Test Answers

Test Answers

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There are 242 answer(s) beginning with the letter E.

Question: EAAC
Answer: arrangements for providing an adequate view forward, aft, and to both sides

Question: Each barrel weighs 250 kilos. two hundred and fifty
Answer: two hundred and fifty

Question: Each operation as specified by regulations must
Answer: will be signed by the Officer

Question: EAHL
Answer: 20 metres

Question: EAKC
Answer: All working spaces accessible by the crew

Question: Earthing and bonding minimize the dangers arisin
Answer: "accumulation of electrostati

Question: easy, pleasant, question, messroom
Answer: easy

Question: EATY
Answer: From the condenser.

Question: EAUS
Answer: A contract between Master/Owner and Shipper for transportation of goods?

Question: EAWN
Answer: is fitted with a light and a whistle

Question: EAXB
Answer: a possibility to receive MSI

Question: EBAU
Answer: It is the number of revolutions, and the one used on the cargo is oil-free

Question: EBAV
Answer: We use inert gas to purge out cargo vapour and have a neutral atmosphere in cargo tanks and spaces

Question: EBLR
Answer: Have one slack tank as last tank

Question: EBOE
Answer: The blower air inlet

Question: EBOX
Answer: 1) 5 tons 2) 5 tons

Question: EBPS
Answer: In case of accidents, it is important that a wide range of personnel must be permitted and trained to operate the pump.

Question: EBRI
Answer: Cargo holds and engine rooms

Question: EBWH
Answer: Freeboard is given by B on the figure

Question: ECAT
Answer: The speed of the shock wave created by the initial combustion

Question: ECHF
Answer: Passenger ships, ro-ro’s, bulk carriers, ships which may present a special hazard ships which have had several recent deficiencies and ships flying the flag of a state appearing in the 3-year rolling average table of delays and detentions

Question: Echoes from rain can be reduced using the___
Answer: differentiator control

Question: ECKQ
Answer: Sugar lump, sugar drink or something sweet.

Question: ECLL
Answer: Safe working load

Question: ECMI
Answer: Bi-stable flip-flop

Question: ECOS
Answer: + 4° C

Question: ECSD
Answer: The meteorological station connected with the CES used

Question: ECSV
Answer: immersion suit

Question: ECTR
Answer: Cut it with the safety knife stowed on the exterior of the canopy close to the painter attachment point

Question: EDCE
Answer: Making the crane jib move from side to side.

Question: EDFH
Answer: must not be passed on

Question: Edges of land should be avoided if possible when
Answer: their poor definition

Question: EDHG
Answer: No. More readings should be taken and sediments, sludge and residue should be removed at least 10 m from working site.

Question: EDKO
Answer: On the cargo tank area all time?

Question: EDPP
Answer: automatically comparing the message earlier received ones

Question: EDRB
Answer: Because certain types of dry powder can cause breakdown of a foam blanket

Question: Eductors are used within oil tanker cargo operat
Answer: cargo stripping.

Question: EDWG
Answer: Centrifugal force

Question: EDXV
Answer: 1620 Mt

Question: EEAM
Answer: Ensure all doors are in closed position.

Question: EEBG
Answer: 3 litres

Question: EECD
Answer: He is asking about the position of the chain

Question: EECH
Answer: Not allow the clothes to be hung anywhere in the unmanned machinery spaces.

Question: EEDP
Answer: All the answers are good

Question: EEFI
Answer: Merchant Ship Search and Rescue Manual.

Question: EEHC
Answer: Go to your lifeboat station (muster station).

Question: EEYR
Answer: Raise the feed water temperature.

Question: EFAD
Answer: To lubricate and cool the engine.

Question: EFBE
Answer: a license

Question: EFFH
Answer: also after 1 February 1999

Question: EFHP
Answer: No, only those listed in the Seamen’s Act as dereliction of duty.

Question: EFHR
Answer: The deck officer of the highest rank present

Question: EFOM
Answer: To respond to oil pollution and take appropriate action as may be necessary

Question: EFRB
Answer: Three months.

Question: EFRC
Answer: Stop the bunkering until safe communications are established

Question: EFVH
Answer: geostationary orbits

Question: EGBB
Answer: In the muster list.

Question: EGCP
Answer: VI

Question: EGHM
Answer: The deck log book

Question: EGNI
Answer: Risk of deposits on heat transmitting surfaces.

Question: EGNN
Answer: all of the above-mentioned

Question: EGOG
Answer: In and outlet temperatures, and flow rates for both media

Question: EGSU
Answer: the use of VHF DSC

Question: EHEB
Answer: Exhaust valve

Question: EHLP
Answer: Herring

Question: EHMQ
Answer: Daily

Question: EHNJ
Answer: 4 – 5° C

Question: EHQX
Answer: two boat-hooks

Question: EHVA
Answer: Valve in the outlet line partly closed.

Question: EHWT
Answer: The use of devices for protection in launching areas

Question: EICL
Answer: Make sure that the compartment has been evacuated

Question: eighth, eighty, eighteen, eight
Answer: eighth

Question: EIGQ
Answer: 2

Question: EIHP
Answer: Centrifugal separator.

Question: EIQQ
Answer: The way to board, launch and clear the survival craft and rescue boats

Question: EIXM
Answer: At all times

Question: EJAA
Answer: In suitable lockers easily accessible, yet segregated from the living spaces themselves?

Question: EJAR
Answer: + 18.5 bar

Question: EJBR
Answer: The stevedore superintendent?

Question: EJCH
Answer: Turned at intervals of not more than 30 months and renewed every 5 years

Question: EJJC
Answer: 1 year

Question: EJLQ
Answer: As a safety net, for improved cleaning of the fuel oil

Question: EJQO
Answer: burn with a bright orange colour

Question: EJYA
Answer: Temperature-control

Question: EKAR
Answer: Sweep holds clean first and lift out solid residues manually prior washing. After washing again lift out remaining wet residues after carefully stripping out only the accumulated water?

Question: EKCB
Answer: Radiotelephony – Frequency modulation

Question: EKEX
Answer: Nine digits, beginning with a four (4).

Question: EKLM
Answer: 4

Question: EKLO
Answer: 1.5 litre

Question: EKTV
Answer: The vessel anchoring assumes responsibility

Question: EKUL
Answer: Liquid at high pressure.

Question: EKUQ
Answer: Leave the engine room immediately.

Question: EKWG
Answer: Line throwing appliance

Question: EKXF
Answer: Between 3% and 6%

Question: EKYY
Answer: 75° C

Question: ELDW
Answer: There are three main reliquefaction systems, Direct cooling one to three stage, direct cascade cooling and indirect cooling

Question: Electric current is defined as the flow of elect
Answer: amperage.

Question: Electricity as a power source for deck machinery
Answer: Crude Oil Tankers.

Question: ELER
Answer: Maximum allowed Oxygen content in the inert gas on gas carriers is 5% by volume.

Question: ELOQ
Answer: Leakages from seawater coolers

Question: ELOW
Answer: 10 minutes

Question: ELPL
Answer: Differentiator

Question: ELPO
Answer: Anchor watch responsibility rests with both vessels, each with its own watch

Question: ELQP
Answer: Because that was the safest passage considering the ship’s draft.

Question: ELTY
Answer: Milk

Question: ELUK
Answer: One fire hose forward and aft of the manifold, and portable fire extinguisher near to ships manifold?

Question: ELVJ
Answer: GMDSS

Question: ELXB
Answer: the use of HF DSC and INMARSAT C SAFETYNET

Question: EMBD
Answer: To remove the oxygen and by that avoid a chemical reaction.

Question: EMIR
Answer: With the pointer of the synchronoscope at 0° (12 O’clock) and both synchronizing lamps dark (off)

Question: EMKK
Answer: The Flag State language with copies in English or French

Question: EMKL
Answer: tools for minor adjustments to the engine

Question: EMLN
Answer: preparation and launching of the survival craft

Question: EMMF
Answer: Yes, by putting the rudder hard stb. it will shield waterflow to the stb. side of the propeller and vice versa to port, this will effect turning of the ship

Question: EMON
Answer: 220 liter

Question: EMRE
Answer: Lifejacket

Question: ENBF
Answer: Obtain permission from charters and note procedures in oil record book and deck log

Question: ENCD
Answer: Have the engine ready for immediate manoeuvre and adjust speed for safe navigation

Question: ENCX
Answer: 12 – 16 times per minute

Question: ENGE
Answer: At all times

Question: Engine clutches are used with which type of main
Answer: Medium speed engines.

Question: Engine room piping colour coded yellow, carries
Answer: Lubricating oil.

Question: engine room, mess, galley, cold store
Answer: engine room

Question: engine, telephone, radio, telex
Answer: engine

Question: engineer, dentist, doctor, surgeon
Answer: engineer

Question: ENHX
Answer: The pressure switch has contact(s) that will change between open and closed position.The pressure transmitter converts a pressure signal into an electric signal.

Question: ENIY
Answer: Drainage/waste from toilets/urinals.

Question: ENJG
Answer: By visual and audible signal at the control panel and indicating units

Question: ENJT
Answer: Every 12 months.

Question: ENLD
Answer: 500 kHz, 2182 kHz and 156.8 MHz

Question: ENMD
Answer: 2275300

Question: entry, voyage, journey, trip
Answer: entry

Question: EOBE
Answer: 15 percent.

Question: EOBS
Answer: 3.5 – 3.9 %

Question: EOCW
Answer: To avoid unexpected oilspill

Question: EODR
Answer: Astern is defined as D on the figure

Question: EOEQ
Answer: Periodical survey every 12 months

Question: EONQ
Answer: How to recover survival craft and rescue boats including stowage and securing

Question: EORC
Answer: 98 %

Question: EOXS
Answer: All alternatives

Question: EOYL
Answer: Secured via a weak link to a secure part of a ship

Question: EPAE

Question: EPBT
Answer: Sugar

Question: EPEH
Answer: number of vibrations per unit of time

Question: EPEJ
Answer: Passenger ship initial surveys, Initial surveys of a Certificate of Fitness or International Noxious Liquid Substances Certificate and initial surveys for SEC or IOPP, and all radio surveys.

Question: EPFC
Answer: TX: 2189.5 kHzRX: 2177.0 kHz

Question: EPIM
Answer: location of embarkation ladder

Question: EPUE
Answer: Design temperature on the cargo containment system on a LPG/LEG carrier are -103oC

Question: EPWO
Answer: Reserve accumulator battery for two hours normal use to be provided

Question: EPXN
Answer: Put the plates in water with qualified cleaning chemicals, and use soft brush, or high pressure cleaner with care.

Question: EQAW
Answer: Goggles and shield.

Question: EQBV
Answer: 2

Question: EQLQ
Answer: The load that can be safely lifted during normal working conditions.

Question: EQPD
Answer: LIC

Question: EQRN
Answer: 2.0 bar

Question: EQRQ
Answer: A ship with a length to beam ratio less than 5.5

Question: EQTB
Answer: 2 valves

Question: EQTD
Answer: Liferafts intended for throw-overboard launching shall be stowed amidships secured to means for transfer to either side

Question: EQYE
Answer: warning the passenger

Question: ERAT
Answer: Foam.

Question: ERIM
Answer: Increase.

Question: ERJE
Answer: On the main beam

Question: ERLQ
Answer: At least four sets or more depending on the type and the size of the vessel

Question: ERNF
Answer: Leather safety boots and gloves

Question: ERXD
Answer: Yes, showing how it has been calculated and with possible deductions.

Question: ERXJ
Answer: To ensure that we do not have any water assembly in the cylinders when the compressor start.

Question: ESCJ
Answer: Sufficiently manned with officers and crew to permit safe handling of vessel

Question: ESCK
Answer: no fault – hard earth – light earth

Question: ESEA
Answer: Clean the system and change the oil.

Question: ESFO
Answer: The input impedance is made much larger than the output impedance

Question: ESGN
Answer: feet

Question: ESHH
Answer: two buoyant rescue quoits with buoyant line

Question: ESIY
Answer: Call immediately the person in charge.

Question: ESOT
Answer: distress alerting

Question: ESOV
Answer: a book of directions for search and rescue at sea

Question: ESPO
Answer: at any moment before the ship proceeds to sea

Question: ESUM
Answer: All valves on the delivery side and adjust the propellant pressure.

Question: ETBH
Answer: Varying the excitation field strength by regulating excitation voltage/current

Question: ETES
Answer: When coming up with another vessel from a direction more than 22.5 degrees abaft her beam

Question: ETJY
Answer: LEL is lower explosive limit

Question: ETKK
Answer: Because if we don`t clean it will influence safety, economy, our own well-being and maintenance.

Question: ETLE
Answer: Different products to be placed on separated and labelled shelves.

Question: ETMC
Answer: Section 32

Question: ETSY
Answer: nine digits, beginning by 3

Question: ETTX
Answer: F1B

Question: ETXE
Answer: 5 V and 12 V

Question: ETYX
Answer: Initially rise, then reset to the set value.

Question: EUCH
Answer: On area A3 and A4 this function is based on the use of SARSAT COSPAS Epirb

Question: EUDT
Answer: Initial and intermediate

Question: EUDV
Answer: Once every month

Question: EUTX
Answer: Raise the governor speed controller of the incoming alternator and reduce the governor speed controller of the alternator already on the switchboard

Question: EUUN
Answer: 0.7 bar?

Question: EUUQ
Answer: Ohmmeter

Question: EUWE
Answer: 1

Question: EUXV
Answer: He will find new brake bands in the engine store

Question: Even though Pete studied hard, he didn't___in th
Answer: succeed

Question: Every new oil tanker which is required to be pro
Answer: I, IV, V, VI

Question: Every oil tanker of___grt and above and every ot
Answer: 150, 400

Question: Every oil tanker operating with Dedicated Clean
Answer: I, IV, V, VI

Question: Every ship above 400 tons gross shall be provide
Answer: All oil leakages in the engin

Question: Every tanker operating a Crude Oil Washing Syste
Answer: Operations and Equipment Manu

Question: Everyome liked the new boy in class because he w
Answer: sociable

Question: EVNS
Answer: mV.

Question: EVNT
Answer: Reduce the sea echoes.

Question: EVRY
Answer: As stated in the COW manual

Question: EVVG
Answer: an efficient radar reflector

Question: EWBA
Answer: The condition shall be noted and plans for further actions developed.

Question: EWHS
Answer: When the tank has been satisfactory cleaned there shall be a 24 hour quarantine. Ventilation to be stopped and gas levels measured every second hour.

Question: EWIQ
Answer: 24h after their embarkation

Question: EWKF
Answer: The process will oscillate and get out of control

Question: EWMY
Answer: Shut off the starting air supply and open the indicator cocks

Question: EWPK
Answer: Dry running of the pump, high temperature of the contents and various flowrate.

Question: EWPL
Answer: 70° C

Question: EWRW
Answer: 30 minutes

Question: EWUJ
Answer: exclusively past to a ground-station between 70 degrees N and 70 degrees S

Question: EWUL
Answer: lifebuoy with light

Question: EWVA
Answer: He shall ensure obedience by the use of force if he finds it necessary, but not use harsher means than the circumstances make necessary.

Question: Examine the fuel pipe for leakages.
Answer: for

Question: Except when used as bus-bars, which conductor nu
Answer: No 6 AWG

Question: Excess refrigerant in a refrigeration system is
Answer: charging connection of the sy

Question: EXCO
Answer: 122700

Question: EXDR
Answer: the time of transmission

Question: EXEG
Answer: Wheeled fire extinguisher

Question: EXGV
Answer: A combination of ullage soundings and readings from the remote gauges

Question: Exhaust temperature increasing on all main engin
Answer: Any of the these faults.

Question: EXHS
Answer: Switch the UMS selector switch to manual mode and engage the “dead man alarm”

Question: EXIL
Answer: The plan must show where to clean every day and where/when periodically cleaning should be done.

Question: Existing oil tankers which comply at all times w
Answer: II, V, VI

Question: Existing tankers in specific trades do not need
Answer: I, II, V, VI, VII,

Question: Existing tankers up to 40,000 dwt which are fitt
Answer: I, II, III, IV, V, V

Question: Experience and feedback shows that excessive oil
Answer: any of the other options.

Question: Explain the function of a capacitor that loads u
Answer: They have both the same funct

Question: Exposure to cold conditions may cause___
Answer: hypothermia.

Question: Express 125mA in amperes?
Answer: 0.125 A

Question: EYCQ
Answer: Close them to prevent the spread of fire, and allow the extinguishant to be released without time wasting.

Question: eye, deck, let, next
Answer: eye

Question: EYFY
Answer: That correct temperature and washing products are chosen for the linen to be washed.

Question: EYJD
Answer: To connect the ship fire main to the shore lines

Question: EYJG
Answer: only with the master

Question: EYKA
Answer: Solid combustibles

Question: EYMK
Answer: In Part 16.

Question: EYSQ
Answer: F1B