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Test Answers

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There are 210 answer(s) beginning with the letter J.

Question: jacket, leather, cotton, polyester
Answer: jacket

Question: JAFM
Answer: Where the mooring lines lead.

Question: JAHH
Answer: Warm nutritious drinks.

Question: JAID
Answer: Boarding, launching and clearing of survival crafts (lifeboat/liferafts) and rescue crafts (MOB-boats).

Question: JAJB
Answer: A resistance guide stating which chemicals are compatible with the coating.

Question: JAKR
Answer: Salt

Question: JAKS
Answer: Zero

Question: JALM
Answer: Capable of immediate operation at all times

Question: JALP
Answer: 40 – 60 %.

Question: James is___volleyball players the coach has ever
Answer: one of the best

Question: JAQO
Answer: the sea area of the vessel

Question: JAXC
Answer: STCW means Seafarers’ Training, Certification and Watch keeping

Question: JAXE
Answer: Carbon atom has 6 protons and electrons

Question: JBCE
Answer: To avoid liquid coming back to the compressor during start up.

Question: JBEN
Answer: The condition shall be noted and plans for further actions developed.

Question: JBEU
Answer: The container, the extinguishing agent, the impulsion system

Question: JBGH
Answer: That the main propulsion unit controls are attended under standby condition.

Question: JBKS
Answer: By help of the Headword Register, the Chronological Register, the table of contents, the tables of contents in the respective provisions, the Preface, etc.

Question: JBLI
Answer: channel 06

Question: JBMD
Answer: Through stapled-in supplements in the quarterly NMD magazine “Navigare” and Ships Documents.

Question: JCAG
Answer: Annually.

Question: JCAI
Answer: The turbine rotor is not balanced.

Question: JCFG
Answer: Remove the load from the alternator to be stopped

Question: JCFL
Answer: Regulations concerning the registration of hours worked and the format and keeping of time sheets.

Question: JCNS
Answer: Aft is defined as A on the figure

Question: JCQI
Answer: Rectification would be required before sailing

Question: JCVE
Answer: Inspectors from the International Maritime Organization (IMO)

Question: JCXX
Answer: 518kHz

Question: JCYL
Answer: Normally use it, as free or dissolved chlorine is not aggressive towards stainless steel?

Question: JDDS
Answer: Connecting rod

Question: JDOT
Answer: A code issued by IMO for use onboard vessels carrying packaged dangerous goods?

Question: JDPL
Answer: 2500 mm wg?

Question: JDQF
Answer: A period not exceeding 12 months

Question: JDRW
Answer: It shall be cleaned daily and oiled and inspected regularly.

Question: JDRX
Answer: The master.

Question: JDTO
Answer: S band radar

Question: JDUG
Answer: About 20 %

Question: JEWX
Answer: Water in a cylinder.

Question: JFDH
Answer: Until all crew members and passengers have reported to their respective muster stations.

Question: JFFD
Answer: The side from the wind.

Question: JFFG
Answer: 25 miles

Question: JFJN
Answer: The main supply valves in the deck storage are closed prior to switching to UMS-mode

Question: JFPI
Answer: To complete a voyage (max 5 months) or at a surveyor’s discretion (max 1 month)

Question: JFRS
Answer: there is never on-line connection with the shore-subscriber

Question: JFSQ
Answer: 36715

Question: JFVX
Answer: An injury, other than a major injury, when the injured person is incapacitated for more than 3 consecutive days

Question: JGAE
Answer: The aircraft is directing a vessel towards an aircraft or vessel in distress

Question: JGBT
Answer: Radar transponder

Question: JGGR
Answer: Permission must be obtained from Chief Officer?

Question: JGMM
Answer: We can, reduce discharge rate, pump hot vapour into the cargo tank or pump some liquid back to the cargo tank

Question: JGNK
Answer: DSC-symbol is sent twice and checked extra by Error Check Character

Question: JGRM
Answer: STCW 95

Question: JGSJ
Answer: A, B, C, D

Question: JGYG
Answer: sunspots

Question: JHBM
Answer: on the number of kilobits of information transmitted per block of 256 bits

Question: JHBO
Answer: Dual purpose (jet/spray) type incorporating shutoff

Question: JHHH
Answer: LUT before the satellite is actually seen by this ground station

Question: JHKS
Answer: Line-throwing appliance

Question: JHND
Answer: Complete 15 compressions at the rate of 80 compressions per minute

Question: JHQR
Answer: Water in one or more cylinders.

Question: JHRM
Answer: The quality of the Crude Oil Washing performed during the last discharging

Question: JHUY
Answer: Any one involved in the operation

Question: JHVV
Answer: Survival craft distress pyrotechnic signals

Question: JHYC
Answer: Follow your track and reduce the speed to keep your vessel in line. Overtake the other vessels after the strait is passed.

Question: JHYU
Answer: an atomization of the fuel injected into the combustion chamber.

Question: JICN
Answer: Safety of ship and crew

Question: JICP
Answer: It is higher pressure on one side of the seat than on the other side, and it is shut manually or by change of pressure on the seat

Question: JIEU
Answer: FEC

Question: JIKQ
Answer: Fluids (liquids).

Question: JIQO
Answer: Freeboard is given by B on the figure

Question: JIRL
Answer: the amplitude of the carrier-wave changes

Question: JIUS
Answer: Marine Officers of the MCA

Question: JIXC
Answer: Increase scavenging air temperature to above dew point

Question: JIXI
Answer: vessel

Question: JJEP
Answer: Dynamic pressure pump (or roto-dynamic pump).

Question: JJGL
Answer: it’s canopy has viewing ports in all directions

Question: JJLF
Answer: 1 VHF RT + DSC+ DSC watch receiver – 1 or 2 SART – 1 NAVTEX or 1 EGC receiver – 2 or 3 VHF portable – 1 EPIRB – 1 MF RT + DSC+ DSC watch receiver

Question: JKAN
Answer: Gas detector

Question: JKDV

Question: JKEW
Answer: Twistlocks and rods with turnbuckles?

Question: JKGC
Answer: master

Question: JKGH
Answer: Oil pressure is greater than the water pressure.

Question: JKHA
Answer: Vitamin A

Question: JKHB
Answer: For all vessels.

Question: JKRE
Answer: By repeating the order

Question: JLBA
Answer: High density, sub – micron particles.

Question: JLBI
Answer: portable fire-extinguishing equipment suitable for oil fires

Question: JLCB
Answer: Ensure the valves are of the correct discharge capacity for the boiler.

Question: JLCY
Answer: urgency signal

Question: JLES
Answer: Figure 3.

Question: JLQD
Answer: The use of the ship’s line throwing apparatus

Question: JLRA
Answer: The floor of the raft has a second layer which can be inflated to help insulation, in addition to the thermal protective aids (10% of complement, minimum 2)

Question: JLSV
Answer: reporting to stations and preparing for the duties described in the muster list

Question: JMHV
Answer: 5 years

Question: JMLY
Answer: 1 Smoking in bed. 2 Covering of electric fires with blankets. 3 Overloading electric plugs.

Question: JMMT
Answer: Raise the fire alarm.

Question: JMUH
Answer: Check fuel injector valve, fuel injection timing, fuel pump suction valve and fuel pump lead

Question: JMUI
Answer: Quadrupled

Question: JMVB
Answer: The Norwegian Maritime Directorate

Question: JMYM
Answer: Double check valve.

Question: JNDM
Answer: capable to determine the position of the EPIRB

Question: JNIS
Answer: CES two digits code # 00 873 SES INMARSAT code #

Question: JNOB
Answer: 10 k ohm

Question: JNPC
Answer: ICE-method.

Question: JNTH
Answer: Alarm instruction.

Question: JNTN
Answer: 1 VHF RT + DSC+ DSC watch receiver – 1 or 2 SART – 1 NAVTEX or 1 EGC receiver- 2 or 3 VHF portable – 1 EPIRB

Question: JNUC
Answer: It should be protected by a fixed fire fighting system i.e. sprinkler system.

Question: JNUH
Answer: a food ration for each person

Question: JNXO
Answer: one copy of the prescribed life-saving signals

Question: job, salary, wage, payment
Answer: job

Question: job, session, meeting, class
Answer: job

Question: JOCU
Answer: 1% to 10%

Question: Joe has terrible headache again." ."I suggest___
Answer: that he go

Question: John is very___to other people's feelings.
Answer: sensitive

Question: join, cut, divide, slice
Answer: join

Question: JOKT
Answer: Clean the heat transfer surface

Question: JOPB
Answer: Either Ore or Oil.

Question: JORR
Answer: go to simplex telephony

Question: JOSN
Answer: Sea Area A4.

Question: joy, distress, grief, upset
Answer: joy

Question: JPGR
Answer: So that neither the rescue boat nor its launching arrangements will interfere with any survival craft at any other launching station

Question: JPJV
Answer: Several control-valves are connected to the same controller

Question: JPKQ
Answer: Reduced.

Question: JPOX
Answer: 70

Question: JPPA
Answer: A balanced assessment between keeping a visual lookout and monitoring the radar

Question: JPTG
Answer: The function of the ESD is to close loading valves, switch of power to cargo compressors and pumps

Question: JPYF
Answer: Area protected by halon

Question: JQBS
Answer: To maintain the required pressure and flow to the machine in use.

Question: JQCH
Answer: He wants the OS to show him where the switch that changes between automatic, manual, and emergency steering is

Question: JQFQ
Answer: He wants the Chief Officer to organise a lifeboat drill

Question: JQKS
Answer: the amplitude is modulated

Question: JQLJ
Answer: Merchant Shipping Act 1995 and Merchant Shipping (Registration of Ships) Regs 1993

Question: JQLN
Answer: Before leaving the port

Question: JQMN
Answer: frequency

Question: JQQS
Answer: At least two sets of instruments to detect each type of gas expected to be encountered?

Question: JQWN
Answer: Fire main with fire valves

Question: JQXA
Answer: Lowers oxygen content in the tank

Question: JQYB
Answer: Class C fire

Question: JQYS
Answer: To have a hot-work permit

Question: JRCD
Answer: an area excluding sea area A1 within the radiotelephone coverage of at least one MF coast station in which continuous DSC alerting is available

Question: JRDY
Answer: 1

Question: JRHG
Answer: 150 mtr

Question: JRHI
Answer: the height of the aerial

Question: JRLN
Answer: That the watch keeping personnel shall be ready for starting or manoeuvring the main engine.

Question: JRUR
Answer: Vessel not under command and not making way

Question: JRUT
Answer: Close the valves on both the Acetylene and the Oxygen bottles.

Question: JSAJ
Answer: Receiving in mode J3E

Question: JSBE
Answer: He shall arrange for proper, including medical, care.

Question: JSFO
Answer: The supervisor’s field is the work situation, the commitee’s the total environment, also spare time

Question: JSGE
Answer: To allow at least 3 hours of operation

Question: JSIB
Answer: To bring the remaininig oil to the stripping suction

Question: JSMW
Answer: By control of liquid flow

Question: JSNV
Answer: You did not maintain a proper lookout by all available means

Question: JSOP
Answer: Difficulty in breathing in and the casualty may be unable to speak.

Question: JSWF
Answer: The water to be drained periodically and scuppers to be closed in between. Oily water to be transferred to slop tanks or other suitable receptacle?

Question: JTBC
Answer: Class A

Question: JTIQ
Answer: The closed-type feed-water system

Question: JTJS
Answer: along the curvature of the earth

Question: JTLD
Answer: Start an additional auxiliary engine

Question: JTPI
Answer: Vitamin C

Question: JTQE
Answer: up to 150 persons

Question: JTRF
Answer: sufficient buoyant oars or paddles provided with thole pins or crutches

Question: JTXR
Answer: The General Civil Penalty Code § 315 .

Question: JUEN
Answer: If you are taking bunker on the port side of the vessel, check that the starboard manifold is closed and blanked off

Question: JUEQ
Answer: Cast off the rope.

Question: JUES
Answer: to control the weardown of the main bearings.

Question: JUHY
Answer: 17284.0 kHz

Question: JUIQ
Answer: The performance of the engine is reduced noticeably.

Question: JUIS
Answer: No, the most effective rudder angle is about 25 to 30 degrees, this is because the rudder is “stalling” at 35 degrees angle

Question: Jump into the water and board the liferaft.
Answer: into

Question: JUMT
Answer: You have a cracked liner, or cover.

Question: June, sunk, monk, junk
Answer: June

Question: JUPC
Answer: He wants two spring lines, four stern lines and no breasts

Question: JUSP
Answer: Yes, cleaning is maintenance and contributes to keep expenses down.

Question: JVBE
Answer: The chain is slack, dirty turbocharger or glogged turbocharger filter.

Question: JVDO
Answer: Immediately reduce on the suction valve, and watch the Open more on the suction valve gauge.

Question: JVIQ
Answer: action to be taken by crew and passengers

Question: JVPG
Answer: The MS and FV (Health & Safety at Work) Regulations 1997 (The HSW Regulations)

Question: JVPH
Answer: Connections on manifoilds and jumpers should be protected with spray shields to guard against spray.

Question: JWAG
Answer: To fill up the lines slowly.

Question: JWHU
Answer: a coast-station or coastguard-station

Question: JWHW
Answer: G.Area

Question: JWIN
Answer: Total pressure head

Question: JWLW
Answer: Correct flow, pressure and temperature. ( Viscosity)

Question: JWOJ
Answer: Position A.

Question: JWUC
Answer: Keeping the lube oil in a state of low viscosity for a long period in the centrifuge bowl.

Question: JWWL
Answer: a thermic detector

Question: JWWN
Answer: Vitamin B

Question: JWXG
Answer: Potatoes.

Question: JWXH
Answer: By permanently exhibited damage control plans

Question: JWXI
Answer: For as long as people are working in the tank.

Question: JWXR
Answer: All those listed in the other alternatives

Question: JXNL
Answer: 13.0 mm?

Question: JXQR
Answer: Rocket parachute flares

Question: JXTB
Answer: Leave him in bed or request him to have some fresh air.

Question: JXXF
Answer: Radiotelephony – Single sideband full carrier

Question: JYCG
Answer: Start the fire pump

Question: JYJE
Answer: Rudder hard to port, full astern. After you gain some sternway, rudder hard to starboard and full ahead

Question: JYKY
Answer: Channel 16 plus another one

Question: JYLQ
Answer: 74 m2

Question: JYLR
Answer: On the ship fire plan

Question: JYLS
Answer: a radar reflector or a radar transponder

Question: JYMM
Answer: None of the answers is good

Question: JYNF
Answer: The control system is depending on the best possible process signal

Question: JYNH
Answer: All these requirements apply

Question: JYOE
Answer: 1,0 Bar

Question: JYQQ
Answer: Up to 90 C

Question: JYQS
Answer: Outside the space which is to be protected

Question: JYWL
Answer: 6 – 25 watt

Question: JYYX
Answer: A letter “Exemption from the nationality requirement for foreign shipmasters”