Test Answers

Test Answers

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There are 258 answer(s) beginning with the letter U.

Question: UABH
Answer: Machinery and boilers out of operation due to lack of electric power

Question: UACB
Answer: Salt

Question: UADA
Answer: Dairy products

Question: UAGL
Answer: Sierra, Alfa, Tango, Charlie, Oscar, Mike

Question: UAHF
Answer: Use a proper torch

Question: UAIF
Answer: It depends on wear and tear, but approximately every 12 – 18 month.

Question: UANC
Answer: Blocked condenser.

Question: UAXF
Answer: Any of the listed alternatives.

Question: UAXV
Answer: Transmitter and receiver to be tested with intervals of not more than one month

Question: UBHE
Answer: The hazards of exposure and the need for warm clothing

Question: UBKP
Answer: Rotary positive displacement (mono type).

Question: UBQJ
Answer: All of the listed alternatives.

Question: UBSU
Answer: Too little gas in the system.

Question: UBVG
Answer: To assist in the efficient and safe watchkeeping.

Question: UBYW
Answer: The Master

Question: UCDU
Answer: Multipurpose powder

Question: UCWT
Answer: Crude oil and refined products.

Question: UDAD
Answer: All prescribed life-saving appliances shall be made of non-combustible or fire retardant material

Question: UDFB
Answer: Bandpass filter

Question: UDHS
Answer: She will most likely sheer to starboard and gradually lose headway

Question: UDJL
Answer: Do not reply to any questions from outside parties, except the Solicitor appointed by your company.

Question: UDKE
Answer: On Scene Commander

Question: UDLC
Answer: 0,5 l if the de-salting apparatus is capable of producing this quantity in 2 days

Question: UDMX
Answer: handholds or a buoyant lifeline becketed around the outside, except in the vicinity of the rudder and propeller

Question: UDOI
Answer: two buoyant smoke signals

Question: UDQB
Answer: operation of davits used for launching liferafts

Question: UDSO
Answer: vessels of a certain shipping-company

Question: UDSU
Answer: CO2

Question: UDWT
Answer: Saturated hydrocarbons are colourless and odourless liquids and they are chemically non-reactive

Question: UDYO
Answer: Same number as beds in the cabin

Question: UEAJ
Answer: Stop the purifier immediately. Check the bowl for heavy side, deposits, bearings, housing, and the spindle for damage.

Question: UEMR
Answer: lifebuoy with light and smoke

Question: UERN
Answer: Alkanes has only single bond between the atoms

Question: UETJ
Answer: The Operator should immediately set continuous watch on the radiotelephone frequency that is associated with frequency band on which the distress alert was received.

Question: UFAB
Answer: Make two round turns fast on the leading bitt and then figure of eight on both bitts, fig. 4

Question: UFBC
Answer: One hose for each 30 meter length of ship plus one spare. Hoses for engine and boiler room in addition

Question: UFCO
Answer: Make sure that the compartment has been evacuated

Question: UFGR
Answer: lower liferaft to water

Question: UFJI
Answer: Entries regarding the seafarer’s service time, vacation days due etc.

Question: Ufortunately, his math class is not___he thought
Answer: as easy as

Question: UFUC
Answer: A thick rope to tie up the ship

Question: UFVT
Answer: After the separator shell has warmed up.

Question: UGCS
Answer: 16 and 28

Question: UGEC
Answer: The master or owner if the master prevent or fail to do so.

Question: UGEE
Answer: In Act 3 June 1977 relating to hours of work on board ship, section 1

Question: ugly, handsome, beautiful, pretty
Answer: ugly

Question: UGPX
Answer: Measure the specific gravity of the electrolyte

Question: UGQS
Answer: Regularly, when preparing for sea and entering port

Question: UGSI
Answer: At least two sets

Question: UGTA
Answer: Let go starboard anchor 1 – 1,5 shackles

Question: UGTD

Question: UGVT
Answer: Landing here is highly dangerous

Question: UHDH
Answer: To keep constant surveillance of machinery and auxiliary systems.

Question: UHIG
Answer: Secured via a weak link to a secure part of the ship

Question: UHJX
Answer: Improve the scaling surface function, increase the service time of the exhaust valve in the engine

Question: UHKQ
Answer: 500 cm

Question: UHKS
Answer: S = (A or B) and C

Question: UHLS
Answer: Minimize corrosion, prevent deposits and scaling, and control of biologic. growth

Question: UHPV
Answer: Aft breast line is defined as B on the figure

Question: UHPX
Answer: The exhaust gas receiver.

Question: UHQT
Answer: Vessel should be underway, minimum 7 knots, discharge max 30 litres per nm and be 50 nm from shore. The discharge should take place above the waterline and total oil discharged should not be more than 1/30000 of total cargo.

Question: UHRI
Answer: be constructed of inherently buoyant material

Question: UIGQ
Answer: the condition and results of tests of the main radiotelegraph installation

Question: UIHJ
Answer: There is two types of membrane tank systems, Membrane system and semi-membrane system

Question: UIME
Answer: Reduce the service interval.

Question: UIMG
Answer: Upper Flammable Level / Lower Flammable Level of explosive atmosphere?

Question: UIOY
Answer: the frequency used

Question: UIRD
Answer: Fuel pump timing changed.

Question: UISB
Answer: a traffic list with the call-sign of the ships involved in alphabetical numerical sequence

Question: UISC
Answer: Trying to ignite burner from hot brickwork

Question: UISD
Answer: Quebec, Uniform, India, Charlie, Kilo

Question: UIVO
Answer: The water level

Question: UJBJ
Answer: 500 kHz

Question: UJCJ
Answer: The smallest diameter piston is the stage two piston

Question: UJDD
Answer: The bow will be pushed away from the bank

Question: UJET
Answer: The water can be applied in a fine spray starting from the front in a sweeping motion.

Question: UJGH
Answer: one rustproof graduated drinking vessel

Question: UJGM
Answer: All life-buoys shall be placed in holders with quick-release arrangement

Question: UJIW
Answer: A ship receiving this call must set watch on channel 16

Question: UJMG
Answer: 1 VHF RT + DSC+ DSC watch receiver – 1 or 2 SART – 1 NAVTEX or 1 EGC receiver- 2 or 3 VHF portable – 1 EPIRB

Question: UJNW
Answer: A command as dirtlx…+ can be given

Question: UKAP
Answer: To keep the lifeboat steady against the sea/wind

Question: UKEV
Answer: a buoyant bailer

Question: UKQF
Answer: by cooling, smothering, combustible suppression, inhibition

Question: UKRC
Answer: Blocking inductive kick from the solenoid

Question: UKWD
Answer: The Master has no obligations to assist in towing a vessel

Question: UKWE
Answer: Raise the feed water temperature.

Question: UKYM
Answer: No welding or hot work on board ships carrying cargo with flashpoint below 60° C must take place in the tank area before the cargo has been discharged and gas freeing carried out.

Question: ULBE
Answer: Maximum volume percent oxygen must not exceed 5 percent

Question: ULCC
Answer: Indirect cargo cooling plant is utilised on cargoes that can not be compressed or be expelled for high temperature

Question: ULIO
Answer: Open, when pressure in the boiler is in excess of normal working pressure.

Question: Ullage is the distance from the underside of the
Answer: the liquid surface

Question: Ullage is the term used to describe___
Answer: the vertical space above a li

Question: ULLE
Answer: channels 06, 08, 72, et 77

Question: ULVF
Answer: All winches be left with the manual brake on and gear out

Question: ULWC
Answer: No specific word will precede a routine message

Question: ULXU
Answer: a boarding ladder that can be used at any entrance for persons in the water

Question: umbrella, trousers, jacket, shirt
Answer: umbrella

Question: UMHW
Answer: Foam monitor gun

Question: UMJJ
Answer: B

Question: UMKH
Answer: Hysteresis

Question: UMMV
Answer: not later than 1 month

Question: UMNT
Answer: Figure 1

Question: UMOO
Answer: Quadruple

Question: UMVC
Answer: TX: 2189.5 kHzRX: 2177.0 kHz

Question: UMWW
Answer: which officers are assigned to ensure that life-saving and fire-fighting appliances are maintained in good condition

Question: UNAG
Answer: As shown in figure 1.

Question: Unconscious casualties who are breathing and who
Answer: This position ensures that an

Question: UNCQ
Answer: Identify the hazards, quantify the risks, put control measures in place, monitor the work activity and review

Question: UNCR
Answer: Monthly

Question: Under certain conditions some bacteria can produ
Answer: Spores can survive high tempe

Question: Under ISM, any responsibility imposed on the Com
Answer: remains the responsibility of

Question: Under ISM, can a company contract with third par
Answer: Yes, it is allowed.

Question: Under ISM, during assessment for issue and compl
Answer: all activities concerning the

Question: Under ISM, how could it be assessed whether or n
Answer: Through interviewing officers

Question: Under ISM, if the Company has subcontracting arr
Answer: Only one DOC can be issued to

Question: Under ISM, is shipboard presence required by the
Answer: As may be necessary

Question: Under ISM, the company should define and documen
Answer: By charts and/or job descript

Question: Under ISM, the Company should establish___to des
Answer: a safety and environmental po

Question: Under ISM, the holder of the DOC or Document of
Answer: has assumed responsibility fo

Question: Under ISM, the Master must implement the Company
Answer: By Standing Orders, Bridge ni

Question: Under ISM, the overriding authority of the Maste
Answer: in both normal and extreme ci

Question: Under ISM, the responsibility and authority of t
Answer: monitoring the safety and pol

Question: Under ISM, what is the role of the Designated Pe
Answer: To ensure the safe operation

Question: Under ISM, what kind of support is to be provide
Answer: Adequate resources and shore

Question: Under ISM, what methods should be used to motiva
Answer: Ensure that the crew understa

Question: Under ISM, what qualifications are required by t
Answer: Appropriate knowledge and exp

Question: Under ISM, which methods can the Master use to i
Answer: As defined and documented by

Question: Under ISM, who is responsible for implementing t
Answer: The Master

Question: Under ISO standard 3941 (used mostly in Europe),
Answer: Class A.

Question: Under Marpol, any ship of 10,000 tons gross and
Answer: I

Question: Under Marpol, can a chemical tanker be considere
Answer: Yes, when it is carrying a ca

Question: Under Marpol, can a ship carry oil in the fore p
Answer: No, not on any vessel

Question: Under Marpol, do the requirements of Oil Retenti
Answer: No, retention of residues on

Question: Under Marpol, slop tanks shall have the capacity
Answer: 3

Question: Under Marpol, the IOPP certificate of any ship m
Answer: a record of construction and

Question: Under normal conditions, how is the superheated
Answer: By diverting part of the flow

Question: Under normal running conditions, what pressure i
Answer: Under slight overpressure.

Question: Under OPA 90 , Group 1 oils are___
Answer: non-persistent oils.

Question: Under OPA 90 a level "A" Oil Spill Removal Organ
Answer: the lowest recovery capabilit

Question: Under OPA 90 regulations, actuation of Tier I re
Answer: immediately, in any case not

Question: Under OPA 90 regulations, each part of the cargo
Answer: with a blank flange.

Question: Under OPA 90 regulations, oils have been divided
Answer: 5

Question: Under OPA 90 shipboard pollution containers shou
Answer: 12

Question: Under OPA 90, a tank vessel owner or operator mu
Answer: oil spill clean-up contractor

Question: Under OPA 90, a Worst Case Scenario" includes th
Answer: adverse weather.

Question: Under OPA 90, all verbal reports regarding an oi
Answer: up in writing to facilitate c

Question: Under OPA 90, application of Oil Dispersants to
Answer: have official approval and be

Question: Under OPA 90, concerning the activation of the O
Answer: The shore management is able

Question: Under OPA 90, due diligence describes___
Answer: All of the other options

Question: Under OPA 90, the Incident Command System is___
Answer: the method used to implement

Question: Under OPA 90, the intentional discharge of 10,00
Answer: willful misconduct.

Question: Under OPA 90, the Logistics Section of the Incid
Answer: communication, medical and fo

Question: Under OPA 90, the penalty for failure to immedia
Answer: a fine of not more than U.S $

Question: Under OPA 90, the term "OSRO " means___"
Answer: Oil Spill Response Organisati

Question: Under OPA 90, the term 'Qualified Individual' me
Answer: An English speaking person av

Question: Under OPA 90, when reporting an oil spill to the
Answer: the nearest U.S. ?Coast Guard

Question: Under OPA.90, salvage, fire fighting and lighter
Answer: be contractually pre-arranged

Question: Under Rule 19, if you get into a close quarters
Answer: navigate with caution until d

Question: Under Rule 5; the radar should be used for keepi
Answer: whenever it may help

Question: Under Rule 7, proper use of radar to determine r
Answer: radar plotting or equivalent

Question: Under SMS, sufficient instructions in a suitable
Answer: By witnessing an exercise.

Question: Under soundings marked on the chart, the nature
Answer: Shells

Question: Under STCW regulations, what must each new crew
Answer: Be familiar with safety proce

Question: Under the ISM code the Company must ensure that
Answer: known and maintained at all l

Question: Under the ISM code, what is meant by a non-confo
Answer: A situation which indicates t

Question: Under the ISM Code, what is understood by the Sh
Answer: Could be any of the other opt

Question: Under the SMS, as part of shipboard responsibili
Answer: machinery, ships equipment an

Question: Under the SOLAS regulations most ships have to c
Answer: Five minutes

Question: Under the SOLAS regulations, how often must each
Answer: Monthly

Question: Under what circumstance may untreated bilges be
Answer: Only in a case of emergency.

Question: Under what condition is the scavenge air cooled
Answer: Constant pressure (Isobaric c

Question: Under what engine conditions are indicator cards
Answer: At normal full load.

Question: Under which conditions are fore peak tanks, afte
Answer: Provided they are to be conne

Question: Uneven flame distribution during combustion in t
Answer: flame impingement.

Question: UNHM
Answer: a frequency

Question: UNIK
Answer: You are seen – assistance will be given as soon as possible

Question: UNIL
Answer: 60°C

Question: unite, divide, split, separate
Answer: unite

Question: UNJE
Answer: 8 minutes

Question: UNKG
Answer: A material that neither burns nor emits flammable fumes in such a quantity as to experience ignition, when the temperature rises to 750 ?C

Question: UNMM
Answer: Bunkering of bulk lubricating oil.

Question: UNNK
Answer: 70

Question: UNQS
Answer: To individual employment agreements for service on NIS ships

Question: UNQV
Answer: The appointed lifeboat commander.

Question: UNWO
Answer: 2.0 bar

Question: UOHS
Answer: To prove that the vessel has had the official number and net tonnage marked into a main beam, and that the ship’s name has been marked on both bows and on the stern and the port of choice marked on the stern.

Question: UOJH
Answer: Starboard bow is given by A on the figure

Question: UOUV
Answer: 5 litres / m2/ min

Question: UPAV
Answer: Start air supply

Question: UPCJ
Answer: Very High Frequency

Question: UPEB
Answer: Capstan is given by A on the figure

Question: UPGP
Answer: 8414.5 kHz and on at least one of the following DSC frequencies: 4207.5 kHz, 6312.0 kHz, 12577.0 kHz or 16804.5 kHz

Question: UPLP
Answer: In the Fire and Safety instruction manual

Question: UPOC
Answer: All passengers that will require some form for assistance in case of evacuation, etc. must be registered, so there can be sent crew to assist them if needed.

Question: Upon what cycle is the modern diesel engine base
Answer: Dual combustion.

Question: Upon what is the movement of the rudder dependan
Answer: "On the distance the command

Question: UPVQ
Answer: the detonating gas can be discharged

Question: UPXL
Answer: secure all burners

Question: UPYX
Answer: Too much lub oil in one or more cylinders.

Question: UQAQ
Answer: the use of SART transponders

Question: UQEW
Answer: Seagoing service

Question: UQGM
Answer: The transmitting mode is not compatible with the chosen frequency

Question: UQLK
Answer: You will get harmed by the fumes before you are able to smell it.

Question: UQMH
Answer: They may require him to make a safety inspection and report his findings

Question: UQNE
Answer: 8 hours a day?

Question: UQNI
Answer: It adheres to the boiler tubes and reduce the heat transfer. It combines with solids to produce sticky deposits.

Question: UQUR
Answer: Start an additional auxiliary engine

Question: UQUT
Answer: The Norwegian Maritime Directorate

Question: UQXF
Answer: SILENCING DISTRESS followed by the silencing station’s call-sign

Question: UQYV
Answer: Forecastle head, manifolds, maindeck?

Question: URMH
Answer: A large temperature drop across the drier.

Question: UROS
Answer: Heavy seas from behind

Question: URQL
Answer: Every lifebuoy shall be constructed of inherently buoyant material or have sufficient air compartment for buoyancy

Question: URQM
Answer: Exhaust gas leaking into the oil chamber

Question: URSV
Answer: 20.000 tons

Question: URVO
Answer: adjust the noise threshold of the mariphone receiver

Question: Use
Answer: he intercom to inform crew and passengers of the reason for the alarm.

Question: Use breathing apparatus in the holds.
Answer: in

Question: Use light signals for communication.
Answer: for

Question: Using Fleming's Right Hand Rule what does the th
Answer: Direction of movement of the

Question: Using lead/acid batteries what is the minimum nu
Answer: 12

Question: Using relative motion display mode, a plot of su
Answer: it's closest point of approac

Question: Using spoken radio communication, what is the co
Answer: MAYDAY.

Question: USQH
Answer: when floating in the inverted position it can be righted by one person

Question: USQI
Answer: with weak incoming signals distortion is reduced

Question: UTOQ
Answer: A certificate issued by the authorities of a state which has acceded to the STCW-Convention

Question: UUAG
Answer: 85° C

Question: UUAM
Answer: All the mentioned alternatives.

Question: UUBH
Answer: Change in output signal divided by change in input signal

Question: UUCY
Answer: L(S) = 18 H

Question: UUHU
Answer: November, Alfa, Victor, Tango, Echo, X-ray

Question: UUOJ
Answer: It will be discolored and turn pink.

Question: UUXR
Answer: Pressure

Question: UUYM
Answer: Speed governor and voltage regulator

Question: UVAC
Answer: Lower than -18?C

Question: UVBV
Answer: differs for each country

Question: UVBY
Answer: They must wear the protective equipment or clothing supplied when they are carrying out a task for which it is provided and follow appropriate instructs for use

Question: UVCQ
Answer: the two lifebuoys of the quick-release system and at least two other ones, one on each side of the ship

Question: UVJL
Answer: The passengers get familiar with emergency procedures, life jackets, musterstation. And the crew get training in growd handling.

Question: UVWR
Answer: All bolts to be in position and tightened?

Question: UWDG
Answer: Segregated ballast tanker.

Question: UWLS
Answer: Copy of the fire control plans/folders to be stored in a watertight prominently marked container outside the deck house

Question: UWLX
Answer: for ship-shore telephone-traffic on the MF/HF bands

Question: UWQP
Answer: Overhaul the unit to determine faults such as: piston ring blow-by, exhaust valve malfunction, clogged scavenging ports, delayed ignition etc.

Question: UWQU
Answer: Ulsan, Korea

Question: UXCM
Answer: Push shore line content to shore tank or compare the ship`s/shore flow measurements.

Question: UXDK
Answer: Sound three blasts in succession, namely one short, one prolonged and one short blast

Question: UXEF
Answer: 15 compressions followed by 2 full ventilations.

Question: UXOB
Answer: International Convention for the Safety of Lives at Sea

Question: UXPU
Answer: Ventilate the tank and perform procedure for tank entry according to company manual, then fit the portable machines.

Question: UXQJ
Answer: lifebuoy with light and smoke

Question: UXTG
Answer: Yes, and as listed in the Maritime Act.

Question: UXUE
Answer: One control book for special medicines, one approved by Norwegian authorities medical book (“International Medical Guide for ships”) and three pamphlets regarding first aid.

Question: UYCL
Answer: Place the injured part under slowly running cold water for at least 10 minutes, but preferably until the pain is gone. If no water is available, use any cold, harmless liquid.

Question: UYGR
Answer: 4.5 meters

Question: UYHP
Answer: Approximately 85% dry.

Question: UYNH
Answer: Certain sections of the Act 3 June 1977 relating to hours of work on board ship and section 7 of the Act 12 June 1987 relating to NIS