Test Answers

Test Answers

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There are 276 answer(s) beginning with the letter F.

Question: face, bone, skeleton, skull
Answer: face

Question: fail, expect, anticipate, hope
Answer: fail

Question: failing, operating, functioning, working
Answer: failing

Question: familiar, different, strange, foreign
Answer: familiar

Question: Familiarisation for personnel transferred or on
Answer: All of the other options.

Question: far, air, pear, care
Answer: far

Question: far, early, late, soon
Answer: far

Question: far, storm, war, form
Answer: far

Question: Fast moving high clouds are an indication of___
Answer: bad weather to come.

Question: FATM
Answer: Not to damage the rotor blades

Question: FAUG
Answer: Pushing, made fast in the vessel

Question: FAVA
Answer: Use the opportunity to plot direction and rate of drift for later use

Question: FBBB
Answer: Leave the engine room as quickly as possible, closing all doors behind you.

Question: FBNL
Answer: Seven digits beginning with a one (1).

Question: FBSH
Answer: Inspect/measure all areas surronding loaded tanks for leakage. Result to be recorded in the deck log book.

Question: FBUX
Answer: lifebuoy with light and smoke

Question: FBVA
Answer: Muster station

Question: FCFD
Answer: 10 000 000 Ohms

Question: FCGX
Answer: Bourdon Tube manometer

Question: FCHS
Answer: Circuit breaker operating time

Question: FCHU
Answer: 70 % of MCR

Question: FCIN
Answer: The IMO at London and the ITU at Geneva

Question: FCJC
Answer: Because we need old ships in good condition to meet the world’s demand for transportation.

Question: FCNJ
Answer: Act according to instruction given in the fire plan.

Question: FCQY
Answer: TX: 2187.5 kHzRX: 2187.5 kHz

Question: FCWR
Answer: The fire is extinguished by avoiding the contact between the fuel vapours and the oxygen

Question: FDAX
Answer: Heat detector

Question: FDBR
Answer: 200 gr

Question: FDCL
Answer: Electric Contact manometer

Question: FDCQ
Answer: Foam release station

Question: FDHM
Answer: to neutralize the sulfur and get a lubricating oil film between piston rings and liner

Question: FDOF
Answer: nothing or a special characters will be printed

Question: FDYB
Answer: Paint store

Question: FECM
Answer: 6 knots for 24 hours

Question: FEIA
Answer: A hearing shall be held before a committee on board.

Question: fence, area, space, zone
Answer: fence

Question: FEPX
Answer: The ship’s cow manual and ejector’s performance curves.

Question: FEUP
Answer: not less than 400 mm

Question: FEWC
Answer: the amount of ionisation

Question: FEWH
Answer: 25 nautical miles off the coast

Question: FEWL
Answer: Tarragon

Question: FFBP
Answer: The should be blown completely dry by the use of air or nitrogen and then blanked.

Question: FFFR
Answer: 121,3 MHz and/or 243,0 MHz

Question: FFMF
Answer: Interface towards center.

Question: FFRC
Answer: Complete 15 compressions at the rate of 80 compressions per minute

Question: FFSG
Answer: Keep the floors and decks free from fat and grease.

Question: FFSU
Answer: Immediately notify the captain so he can notify the proper authorities, so the pollution can be dealt with by professionals

Question: FFTA
Answer: Cross flooding arrangement

Question: FFTU
Answer: An explosion-proof, self-contained, battery-fed lamp

Question: FFYR
Answer: alerting

Question: FFYS
Answer: the ship’s radio log

Question: FGBH
Answer: Rapid recovery shall be possible with the boat’s full complement of persons and equipment.

Question: FGCY
Answer: All these methods can be adopted

Question: FGEQ
Answer: All the mentioned alternatives

Question: FGKN
Answer: To prevent the water from freezing.

Question: FGOP
Answer: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

Question: FGPT
Answer: the date when the battery must be replaced

Question: FGRB
Answer: PAN PAN (3x)

Question: FGSD
Answer: a rustproof graduated drinking vessel

Question: FGVB
Answer: Lye, metasilicate and soda ash.

Question: FGVG
Answer: Inter-ship channel

Question: FGWA
Answer: to both passengers and cargo ships? Yes.

Question: FGXW
Answer: Near to the deck, crawl out keeping your face as near to the deck as possible

Question: FHGM
Answer: The deck for the lifeboats.

Question: FHIQ
Answer: Lights as per rules regulated by the shape and total length of the towing

Question: FHJO
Answer: Increased turbocharger revolutions

Question: FHKJ
Answer: Load line certificate

Question: FHLB
Answer: There must be a complete interchangeability of hose couplings and nozzles

Question: FHUH
Answer: Alkaline detergent (strong).

Question: FHVL
Answer: Black

Question: FIAI
Answer: Yes

Question: FIBF
Answer: Ball bearings on the pump shaft, and wear rings on pump housing or impeller.

Question: FIEJ
Answer: Turbocharger

Question: FIIP
Answer: List and trim correction tables.

Question: FIJH
Answer: He has a special a special role as company agent

Question: FIKI
Answer: In the Act relating to the enrolment of employees onboard ships.

Question: FILE
Answer: All the items mentioned

Question: file, fill, will, silt
Answer: file

Question: finish, begin, start, go
Answer: finish

Question: FIPC
Answer: lifebuoy with light and smoke

Question: FIRA
Answer: The engine shall be provided with an electric power starting system with rechargeable energy batteries

Question: Fire drill is at 11.00 every morning. eleven o`clock
Answer: eleven o`clock

Question: Fire in the scavenging chambers of diesel engine
Answer: slow combustion caused by poo

Question: fire, water, extinguisher, blankets
Answer: fire

Question: Fishing gear has fouled...
Answer: has

Question: FISU
Answer: By immersing them in buckets with oil and water.

Question: Fitting a restriction R1 in the supply to the pr
Answer: strong.

Question: FIUL
Answer: All of the above

Question: FJAH
Answer: 15 PPM

Question: FJGX
Answer: All alternatives

Question: FJHV
Answer: The Act relating to holydays and Regulations relating to holydays for employees on ships.

Question: FJPB
Answer: First aspect confirm death. Notify company, and make arrangements for notification of next-of-kin. Arrange to have body moved to freezer area. Notify local agents and British Consul when abroad. Complete Births and Deaths section of Official Log book. Ma

Question: FJPC
Answer: No – his certificate is not valid

Question: FKAB
Answer: IMO

Question: FKBR
Answer: Raise the water level a couple of inches above normal

Question: FKCQ
Answer: Romeo, Alpha, Delta, India, Oscar

Question: FKDL
Answer: Air leaks on suction side

Question: FKPY
Answer: Intermittent signals by the ship’s alarm bells.

Question: FKQQ

Question: FKRO
Answer: One bolt in every hole

Question: FKRP
Answer: Henry

Question: FKSJ
Answer: Prevent manual synchronising outside permitted limits

Question: FKUA
Answer: 4

Question: Flange joints or gaskets made from metal would b
Answer: Engine exhaust flanges.

Question: flare, mark, sharp, far
Answer: flare

Question: Flash point of oil is the temperature at which _
Answer: flammable vapours form at its

Question: Flat, Round, Dog Leg, Sash Tool, and Pencil are
Answer: paint brushes.

Question: FLBS
Answer: Poor cylinder condition – blow by -including leaking exhaust valves.

Question: FLCN
Answer: Maximum is 30 litre pr nautical mile and total is 1/30000 part of full cargo on the ballast voyage.

Question: FLDH
Answer: Yes, all crew must be able to communicate on the language spoken by the majority of the passengers, or demands set by the company.

Question: Flies usually cause food poisoning by:
Answer: Landing on rubbish and then t

Question: FLMJ
Answer: The foam should be aimed at the bulkhead behind the fire and allowed to spread out slowly over the fire.

Question: FLPT
Answer: Within 24 hrs

Question: FLPV
Answer: To avoid damage and miscolouring of different types of fabric when washing.

Question: FMAT
Answer: Inhibitor name, concentration of inhibitor, duration of effectiveness of inhibitor, expected duration of sea voyage, temperature limitation qualifying the lifetime of the inhibitor and number of cargo tanks inhibited

Question: FMKT
Answer: Dual purpose (jet/spray) type incorporating a shutoff

Question: FMOV
Answer: The ITU List of Ship Stations

Question: FNCM
Answer: Training in lifeboat handling.

Question: FNEV
Answer: Regulating freon liquid flow to the evaporator.

Question: FNIF
Answer: 9

Question: FNIY
Answer: yes, with the MF/HF-radio telex

Question: FNMI
Answer: By reports prepared by the master/employer.

Question: FNPN
Answer: 3731101234567#

Question: FNYB
Answer: It is possible since the ballasted vessel stops faster than the loaded vessel

Question: FOBJ
Answer: To avoid the compressor-oil to disappear from the crankcase during starting.

Question: FOEV
Answer: May

Question: FOGO
Answer: Proves the name of the owners of shares in the ship and nationality

Question: FOJV
Answer: Ports in exposed position shall be closed and properly battened before the ship leaves the quay or berth.

Question: FOJW
Answer: An unofficial translation of “Den norske skipskontrolls regeler” leaving out some provisions, such as speed limits, relating to local Norwegian waters. (The authorised Norwegian original applies in cases of discrepancies etc.);

Question: Food can be contaimated by:-
Answer: All of these

Question: Food handlers must wear protective clothing to:-
Answer: Protect food from contaminati

Question: food, flood, crude, rude
Answer: food

Question: FOPP
Answer: 20 seconds or less

Question: For " UMS " classed vessels, how must the HP fue
Answer: It needs to be a shielded pip

Question: For a low pressure boiler, testing shows the wat
Answer: Blow down boiler and check co

Question: For a particular welding arrangement, the decisi
Answer: The discharge rate is too hig

Question: For a power driven vessel less than 30 metres in
Answer: Not less than 6 metres

Question: For a power driven vessel of 110 metres in lengt
Answer: 12 metres

Question: For a turbo charger is running at full speed, wh
Answer: 72 to 82 degrees C

Question: For a turbo charger running at full speed, what
Answer: 72 to 82 deg C.

Question: For an existing tanker of 40,000 tons dwt and ab
Answer: Crude oil / product carrier

Question: For an overload of 25 % of the full rated curren
Answer: Longer.

Question: For cutting hard materials, metal saws with___bl
Answer: small pitch.

Question: For every davit launched liferaft on a cargo shi
Answer: 3 minutes

Question: For existing tankers, the total quantity of oil
Answer: 1/15000

Question: For fighting metal fires you should use___
Answer: special dry powder

Question: For fire to occur, the three elements found in t
Answer: fuel

Question: For fire to occur, which of the following sets o
Answer: Heat, fuel and oxygen.

Question: For general cargo, thorough hold preparation is
Answer: the next cargo is carried eff

Question: For good reliable service from air compressors w
Answer: Suction filter.

Question: For how long is the exhaust valve open in a 4-st
Answer: 280 degree

Question: For instantaneous operation of preference overlo
Answer: 110 %

Question: For new tankers of 20,000 tons dwt and above, th
Answer: I, II, IV. VII

Question: For new tankers, the total quantity of oil disch
Answer: 1/30000

Question: For oil spill containment on tankers, spilt oil
Answer: I, III, IV, VI

Question: For Protective Location of Segregated ballast ta
Answer: II, IV, VI, VII

Question: For ships not fitted with a sludge burning incin
Answer: the amount of fuel purified f

Question: For the calculation of hypothetical oil outflow,
Answer: as non-existent.

Question: For the cover shown, what length of plate is req
Answer: 343.7 mm

Question: For the fillet weld shown, what is the throat le
Answer: ad

Question: For the latest satellite …417305. four one seven three zero five
Answer: four one seven three zero five

Question: For the protection of a deep tank that carries e
Answer: Epoxy non-contaminate.

Question: For the purpose of determining the capacity of t
Answer: Segregated ballast tanks, for

Question: For the purpose of SOLAS, what is an "Inflatable
Answer: A liferaft which is kept infl

Question: For the purposes of tank cleaning, oily water de
Answer: slop tank

Question: For the square pyramid float component shown, wh
Answer: No.4

Question: For this auxiliary diesel fresh water system, wh
Answer: Controlling the inlet by regu

Question: For this PID controller to act only as a P (prop
Answer: R1 fully open, R2 closed

Question: For value 0 - max in the AC sin wave how far doe
Answer: "90 deg.

Question: For what are RECOIL-LESS HAMMERS used ?
Answer: To assemble tight fitting par

Question: For what purpose is spring ball adjustment screw
Answer: To adjust the spring blade an

Question: For what type of load would a star/delta starter
Answer: An air start compressor.

Question: For which control instrument are these the input
Answer: A proportional differentiatin

Question: For which kind of controller are the input and o
Answer: A proportional integrating-di

Question: For which service would a gear pump be most suit
Answer: Engine lub oil pressure suppl

Question: For which type of controller are the input and o
Answer: A proportional integrating co

Question: For which type of controller are these the input
Answer: A proportional integrating co

Question: For which types of vessel should a fishing vesse
Answer: Any other vessels navigating

Question: For wood fittings within the accommodation, what
Answer: Fire retarding paint.

Question: FOUN
Answer: Insuline.

Question: FOVI
Answer: Lower the load

Question: FOXW
Answer: Start engine

Question: FOYQ
Answer: Approx. 18 Days

Question: FPJV
Answer: Foam.

Question: FPRB
Answer: You are running into danger

Question: FPRD
Answer: Lack of oxygen?

Question: FPSU
Answer: No – their role is purely investigatory to establish the facts -not to apportion blame

Question: FPUN
Answer: to stop fuel oil from getting back from the HP fuelpipes between the pump strokes.

Question: FPUO
Answer: with the exception of the areas A1 and A2 within the range of a geostationary satellite of Inmarsat in which an uninterupted alerting is possible

Question: FPVH
Answer: Manual operated release system only

Question: FPWB
Answer: Emergency fire pump?

Question: FPYN
Answer: Radiotelephony – Frequency modulation

Question: FQDR
Answer: Improve the scaling surface function, increase the service time of the exhaust valve in the engine.

Question: FQEL
Answer: Broken water seal.

Question: FQJO
Answer: Conductivity test.

Question: FQLG
Answer: Figure 4 is correct.

Question: FQMB
Answer: Making the crane jib move up and down.

Question: FQQX
Answer: direct access to the navigating bridge

Question: FQUL
Answer: lifeboat

Question: FQVB
Answer: Wait until the coast-station calls again

Question: FQVC
Answer: after ga+ the radio telex-command msg+?

Question: FQWV
Answer: Radiotelephony – Single sideband suppressed carrier

Question: FQYJ
Answer: at least 50 % of N (*)

Question: Freeboard is the vertical distance measured from
Answer: main deck to the waterline.

Question: Freon is being phased out gradually as a refrige
Answer: Because it has a damaging eff

Question: Fresh water on board a modern ship is produced b
Answer: Evaporators.

Question: FRFG
Answer: you must check the date that the battery must be replaced

Question: FRGX
Answer: thermal protective aids for the number of persons the liferaft is permitted to accommodate

Question: FRGY
Answer: Course, speed and risk of collision.

Question: Fridges will rapidly frost up in hot and humid c
Answer: Turn off and unplug the refri

Question: FRKD
Answer: Heavy seas from behind.

Question: FRKL
Answer: A leak of exhaust gases from boiler or diesel engines.

Question: From the diagram, give the formula for the "KG"
Answer: KG = KM minus GM.

Question: From the following pump capacities, which would
Answer: 5 m3/hour x 50 metres.

Question: From the sample diagrams shown, choose the corre
Answer: 2

Question: From this drawing of a pneumatic pressure transm
Answer: Proportional Band less than 1

Question: From time to time kettles get a build up of lime
Answer: Use a propriety de-scaler and

Question: From where should a boiler water sample be taken
Answer: From the water space.

Question: From which manifold are the returns taken direct
Answer: From the 3.0 bar manifold.

Question: Frontal depressions move in families, each depre
Answer: a slightly lower latitude.

Question: FROO
Answer: 14

Question: Frost appearing at the high pressure side of a t
Answer: a dirty or iced-up expansion

Question: Frozen food should be stored at:-
Answer: -18 oC

Question: FRQV
Answer: Best use of the survival craft facilities in order to survive.

Question: FRTI
Answer: all of the above

Question: FRYG
Answer: Take action to start the process to solve the situation, but do it diplomatically.

Question: FSBA
Answer: Changing of filter element would not interrupt the engine operation.

Question: FSFA
Answer: MAYDAY RELAY (3x)

Question: FSGQ
Answer: MF

Question: FSIL
Answer: All the mentioned alternatives?

Question: FSPX
Answer: It is the seawater temperature and the purity of the vapour that gives the condensation pressure

Question: FSYD
Answer: Prevent biological growth

Question: FTAV
Answer: Crane No.1

Question: FTAX
Answer: Protect the SCR against damage caused by high voltage spikes

Question: FTEC
Answer: Emergency generator?

Question: FTFD
Answer: always simplex

Question: FTGS
Answer: Not less than half the total number of lifebuoys shall be provided with self-ignition lights.

Question: FTLQ
Answer: automatically repeated after 3 and a half to 4 and a half minutes

Question: FTYA
Answer: Every month

Question: FUBR
Answer: RF-Gain

Question: Fuel flowing in a pipe is prone to which of the
Answer: Static electricity.

Question: Fuel of 180 cst is in use on board. Fuel of 380
Answer: Temperature will increase whe

Question: FUKP
Answer: Not less than 10000 kJ

Question: FULL
Answer: By using a liquid receiver on the vapour line between the cargo tank and the compressor

Question: FULO
Answer: The Health & Safety at Work Regulations (1997)

Question: FUOG
Answer: Signals for vessels restricted in their ability to manoeuvre

Question: FUPY
Answer: Cast off the rope.

Question: FUSE
Answer: The team is applying water and the temperature is decreasing

Question: FUVP
Answer: A search inside the crankcase for tools and rags.

Question: FUWK
Answer: A pharmacy authorised to do so or if no such pharmacy is available, the master and an approved seamen’s doctor

Question: FVJY
Answer: Pump will overheat

Question: FVOQ
Answer: a manual pump for effective bailing

Question: FVYA
Answer: On a time sheet arranged by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate

Question: FWEU
Answer: To relieve excessive high pressure in the cylinder to protect the engine from being damaged

Question: FWFP
Answer: Water extinguisher.

Question: FWHC
Answer: Incomer picks up as a generator

Question: FWTR
Answer: The master checks all the relevant documentation is valid and in date. He completes the seaman’s details in section ALC 1a, ALC 1b or ALC 1c as appropriate. The seaman signs in section a) of the signature of seaman section of the appropriate ALC form.

Question: FWVK
Answer: One for each person on board who is not provided with an immersion suit

Question: FWVL
Answer: Remove the toggle which will release the painter

Question: FXAI
Answer: Ionization type

Question: FXAK
Answer: 30 minutes

Question: FXCG
Answer: The visible smoke that is a result of combustion

Question: FXDX
Answer: When you apply the rudder, she will continue to turn when the rudder is put amidship, and may even increase the rate of turn

Question: FXGK
Answer: receipt of a distress alert

Question: FXIA
Answer: 0.2 Bar

Question: FXIY
Answer: A SAR coordinating centre

Question: FXTT
Answer: Every 12 months

Question: FXYN
Answer: For cooling and to maintain correct viscosity on the fuel when injected

Question: FXYP
Answer: A vessel, other than a rescue unit, designated to co-ordinate surface search and rescue operations within a specified area.

Question: FYAL
Answer: Longer

Question: FYCV
Answer: Climatic condition check list.

Question: FYKG
Answer: Injection valve opening pressure is too low.

Question: FYNQ
Answer: Ensuring that all persons avoid smoking in bed.

Question: FYRU
Answer: The gas is harmful when the consentration is 5 parts per million or more.

Question: FYXS
Answer: 14 hours a day

Question: FYYN
Answer: The Norwegian Consular Court concerned.