Test Answers

Test Answers

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There are 355 answer(s) beginning with the letter C.

Question: CABB
Answer: Viscosity.

Question: CABE
Answer: 2182KHz

Question: CABT
Answer: All of the mentioned actions

Question: CADH
Answer: Alarm, st.by start, slowdown. shutdown

Question: CAFE
Answer: White or light grey to ensure all minor spills and leakages are noticed and dealt with.

Question: CAFG
Answer: Where the ship has passenger spaces below the bulkhead deck

Question: CAGF
Answer: Ahead is given by A on the figure

Question: CAGV
Answer: Exhaust gas temperatures are higher than normal.

Question: Calculate the current "I" in the diagram?"
Answer: 100 mA.

Question: calendar, year, decade, century
Answer: calendar

Question: Call me later on your___.
Answer: mobile phone

Question: calm, hurricane, gale, storm
Answer: calm

Question: calm, salad, told, mild
Answer: calm

Question: Can a current as low as 25mA kill a human being?
Answer: Yes, but only if the applied

Question: Can leaking stern tube seals be replaced when th
Answer: Yes, ballast the ship until t

Question: Can the speed of an asynchronous motor be regula
Answer: Yes, if a thyristor regulator

Question: Can we connect the loading arm?
Answer: Can

Question: Can you finish the job___Friday?
Answer: by

Question: Can you fix it before departure?
Answer: Can

Question: Can you get the fire under control?
Answer: under

Question: Can you repair the damage?
Answer: Can

Question: Can you understand whats being said?
Answer: Can you understand

Question: Can you___?
Answer: make some tea for me

Question: can, change, same, rain
Answer: can

Question: Canada is a___country in winter time.
Answer: very cold

Question: cancel, locker, speaker, anchor
Answer: cancel

Question: car, subway, underground, metro
Answer: car

Question: Care should be taken when disconnecting cargo pi
Answer: residues may remain

Question: Cargo containers may NOT contain:
Answer: livestock

Question: Cargo containers on deck are secured___
Answer: with twistlocks, rods and cha

Question: Cargo hoses should be tested___
Answer: every year

Question: Cargo pump rooms shall be provided with a fixed
Answer: Fixed powder fire extinguishi

Question: Cargo Record Books must be retained on board for
Answer: 3 years

Question: Cargo samples in general are analysed in order t
Answer: control quality

Question: Cargo winches need which of the following that a
Answer: A fail-safe brake.

Question: cargo, bale, chest, sack
Answer: cargo

Question: cargo, oil, petrol, gas
Answer: cargo

Question: Cargoes referenced within the IMDG code may be a
Answer: of a hazardous nature.

Question: Cargoes with high melting points that may solidi
Answer: heating

Question: carton, litre, pint, gallon
Answer: carton

Question: Category A substances will often require cleanin
Answer: hot wash

Question: Catering areas are cleaned on a daily bases. Why
Answer: To reduce the risk of cross c

Question: Caution must be taken when handling purifiers si
Answer: purifier bowls revolve at ver

Question: CBAH
Answer: As instructed by the helicopter pilot

Question: CBBT
Answer: About 80 %

Question: CBEC
Answer: Someone of at least school leaving age and less than 18

Question: CBHK
Answer: Search and Rescue radar transponder

Question: CBHQ
Answer: Maximum 8 hours per day, or 40 hours per week

Question: CBJF
Answer: once a month

Question: CBTH
Answer: Walk to a smoking area inside the accomodation?

Question: CBUI
Answer: Report to the chief officer or chief engineer.

Question: CBYE
Answer: 12 h

Question: CCCT
Answer: In ports only

Question: CCEH
Answer: 200 cm

Question: CCML
Answer: 6 times the hose diameter.

Question: CCNF
Answer: Leave him in bed or request him to have some fresh air.

Question: CCOE
Answer: Broken water seal.

Question: CCOF
Answer: Emergency shut down.

Question: CCSF
Answer: You set watch on channel 2182 KHz

Question: CDBN
Answer: Solid, liquid and gases

Question: CDJY
Answer: Provide a replaceable wear surface for the pump housing/impeller.

Question: CDRH
Answer: Computer-aided maintenance

Question: CDVT
Answer: Air from stage one goes through discharge valves in stage one and through suction valves into stage two. In stage two it will be compressed to high pressure air.

Question: CDWF
Answer: A duly completed application with certificate etc. must be made to the public supervisory authorities as an endorsment/ qualification document

Question: CDWK
Answer: Automatic gain control

Question: CEBM
Answer: Too little gas in the system.

Question: CEHB
Answer: AVR and speed governor

Question: CEIB
Answer: 98 Centigrades.

Question: CEIC
Answer: CO2

Question: CEJU
Answer: Because they wanted to make sure that the ship could be safely turned.

Question: cell, cube, case, call
Answer: cell

Question: CEME
Answer: Ship owner has Document of Compliance issued, and vessel is assessed and holds all statutory certificates

Question: cent, current, carry, cool
Answer: cent

Question: Centrifugal purifiers are used on board ship___
Answer: remove all the dirt and water

Question: Centrifugal purifiers are used to remove___
Answer: small amounts of water from f

Question: CEOV
Answer: VHF and MF

Question: CEPQ
Answer: Because a cook handles food and beverages and could easily be a spreader of viruses and infections.

Question: Certain dishes ... with Deep Fried Fish english
Answer: Tartare Sauce

Question: Certain dishes ... with Grilled Lamp Chops?
Answer: Mint Sauce

Question: Certain dishes ... with Grilled Pork Chops?
Answer: Apple sauce

Question: Certain dishes ... with Poached Salmon?
Answer: Hollandaise Sauce

Question: Certain dishes ... with Roast Beef?
Answer: Creamed horseradish sauce

Question: Certain dishes ... with Roast Chicken?
Answer: Bread sauce

Question: Certain dishes ... with Roast Lamb?
Answer: Mint Sauce

Question: Certain dishes ... with Roast Pork?
Answer: Apple sauce

Question: Certain dishes ... with Roast Turkey?
Answer: Cranberry sauce

Question: CETS
Answer: For minimum 3 years

Question: CETX
Answer: measured by the “dopler” shift in the signals

Question: CFBL
Answer: Because he was married.

Question: CFBM
Answer: All answers are goods

Question: CFDU
Answer: Allow removal of the sensor also when liquid is flowing in the pipe.

Question: CFGH
Answer: When manoeuvring?

Question: CFHB
Answer: R(L) = R(s)

Question: CFOP
Answer: Strainer in operating water low-pressure side is clogged.

Question: CFSA
Answer: They will be closed if the ship get a damage on the ships hull, and taking in water. It will prevent the water to fill the whole deck. In case of fire they can also be used to stop the fire and smoke from diverge.

Question: CFWG
Answer: A bolt in every hole

Question: CFXD
Answer: They can bring any seafarer involved in an incident on the UK coast to court and provide evidence regarding the incident

Question: CFYN
Answer: To obtain a proper sealing and correct distance between piston and cover in TDC position

Question: CGAH
Answer: 1:4

Question: CGAJ
Answer: The smallest diameter piston is the stage two piston.

Question: CGDW
Answer: F1B

Question: CGER
Answer: a manually controlled lamp fitted on the inside

Question: CGON
Answer: Report to bridge or duty officer, actuate the fire alarm, call the persons around the fire and join the fire squad

Question: CGUH
Answer: Insulated on both sides with approved non-combustible material

Question: CGXS
Answer: The clearance between the rocker arm and valve pushrod.

Question: CGXV
Answer: He should be aware of the steel thickness of the valve

Question: Chain lockers and machinery seatings would be pr
Answer: Bituminous paint.

Question: chain, chain, chain, chain
Answer: chain

Question: chain, diamond, emerald, ruby
Answer: chain

Question: channel, chain, chemical, cheese
Answer: channel

Question: Check in the operations manual.
Answer: in

Question: Check that the consignment includes 305 … three hundred and five
Answer: three hundred and five

Question: Check that the revolutions per …2,000. two thousand
Answer: two thousand

Question: Check the containers for any damage.
Answer: for

Question: cheese, wood, metal, plastic
Answer: cheese

Question: Chemical Fire: 1. to remain | 2. put into action | 3. considerations | 4. in the form of | 5. be available
Answer: 1. to remain | 2. put into action | 3. considerations | 4. in the form of | 5. be available

Question: Chemicals in the___that falls are destroying for
Answer: acid rain

Question: CHHV
Answer: Donning of fire protection clothing

Question: Children must be kept under...
Answer: must be kept

Question: chlorine, check, choose, chair
Answer: chlorine

Question: CHMA
Answer: Stop discharge, inform USCG and Qualified Individual.

Question: CHNU
Answer: A 2 stroke engine has an ignition every time the piston reaches its top position

Question: Choose one reason why hair must be controlled an
Answer: Hair and dandruff can contaim

Question: Choose the appropriate word ... THEY CHANGED___M
Answer: their

Question: Choose the appropriate word ... THEY LOST___LIVE
Answer: their

Question: Choose the correct answer. "Make sure you don't
Answer: Make certain,

Question: Choose the correct answer. This is a genuine eme
Answer: Real

Question: Choose the correct answer. To protect your ears
Answer: Ear protectors

Question: Choose the correct Boolean equation for the circ
Answer: E =((A*B) * (C*D))

Question: Choose the correct Boolean expression for the ou
Answer: D = A+ B + C

Question: Choose the correct word ... ERNESTO IS___WITH AS
Answer: sick

Question: Choose the correct word ... I HAD A___COLD LAST
Answer: bad

Question: Choose the correct word ... IF YOU ALWAYS DO YOU
Answer: best

Question: Choose the correct word ... THERE ARE ONLY A___L
Answer: few

Question: Choose the correct word ... THERE ARE___BEAUTIFU
Answer: many

Question: Choose the correct word ... THERE IS NOT___TIME
Answer: much

Question: Choose the correct word ... WORK BADLY DONE IS__
Answer: worse

Question: Choose the right meaning ... "BISCUIT"."
Answer: Cookie

Question: Choose the right meaning ... "DRY CLEANING"."
Answer: Chemical cleaning of clothes

Question: Choose the right meaning ... "LIBRARY"."
Answer: Room for reading and borrowin

Question: Choose the right meaning ... "MENU"."
Answer: List of food in a restaurant

Question: Choose the right meaning ... "STAIRCASE"."
Answer: stairs between floors

Question: Choose the right meaning ... "TOMORROW"."
Answer: The day that comes after toda

Question: Choose the right meaning ... "TOOTHPASTE"."
Answer: Paste for cleaning the teeth

Question: Choose the right meaning ... "VACUUM CLEANER"."
Answer: Electrical cleaning machine

Question: CHPK
Answer: With this type of material the hatches should not be battened down. The fire can only be extinguished by using large quantities of water.

Question: CHQA
Answer: doing a “linktest”

Question: CHQC
Answer: a light plus a whistle

Question: CHRB
Answer: Make it possible to retain most of the recovered oil in the primary slop tank, while cleaner part of the water will flow into the secondary slop tank, where it can be re-used as wash-water

Question: chrome, change, child, chip
Answer: chrome

Question: CHRU
Answer: The speed should be less than 5 knots, normally 3 – 5 knots

Question: CHXS
Answer: Safety shoes or safety boots

Question: CHYN
Answer: adjust the threshold level for admitting signals and refusing noise

Question: CIAG
Answer: All of the mentioned equipment.

Question: CIIO
Answer: Chemical, physical or mechanical foams

Question: CIMU
Answer: 1.25 times the maximum working pressure

Question: CIPM
Answer: All alarms are reengaged prior to switching to UMS-mode

Question: CIUK
Answer: 1 year

Question: CIUL
Answer: month

Question: CJLY
Answer: the use of SART transponders

Question: CJNM
Answer: Great circle

Question: CJNR
Answer: the height of the antenna

Question: CJUB
Answer: Deck cargo shall not block emergency exits or exits from accommodations or machinery spaces.

Question: CKAU
Answer: One minute.

Question: CKAY
Answer: 0.7 bar?

Question: CKBY
Answer: Yes, the turning diameter will increase if I reduce speed

Question: CKFA
Answer: Comparing input and output values against a documented standard

Question: CKHN
Answer: 20 seconds or less

Question: CKHS
Answer: 75 Kg

Question: CKIH
Answer: it allows the wearer to jump from height of at least 4.5 m into the water without injury and without damaging the life-jacket

Question: CKII
Answer: 48 hours

Question: CKLT
Answer: MAYDAY

Question: CKPA
Answer: Prevent excessive furnace heat losses

Question: CKPX
Answer: In case of a bursting pipe, to avoid oil spray hitting adjacent hot surfaces or coming into machinery air intakes

Question: CKRM
Answer: Periods not exceeding 3 months

Question: CKSH
Answer: 15 compressions followed by 2 full ventilations.

Question: CKSJ
Answer: Diamond and graphite.

Question: CLAV
Answer: The water supply hoses contain internal wires that act as conductors

Question: Clean ballast is normally___
Answer: ballast water loaded into car

Question: Clean ballast may be discharged___
Answer: by pumping only through a dis

Question: Clearing a cylinder of exhaust gases by forcing
Answer: scavenging.

Question: CLIB
Answer: Allow for increase in water volume

Question: Click on the correct answer ... How long has he
Answer: He has been in the water for

Question: Click on the correct answer ... I'LL SEE YOU___0
Answer: at

Question: Click on the correct answer ... IF HE DOESN'T LO
Answer: slip on

Question: Click on the correct answer ... PLEASE WAIT HERE
Answer: for

Question: Click on the correct answer ... There's a man ov
Answer: lowering

Question: Click on the correct answer ... WHEN YOU LEAVE T
Answer: off

Question: Click on the correct answer .... DON'T BE IN___O
Answer: too much

Question: Click on the correct answer ...___ARE THE FIRE E
Answer: Where

Question: Click on the correct answer. What's he doing?
Answer: He's looking for a leak.

Question: Click on the correct answer. Which is the odd on
Answer: Breathing Apparatus.

Question: Click on the correct form of the word PROTECT to
Answer: protection

Question: Click on the correct sentence.
Answer: They want water on deck.

Question: Click on the correct verb form to complete the s
Answer: are

Question: Click on the correct verb tense to complete the
Answer: hurt

Question: Click on the correct word ... I'VE THROWN A___SI
Answer: smoke

Question: Click on the correct word ... IT LOOKS AS IF WE
Answer: failure

Question: Click on the correct words ... AS YOU STILL FEEL
Answer: should

Question: Click on the correct words ... HE'S GONE ASHORE_
Answer: to buy

Question: Click on the correct words ... IT'S 11:00 HOURS
Answer: should have

Question: Click on the sentence where the words are in the
Answer: I think it's a good idea.

Question: clim
Answer: up and down vertical ladders from the survival craft embarkation point to the water

Question: climb, Bosun, below, above
Answer: climb

Question: CLNB
Answer: are a fire hazard because they are liable to spontaneous combustion

Question: Close and secure the hatch...
Answer: secure

Question: Closed Ro-Ro spaces must be SOLAS approved to ca
Answer: 23? or less

Question: cloth, soak, clothes, boat
Answer: cloth

Question: CLPR
Answer: All of these.

Question: CLUS
Answer: At least two sets of instruments to detect each type of gas expected to be encountered?

Question: Clutter echoes are not usually caused by___
Answer: fog.

Question: Clutter echoes are often caused by___
Answer: rain

Question: CLUU
Answer: Blow the boiler and renew water until the PH-value is normal again.

Question: CLWK
Answer: 40 gr of each

Question: CLYV
Answer: The master of a ship who coordinates on scene search and rescue operations

Question: CMET
Answer: kkkk

Question: CMJB
Answer: Not more than 10 minutes

Question: CMLL
Answer: The Master

Question: CMOA
Answer: For all vessels.

Question: CMTS
Answer: all sea-areas (A1 to A4)

Question: CMWC
Answer: Quay is given by A on the figure

Question: CMWH
Answer: Port quarter is given by D on the figure

Question: CNLM
Answer: They tend to contain heavy vapours inboard during cargo operations?

Question: CNNX
Answer: A sink is always needed irrespective of the type of the dishwashing machine provided.

Question: CNOS
Answer: Above the bulkhead deck

Question: CNQG
Answer: only be given receipt when the ship is actually able to give assistance

Question: CNQH
Answer: watertight, as far as possible,except for drain holes in the container bottom

Question: CNSU
Answer: Diesel oil leakage to the lub oil system.

Question: cod, load, code, hose
Answer: cod

Question: Coffee is exported from Brazil.
Answer: from

Question: coffee, dinner, breakfast, lunch
Answer: coffee

Question: COHG
Answer: All the mentioned alternatives

Question: COHV
Answer: To the Master

Question: COJV
Answer: Vitamin C

Question: COKQ
Answer: Immediate availability of water for at least one effective jet of water from any hydrant in an interior area

Question: Cold food should be stored below which of the fo
Answer: 5o

Question: cold, cereal, sent, central
Answer: cold

Question: cold, should, wood, could
Answer: cold

Question: colour, yellow, orange, purple
Answer: colour

Question: Colourless and odourless gases are stenched to a
Answer: detection

Question: Columbus Day is on 12/10. October the twelfth
Answer: October the twelfth

Question: Columbus landed in America in 1492. fourteen ninety-two
Answer: fourteen ninety-two

Question: comb, boiler, combine, cab
Answer: comb

Question: comb, fruit, rude, cool
Answer: comb

Question: commence, finish, end, stop
Answer: commence

Question: Communications regarding the opening of hull doo
Answer: the Master

Question: Compared to globe and angle valves, gate valves_
Answer: operate with little or no pre

Question: Compared to the visual horizon, the radar horizo
Answer: about 6% further away

Question: Comparing this pneumatic control unit with the e
Answer: Resistor R1.

Question: compass, timer, clock, watch
Answer: compass

Question: Compensation wires are electrical conductors mad
Answer: between these and the metals

Question: Complete the following ... by inserting the corr
Answer: will depart

Question: Complete the following ... THE CAPTAIN___THE SHI
Answer: joined

Question: Complete the following ... THE NEW SHIP IS___BEA
Answer: more

Question: Complete the following ... THE PACIFIC OCEAN IS_
Answer: the biggest

Question: Complete the following ... THE WEATHER IS___ALL
Answer: getting worse

Question: Complete the following sentence by inserting the
Answer: completed

Question: Complete the sentence. A series-wound generator
Answer: armature.

Question: Complete the sentence. Ships normally use an AC
Answer: an earth failure on one phase

Question: Compressed air could be used as a power source f
Answer: Gangway hoists.

Question: Compressed air lines are colour coded___
Answer: Pink.

Question: Compressed air lines on deck usually suffer from
Answer: Corrosion of pipework.

Question: Compressed air to operate air powered tools is s
Answer: Working air compressors.

Question: computer, butcher, plumber, builder
Answer: computer

Question: Concerning developing plans and instructions for
Answer: the particular type of vessel

Question: Concerning modern 13 amp square pin electric plu
Answer: The earth wire goes to the ce

Question: Concerning the ability of the ship's personnel t
Answer: on the procedures required fo

Question: Concerning the designing and construction of Mac
Answer: They must have cleaning facil

Question: Consumption of liquid from the ship's double bot
Answer: increase the KG

Question: container, cable, rope, hoist
Answer: container

Question: Containers are stored above and below deck.
Answer: below

Question: Contamination of food can take place both direct
Answer: Raw meat touching cooked meat

Question: Control valves in a controlled process can be ei
Answer: Hydraulic, when a big force o

Question: Controllable or variable pitch propellers are___
Answer: propellers whose blades are a

Question: CONY
Answer: always passed on to a LUT

Question: COOQ
Answer: the volume

Question: correction, mistake, fault, error
Answer: correction

Question: Could I have___drink?
Answer: another

Question: course, halt, haul, cough
Answer: course

Question: Cove
Answer: the spillage with a layer of foam.

Question: COVL
Answer: The two gases is Freon 22 and carbon monoxide

Question: COYW
Answer: all the answers are good

Question: CPAK
Answer: Endeavour to hold the anchored/yawing vessel steady

Question: CPDR
Answer: Any of the listed alternatives.

Question: CPEQ
Answer: The difference between possible maximum and minimum measurement

Question: CPIY
Answer: If any of the main registered particulars e.g. length were changed

Question: CPKJ
Answer: ability to make weak stations audible

Question: CPLH
Answer: Act 18 June 1971 relating to enrolment of employees on board ships.

Question: CPNV
Answer: almost rectilinear

Question: CQDW
Answer: The “Abandon ship” signal is not specified, only the general emergency alarm signal is stated

Question: CQHR
Answer: The Norwegian Maritime Directorate

Question: CQUI
Answer: Once every month

Question: CQXU
Answer: Caps and cocks should be closed at all times, to prevent ingress of water into the engine room in case of tank bottom damage.

Question: CQYK
Answer: Lenght overall is given by B on the figure

Question: crane, mass, fat, clan
Answer: crane

Question: crane, wheat, cotton, rice
Answer: crane

Question: Crankshaft distortions need to be measured and a
Answer: crankshaft deflection measure

Question: CRBD
Answer: all of the alternatives together

Question: CRBQ
Answer: Smoke going out the stack

Question: CRCR
Answer: is intended for radio traffic onboard of the own ship

Question: crew, helmsman, engineer, cadet
Answer: crew

Question: CRIL
Answer: have permanent boarding arrangements on both sides to enable persons in the water to board the lifeboat

Question: Cross connections between the fuel and ballast s
Answer: totally prohibited.

Question: Cross contamination can be described as:-
Answer: The transfer of bacteria from

Question: Cross contamination is ?
Answer: The transfer of Bacteria from

Question: CRQB
Answer: Give the coating time to “weather out” the trapped solvents using good ventilation, and recover it’s hardness again, prior loading the next cargo?

Question: CRQT
Answer: Pressure to electric current converter.

Question: CRRP
Answer: Check the ballast tanks for oil after the ballast tanks have been filled

Question: CRTJ
Answer: Distress traffic, urgency traffic, safety traffic

Question: CRUE
Answer: be made of fire-retardant material

Question: CSFC
Answer: F1B

Question: CSGX
Answer: nine digits, beginning by 6

Question: CSOC

Question: CSOE
Answer: To avoid the compressor-oil to disapper from the crankcase during starting.

Question: CTCN
Answer: Separation with correct temperature and low flow rate.

Question: CTDH
Answer: To prevent serious damages on main components.

Question: CTLR
Answer: Use the rudder hard over both sides while reducing engine power, so-called “high frequency rudder cycling”

Question: CTTE
Answer: Crankshaft

Question: CUAR
Answer: To prevent freon condensing when the compressor is stopped.

Question: CUBK
Answer: All the items mentioned

Question: CUCF
Answer: Too fast

Question: CUCG
Answer: On the fire control plans

Question: CUCJ
Answer: R(S) =18 ohm

Question: CUFX
Answer: 1.15 Ohms

Question: cup, knife, fork, spoon
Answer: cup

Question: cup, tea, juice, coffee
Answer: cup

Question: currency, dollar, pound, yen
Answer: currency

Question: Current transformers supply ampere meters and th
Answer: 5 or 1 Amps.

Question: CUYC
Answer: Floor space is usually more valuable than height.

Question: CVAP
Answer: It should be avoided, unless the tank atmosphere is inerted.

Question: CVNA

Question: CVOV
Answer: A manually operated release system only

Question: CVTQ
Answer: At least once a watch

Question: CVTV
Answer: Serial adapter

Question: CVXD
Answer: It satisfies the SOLAS requirements for ship safety

Question: CVXG
Answer: Into the crankcase and mix with the lube oil.

Question: CVXY
Answer: The bows of the ships will be pushed away from each other

Question: CVYY
Answer: Method to measure alkalinity and acidity.

Question: CWBD
Answer: The number of persons should be clearly stated on the outside of the boats bow.

Question: CWNW
Answer: To improve the sealing surface between valve and seat during operation of the engine (compensate for the bending of the valve disc caused by combustion pressure)

Question: CWOQ
Answer: As low as possible.

Question: CWTR
Answer: Fire is easily spread in dust and trash and wet floors may cause different accidents.

Question: CWTT
Answer: Radio Regulations

Question: CWVH
Answer: Connect to the hydrant before lowering the machine into the tank.

Question: CWWY
Answer: MCA, Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping, Germanischer Lloyd, Registro Italiano Navale

Question: CXDQ
Answer: To prevent freon condensing when the compressor is stopped.

Question: CXSS
Answer: Pushing on ship’s flat side and make fast in the vessel for pulling if needed

Question: CXXR
Answer: the identification of the vessel in distress and her position

Question: CYGF
Answer: The atmosphere should be gas free and contain at least 21% oxygen.

Question: CYGG
Answer: 95 Celsius

Question: CYHA
Answer: Gravity disc is too small. Flow rate is too high

Question: CYJI
Answer: Lubricate the piston rings.

Question: CYKL
Answer: Cover all exposed parts of the body, protect the area, move people and if possible use a compartment with extraction fans:

Question: cylinder, coal, cargo, container
Answer: cylinder

Question: CYVA
Answer: Floor space is usually more valuable than height.