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Test Answers

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Question: S-band radar has a wavelength of___
Answer: 9.2 to 10 cm

Question: Safe
Answer: y purpose?

Question: safe, draft, graph, laugh
Answer: safe

Question: Safety management objectives of the Company shou
Answer: safeguards against all identi

Question: Safety shoes will be worn ...
Answer: will be

Question: Safety standards have improved ...
Answer: have improved

Question: safety, emergency, disaster, accident
Answer: safety

Question: SAGM
Answer: Disposed of in an ashtray, ensuring that it is extinguished

Question: SAGQ
Answer: the frequency chosen

Question: SAHK
Answer: The ship’s safety plan

Question: SAHL
Answer: Stern line is given by A on the figure

Question: SAHM
Answer: To avoid liquid coming back to the compressor during start up.

Question: SAHN
Answer: Separation of two insoluble liquids with different densities, and at the same time removing of solids.

Question: said, laid, train, wait
Answer: said

Question: sail, engine, motor, turbine
Answer: sail

Question: Sally has been going to the gym___a month now.
Answer: for

Question: Sam has decided to go abroad___a month.
Answer: for

Question: same, mask, plant, craft
Answer: same

Question: same, stand, land, gram
Answer: same

Question: SAMO
Answer: Yes, if engaged by the owner.

Question: SAOD
Answer: 20 Nautical Miles

Question: SAPX
Answer: The employer.

Question: Saturated steam is produced___
Answer: to heat fuel in tanks or to h

Question: Saturated steam produced by a boiler should be s
Answer: by cyclones.

Question: sausage, lamb, chicken, fish
Answer: sausage

Question: SBBT
Answer: The boiler be allowed to cool down by its own after shut down. Then pump the water out.

Question: SBCL
Answer: Figure 1.

Question: SBCM
Answer: In J3E mode – on simplex basis

Question: SBGQ
Answer: Impossible to say

Question: SBMI
Answer: STCW deals with minimum recommendation of education for seafarers and minimum standards for training centre and schools

Question: SBVR
Answer: only necessary radio conversations are made in a concise and businesslike way

Question: SBVS
Answer: Due to suction, the two ships will be sucked together

Question: SBXE
Answer: Sitting on a chair, leaning forward, with two fingers pressing the nose together

Question: SBXF
Answer: The governor

Question: SBXY
Answer: Swing the load in the direction of the signal man’s face

Question: SCBL
Answer: Class1

Question: SCCH
Answer: Every 6 months

Question: SCDY
Answer: 13

Question: scene, school, scare, sky
Answer: scene

Question: school, restaurant, bar, cafe
Answer: school

Question: SCJU
Answer: Turbocharger

Question: SCPN
Answer: 1000 000 000 Hz

Question: SCQR
Answer: Activate the alarm, evacuate the area and seal the place, then activate the extinction system

Question: SCUT
Answer: The regulations are a part of the Norwegian Ship Control Legislation regulations, concerning production and serving of foodstuffs.

Question: SCXB
Answer: Sound the fire alarm signal

Question: SDDX
Answer: Reduced heat capacity of the heater

Question: SDOU
Answer: Wire takes 95 % of the extra load. Rope takes 5 % of the extra load

Question: SDPN
Answer: SOLAS

Question: SDPO
Answer: 3.5 to 4.5 mtrs.

Question: SDSA
Answer: Air, Breathing, Circulation.

Question: SDUS
Answer: 2 on new-builds only. Old ships have to comply by August -95

Question: SDYS
Answer: Lima, Oscar, Bravo, India, Tango, Hotel

Question: Sea clutter echoes appear on the radar screen as
Answer: a mass of small echoes around

Question: Sea clutter is caused by reflections from___
Answer: the sides of waves.

Question: Sea conditions are expected to change.
Answer: to change

Question: sea, beach, shore, sand
Answer: sea

Question: seagull, fly, insect, bug
Answer: seagull

Question: SEBC
Answer: The shore-side of the cargo manifold valves, port and starboard side

Question: Second trace echoes appear on the radar display
Answer: false ranges on the correct b

Question: Second trace echoes are more likely to occur whe
Answer: a high P.R.F. is used.

Question: SELB
Answer: Small diameter line.

Question: SELD
Answer: Change operation to the third generator set, preparing the original set for repair of the failure and switching to manual mode until repair is carried out.

Question: SELECT THE CORRECT ... "affect": The problem___t
Answer: affecting

Question: SELECT THE CORRECT ... "assist": Crewmembers___e
Answer: assisting

Answer: feel

Question: SELECT THE CORRECT ... "provide": Jobless seafar
Answer: provided

Answer: seems

Answer: sound

Question: SELECT THE CORRECT ... "suffer": The seamen___fr
Answer: suffering

Answer: taste

Question: SELECT THE CORRECT ... A company where all the e
Answer: work

Question: Select the correct ... BEFORE WORKING WITH A MAC
Answer: take off

Question: Select the correct ... IT IS POSSIBLE THAT SOME
Answer: might

Question: Select the correct ... WHAT ARE THE OXYGEN LEVEL
Answer: in

Question: Select the correct ... What is your course?
Answer: My course is 134 degrees

Question: Select the correct ... When the captain wants to
Answer: How much

Question: Select the correct ... Where is the anchor? THE
Answer: under

Question: Select the correct sentence.
Answer: Did you listen to the radio?

Question: SELECT THE VERB WHICH IS ... Man and animals sho
Answer: live

Question: SELECT THE VERB WHICH IS ... The wish of every i
Answer: is

Question: Select the word that is out of place.
Answer: anchor

Question: Self-igniting lights on lifebuoys must either bu
Answer: 2 hours

Question: send, get, receive, obtain
Answer: send

Question: send, haul, tow, drag
Answer: send

Question: SEQK
Answer: one waterproof electric torch suitable for Morse signalling

Question: SERD
Answer: perform all duties associated with abandonment, assist others and operate a rescue boat

Question: Serious tube leakage in the air ejector condense
Answer: loss of vacuum.

Question: Setters can be changed on pilot operated relief
Answer: Maximum allowable relief valv

Question: Several people died during the first___to the So
Answer: expedition

Question: Several vessels were damaged ...
Answer: were damaged

Question: sew, true, screw, shoot
Answer: sew

Question: SEYS
Answer: Separation of solid contaminants from a liquid.

Question: SFGC
Answer: one daylight signalling mirror with instructions

Question: SFGF
Answer: OR gate

Question: SFIO
Answer: 100/amplification

Question: SGBA
Answer: He wants the OS to train as helmsman today, because they are sailing in open waters and there is not much traffic in the area

Question: SGBB
Answer: Central gas extinguishing system and/or waterfog.

Question: SGIK
Answer: should exceed 1,5 % of the lifeboat length when loaded with 50 % of the number of persons the lifeboat is permitted to accommodate, these persons being seated to one side of the centreline

Question: SGPK
Answer: Wrong, if the valve is wrongly set

Question: SGWS
Answer: Oil Transfer Procedures Manual

Question: SGYJ
Answer: windows on both sides which can be closed watertight and opened for ventilation

Question: SGYN
Answer: Worn scrapper and piston rings.

Question: shallow, stalling, calling, taller
Answer: shallow

Question: share, gear, pier, clear
Answer: share

Question: SHDI
Answer: Yes, within thirty (30) minutes

Question: She wondered what it would be like to study___fo
Answer: abroad

Question: She's much taller___me.
Answer: than

Question: She's___university teacher.
Answer: a

Question: SHEL
Answer: Muster station

Question: SHFF
Answer: Foam.

Question: SHHQ
Answer: By carrying out a risk assessment

Question: Ship Fire: 1. discovering | 2. will direct | 3. assess | 4. can be dealt with | 5. fire hoses
Answer: 1. discovering | 2. will direct | 3. assess | 4. can be dealt with | 5. fire hoses

Question: Ship Fire: 1. resulted | 2. normally be the case | 3. ensure that | 4. to minimise the risk | 5. greater risk and
Answer: 1. resulted | 2. normally be the case | 3. ensure that | 4. to minimise the risk | 5. greater risk and

Question: Ship's bunkers are___
Answer: the fuel and lubricating oil

Question: Shipboard personnel, as part of day to day opera
Answer: Any one the other options.

Question: Ships are coming to our rescue.
Answer: are coming

Question: Ships may only discharge processed bilge water f
Answer: The ship has in operation equ

Question: SHNN
Answer: 1

Question: shore, cod, squad, clock
Answer: shore

Question: shot, poll, snow, whole
Answer: shot

Question: Should the Master's authority be emphasized in t
Answer: The Company should ensure tha

Question: Should the OOW, who is escorting the pilot to th
Answer: Always

Question: Should water be circulated through the main engi
Answer: Yes, circulating the auxiliar

Question: shoulder, couple, compass, trouble
Answer: shoulder

Question: SHRS
Answer: Check list for periodic inspections

Question: SHSJ
Answer: Sound the fire alarm signal and send the seaman on watch down to inspect and report the situation

Question: SIAX
Answer: the choice of the inmarsat-region

Question: Side cutters are used___
Answer: to cut electrical wiring.

Question: Side echoes appear on the radar display as___
Answer: a symmetrical arc of echoes.

Question: Side echoes are caused by reflections from___
Answer: the side lobes of the radar b

Question: Signals are converted to a suitable form for the
Answer: video amplifier

Question: signature, note, letter, message
Answer: signature

Question: SIIH
Answer: To take reasonable care of himself and fellow workers and co-operate with any person with any statutory duty imposed upon him in relating to Health & Safety

Question: silence, chat, discuss, gossip
Answer: silence

Question: Since the output of the pressure transmitter is
Answer: root extractor.

Question: sink, torrent, gush, flow
Answer: sink

Question: SINL
Answer: Survival craft portable radio

Question: SIOB
Answer: Above 200 deg C

Question: sir, fire, right, buy
Answer: sir

Question: sister, nephew, uncle, brother
Answer: sister

Question: SIUA
Answer: Check the position only

Question: SIWL
Answer: to guarantee reception of NAVTEX-reports

Question: SIXI
Answer: 2187,5 kHz

Question: size, large, big, huge
Answer: size

Question: SJHN
Answer: 5 minutes

Question: SJIH
Answer: call the engineer on watch

Question: SJIJ
Answer: Survival craft distress pyrotechnic signals

Question: SJKT
Answer: Pick up a life jacket

Question: SJLS
Answer: None of the alternatives.

Question: SJLU
Answer: check that we have an open discharge line all the way to the pressure bottle.

Question: SJOB
Answer: They must be fabricated of non-combustible material

Question: SJOG
Answer: Public Correspondence Station.

Question: SJTA
Answer: lifebuoy with light

Question: SJUT
Answer: Lifeboat

Question: SKCL
Answer: 518KHZ

Question: SKDI
Answer: Lube oil cooler

Question: Sketch shows a gas cutting blowpipe. What is con
Answer: Cutting oxygen.

Question: SKFS
Answer: It shall be properly stored and prepared for another meal.

Question: SKFX
Answer: All of the alternatives

Question: SKGN
Answer: Where the sills of the sidescuttles are below the margin line

Question: SKHD
Answer: Dismantle the rotor and assemble the sealing plate.

Question: skill, line, child, sight
Answer: skill

Question: SKKP
Answer: Cause oxidation which increase viscosity.

Question: SKLS
Answer: a survival manual

Question: SKPM
Answer: SES or an EGC receiver

Question: SLCC
Answer: Yes, the lift force will be dramatically reduced

Question: SLGH
Answer: Any ship of 500 gross tonnage and upwards

Question: SLGL
Answer: a call for account of the receiver

Question: SLGM
Answer: 1300210

Question: SLHF
Answer: Close them to prevent the spread of fire, and allow the extinguishant to be released without time wasting.

Question: SLHH
Answer: Within 200 nm of US waters including Guam, Hawaii, Alaska and San Juan

Question: slip, type, slide, tied
Answer: slip

Question: SLKR
Answer: Low-pressure switch is jammed closed

Question: SLYO
Answer: The exhaust gas receiver

Question: Small oil spills on deck can be prevented from g
Answer: plugging the scuppers

Question: SMBG
Answer: send a PDN, if the message has arrived in the mailbox

Question: SMFK
Answer: Life saving

Question: SMHG
Answer: Both the suction and spill valves are controlled

Question: SMKM
Answer: Code of Safe Working Practice for Merchant Seamen (COSWP)

Question: Smoke is coming from the engine room.
Answer: from

Question: smoke, dock, rock, stop
Answer: smoke

Question: Smoking is banned in food rooms because:-
Answer: Fingers touch lips and may sp

Question: SMPN
Answer: He is informed by the ship/agent, relays information to the RSS, arranges completion of documentation and may assist with having the deceased returned to home country

Question: SMS Management reviews should be initiated at le
Answer: Any of the other options.

Question: SMSW
Answer: To keep the oil protective film between moving metal surfaces .

Question: SMUI
Answer: Proceed at highest speed to the distress source position.

Question: SMUN
Answer: Exhaust gas leaking into the oil chamber.

Question: SMWG
Answer: Class A bulkhead

Question: SMXY
Answer: Under keel clearance is given by C on the figure

Question: SNUK
Answer: evacuation slide

Question: SNXR
Answer: use the intercom to inform crew and passengers of the reason for the alarm

Question: SOAH
Answer: F1B

Question: sock, cap, hat, helmet
Answer: sock

Question: SOKG
Answer: The water level is between the water cock connection of the boiler, and the bottom of the gauge glass. It is safe to put feed water into the boiler.

Question: SOKH

Question: SOLA
Answer: B PACK

Question: SOLAS 1974 requires the oxygen content in the In
Answer: 5%

Question: Some cargoes, such as certain types of coal, can
Answer: Spontaneous combustion.

Question: Some fires occur because of ...
Answer: occur

Question: Some food poisoning organisms are so dangerous t
Answer: Clostridium botulinum

Question: Someone is asking you about your occupation. Cho
Answer: What do you do?

Question: Something is wrong with the controller setting o
Answer: 100 %

Question: Sometimes shipboard obstructions such as masts,
Answer: Indirect echo

Question: SOMW
Answer: All officers who takes part in the operation, preferably also the deck hands.

Question: son, mother, aunt, niece
Answer: son

Question: SOON
Answer: Heating coils are to be pressure tested, preferable by the heating medium. Test to be recorded.

Question: SOSQ
Answer: It is a public record and is admissible in a UK court of law

Question: Sound the alarms immediately!
Answer: Sound

Question: soup, wine, beer, whisky
Answer: soup

Question: South Westerlies are the general surface wind in
Answer: 40 - 60 degrees.

Question: SOWV
Answer: 21% oxygen by volume and 0% hydrocarbon of LEL.

Question: SPAG
Answer: the weak link

Question: Spanners which have one end as a ring spanner an
Answer: combination spanners.

Question: spare, car, bark, farm
Answer: spare

Question: Sparking and grooving of the commutator in a DC
Answer: any of these.

Question: SPBW
Answer: 100 dB

Question: SPEH
Answer: Completely loose its share of the load causing the auxiliary engine to speed up

Question: SPFC
Answer: Resistance sensor, Pt100

Question: SPGA
Answer: 11 shackles

Question: SPHQ
Answer: A certificate with information regarding the inhibitor added such as type, oxygen dependence, date added, duration of effectiveness, max adjecent temperature, lifetime and other limitations.

Question: SPLA
Answer: an area within the radiotelephone coverage of at least one VHF coast station in which continuous DSC alerting is available

Question: sport, tennis, basketball, volleyball
Answer: sport

Question: SPVV
Answer: Organic chemistry are substances that contain of hydrocarbons

Question: SPWU
Answer: Yes, on all ships that comply with MARPOL 73/78 annex 1 must have oil record book onboard

Question: SPYJ
Answer: The Master

Question: SQHQ
Answer: ALC 6

Question: SQJK
Answer: The Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

Question: SQSQ
Answer: By asking different crew members specific questions relating to the familiarization training

Question: square, height, weight, width
Answer: square

Question: SQUE
Answer: Inverter

Question: SQYA
Answer: Grind the valve against the valve seat to obtain a uniform sealing surface

Question: SRAU
Answer: have a floor capable of being sufficiently insulated against cold by means of inflated compartments, or by equally efficient means not dependant on inflation

Question: SRBP
Answer: V(2) = 50 V

Question: SRBU
Answer: Acid detergent.

Question: SRCN
Answer: 1 litre

Question: SREE
Answer: 15 June 1987.

Question: SROD
Answer: In any country by an MCA Marine Officer

Question: SRPA
Answer: 2 men

Question: SRRN
Answer: Foam

Question: SRSF
Answer: Stern is given by C on the figure

Question: SRTC
Answer: Restrictions regarding length and breadth exists. Draft restrictions vary with seasonal changes.

Question: SRTH
Answer: All the measurements mentioned must be performed.

Question: SRVV
Answer: Port quarter is given by D on the figure

Question: SRXH
Answer: Sidereal hour angle

Question: SSGN
Answer: It keeps the boat alongside the embarkation deck so that the tracing pennants can be released

Question: SSHM
Answer: A unit which automatically releases the liferaft/lifeboat at a depth of approx 4 metres.

Question: SSMG
Answer: Measuring distance from cargo level to ullage point

Question: SSOA
Answer: Posted or available where it can be easily seen and used by crew-members engaged in the discharge operation.

Question: SSOY
Answer: The ship would be due to sail

Question: SSPQ
Answer: 5mg/m3

Question: SSPX
Answer: Chief cook and second cook work together to select provisions for officers and crew, discussing needs and quantities, if necessary.

Question: SSSK
Answer: 12.000 hours.

Question: SSWK
Answer: The flue gas plant

Question: stamp, fail, drain, plane
Answer: stamp

Question: Stand by to receive the towing line.
Answer: by

Question: stand, walk, jog, run
Answer: stand

Question: starboard, margin, border, perimeter
Answer: starboard

Question: STBN
Answer: All of the mentioned equipment.

Question: Stea
Answer: at high velocities may generate static electricity which might cause incentive sparks?

Question: Steam as a power source for deck machinery is mo
Answer: Crude Oil Tankers.

Question: Steam heating coils are provided in some cargo t
Answer: heat cargoes which have a hig

Question: Steam produced by a boiler whose temperature is
Answer: superheated steam.

Question: Steam which is in physical contact with the boil
Answer: wet steam.

Question: STJU
Answer: sufficient number of pumps and bailers

Question: STMG
Answer: 1.25 times?

Question: stone, wood, timber, tree
Answer: stone

Question: Stop in your present position...
Answer: Stop

Question: stop, navigate, steer, direct
Answer: stop

Question: Store the rope in coils.
Answer: in

Question: stove, fun, come, sump
Answer: stove

Question: STQJ
Answer: 2 digit code telex services

Question: STQL
Answer: Digital Selective Call

Question: STRE
Answer: To minimise oil losses and prevent the sludge getting too hard

Question: street, city, town, village
Answer: street

Question: STUQ
Answer: Charge air pressure is too low.

Question: STYA
Answer: When it is fitted with a guard or similar device which prevents foreseeable contact between a person, his clothing or items held in his hands, whilst it is in operation

Question: Sub-refraction commonly occurs where___
Answer: a cold air layer lies over a

Question: Sub-refraction is likely to result in___
Answer: reduced target detection rang

Question: Submerged pumps are commonly driven___
Answer: hydraulically

Question: SUCA
Answer: Large fenders meant for floating between vessels and absorbing considerable impact. Example of fender size: L – 4.5 m. Dia. – 3.3 m.

Question: SUFL
Answer: Start water-spray

Question: SUFQ
Answer: By use of cable stopper backed up by brake with chain slightly slack between stopper and winch

Question: SUKO
Answer: not less than 3 metres

Question: Sulphation in a lead acid battery occurs as a re
Answer: Lack of trickle charging.

Question: Sun rays and light reflected from a bright surfa
Answer: Radiation burn.

Question: sun, forest, jungle, desert
Answer: sun

Question: sun, glue, tool, chew
Answer: sun

Question: sun, lamp, torch, flashlight
Answer: sun

Question: sunny, overcast, cloudy, foggy
Answer: sunny

Question: Sunrise will occur at 6.45 am. quarter to seven
Answer: quarter to seven

Question: Super-refraction is likely to cause___
Answer: increased target detection ra

Question: Super-refraction is normally caused by___
Answer: warm air over a cool sea surf

Question: Superheated steam is steam___
Answer: "that has been heated until i

Question: Superheated steam is used___
Answer: to provide power for conventi

Question: SUPJ
Answer: The pressure control valve will automatically close, the ventilation valve will open

Question: Suppose Lubrication Oil Purifier No 2 is running
Answer: M.E. Lub Oil sump tank to Dir

Question: Suppose that in the system drawn the water inflo
Answer: measured value.

Question: Suppose the crankcase oil system contains 14000
Answer: 2300 - 2400 litres per hour.

Question: Suppose the delivery air ... What class of compr
Answer: A starting air compressor.

Question: Suppose the delivery air ... Which service could
Answer: A starting air compressor.

Question: Suppose the INPUT of the pneumatic controller is
Answer: 1 psi

Question: Suppose the Proportional Band of this pneumatic
Answer: 0.2 psi

Question: Suppose the rated delivery pressure of this main
Answer: 5 bar.

Question: Suppose the variation of INPUT is 1 psi down ins
Answer: 3 psi

Question: Suppose you find that the safety valve of the Wo
Answer: Insufficient air consumption

Question: Suppose you need to draw a circle of 186 mm diam
Answer: Set opening of compass legs t

Question: SUSU
Answer: Manning of fire parties assigned to deal with fires.

Question: SVAP
Answer: Sector System

Question: SVBG
Answer: Of low expansion, viscous and solid, easily contaminated by hydrocarbons

Question: SVEQ
Answer: 2187,5 khz

Question: SVIW
Answer: Every three months

Question: SVSR
Answer: 4.5 bar

Question: SVUP
Answer: Voltmeter and synchroscope

Question: SVYO
Answer: Any remaining grinding paste will corrode on the metal surface and after some time the needle will be damaged

Question: SWAI
Answer: child’s lifejacket

Question: SWCT
Answer: Lower than or equal to 61?C

Question: swim, mile, dive, fly
Answer: swim

Question: Swirlyflo tubes would be used in which applicati
Answer: Auxiliary boiler smoke tubes.

Question: SWIT
Answer: A product with flashpoint below 60 ° C.

Question: Switch off the fire alarms.
Answer: off

Question: Switch on the anchor lights.
Answer: on

Question: SWMR
Answer: Conductivity test.

Question: SWQC
Answer: He wants the heating coils inspected

Question: SWQI
Answer: Figure 1

Question: SWRC
Answer: Right if the immersion depth is smaller than 100mm

Question: SWRP
Answer: To bring the remaininig oil to the stripping suction

Question: SWRV
Answer: When the lifeboat is flooded

Question: SWVX
Answer: Broken water seal, oil outside the top disc.

Question: SWYL
Answer: Yes

Question: SXAI
Answer: soot would be swept toward the uptakes

Question: SXAJ
Answer: SOLAS

Question: SXHQ
Answer: Small changes in temperature can cause large movement of the interface

Question: SXJJ
Answer: Figure 1.

Question: SXPA
Answer: He wants two spring lines, four stern lines and no breasts

Question: SXRU
Answer: He should take the padlock inside the room.

Question: SXRV
Answer: The number of persons should be clearly stated on the outside of the boats bow

Question: SXTE
Answer: The heading will most likely change by a large amount

Question: SXTH
Answer: the use of HF DSC and SARSAT COSPAS Epirbs

Question: SYAD
Answer: To remove solids, water and sludge.

Question: SYAI
Answer: Gate valves, globe valves and butterfly valves.

Question: SYIE
Answer: By audible and visual signals at the control panel, distinct from the fire signal

Question: SYIP
Answer: Ensuring that all persons avoid smoking in bed.

Question: SYNP
Answer: Fasten seat belts

Question: SYPG
Answer: the testing function of the device

Question: SYPY
Answer: Continue with manual operated engine room until the maintenance work is finished

Question: SYSO
Answer: 10 kN

Question: SYWS
Answer: By control of liquid flow

Question: SYXR
Answer: For safety reasons, to ensure that all explosive atmosphere inside the boiler is removed.

Question: SYYL
Answer: Reject the offer?