying on his back and i
Answer: Tilt his head back as far as

Question: An unidentified feeder supplies three motors wit
Answer: 120 Amps.

Question: ANBU
Answer: In the port where the occurance took place/ first port of call after the occurance took place – postponed only in exceptional cases and pursuant to provisions.

Question: anchor, winching, beaches, launches
Answer: anchor

Question: anchorage, searching, church, such
Answer: anchorage

Question: ANDG
Answer: starting and operating the lifeboat engine

Question: animal, dog, cat, fish
Answer: animal

Question: ANML
Answer: Protect against corrosion

Question: ANMN
Answer: Fresh water system failure

Question: Ann and Peter phone___every day.
Answer: each other

Question: Annex II of Marpol 73/78 deals mainly with___
Answer: the pollution hazards from ch

Question: Annex IV of Marpol, deals with sewage. How does
Answer: The regulations are not yet u

Question: ANNG
Answer: Capacitor

Question: ANOY
Answer: 4

Question: ANQS
Answer: Steering gear and alarm system

Question: ANSH
Answer: As the piston passes “The Lubrication Points” in an upward direction.

Question: ANSK
Answer: Decreasing the speed of rotation will decrease the discharge pressure.

Question: ANSM
Answer: Rectifier

Question: ANXC
Answer: The Chief Engineer

Question: Any
Answer: f the listed alternatives.

Question: Any changes would appear...
Answer: would

Question: Any discharge of oil into the sea is prohibited
Answer: the tanker is not within a Sp

Question: Any discharge of oil into the sea is prohibited,
Answer: the tanker is more than 50 na

Question: Any ship of 400 tons gross and above but less th
Answer: 100 ppm

Question: any, station, taking, daily
Answer: any

Question: AOBP
Answer: Open steam valve very slowly, considering system expansion.

Question: AOBR
Answer: Valve in the outlet line partly closed.

Question: AODG
Answer: Immediately stop the discharging.

Question: AOHG
Answer: Once a week.

Question: AOHJ
Answer: The AB’s Certificate (or equivalent), the seaman’s discharge book, the medical certificate

Question: AOJD
Answer: 17 – 20° C

Question: AOMD
Answer: Piston rod

Question: AOML
Answer: 2.15 V

Question: AOQQ
Answer: Maritime Rescue Coordinating Centre

Question: AOWN
Answer: Maritime Mobile Service Identity

Question: AOYB
Answer: details of the general emergency alarm signal consisting of seven or more short blasts, followed by one long blast.

Question: APAO
Answer: The water level is between the water cock connection of the boiler, and the bottom of the gauge glass. It is safe to put feed water into the boiler.

Question: Apart from ensuring navigational safety at ancho
Answer: Monitor the VHF for orders fo

Question: APGH
Answer: Have all scuppers plugged

Question: APGN
Answer: Notify Ch.Eng., find cause of leakage, remedy the leakage and then immediately start cleaning of the tank top.

Question: APHL
Answer: Collect water/cargo to be pumped out

Question: APKM
Answer: They are going to weigh the anchor

Question: APKU
Answer: After 20 minutes

Question: APLT
Answer: Collect rain water

Question: Approximately how much blood is contained in the
Answer: About 5 litres.

Question: Approximately, what is the temperature of a ciga
Answer: 500 degrees C.

Question: APRH
Answer: 20 000 dwt

Question: AQAM
Answer: Sufficient amount for fifteen hours operation at full capacity

Question: AQBL
Answer: The assistance of the vessel is no longer required

Question: AQBN
Answer: the sun

Question: AQCA
Answer: A thick rope to tie up the ship.

Question: AQCC
Answer: OSC to be designated by an appropriate RCC or RSC.

Question: AQEO
Answer: By soft machine scrubbing with red pad and a renewing of polish only where there is heavy traffic (f.i. in the middle of corridors and not the whole floor).

Question: AQEY
Answer: 1,5 Bar

Question: AQHE
Answer: booster pump coming on the line and discharging properly

Question: AQSA
Answer: Foam that is not a “alcohol resistant” type and water spray.

Question: ARAF
Answer: Two lettres

Question: ARAJ
Answer: 10-200

Question: Arc chutes in circuit breakers are efficient dev
Answer: confine the arc, control its

Question: Are the dangerous goods on fire?
Answer: on

Question: Are the engines ready?
Answer: Are

Question: Are the new crew members ...
Answer: Are

Question: Are the sea conditions expected to change?
Answer: to change

Question: Are the temperature recorders in the holds operational?
Answer: Are

Question: Are there any dangers to...
Answer: Are there

Question: Are there any warnings down operation?
Answer: down

Question: Are you altered underway?
Answer: Are you altered

Question: Are you joining us later...
Answer: Are you joining

Question: Are you leaving tomorrow or Friday?
Answer: Are you leaving

Question: Are you on an even keel?
Answer: on

Question: Are you ready for the Pilots arrival?
Answer: Are you ready

Question: Are you ready to order the supplies?
Answer: Are you ready

Question: are, spare, fair, wear
Answer: are

Question: Aren't you hungry? You have___eaten anything.
Answer: hardly

Question: ARGA
Answer: an EGC-message destined for ships of a certain company

Question: ARGG
Answer: Means of Access Regs

Question: ARJL
Answer: It requires less maintenance

Question: ARMX
Answer: All answers

Question: ARNT
Answer: Exhaust valve

Question: ARQG
Answer: With IOPP certificate we mean International Oil Pollution Prevention certificate and the ship is classed to prevent oil pollution

Question: arrive, leave, go, depart
Answer: arrive

Question: ARSY
Answer: Jacket water cooler is clogged.

Question: ARUM
Answer: No, food waste can not be dumped overboard

Question: As a food handler it is very important that you
Answer: Vomiting, Nausea & Diarrhoea

Question: As a result of the collision, the vessel receive
Answer: most damage

Question: As a rule of ... of 180 cSt heavy fuel oil purif
Answer: 2 to 3

Question: As a rule of ... of 380 cSt heavy fuel oil purif
Answer: 1 to 2

Question: As a rule of ... of diesel oil purifiers should
Answer: 4 to 5

Question: As a rule of ... of lubricating oil purifiers us
Answer: 6 to 8

Question: As a rule of thumb, the time interval for automa
Answer: 1 to 2

Question: As distance from the scanner increases, the powe
Answer: decreases rapidly

Question: As long as a tanker is not in Gas Free condition
Answer: The Deck Seal Pump

Question: As n
Answer: ar as possible to the ship’s manifold?

Question: As part of an ... top centre drawing ?
Answer: A level controller.

Question: As part of an ... top right drawing ?
Answer: A thermometer.

Question: As part of your cleaning duties you may have to
Answer: Any computer equipment and pe

Question: As soon as I have further information I will make...
Answer: will make

Question: As we can use only the linear part of the charac
Answer: Yes, but the readings obtaine

Question: As well as chemical cargoes, what may chemical t
Answer: Other liquid products

Question: Ask the Chief for the protective gear.
Answer: for

Question: ASQC
Answer: Density, viscosity, flow rate, temperature, gravity disc diameter

Question: ASQX
Answer: An approved hook with a locking device

Question: Assistance will arrive within 15 minutes. a quarter of an hour
Answer: a quarter of an hour

Question: Assuming a forecast wind of say, 30 kts, with th
Answer: 4.9

Question: ASUJ
Answer: Regulating freon liquid flow to the evaporator.

Question: ASXU
Answer: position

Question: ASYN
Answer: the direction of the electrical field

Question: At body temperature (37o c) most food poisoning
Answer: Grow quickly

Question: At how many miles does the Law of the Sea Conven
Answer: Twelve miles

Question: At least how often should rescue boats be launch
Answer: Every three months.

Question: At least one survey must to be carried out durin
Answer: The Intermediate survey

Question: At least two slop tanks are required for___
Answer: new oil tankers of 70,000 ton

Question: At maximum voltage what angle is the conductor c
Answer: 90 degrees

Question: At night you notice, in addition to other lights
Answer: A fishing vessel hampered by

Question: At night, in addition to her sidelights, what el
Answer: A stern light.

Question: At night, you are power-driven vessel 'A' approa
Answer: I ( vessel 'A' ) must keep cl

Question: At noon GMT its 0700 hours … oh seven hundred
Answer: oh seven hundred

Question: At range 2 miles and steady bearing, you sounded
Answer: Sound one short blast and alt

Question: At sea during the day, you see a vessel displayi
Answer: A vessel engaged in fishing

Question: At sea you sight a tug displaying this signal. W
Answer: Give assistance as the tug is

Question: At sea, what should be the level in tank number
Answer: Full

Question: At the commencement of a sea voyage the Master,
Answer: Always the Master

Question: At what angle of heel on a statical stability cu
Answer: 57.3 degrees.

Question: At what height above the hull should the forward
Answer: 6 metres.

Question: At what interval should boiler water testing tak
Answer: Every day.

Question: At what intervals should an EPIRB be tested, ins
Answer: At intervals not exceeding tw

Question: At what minimum height above the hull should the
Answer: 9 metres.

Question: At what moment will the cylinder head starting a
Answer: When the control air on top i

Question: At what percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere i
Answer: Above 8%

Question: At what percentage of the motor name plate ratin
Answer: 115 %.

Question: At what temperature are most bacteria killed?
Answer: 75 degrees centigrade

Question: At what temperature(approximately) is non-pressu
Answer: "-160C

Question: At what temperatures would a pyrometer be used?
Answer: In excess of 500 C.

Question: At what times during the sea voyage is the main
Answer: All of these.

Question: At which moment exactly does the safety valve of
Answer: When the gas pressure in the

Question: ATCS
Answer: The ITU List of Callsigns and Numerical Identities of Stations used by the Maritime Mobile and Maritime Mobile-Satellite Services

Question: ATLV
Answer: be secured in a manner as not to interfere with abandonment procedures

Question: Attention! Make use of the hand...
Answer: Make use

Question: Attenuation is likely to cause___
Answer: reduced detection ranges.

Question: Attenuation is___
Answer: the absorption of radar energ

Question: Attenuation of the radar beam is greatest in___
Answer: heavy rain conditions

Question: ATVX
Answer: ground wave

Question: AUAY
Answer: 85% of the gas can be discharged into the space within two minutes

Question: AUBY
Answer: 8 minutes

Question: AUDN
Answer: J3E

Question: AUIH
Answer: Milk and cheese

Question: AUIJ
Answer: user of the installation

Question: AUNF
Answer: By producing and making available anonymous reports of incidents and accidents

Question: AUSG
Answer: 1 VHF RT + DSC+ DSC watch receiver – 1 or 2 SART – 1 NAVTEX and/or 1 EGC receiver and/or 1 HF NBDP watch receiver – 2 or 3 VHF portable – 1 EPIRB – 1 MF RT + DSC+ DSC watch receiver – 1 HF RT + DSC+ DSC watch receiver

Question: auto
Answer: atically send a non-delivery notification (NDN) to the sender

Question: Automatic shutdown of the main diesel engine alw
Answer: fuel supply.

Question: Auxiliary boilers found on motor ships are usual
Answer: fire or smoke tube type.

Question: Auxiliary diesel engines on motorships supply___
Answer: electricity for use onboard.

Question: AUYI
Answer: Oil Detection Monitoring Equipment.(ODME).

Question: AVBU
Answer: the speed of light

Question: AVCH
Answer: Lower the viscosity and improve purification.

Question: AVDC
Answer: only to certificate holders

Question: AVED
Answer: Applying 12 – 15% nitric acid on tank surfaces, either with a brush or spray; then washing off after 10 – 20 minutes using copious amounts of fresh water?

Question: AVFY
Answer: At exits and in corridors

Question: AVGT
Answer: They can have hold back hooks not subject to control station release providing the emergency plan details a person to close them.

Question: AVGU
Answer: jump from a height of not less than 4.5m into the water without damaging the suit or being injured

Question: AVHN
Answer: Ship’s name, Official number, Length, breadth and draft, type of vessel, type and size of engine, name and address of the registered owner

Question: AVOC
Answer: Air in the fuel oil system.

Question: AVSJ
Answer: To prevent combustion gases to flow back and enter the burner.

Question: AVXJ
Answer: A substance with a viscosity equal to or greater than 25 mPa.s at the unloading temperature.

Question: AWAO
Answer: To improve the sealing surface between valve and seat during operation of the engine (compensate for the bending of the valve disc caused by combustion pressure).

Question: AWAW
Answer: Salted meat and ham, potato dumplings, mashed swedes, boiled potatoes.

Question: AWMI
Answer: Throughput too high.

Question: AWPR
Answer: Broken water seal.

Question: AWUU
Answer: Any of the mentioned alternatives.

Question: AWWH
Answer: He is looking for navigational dangers.

Question: AWXG
Answer: To ensure that the proper residuals of treatment chemicals, as specified, are maintained all time.

Question: AWYW
Answer: The Master?

Question: AXEV
Answer: NCS common channel

Question: AXHH
Answer: On the Scene Co-ordinator

Question: AXRH
Answer: To make sure gas pressure can enter freely on top of and behind the piston ring

Question: AXSB
Answer: All the listed alternatives

Question: AXTU
Answer: Slagging.

Question: AXVM
Answer: Only when the design temperature is below -55oC and the tank is not independent type C , we must have full side ballast tanks

Question: AXYU
Answer: Air draught is given by C on the figure

Question: AYHH
Answer: nine digits, beginning by 4

Question: AYOU
Answer: 2182 Hz

Question: AYQI
Answer: High air/fuel ratio rises the condensation temperature, and thereby reducing the safe limits between normal operation and condensation temperature.

Question: AYRG
Answer: Yes, one if the ship is under 500 brt. And two if the ship is over 500 brt.

Question: A___management system complying with the ISM cod
Answer: safety

Question: A___should be issued for every Company complying
Answer: Document of Compliance