Test Answers

Test Answers

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There are 271 answer(s) beginning with the letter M.

Question: MAAW
Answer: 12 mA

Question: MAFP
Answer: Echo, India, Golf, Hotel, Tango

Question: MAFQ
Answer: Victor, Oscar, Lima, Uniform, Mike, Echo

Question: Magnetic Compass - If var =6E ; dev =3W, What is
Answer: "3 E"

Question: Magnetic compass - Var = 7W ; Dev = 12E ; What i
Answer: "5E"

Question: Main air compressors on motorships supply air to
Answer: Main and auxiliary diesel eng

Question: Maintain radio contact on VHF channel 15.
Answer: on

Question: Maintain speed of 15 knots. fifteen
Answer: fifteen

Question: maintain, change, modify, alter
Answer: maintain

Question: Maintenance to a diesel engine's jacket cooling
Answer: chemical analysis and treatme

Question: major, manner, matching, massive
Answer: major

Question: MAJW
Answer: Atmospheric line

Question: Make sure the log book is available for …
Answer: for

Question: Make sure you have a lifeline between …
Answer: between

Question: MAML
Answer: Secure hatches

Question: Manifold trays on tankers should be checked regu
Answer: they are clean, that the dump

Question: Manning requirements and qualifications are part
Answer: National and International re

Question: manual, television, radio, computer
Answer: manual

Question: many, matter, manning, happy
Answer: many

Question: MAOX
Answer: Powder.

Question: Mari
Answer: ime investigators, The Telecommunications Administration, the Electrical Inspectorate, and other public institutions, Det norske Veritas and other approved survey institutions, other private institutions of foreign countries, the authorities of foreign countries

Question: Marine diesel engines are which type of engines
Answer: Compression ignition engines.

Question: Marine radar wavelengths are measured in___
Answer: centimetres.

Question: market, park, garden, field
Answer: market

Question: Marpol Annex IV concerning sewage is not yet in
Answer: I, II, IV, VI,

Question: MARPOL Annex V came into effect from the 1st Jul
Answer: of 400 tonnes and above.

Question: Marpol defines Crude Oil as___
Answer: a liquid hydrocarbon mixture

Question: Marpol garbage disposal regulations outside Spec
Answer: you cannot throw anything ove

Question: Marpol regulations prohibit oily mixture dischar
Answer: Intent to cause damage, or re

Question: MARPOL regulations require that the slop tank ca
Answer: I, II, VI

Question: Marpol states that a small diameter line is to b
Answer: A connection on the downstrea

Question: mat, plate, bowl, saucer
Answer: mat

Question: MAUQ
Answer: 4 kg

Question: Maximum radar range depends partly on the___
Answer: peak power output.

Question: MBAT
Answer: the use of VHF DSC

Question: MBER
Answer: Scavenge ports dirty.

Question: MBFP
Answer: All alternatives

Question: MBGK
Answer: Provide a replaceable wear surface for the pump housing/impeller.

Question: MBJW
Answer: It adheres to the boiler tubes and reduce the heat transfer. It combines with solids to produce sticky deposits.

Question: MBMG
Answer: + 18.5 bar

Question: MBOQ
Answer: To check condensate returns for oil.

Question: MBRG
Answer: All answers are good

Question: MBTS
Answer: The asphalt unlike sulphur is a viscous product and therefore does not transmit its heat easily to the steel bulkheads, allowing the steel to stay cooler than the cargo?

Question: MBUO
Answer: Every person other than the Captain and the members of the crew or other persons employed or engaged onboard the ship in the business of that ship.

Question: MBVJ
Answer: Remove the cartridge and weigh it as it has the full and empty weights stamped on it.

Question: MBWH
Answer: a device to secure a painter near its bow with an inside release device that can be operated under tension

Question: MBXC
Answer: 2187,5 kHz

Question: MCA
Answer: nly

Question: MCEM
Answer: Indefinite

Question: MCEP
Answer: All of the mentioned alternatives.

Question: MCIV
Answer: When anything unusual happens, and 30 minutes before the pilot station

Question: MCKN
Answer: 6

Question: MCMC
Answer: Mackerel fillet

Question: MCXS
Answer: not possible

Question: MCYQ
Answer: Give relevant instructions and warnings.

Question: MDDX
Answer: Physical checking the ramp/cargo holds/hoistable decks and see that everything are in order and the ship’s gear correctly located?

Question: MDHW
Answer: 16 hours

Question: MDIW
Answer: the operating certificates of the radio-operators must be shown

Question: MDJK
Answer: 28,0 tons

Question: MDLC
Answer: To prevent the environment to be polluted if there is a leak on a cargo tank

Question: MDNT
Answer: Start water-spray

Question: MDNV

Question: MDQG
Answer: Yes, provided it appears, amongst others, the wages and overtimepay and that it is subject to Norwegian laws and courts, but may be brought before a court in the employee’s country of residence

Question: me, mess, test, debt
Answer: me

Question: meaning, heading, weather, ready
Answer: meaning

Question: meat, water, milk, juice
Answer: meat

Question: MECU
Answer: They are to let go on the stern lines

Question: MECX
Answer: Soft cloth on wide applier with handle.

Question: medication, sickness, illness, disease
Answer: medication

Question: MEDS
Answer: Make sure that the compartment has been evacuated

Question: Meet at the muster station.
Answer: at

Question: MEFG
Answer: Automatically, when the temperature is within a range from 68°C to 79 °C

Question: MEIV
Answer: will immediately be detected within the coverage-area by the satellite’s concerned

Question: MEJJ
Answer: the use of MF DSC

Question: MELX
Answer: ground wave

Question: MEMY
Answer: Use a rope ladder close to the raft to climb down and board

Question: MEPK
Answer: A bolt in every hole

Question: Meteorology - what does the figure indicate?
Answer: Warm occlusion

Question: Methanol is a common___
Answer: alcohol

Question: metre, week, day, second
Answer: metre

Question: MEWT
Answer: Broken water seal, oil outside the top disc.

Question: MFBY
Answer: Make fast on the vessel’s shoulder to push and pull

Question: MFDO
Answer: 5 miles

Question: MFDQ
Answer: identify yourself with your call sign and /or ships name

Question: MFNP
Answer: According to the IGC code liquefied gas is chemical with vapour pressure exceeding 2.8 bar absolute at 37,8oC

Question: MGAY
Answer: all alternatives

Question: MGCN
Answer: 200 meters

Question: MGCS
Answer: Hot work permit + Permit for entry.

Question: MGPW
Answer: 2,5 kg

Question: MGVT
Answer: Every two years

Question: MHHP
Answer: Do not use dangerous liquid detergents in closed spaces.

Question: MHJG
Answer: Not permissible any where.

Question: MHKY
Answer: ensure a flow of steam through the superheater when raising steam pressure after shut down

Question: MHLN
Answer: Every three months, at least once a year

Question: MHMP
Answer: Prevent contamination if leaks are developed

Question: MHNE
Answer: 100 Tons

Question: MHNK
Answer: Recirc. full open, fresh air intake closed.

Question: MHNM
Answer: In ports only

Question: MHPB
Answer: The welder shall have been instructed in the use of the ship’s welding plant

Question: MHRO
Answer: Segregate the oil in a separate tank for continuous purifying.

Question: MIFX
Answer: 9 GHz

Question: MIIB
Answer: 22 m.

Question: MIJD
Answer: Lifeboat

Question: MIJF
Answer: must be replaced before the expiry date is exceeded

Question: MIJY
Answer: MAYDAY RELAY (3x)

Question: Mild steel plate 2 mm thick bent in vees would p
Answer: 2.0 mm

Question: mile, nil, fill, fist
Answer: mile

Question: MILK
Answer: The boundary between oils and water?

Question: milk, cow, goat, sheep
Answer: milk

Question: Minimum radar range depends mainly on___
Answer: pulse length.

Question: MIOE
Answer: Fuel oil quality

Question: MIQL
Answer: To reduce the general risk of fire in an unmanned engine room.

Question: MIQO
Answer: davit launched liferaft

Question: MITU
Answer: Not allow the clothes to be hung anywhere in the unmanned machinery spaces.

Question: MIWH
Answer: Legs bent, back straight, using leg muscles to lift

Question: mixing, mining, writing, riding
Answer: mixing

Question: MJDT
Answer: Keep the keys with the Duty Officer/Electrician and call one of them when “Bypassing” is required.

Question: MJKM
Answer: Vessel Response Plan

Question: MJKW
Answer: a one-sided transmission meant for one vessel

Question: MJPN
Answer: FEC

Question: MJPV
Answer: Opacity, amount and colour

Question: MJXV
Answer: Fire station

Question: MKAJ
Answer: Regulations of 11 Dec. 1981 concerning medical supplies etc on board ship

Question: MKAU
Answer: NOR

Question: MKCF
Answer: the use of SART transponders

Question: MKGM
Answer: to inform the NCS that one is available for messages offered

Question: MKMI
Answer: Lack of oxygen?

Question: MKNC
Answer: Department of Environment, Transport and Regions (DETR)

Question: MKRE
Answer: If packing fails the pump can be kept running by tightening the glands, but if a mechanical seal fails it must be renewed to stop the leakage

Question: MKTY
Answer: With both vessels underway, fig. 1

Question: MKUM
Answer: the number of persons should be clearly stated on the outside of the boats bow

Question: MKXA
Answer: Be checked at regular intervals for gas which might be released perhaps from sludge deposits; and if such gas found, the tank to be re-gas freed?

Question: MLKK
Answer: The Certificate of Competency (or equivalent), the seaman’s discharge book, the medical certificate and additional qualifications for specific types of ship e.g. tanker, high speed craft

Question: MLRU
Answer: Increased velocity and decreased waterpressure around the ship’s hull

Question: MLRW
Answer: Connecting rod

Question: MMCW
Answer: 5 compressions after every 1 inflation

Question: MMGB
Answer: 39

Question: MMMU
Answer: All the listed alternatives

Question: MMMX
Answer: Temp sensitive semi-conductor

Question: MMPK
Answer: Adjustment of Zero-point and span

Question: MNGY
Answer: (Y)

Question: MNHS
Answer: Negative

Question: MNIN
Answer: Leave the engine room as quickly as possible, closing all doors behind you.

Question: MNNO
Answer: By spring.

Question: MNOM
Answer: A1,A2,A3 and A4

Question: MNQU
Answer: 1 meter

Question: MNXM
Answer: Enough capacity to secure a certain draft.

Question: MNYK
Answer: Sitting on a chair, leaning forward, with two fingers pressing the nose together.

Question: MOBB
Answer: Closing must be possible from outside the spaces being ventilated

Question: MOCN
Answer: Liver

Question: Modern cross head marine diesel engines are___
Answer: large 2-stroke slow speed eng

Question: Modern high pressure boilers produce which of th
Answer: Superheated steam.

Question: Modern high pressure water tube boilers have whi
Answer: water in the tubes and are ro

Question: MODM
Answer: Pushed by sufficient force to accurately check the correct opening pressure

Question: MOGR
Answer: When he is properly relieved.

Question: Moisture in a refrigeration system will cause a_
Answer: faulty expansion valve.

Question: MOMN
Answer: to prevent contact with earth

Question: MOQU
Answer: All passengers that will require some form for assistance in case of evacuation, etc. must be registered, so there can be sent crew to assist them if needed.

Question: More than 1300 seafarers applied …. thirteen hundred
Answer: thirteen hundred

Question: MOSN
Answer: seven digits, beginning by 1

Question: Most commonly, ships' radars operate in the___
Answer: X- band

Question: Most hydrocarbons have vapours which are heavier
Answer: Methane

Question: Most large tankers are moored using wire ropes o
Answer: No, because the wires would t

Question: Most people consider it bad___to leave a party w
Answer: manners

Question: Most petroleum vapours are___
Answer: "heavier than air

Question: Most pumps on modern ships are driven by which o
Answer: Electric motors.

Question: Most___like travelling.
Answer: people

Question: Moulded beam is the measurement taken to the___
Answer: inside of the plating.

Question: Mount Marcy is approximately 750 …. seven hundred and fifty
Answer: seven hundred and fifty

Question: Moving vehicles being loaded or discharged shoul
Answer: active crew participation

Question: MPAB
Answer: Panama lead is given by C on the figure

Question: MPAV
Answer: MAYDAY RELAY (3x)

Question: MPTB
Answer: A change in the viscosity of the mixture.

Question: MPUV
Answer: 60 Ah

Question: MPYB
Answer: Peaches

Question: MPYD
Answer: Before leaving the port

Question: MPYH
Answer: He wants the OS to train as helmsman today, because they are sailing in open waters and there is not much traffic in the area

Question: MPYI
Answer: Ensuring that all persons avoid smoking in bed.

Question: MQBS
Answer: To make a copy of the NIS act and the CBA accessible to the crew if referred to in a contract

Question: MQFA
Answer: Near to the deck, crawl out keeping your face as near to the deck as possible.

Question: MQIM
Answer: Outside the coloured zone.

Question: MQPV
Answer: Natural bends at intervals?

Question: MREW
Answer: No

Question: MRJA
Answer: As and when the manoeuvring vessel instructs them to do so.

Question: MRJS
Answer: a remotely operated steering arrangement

Question: MRNI
Answer: Removal of excess oxygen in the feed water.

Question: MRTW
Answer: 17.

Question: MRWE
Answer: Checking the moorings for tightness/slack.

Question: MRXG
Answer: to keep a listening watch on two channels more or less simultaneously

Question: MSCB
Answer: Suspend all cargo transfer operations and close vents valves from the cargo system.

Question: MSCD
Answer: Check the surface of the sliprings, polish if necessary and bed in the brushes

Question: MSHH
Answer: Make sure that the compartment has been evacuated

Question: MSHI
Answer: No need of any signal

Question: MSIC

Question: MSID
Answer: The vessel’s cow manual.

Question: MSLO
Answer: Once every month

Question: MSMI
Answer: the floor of the raft has a second layer which can be inflated to help insulation, in addition to the thermal protective aids (10% of complement, minimum 2)

Question: MSPP
Answer: VHF-channel 13 in the areas where the master deems it necessary

Question: MSQK
Answer: The Seaworthiness Act.

Question: MSSY
Answer: AF-gain

Question: MSVK
Answer: A whistle and a light

Question: MSXD
Answer: The sea chest valve.

Question: MTBD
Answer: Undue overspeeding.

Question: MTDB
Answer: Increase in draft to the point on your ship which is closest to the bottom

Question: MTDD
Answer: Fuel injector

Question: MTDT
Answer: Start engine

Question: MTDW
Answer: To remove solids, water and sludge.

Question: MTMD
Answer: the MMSI

Question: MTNX
Answer: Operating instructions for life-saving appliances.

Question: MTQH
Answer: During embarking and disembarking the driving ramp shall be securely locked to the recess of the ferry.

Question: MTTQ
Answer: All of these.

Question: much, ache, lock, track
Answer: much

Question: MULC
Answer: Information about muster station on boarding card, poster in cabins, safety video running continuous.

Question: Multiple echoes appear on the screen___
Answer: on the correct bearing at dou

Question: Multiple echoes can be recognised because they a
Answer: at constant range intervals

Question: Multiple radar echoes are caused by___
Answer: reflection between own ship a

Question: MUNT
Answer: a class B fire

Question: MUPE
Answer: Broken water seal, oil outside the top disc.

Question: MUSR
Answer: Until all crew members and passengers have reported to their respective muster stations

Question: Must I take a pilot?
Answer: Must I take a pilot

Question: MUUI
Answer: G3E

Question: MUWW
Answer: A junction between two dissimilar metals generates a small voltage.

Question: MVDM
Answer: a collect call

Question: MVGA
Answer: Sodium hydrosulphite , potassium hydroxide, magnesium

Question: MVGB
Answer: All the answers are good

Question: MVJI
Answer: Polymerisation take place when a single molecule react with another molecule of the same substance to form a dimer

Question: MVNV
Answer: 30 minutes.

Question: MVPG
Answer: 8 %

Question: MVPI
Answer: All the other alternatives

Question: MVQI
Answer: Carry out a right or left hand search and proceed carefully feeling the area in front with the foot and using the back of the free hand to check the area in front.

Question: MVSL
Answer: Relatively wide range of temperature measurement

Question: MVST
Answer: 4

Question: MVTM
Answer: has a lateral field of vision of at least 120°

Question: MVVV
Answer: The stern will “back” into the wind

Question: MVYL
Answer: It is recommended, especially when dishes are heavily soiled.

Question: MVYO
Answer: simplex

Question: MWAH
Answer: Water Pump Pliers

Question: MWIT
Answer: Frequency

Question: MWLB
Answer: A zener barrier. (Positive)

Question: MWOJ
Answer: covers the whole body with the exception of the head and hands and possibly feet

Question: MWVC
Answer: the way in which radio waves travel are propagated

Question: MXEE
Answer: Close the ventilation system and other openings to the hold in order to choke the fire

Question: MXFW
Answer: Hold

Question: MXGR
Answer: The oil relief valve on the cylinder block or the safety valve in the oil pump is sticking.

Question: MXGV
Answer: The foam should be directed towards the bulkhead behind the fire and allowed to spread out slowly over the fire

Question: MXIK
Answer: Lower lifeboat to water

Question: MXIO
Answer: Always use correct working techniques for all cleaning duties.

Question: MXKY
Answer: Dismantle the exchanger and check or renew the rubber packings.

Question: MXLY
Answer: 4,5 V

Question: MXOG
Answer: Master’s record and Documentation file.

Question: MXSP
Answer: RF-gain

Question: MXTI
Answer: the hydrostatic release unit

Question: My appointment is scheduled for 12.15 pm. quarter past twelve
Answer: quarter past twelve

Question: My birthday is 19/5. Whats … the ninth of May
Answer: the ninth of May

Question: My draft is 12.6 metres. Do not overtake. twelve point six
Answer: twelve point six

Question: My first job as a deck cadet was in nineteen seventy-six. 1976
Answer: 1976

Question: My goodness! You___have finished the whole test
Answer: can't

Question: My last vessel was 78,500 … about eighty thousand tonnes
Answer: about eighty thousand tonnes

Question: My phone number is 99040. double nine oh four oh
Answer: double nine oh four oh

Question: MYBP
Answer: Pan Pan (3 times)

Question: MYBQ
Answer: A class division

Question: MYBR
Answer: Total pressure head

Question: MYDH
Answer: 7

Question: MYDJ
Answer: where reliable radio communication can be established with the use of a DSC on the MF frequency of 2187.5 kHz with one or more coast stations

Question: MYGV
Answer: It’s a cargo tank where all piping or venting piping are seperated and in not connected to other systems.

Question: MYGW
Answer: Raise the fire alarm.

Question: MYJB
Answer: controlling the movements of passengers.

Question: MYNK
Answer: In J3E mode – on simplex basis

Question: MYPX
Answer: The Norwegian Maritime Directorate

Question: MYUS
Answer: You will be able to smell the presence of the actual gas if the consentration is 5 parts per million or more.

Question: MYYD
Answer: 4