Test Answers

Test Answers

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There are 276 answer(s) beginning with the letter D.

Question: DABD
Answer: the O.O.W deems it necessary

Question: DABI
Answer: Mackerel

Question: DADR
Answer: Heavy fuel oil leakage to the lub oil system.

Question: DADV
Answer: To allow at least 3 hours of operation

Question: damage, fix, repair, mend
Answer: damage

Question: danger, master, harness, carbon
Answer: danger

Question: Dangerous cargo on a pallet should be stowed___
Answer: on deck.

Question: Dangerously protruding objects should be highlig
Answer: Yellow and black.

Question: Daniel has been playing the guitar___he was a yo
Answer: since

Question: DAPI
Answer: Seven or more short blasts followed by one long blast

Question: DAQE
Answer: 2

Question: DAVJ
Answer: 1250 m3

Question: DAYP
Answer: 15 minutes

Question: DBBK
Answer: 1 litre

Question: DBOR
Answer: summoning of passengers and crew to muster stations with the alarm required

Question: DBRD
Answer: By double blank flanges with a drain between them?

Question: DBSU
Answer: Bollard is given by D on the figure

Question: DBUF
Answer: 10% of the number of persons the liferaft is designed to carry, or two, whichever is the greatest

Question: DBWC
Answer: Stop discharge.

Question: DBXA
Answer: Stuffing box.

Question: DC generators are rated in___
Answer: KW.

Question: DCAJ
Answer: The dispersing additives in lubricating oil, break up the contaminants in even smaller particles and keep them in suspension

Question: DCJM
Answer: Space protected by foam

Question: DCKH
Answer: 3150 m3 per hour.

Question: DCLC
Answer: Portable bridge between ship and shore.

Question: DCQB
Answer: Starboard bow is given by A on the figure

Question: DCQC
Answer: muster station

Question: DCQD
Answer: To keep the valve in correct position and to maintain proper sealing.

Question: DCSL
Answer: When you put rudder amidships, she will continue on a straight course

Question: DCSN
Answer: Seafarers employed or engaged on board ship on the business of that ship as part of the ship’s complement with designated safety or pollution duties

Question: DCVC
Answer: uncompanded channels

Question: DCXP
Answer: Open the flue gas isolating valve

Question: DDGB
Answer: The installation shall include equipment for radiotelephone communication on distress frequencies in addition to working frequencies

Question: DDIQ
Answer: 2 sec

Question: DDMT
Answer: it has windows to admit sufficient daylight inside the lifeboat with the canopy closed

Question: DDNQ
Answer: Use the “cleaning in place” arrangement to open the heat exchanger for visual inspection and manual cleaning.

Question: DDTI
Answer: to exclusively receive MSI-reports meant for the NAVAREA where the vessel is

Question: dead, rescued, recovered, saved
Answer: dead

Question: death, team, cream, breathe
Answer: death

Question: Deck cargo stowage should___
Answer: allow an unobstructed view fr

Question: deck, tea, be, fee
Answer: deck

Question: DECL
Answer: The diesel speed and excitation current.

Question: DECM
Answer: Check the cargo tanks for water prior to loading

Question: Deficient oxygen content inside a confined space
Answer: "an oxy-warn meter

Question: Define "Amidships"."
Answer: The mid-point between the aft

Question: Define the "Lightweight" of a ship."
Answer: Displacement minus the deadwe

Question: DEJE
Answer: 100 mm/water gauge.

Question: DENE
Answer: To isolate the fuel source before extinguishing the flames on a gas fire

Question: Depending on the plate thickness to be cut you s
Answer: the nozzle size.

Question: DERP
Answer: It is both a prevention and protection measure

Question: Describe what is meant onboard by the term stock
Answer: First delivery in to be used

Question: destroy, clean, polish, tidy
Answer: destroy

Question: Details of the maximum permitted axle loading fo
Answer: ship's plans

Question: Determine the resistance of three resistors conn
Answer: R1 = 15 Ohm, R2 = 5 Ohm, R3 =

Question: DEVQ
Answer: A carbon dioxide (CO2) system

Question: DFCK
Answer: There must always be one man on the ship’s manifold, operating the manifold valve in order to avoid to much pressure raise in the tank.

Question: DFDI
Answer: By muster lists exhibited in conspicuous places

Question: DFHM
Answer: Proportional + integral (PI)

Question: DFLS
Answer: FEC mode

Question: DFMI
Answer: Glycerine is compatible with both of the other cargoes.

Question: DFPX
Answer: Non-combustible material

Question: DFQS
Answer: 21% oxygen by volume and 0% hydrocarbon of LEL.

Question: DFSN
Answer: Carbon dioxide

Question: DFTX
Answer: 45% of the total volume of the space

Question: DFXE
Answer: Thermocouple sensor

Question: DFXG
Answer: Figure 2.

Question: DFYB
Answer: 25, 45, or 70 mm

Question: DFYE
Answer: All the listed alternatives

Question: DFYJ
Answer: until – 15°C

Question: DGGM
Answer: All the mentioned alternatives.

Question: DGII
Answer: Lower lifeboat to water

Question: DGKR
Answer: Adjustable wrench

Question: DGLL
Answer: Start with intermittent firing, using small firing periods and long intervals gradually building up to longer firing periods and shorter intervals.

Question: DGRI
Answer: 3 sets

Question: DGRL
Answer: At all times

Question: DGRN
Answer: A short circuit occurs between earth faults and the ventilation fan fuse blows

Question: DGTC
Answer: Conductivity test.

Question: DGTV
Answer: Two prolonged blasts on the whistle at intervals of not more than two minutes

Question: DGXC
Answer: Clearing escape routes

Question: DGXD
Answer: Lower explosive limit.

Question: DGXM
Answer: Safety call

Question: DHIB
Answer: Reject it?

Question: DHJB
Answer: Trip/stop all nonessential loads that are connected to the switchboard

Question: DHKT
Answer: summoning of passengers and crew to muster stations with the alarm required

Question: DHNG
Answer: 1.44 MB

Question: DHPR
Answer: Starboard quarter is given by C on the figure

Question: DHUV
Answer: a painter attached to the release device and placed at the forward end of the boat

Question: Dial 021 on Inmarsat A! oh two one
Answer: oh two one

Question: Did everyone pass the exam?"."Everyone___from po
Answer: except

Question: Did you enjoy the lecture?", " Not really. It wa
Answer: far too long

Question: Did you forget to carry a spare face mask?
Answer: Did you forget

Question: Did you like the film"?."Yes it's___I've ever se
Answer: one of the best

Question: Did you practise the fire drill yesterday?
Answer: Did you

Question: Did you report the damage immediately?
Answer: Did you report

Question: Did you speak to the Superintendent about the pumps?
Answer: Did you speak

Question: Die nuts are used for which of the following ?
Answer: Cleaning an existing thread.

Question: DIEP
Answer: Harness with a rope secured to a safe point on the ship.

Question: Diesel Engine crankcase oil mist detectors are d
Answer: the concentration of oil vapo

Question: Diesel engine exhaust flanges will have joints m
Answer: metal.

Question: difficulty, aid, help, support
Answer: difficulty

Question: DIHC
Answer: Aft part of the tank-deck

Question: DIKM
Answer: To obtain a proper sealing and correct distance between piston and cover in TDC position.

Question: DIKP
Answer: 1.5°C per hour after the first 0.5h immersion in calm water at a temperature of 5°C

Question: DIKR
Answer: A transducer that converts a known electric current to a pressure proportional to the current.

Question: Dimensions are read from the bottom of the drawi
Answer: Turn drawing clockwise readin

Question: Discharge of oily mixtures from machinery space
Answer: Oil Discharge Monitoring Equi

Question: Discharge of passenger vehicles should only comm
Answer: liaison with the shore is est

Question: Disfectants are chemicals which?
Answer: Reduce bacteria to a safe wor

Question: Disinfectants are used to:
Answer: Reeuce bacteria to a safe lev

Question: Distance on a chart is measured using___
Answer: "latitude scale."

Question: Distilled water taken from the condenser and pum
Answer: feed water.

Question: distract, highlight, indicate, mark
Answer: distract

Question: DJDA
Answer: The ship’s master

Question: DJDV
Answer: The signal out from a thermocouple is mV,and can not be transferred over any longer distance without loss of voltage, giving a very bad accuracy.

Question: DJFM
Answer: A thorough ventilation of the combustion chamber before the ignition takes place.

Question: DJGL
Answer: 1,3 Bar.

Question: DJJP
Answer: safety belts to be designed to hold a person of 100 kg securely in place with the lifeboat in a capsized position

Question: DJQG
Answer: How to muster at the assigned stations

Question: DKKG
Answer: A combination of hydrocarbons.

Question: DKQF
Answer: Checking the moorings for tightness/slack.

Question: DKWV
Answer: The entering permit shall be based on the check-list for gas freeing and check-list for equipment and preparedness.

Question: DKXP
Answer: Survival craft distress pyrotechnic signals

Question: DLCB
Answer: Radiotelex and DSC – Frequency shift keying of carrier with error correction

Question: DLDN
Answer: A unit composed of trained personnel suitable equipped for expeditious search and rescue operations.

Question: DLGB
Answer: FleetNET

Question: DLGY
Answer: 70

Question: DLJM
Answer: Every 5 years

Question: DLNN
Answer: The same as suction pressure.

Question: DLVY
Answer: Very large crude carrier.

Question: DMDI
Answer: A 60

Question: DMFA
Answer: On the fire control plans

Question: DMGW
Answer: Multistage centrifugal.

Question: DMKV
Answer: A receipt issued by the Chief Officer, stating quantity and condition of goods loaded onboard?

Question: DMUE
Answer: SART transponder

Question: DMVB
Answer: skates and fenders to facilitate launching down the side of a ship

Question: DNJE
Answer: 8 hours

Question: DNKB
Answer: They are liable to spontaneous combustion.

Question: DNLN
Answer: It will try to reduce the deviation between set-point and process value

Question: DNNI
Answer: We are controlling the process inlet side

Question: DNOC
Answer: The main supply valves in the deck storage are closed prior to switching to UMS-mode

Question: DNSL
Answer: Weekly

Question: DNSN
Answer: 2912 hours

Question: Do a security check before departing.
Answer: before

Question: Do not enter the space without …
Answer: without

Question: Do not enter the Traffic Lane.
Answer: Do not enter

Question: Do not leave the hatch cover open.
Answer: Do not leave

Question: Do not push each other when...
Answer: Do not push

Question: Do you accept shore-based navigational...
Answer: Do you accept

Question: Do you carry any dangerous goods?
Answer: Do you carry

Question: Do you know how much a (n)___to that magazine co
Answer: subscription

Question: Do you know the destination?
Answer: the destination

Question: Do you know what the___between New York and Cali
Answer: distance

Question: Do you know who broke the window?".___is going t
Answer: whoever broke it

Question: Do you like going to museums?" ."Not really I___
Answer: hardly ever go

Question: Do you need a bandage for that cut?
Answer: Do you need

Question: Do you understand the standing orders?
Answer: Do you understand

Question: Do you want fish or chicken?
Answer: Do you want

Question: Do you want navigational assistance?
Answer: Do you want

Question: DOAB
Answer: 8364 kHz

Question: DOBR
Answer: 3

Question: DOBS
Answer: Weather on-scene.

Question: dock, hull, mast, deck
Answer: dock

Question: DODH
Answer: Reduce speed and use soot blowers if some are fitted

Question: Does a ship's trim influence her steering abilit
Answer: Yes, a ship usually steers be

Question: Does the definition of an "oil tanker " apply to
Answer: Yes, when carrying a cargo or

Question: Does the fire party have breathing apparatus?
Answer: Does

Question: Does the helmsman understand English?
Answer: Does

Question: Does this signal indicate that the vessel is___
Answer: at anchor.

Question: DOFY
Answer: The location and capacity of all fuel and cargo tanks on the vessel

Question: DOGT
Answer: At least four sets

Question: DOHO
Answer: Call the bridge and request for position and permission to discharge overboard through oilywater separating and filtering equipment.

Question: DOKA
Answer: one boat-hook

Question: Don't be impatient! The lights___in a moment.
Answer: will be changing

Question: Don't give Sam any chicken. He only eats___food.
Answer: vegetarian

Question: Don't leave any blanks on the test___if you have
Answer: guess

Question: Don't you wish the weather___improve?
Answer: would

Question: done, foam, bone, dome
Answer: done

Question: Dont lean against the wall.
Answer: against

Question: Dont start until you have received...
Answer: have received

Question: Don`t panic! Everything is...
Answer: Don`t panic!

Question: DOOF
Answer: 15 m

Question: DOOU
Answer: immersion suit

Question: DOPY
Answer: Yes, all crew must be able to communicate on the language spoken by the majority of the passengers, or demands set by the company.

Question: DOTF
Answer: Emergency lighting

Question: DOWR
Answer: One for each person on board who is not provided with an immersion suit

Question: DPAO
Answer: Sinkage is the change in draft a vessel obtains when moving through the water.

Question: DPEX
Answer: always allowed

Question: DPHL
Answer: Name of every crew member, reference number, name of last ship, home address, next of kin, date of signing agreement, date of discharge

Question: DPMI
Answer: Density, viscosity, flow rate, temperature, gravity disc diameter

Question: DPOW
Answer: At all times when identified as a control method with risk assessment

Question: DPWH
Answer: Nitro glycerine tablets.

Question: DPYV
Answer: when its area is of 4m? or more

Question: DQAI
Answer: Radiotelephony – Single sideband suppressed carrier

Question: DQEU
Answer: LUT

Question: DQIC
Answer: For personnel assigned to shipboard duties.

Question: DQKN
Answer: In emergency generators

Question: DQSB
Answer: It will move aft as the ship slows down

Question: DQUJ
Answer: Stop the separator and drain the water from the tank

Question: DQUN
Answer: 1 member

Question: DQUP
Answer: When the boiler is firing on high rate.

Question: DQVH
Answer: 4-20mA/3-15 PSI

Question: DQVN
Answer: A period not exceeding 48 months

Question: DQWG
Answer: Discharge the washing to shore reception facilities only?

Question: Drilling a hole with a drill in the end of a pie
Answer: A centre lathe.

Question: drip, fight, bite, sight
Answer: drip

Question: DRIU
Answer: The temperature is equal to or over the flash point

Question: DRKO
Answer: Change the lube oil.

Question: DRKP
Answer: 8,3 – 9.

Question: DRMB

Question: DRMV
Answer: 1100

Question: drop, hoist, lift, raise
Answer: drop

Question: drop, move, lose, choose
Answer: drop

Question: DRVC
Answer: the use of HF DSC and INMARSAT C SAFETYNET

Question: DRYM
Answer: Any of the others.

Question: DSC frequency 2187.5 is switched on. two one eight seven point five
Answer: two one eight seven point five

Question: DSIQ
Answer: Direction B

Question: DSIY
Answer: Pilotage is compulsory and the pilot is only the master’s advisor

Question: DSPL
Answer: Radiotelephony – Single sideband full carrier

Question: DSVC
Answer: Ensure all doors are in closed position.

Question: DSYM
Answer: 7

Question: DTBA
Answer: Three years after the last note was made

Question: DTBG
Answer: Figure 2

Question: DTEH
Answer: To store quantities of oil at working pressure on the discharge side of a pump and smooth out any pressure fluctuations.

Question: DTHW
Answer: Fixed known objects on the shore

Question: DTIR
Answer: Notify Master, Deck officer and engineer in charge.The loop for this special sensor to be switched off and take normal precautions for hot work.

Question: DTRU
Answer: FEC

Question: DTSU
Answer: Separation with correct temperature and low flow rate.

Question: DUAG
Answer: Pressure-relive valve setting should not be less than 0.2 bar for gravity tanks.

Question: Ducting of the radar beam is caused by___
Answer: extreme super-refraction cond

Question: dull, full, book, cook
Answer: dull

Question: Dump valves fitted to manifold trays on tankers
Answer: checked regularly that they c

Question: dune, drum, fun, son
Answer: dune

Question: During a crankcase inspection what check should
Answer: Uniform oil flow from bearing

Question: During a plasma cutting process the workpiece wa
Answer: Speed of cut too high.

Question: During all cargo oil loading/discharging or bunk
Answer: readily available in a place

Question: During cargo operations or whenever dangerous va
Answer: keep closed all ports and win

Question: During cargo operations, a wind blowing may___
Answer: form eddies containing petrol

Question: During cargo operations, winch operators should_
Answer: take orders from one controll

Question: During loading, a trailer marked as carrying dan
Answer: Send it ashore

Question: During manoeuvring with the main engine, what is
Answer: "One compressor on "AUTO", th

Question: During Marpol inspections by port state control
Answer: the oily water separator filt

Question: During normal operation, the telescopic piping o
Answer: telescopic buffer vessels.

Question: During normal operations, the command rod "C" pu
Answer: When the trunion point "Y" pu

Question: During operation of the main engine, the exhaust
Answer: Scavenge box fire.

Question: During overhaul what two piston ring dimensions
Answer: Butt gap and axial clearance.

Question: During regular manned watch keeping in the engin
Answer: At beginning of the watch and

Question: During start up of a purifier, how will you noti
Answer: The starting amperage will dr

Question: During the 4-stroke cycle of a diesel engine, wh
Answer: Air is drawn into the cylinde

Question: During the four stroke cycle, which of the follo
Answer: The exhaust stroke takes plac

Question: During the transfer of fuel and ballast around t
Answer: free surface

Question: During vessel manoeuvring, which Main Air Bottle
Answer: No 1 or No 2 Main Air Bottle.

Question: During your watch you notice that the salinity o
Answer: Increase the opening on the v

Question: DVGA
Answer: Faulty governor.

Question: DVHQ
Answer: At least once every month by a responsible officer and once every year by an expert?

Question: DVUW
Answer: Three hours

Question: DWBT
Answer: Insufficient amount of bowl closing water

Question: DWFA
Answer: The three international conventions that cover the shipping trade is SOLAS 74/78, STCW 78/95 and MARPOL 73/78

Question: DWGW
Answer: Steel or stainless steel.

Question: DWKU
Answer: Use protective equipment where necessary.

Question: DWOF
Answer: Capillary tube

Question: DWPW
Answer: Yes, all kind of food waste can be dumped overboard

Question: DWRP
Answer: Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Question: DWYY
Answer: Lower lifeboat to water

Question: DXBP
Answer: Fixed CO2 fire-extinguisher system

Question: DXLK
Answer: Easy accessible by the gangway

Question: DXND
Answer: is within radio traffic range of at least one VHF- coast station where continuous DSC-alerting is available

Question: DXRL
Answer: it allows the wearer to jump from any height without injury and without damaging the lifejacket

Question: DXUT
Answer: Once every month

Question: DYBF
Answer: Remove any oil or scum on water surface

Question: DYCH
Answer: 10 minutes

Question: DYHB
Answer: S-Band Radar.

Question: DYHH
Answer: 200 gr

Question: DYIY
Answer: To by-pass, adjust and isolate all machinery that is to be worked on under his supervision.

Question: DYLL
Answer: All Stations – This is “SAINT-ROMAIN”

Question: DYOS
Answer: unknown

Question: DYSA
Answer: The types of compressors are piston, screw or centrifugal type