Test Answers

Test Answers

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There are 189 answer(s) beginning with the letter Q.

Question: QABD
Answer: permit the wearer to swim a short distance through the water and board a survival craft

Question: QAJN
Answer: Cast steel, Iron, Brass & Bronze.

Question: QAKI
Answer: At least one

Question: QALV
Answer: Natural bends at intervals?

Question: QAMT
Answer: He wants the anchor secured thoroughly

Question: QAPI
Answer: Carry out a right or left hand search and proceed carefully, feeling the area in front with the foot and using the back of the free hand to check the area around.

Question: QAUC
Answer: the water level

Question: QBDI
Answer: 5

Question: QBEJ
Answer: Mutual agreement between participating vessels

Question: QBEL
Answer: 37 m2

Question: QBGU
Answer: Drain the water into the sloptank

Question: QBHO
Answer: The chemicals make it difficult to remove the oil from the water

Question: QBIM
Answer: I can find out from sea trials or test on my own

Question: QBVS
Answer: One self-contained air breathing apparatus (Not using stored oxygen), protective clothing, boots, gloves and tight-fitting goggles, fire and chemical resistance lifeline and explosion-proof lamp.

Question: QBVV
Answer: He is supposed to paint the evaporator and use a brush to apply the paint

Question: QCCO
Answer: Oil Detection Monitoring Equipment.

Question: QCDH
Answer: Figure 3

Question: QCNI
Answer: always simplex

Question: QCQP
Answer: Stop operation?

Question: QDBP
Answer: Every 5th year?

Question: QDFT
Answer: liferaft

Question: QDGL
Answer: polar

Question: QDID
Answer: 100% of the complement if it can be readily launched on either side of the ship. If it cannot be readily launched on either side, 100% must be provided on each side

Question: QDND
Answer: All bolts to be in position and tightened?

Question: QDRM
Answer: The person in charge must report the spill to the US Coast Guard

Question: QDSH
Answer: the transmitting antenna has broken down

Question: QDUW
Answer: Stiffening of the thin metal sheet.

Question: QDXJ
Answer: He is to help the other crew members and fetch more Vaseline from the storage room if they run short

Question: QEAB
Answer: an urgent call

Question: QEAU
Answer: Clogged exhaust gas system.

Question: QEID
Answer: Once every month

Question: QEMG
Answer: Stop bunkering

Question: QEMI
Answer: Make it possible to drain to shore the remaining cargo in the ship’s lines and pumps, after the discharging is completed

Question: QERF
Answer: Electrodes

Question: QERG
Answer: Switch over to the other pump and inform the CE of the noise immediately.

Question: QESD
Answer: one waterproof electric torch suitable for Morse signalling

Question: QFBP
Answer: The ship’s safety plan.

Question: QFHG
Answer: The respiratory organs.

Question: QFJV
Answer: Start engine

Question: QFNX
Answer: Self contained breathing apparatus in addition to normal safety equipment.

Question: QFPK

Question: QFRB
Answer: ITU

Question: QFRG
Answer: received messages which aren’t intended for own ship are not used

Question: QFUQ
Answer: 1 minute

Question: QGBC
Answer: Place sterile dressing over the burn and secure with a bandage.

Question: QGEN
Answer: 1 – 2 years.

Question: QGER
Answer: Departure and arrival ballast tanks plus 25% of remaining cargo tanks for sludge control.

Question: QGEW
Answer: Two prolonged blasts followed by one short blast

Question: QGHC
Answer: The sea-trial tests may tell me, or else I can do a test myself to find out

Question: QGIV
Answer: All the answers are good

Question: QGPJ
Answer: All pipelines or components which may be isolated in a liquid-full condition should be provided with relief valve

Question: QGPL
Answer: Liquefied gases is mostly a mixture of hydro carbons

Question: QGPP
Answer: In such locations that no point in the engine room is more than 10 m walking distance from an extinguisher

Question: QGSA
Answer: have a sufficient length of non-combustible line behind the rocket

Question: QGTO
Answer: instruction in the use of radio life-saving appliances

Question: QGTQ
Answer: Pressure/vacuum valve.

Question: QGXX
Answer: Yes

Question: QHEK

Question: QHHU
Answer: watertight receptacles containing 3l of fresh water for each person (may be partially replaced by a desalting apparatus)

Question: QHKJ
Answer: 7,5 kN

Question: QHQI
Answer: Pump will overheat

Question: QHRY
Answer: Position A

Question: QHUG
Answer: All the mentioned alternatives.

Question: QHYQ
Answer: Two vessels engaged in pair trawling

Question: QIAE
Answer: Insert a blank flange on the line between the slop tanks and the rest of the cargo compartments?

Question: QIFA
Answer: Norwegian laws unless explicitly otherwise provided in or pursuant to a statute

Question: QIGW
Answer: until it is manually turned off or is temporary interrupted by a message on the public address system

Question: QIOL
Answer: MGN’s; MSN’s and Statutory Instruments

Question: QIVI
Answer: either a manual system or a power starting system with two independent rechargeable energy sources

Question: QIXR
Answer: Near the entrance to that space

Question: QJGW
Answer: Absolute pressure is atmospheric pressure added with manometer pressure, to be used in technical tables

Question: QJLX
Answer: The shore-side of the cargo manifold valves, port and starboard side

Question: QJMW
Answer: Plugging the scuppers

Question: QJOF
Answer: Radar transponder

Question: QJOH
Answer: Making the complete crane move port and starboard.

Question: QJTG
Answer: Packages of 500 g each

Question: QKCU
Answer: Raise the feed water temperature.

Question: QKGW
Answer: By reducing your speed until vessel “D” is cleared

Question: QKHP
Answer: The deck for the lifeboats.

Question: QKHR
Answer: the adjustment of the cam/camshaft of the engine.

Question: QKLO
Answer: Air filter to turbocharger fouled or damaged.

Question: QKLW
Answer: the build-in test facilities in the modem

Question: QKMN
Answer: Start engine

Question: QKRO
Answer: He would inform master that ship was unseaworthy, and that the emergency fire pump must be rectified before the ship can sail or the Safety Equipment certificate can be endorsed

Question: QKVR
Answer: lifebuoy with line

Question: QLFS
Answer: Regulations of the light on the PPI.

Question: QLHH
Answer: All of these mentioned must be provided

Question: QLKA
Answer: For cooling and to maintain correct viscosity on the fuel when injected.

Question: QLMO
Answer: In the main section VI, letter F.

Question: QLRK
Answer: be able to identify oneself

Question: QLTD
Answer: operation of davits used for launching liferafts

Question: QMBL
Answer: Warm nutritious drinks.

Question: QMBN
Answer: He wants all the lashings tightened and two extra chains fastened to each container

Question: QMFV
Answer: 125 pct?

Question: QMKY
Answer: 5 °

Question: QMWE
Answer: release the liferaft at a depth of not more than 4 metros

Question: QMWG
Answer: To check out if the rules of ISGOTT Chapter 10 is followed.

Question: QMXA
Answer: He is worried that oil will run through the outlets and into the sea

Question: QMYC
Answer: Horizontal

Question: QNGM
Answer: Injection valve opening pressure is too high.

Question: QNVJ
Answer: Notify Chief Engineer, find cause of leakage, remedy the leakage and then immediately start to clean the bilges

Question: QNVP
Answer: 10% of the number of persons the liferaft is designed to carry, or two, whichever is the greatest

Question: QNXY
Answer: must be replaced when the seal is broken

Question: QOCD
Answer: At least every three months

Question: QOCF
Answer: 3

Question: QONU
Answer: Keep the floors and decks free from fat and grease.

Question: QORA
Answer: A

Question: QOSA
Answer: Call immediately the person in charge.

Question: QOSC
Answer: 3 years.

Question: QOTU
Answer: Pump the oil to the incinerator tank.

Question: QOUP
Answer: The Master

Question: QPBC
Answer: To avoid backflow of gas to the engine?

Question: QPIQ
Answer: Standard Marine Navigational Vocabulary.

Question: QPJL
Answer: Inner diameter of impeller is bigger due to cavitations, or outer diameter reduced by erosion.

Question: QPKF
Answer: Cold drinks and salt.

Question: QPMT
Answer: Figure C

Question: QPMY
Answer: Use a rope ladder close to the raft to climb down and board

Question: QPPH
Answer: IMO Grain Rules?

Question: QPPI
Answer: Figure 4

Question: QPYR
Answer: 1 N/mm2

Question: QQBE
Answer: He shall have all the knowledge as listed in the other alternatives

Question: QQCV
Answer: a whistle and a light

Question: QQEL
Answer: Survival craft portable radio

Question: QQFI
Answer: highest possible frequency that will be reflected by the ionosphere

Question: QQFL
Answer: Every time the machine has been used.

Question: QRAA
Answer: Construction of all internal bulkheads of class “A” divisions

Question: QRBC
Answer: 16 or 22 MHz-band

Question: QRKE
Answer: The methods of retrieval

Question: QRUF
Answer: Gas concentration measuring and examination in connection with cleaning and gas freeing shall be carried out by the safety delegate.

Question: QRVV
Answer: to jump from a height of 4.5m into the water without being injured or damaging the suit

Question: QRXO
Answer: 98 %

Question: QSBA
Answer: GEC-Marconi

Question: QSBU
Answer: above water escape for its occupants after automatically positioned in damaged condition

Question: QSQU
Answer: That no solid beam of fuel shall be present

Question: QSRN
Answer: A heavily leaking starting air valve can cause an explosion in the starting air pipe system.

Question: QSRP
Answer: Body temperature below 35C / Heat the body

Question: QSRS
Answer: At three levels for at least two places in the tank.

Question: QSUB
Answer: Line throwing appliance

Question: QSXM
Answer: 15 kg/cm?

Question: QSXN
Answer: Inform RDR by mail of the sale of the mariphone

Question: QSXP
Answer: it stops the spreading of smoke and flames during one hour

Question: QSYH
Answer: Engage the turning gear on the engine.

Question: QTBT
Answer: be prepared and approved by the Administration before the ship proceeds to sea

Question: QTDK
Answer: Absorption drier gives the lowest dew point down to -60oC

Question: QTFE
Answer: Clearing escape routes

Question: QTHR
Answer: Camshaft

Question: QTLR
Answer: F1B

Question: QTOF
Answer: Vitamin E

Question: QTSJ
Answer: Draught is given by D on the figure

Question: QTYE
Answer: the radiotelephony distress fequency in the band in which the DSC distress alert was received

Question: QUEX
Answer: all the answers are good

Question: QUEY
Answer: Dibromomethane.

Question: QULK
Answer: 8

Question: QULS

Question: QUNH
Answer: Embarkation ladder

Question: QUNI
Answer: To assist in dealing with crew, cargo or ship regards whilst in a foreign port

Question: QUOY
Answer: Because serious structural damage and overflow can be caused by the creation of pressure in the tanks during this operations.

Question: QUQP
Answer: That there is great concern and interest regarding the safety at sea

Question: QUUQ
Answer: List of Call Signs and Numerical Identities

Question: QUUS
Answer: LES

Question: QVCN
Answer: Wait for a resuscitator to be brought from the ship’s first aid locker and use it?

Question: QVEY
Answer: Alkalinity of the lubricating oil.

Question: QVFT
Answer: 10 ampere during 20 hours

Question: QVFU
Answer: 3 White star rockets

Question: QVLG
Answer: has inherent buoyancy of at least 70N

Question: QVRB
Answer: The Maritime Act

Question: QVSY
Answer: 24 houres

Question: QWBM
Answer: Lube oil cooler.

Question: QWBO
Answer: Increase in condenser pressure.

Question: QWEQ
Answer: All ships.

Question: QWFO
Answer: All of the mentioned alternatives.

Question: QWJQ
Answer: reporting to stations and preparing for the duties described in the muster list

Question: QXAK
Answer: Extinguishing attempt is started immediately

Question: QXFN
Answer: Heat exchangers that are utilised for cargo handling must be designed and tested to tolerate the products the carrier is registered to transport

Question: QXGH
Answer: The ship’s fire plan.

Question: QXGL
Answer: Normal jacket water temperature after the cooler is approx. 80 C

Question: QXIB
Answer: One in which the atmosphere may have a deficiency of oxygen or may have a toxic gas

Question: QXLI
Answer: If the seaman brings a case of unfair dismissal against the Master/Company, it serves to ensure that all details have been recorded and is admissible as evidence

Question: QXMC
Answer: General emergency alarm to be tested daily

Question: QXXB
Answer: Within coverage of the INMARSAT system.

Question: QYAI
Answer: The use of helicopter rescue gear

Question: QYAM
Answer: 30 metres

Question: QYBG
Answer: indicate on what frequency communication will be continued

Question: QYMA
Answer: Secondary means of escape

Question: QYNU
Answer: Prevent air accumulation in the cooling water system

Question: QYOS
Answer: Throttling of delivery valve

Question: QYQB
Answer: 1000ppm

Question: QYRW
Answer: Your assistance is no longer required

Question: QYUD
Answer: Helmet, safety shoes, gloves and protecting cloths.