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Test Answers

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There are 291 answer(s) beginning with the letter B.

Question: BABO
Answer: Tell the deck officer to hoist the red flag. (letter ” B “) day signal, or red signal light in the signal mast during night time

Question: BABS
Answer: Checking that life-jackets are correctly donned

Question: back, lake, drain, crane
Answer: back

Question: BACN
Answer: 5 compressions after every 1 inflation

Question: Bacteria are naturally found in:-
Answer: All of these

Question: Bacteria begin to die off at which one of the fo
Answer: + 63 oC

Question: Bacteria multiply quickly in which temperature r
Answer: 5o to 63o Centigrade

Question: Bacteria need the following to survive?
Answer: Warmth, Food & Moisture

Question: BADL
Answer: In case of major work the fire main shall be under pressure.

Question: BAEB
Answer: Loading cargo “on top” of the oil and cargo residues in the sloptanks

Question: BAEY
Answer: in radiotelex-traffic in the MF/HF bands between ship and shore stations

Question: BAFT
Answer: Fluids (liquids).

Question: BAIE
Answer: one buoyant line, not less than 50m in length, of sufficient strength to tow a liferaft

Question: BAIF
Answer: one set of fishing tackle

Question: BAIG
Answer: All ships of 500 tons gross and upwards

Question: BAIH
Answer: Quay is given by A on the figure

Question: Bale capacity compared to grain capacity is___
Answer: less.

Question: Ballast lines to deep tanks should be___
Answer: blanked prior to loading dry

Question: Ballast water may be loaded into tanks previousl
Answer: properly cleaned

Question: bandage, wound, sprain, bruise
Answer: bandage

Question: BANY
Answer: must be replaced before the expiry date is exceeded

Question: BAPV
Answer: the use of SART transponders

Question: BAQT
Answer: To confirm to public supervisory authority that the requirements for the seafarer’s service on board have been checked, are satisfied and that the compliance with the requirements has been duly documented.

Question: barbecue, house, apartment, flat
Answer: barbecue

Question: barge, fare, hair, dare
Answer: barge

Question: Basic procedures for bunkering operations on all
Answer: a responsible person

Question: Battery rooms must be ventilated because it___
Answer: dissipates explosive gases.

Question: BAUN
Answer: Semi-refrigerated gas carrier can be discharged by pressurising the cargo tanks or condensate the cargo to shore or another cargo tank or boil of the cargo

Question: BAUP
Answer: Latex

Question: BAWI
Answer: He will find a lubricating chart in the maintenance manual

Question: BBAU
Answer: 8 tons.

Question: BBCC
Answer: a jack-knife attached by a lanyard

Question: BBDF
Answer: Release gripes

Question: BBHF
Answer: Permits the passage of vapor but not of flame

Question: BBVQ
Answer: A class fire door self closing

Question: BCAR
Answer: Stop operation?

Question: BCCE
Answer: Careful ahead manoeuvring

Question: BCET
Answer: At the beginning of every watch

Question: BCKQ
Answer: Carry out a risk assessment, make use of available equipment, and instruct staff on lifting techniques

Question: BCLO
Answer: Isomer compounds is substances with same chemical formula but different characteristic

Question: BCQL
Answer: Twistlocks?

Question: BCTN
Answer: Milk

Question: BCVP
Answer: For at least three years

Question: BCXU
Answer: Calculation 3 is correct.

Question: BDNB
Answer: He wants the Chief Officer to organise a lifeboat drill

Question: BDPJ
Answer: Bringing the engine up to sufficient number of revolutions for combustion to take place and engine to run.

Question: BDRD
Answer: All members of the crew

Question: BDRI
Answer: Make the tug fast on port shoulder to pull

Question: BDXV
Answer: Same as certificate to which it applies

Question: Be careful not to slip on the...
Answer: not to slip

Question: Be careful! A small amount of oil has spilled...
Answer: has spilled

Question: Be ready to go at 9.45 tomorrow morning. quarter to ten
Answer: quarter to ten

Question: bear, east, tree, sea
Answer: bear

Question: Bearing accuracy depends mainly on___
Answer: horizontal beamwidth

Question: Because of the storm, we were behind …
Answer: behind

Question: Before arriving in a port where it is intended t
Answer: the normal working pressure.

Question: Before beginning maintenance on a valve, what is
Answer: Isolate the valve.

Question: Before cargo operations begin, the responsible p
Answer: ship/shore safety check list

Question: Before cargo operations start the Master should
Answer: the terminal

Question: Before departure all non-seagoing visitors must leave...
Answer: must leave

Question: Before dismantling any equipment, first make sur
Answer: thoroughly clean on the outsi

Question: Before entering a cargo space after a long ocean
Answer: That the hatch is fully opene

Question: Before entry into a cargo tank which has contain
Answer: "the tank must be tested for

Question: Before inert gas is introduced into a cargo tank
Answer: 5% by volume

Question: Before leaving the engine room workshop, you are
Answer: all tools are in place, power

Question: Before loosening pump covers how should the pres
Answer: Open and check vents are clea

Question: Before painting, varnishing, or oiling woodwork;
Answer: That the surface should be cl

Question: Before raising steam in a boiler, you should ens
Answer: the air vent cock is open.

Question: Before starting any maintenance on an electrical
Answer: All of these.

Question: Before starting bunkering operations, which one
Answer: Plug the scuppers.

Question: Before starting soot blowing operations on boile
Answer: the bridge is informed.

Question: Before swinging-out a boiler burner for maintena
Answer: All of these.

Question: Before taking target bearings, you should check
Answer: the trace is correctly centre

Question: Before tucking the strands of ropes to be splice
Answer: Tightly whip the end of each

Question: Before using deck machinery powered by hydraulic
Answer: Drain water from the pipework

Question: Before washing any clothes in a washing machine,
Answer: Read the garment lable carefu

Question: Before we place any food item in a refrigerator
Answer: So that if any liquid drips d

Question: Behind the main switchboard are copper bars carr
Answer: busbars.

Question: Being able to use a computer is a vital___in tod
Answer: skill

Question: BEJI
Answer: Use a water extinguisher to put out the fire

Question: BEJM
Answer: Reject the offer?

Question: BELE
Answer: Bleed off may be taken from any of the cargo pumps.

Question: Bell or wad punches are used for which of the fo
Answer: Cutting round holes in jointi

Question: Below are reasons why canned food may be rejecte
Answer: Dusty cans

Question: BEOP

Question: Between which points on this schematic diagram o
Answer: Between points 5 and 6.

Question: Between which values (expressed in psi) can sett
Answer: Between 3 and 15 psi.

Question: Beware of those bare wires...
Answer: Beware of

Question: BEXX
Answer: Send a distress message and collect survival suits / thermal bags.

Question: BFBF
Answer: Rocket parachute flares

Question: BFCW
Answer: if the whip-antenna is replaced by an antenna of about the same length as the original one

Question: BFDT
Answer: Identify the extent of damage to own vessel and take necessary steps to safeguard the complement and the vessel.

Question: BFEN
Answer: Tug towing line is given by D on the figure

Question: BFGX
Answer: Too high amplification

Question: BFGY
Answer: The Chief Officer wants the 1st Engineer to empty the starboard bilge in hold No. 5

Question: BFHQ
Answer: She will turn to port and the speed will drop gradually

Question: BFHW
Answer: That the combustion chamber of the boiler is checked being empty for oil and that the pre ventilation function prior to ignition is functioning.

Question: BFIK
Answer: By soft machine scrubbing with red pad and a renewing of polish only where there is heavy traffic (f.i. in the middle of corridors and not the whole floor).

Question: BFIN
Answer: don a lifejacket without assistance

Question: BFIR
Answer: All the mentioned alternatives.

Question: BFJI
Answer: Pre-wash the tanks with cold water first?

Question: BFKF
Answer: Ammonium nitrate?

Question: BFNO
Answer: an efficient radar reflector (or radar transponder)

Question: BFQW
Answer: an EGC-message destined for ships with the same group call number

Question: BFSL
Answer: No openings in sides and bottom

Question: BFTH
Answer: 6 air changes per hour

Question: BFTI
Answer: To minimize the scale formation, the Sea Water outlet temperature should never exeed 50 C

Question: BGBB
Answer: Fuel with a flash point of 44°C or more

Question: BGDM
Answer: They have had problems securing the gangway

Question: BGJK
Answer: Lube oil cooler

Question: BHFX
Answer: rescue boat

Question: BHIJ
Answer: 326.6 Mt

Question: BHSE
Answer: A signal representing 0 = “low” and 1 = “High”

Question: BHTC
Answer: fading

Question: BHTY
Answer: 5 – 10 Degr. C.

Question: BHUW
Answer: Protecting cloths, safety shoes, gloves, goggles, earmuffs.

Question: BHWN
Answer: On area A1 this function is based on the use of SART transponders

Question: bicycle, automobile, car, truck
Answer: bicycle

Question: Bilges must always be pumped to the sea via___
Answer: the oily water separator.

Question: bill, mile, style, while
Answer: bill

Question: Bimetallic strips can be used in the measurement
Answer: temperature.

Question: BIND
Answer: Minimum eight crew members.

Question: BINY
Answer: be secured in the lifeboat (except boat-hooks) by lashings, storage in lockers, compartments, brackets or similar arrangement

Question: Biological detergents should never be used to wa
Answer: Flameproof garments, wool & s

Question: BIOW
Answer: 100 ohm at 0° C

Question: BIPR
Answer: In case of bursting pipe, to avoid oil spray hitting adjacent high heat surfaces of exhaust pipes etc.

Question: BIUQ
Answer: Radiotelephony – Single sideband suppressed carrier

Question: BIWP
Answer: lifebuoy

Question: BIYB
Answer: That the MARVS is less than 0,7 bar

Question: BJJW
Answer: No, the sea water pumps are still running

Question: BJKR
Answer: Swelling below the bandage and heavy pain.

Question: BJPV
Answer: Controlled closing of fire doors

Question: BJRE
Answer: A deck officer or certificated person shall be placed in charge of each survival craft to be used.

Question: BKGJ
Answer: When the design temperature is below -55oC and the tank is not independent type B or C, we must have full secondary barrier

Question: BKGK
Answer: 40 meters

Question: BKKM
Answer: Improve the scaling surface function, increase the service time of the exhaust valve in the engine.

Question: BKNU
Answer: 245329000

Question: BKQG
Answer: They will be closed if the ship get a damage on the ships hull, and taking in water. It will prevent the water to fill the whole deck. In case of fire they can also be used to stop the fire and smoke from diverge.

Question: BKTW
Answer: A device which prevents an operation of equipment to take place, to allow access or maintenance to be carried out

Question: BLAK
Answer: Maximum cargo tank pressure on an fully refrigerated gas carrier can be 0,7 bar

Question: BLAR
Answer: Channel 16

Question: BLBF
Answer: Ionisation.

Question: BLCD
Answer: SOLAS

Question: BLDC
Answer: Radar transponder

Question: BLDX
Answer: a sea-anchor with a hawser of more than 10m in length

Question: BLFH
Answer: Atmosphere is not combustible in either situation.

Question: BLGF
Answer: To relieve excessive high pressure in the cylinder to protect the engine from being damaged.

Question: BLIR
Answer: 406,025 et 121,5 MHz

Question: blow, crew, blue, few
Answer: blow

Question: BLWW
Answer: Making the grab bucket open and close.

Question: BLXA
Answer: Line throwing appliance

Question: BLXW
Answer: VHF / W-T

Question: BMES
Answer: Radiotelex and DSC – Frequency shift keying of carrier with error correction

Question: BMIR
Answer: In G3E mode – on duplex basis

Question: BMKP
Answer: Sufficient amount for 15 hours of operation at full capacity

Question: BMLK
Answer: To neutralize the acids occurring in the condensate system.

Question: BMTQ
Answer: – 4° C

Question: BMWY
Answer: EPIRB

Question: BNEO
Answer: Channels 6, 13 & 16

Question: BNKJ
Answer: Excessive cooling water velocity

Question: BNLE
Answer: Figure 1

Question: BNOQ
Answer: Potentiometer, 10 kilo-ohms

Question: BNPF
Answer: Increase the dosage of chemicals, and take new test of the water.

Question: BNUC
Answer: the use of VHF DSC

Question: BNXP
Answer: The main purpose with booster pumps is to increase the manifold pressure

Question: BNXR
Answer: No, membrane tanks is normally designed for transport of fully refrigerated cargoes

Question: Boarding arrangements do not comply...
Answer: do not comply

Question: BOGC
Answer: weekly

Question: BOGV
Answer: Figure 3

Question: Boiler feed water is water___
Answer: taken from the condenser and

Question: Boiler water chemical additives should be suppli
Answer: the chemical dosing line.

Question: BOIO
Answer: brass knife

Question: BOIQ
Answer: Act according to the check list “during crude oil washing”.

Question: BOKC
Answer: When a Panama Canal pilot is onboard

Question: BOLT
Answer: The method and use of sea-anchors (drogues).

Question: bone, lock, bond, knock
Answer: bone

Question: BONM
Answer: Survival suit and lifeline

Question: BOTH
Answer: Check that the painter is made fast to a secure point and that the sea below is clear

Question: BOTI
Answer: a DSC-message for all vessels within certain area marked by areference position, given in the DSC message and the degrees are given in southerly and easterly direction

Question: BOTK
Answer: List of Call Signs and Numerical Identities

Question: bought, loud, round, south
Answer: bought

Question: bought, safe, rough, off
Answer: bought

Question: Bow and stern thrusters are___
Answer: propellers that force the shi

Question: BOXP
Answer: There is 5 special area where it is forbidden to pump out any sludge or oil residues

Question: BPDK
Answer: It could poison the fresh water if leakage occurs.

Question: BPEX
Answer: Because they expected the harbor pilot to board the ship at 0730.

Question: BQAQ
Answer: Stop all cargo operations and close the deck IG line isolating valve

Question: BQAS
Answer: The Gulf of Mexico

Question: BQCL
Answer: Secure hatches

Question: BQDK
Answer: Lubricating oil.

Question: BQFB
Answer: MF

Question: BQFY
Answer: All the answers are good

Question: BQIE
Answer: MCA

Question: BQKT
Answer: Yes

Question: BQNG
Answer: That the shipowner is a Norwegian subject or fulfils other requirements stated in Norwegian acts

Question: BQQR
Answer: A number of lifejackets equal to at least 10% of the total number of passengers and crew to be placed in the vicinity of the muster stations

Question: BQRJ
Answer: -79?C

Question: BQYD
Answer: Connect bonding cable then connect hose.

Question: Brazil, Asia, Europe, Africa
Answer: Brazil

Question: BRCF
Answer: the use of MF and/or VHF R/T

Question: BRDD
Answer: NAVTEX-receiver

Question: bread, break, steak, great
Answer: bread

Question: break, screen, seem, beam
Answer: break

Question: Brief all crew members on tropical …
Answer: on

Question: BRJT
Answer: Bridge is given by A on the figure

Question: BRKR
Answer: Upper Flammable Level / Lower Flammable Level of explosive atmosphere?

Question: BRKU
Answer: Anti-alcohol foam

Question: Broken piston rings on diesel engines, if not vi
Answer: they are darker in colour and

Question: BRRN
Answer: Reduce motor speed by about 10%

Question: BRUR
Answer: Do not carry lighters or matches on the tank deck.

Question: BRXD
Answer: Separation with correct temperature and low flow rate.

Question: BRXF
Answer: Either of the mentioned alternatives.

Question: BRYX
Answer: After 20 minutes

Question: BSAQ
Answer: distress alerting

Question: BSDA
Answer: with weak incoming signals distortion is reduced

Question: BSFK
Answer: a liquid that mixes with water

Question: BSHD
Answer: Metals

Question: BSJY
Answer: If time permits, send someone to try to find him. Notify the agent. Have the seaman’s possessions collected and packed by two crewmembers, with three lists of contents. Notify the company.Sign the seaman off in his absence, detailing reason for him/her no

Question: BSME
Answer: Too lean ( less than 2% by volume of hydrocarbons) or over rich ( in excess of 15% by volume of hydrocarbons ).

Question: BSMJ
Answer: Both persons in charge

Question: BSNH
Answer: Figure 1

Question: BSNI
Answer: Figure 1.

Question: BSPO
Answer: anti-seasickness medicine and one seasickness bag for each person

Question: BSTU
Answer: The Secretary of State responsible for Shipping

Question: BSVJ
Answer: L(S) = 4 H

Question: BSVK
Answer: The Master?

Question: BSYR
Answer: Provisions on maritime inquiry and death and burial.

Question: BTBL
Answer: gases, flames, smoke and heat

Question: BTES
Answer: It allows the wearer to jump from height of at least 4.5 m into the water without injury and without damaging the life-jacket.

Question: BTHE
Answer: The Part Flow System makes it possible to observe the discharge visually for oil content, on older tankers with discharge below the waterline

Question: BTKK
Answer: Constructed of non-combustible material

Question: BTNT
Answer: Tank top

Question: BTOO
Answer: loss of suction

Question: BTPM
Answer: Air from stage one goes through discharge valves in stage one and through suction valves into stage two. In stage two it will be compressed to high pressure air.

Question: BTTW
Answer: the applicant on board wishes to have a conversation with a person whose name is known

Question: BTVE
Answer: 9 digits

Question: BUAI
Answer: Before the tank is entered, lifeline, rescue harness and compressed air apparatus shall be ready at the relevant hatch.

Question: BUAK
Answer: Once a year/18 months

Question: BUCX
Answer: 30 L/nm

Question: BUDW
Answer: Airway Breathing Circulation

Question: BUFM
Answer: Plan for safety preparedness

Question: BUGD
Answer: requesting an “automatic linetest”

Question: building, harbour, port, pier
Answer: building

Question: Bulk Chemical Codes apply to___
Answer: all chemical tankers

Question: Bulk grain cargo should be carried as directed u
Answer: the SOLAS (IMO) Grain Rules.

Question: Bunkering procedures for all ships require that_
Answer: continuous

Question: Bunkering procedures on all ships require that t
Answer: appropriate precautions have

Question: Bunkering: 1. determine the amount | 2. cargo operations | 3. dry material | 4. all the times | 5. detection of leakage
Answer: 1. determine the amount | 2. cargo operations | 3. dry material | 4. all the times | 5. detection of leakage

Question: Bunkering: 1. sufficient size | 2. blanked | 3. completely familiar | 4. freely and safely | 5. to make sure
Answer: 1. sufficient size | 2. blanked | 3. completely familiar | 4. freely and safely | 5. to make sure

Question: Bunkering: 1. to eliminate2. tensioned | 3. same precautions | 4. thoroughly understood | 5. co-operate
Answer: 1. to eliminate2. tensioned | 3. same precautions | 4. thoroughly understood | 5. co-operate

Question: BUOO
Answer: It confirms that a ship has been “carved” and allows the Ship’s Register to be issued

Question: BUOR
Answer: 16 times 0,17 SDR

Question: BURD
Answer: Ensure adequate circulation in all conditions of steaming.

Question: Busbars are___
Answer: copper bars carrying electric

Question: busy, summer, butter, bunker
Answer: busy

Question: BUWV
Answer: 322753810

Question: buy, log, record, register
Answer: buy

Question: BVES
Answer: Two

Question: BVJN
Answer: VHF-channel 87

Question: BVJQ
Answer: Muster and embarkation stations shall be readily accessible from accommondation and work areas.

Question: BVKI
Answer: Liquefied gases is defined as chemicals with vapour pressure above 2,8 bar absolute at 37,8oC

Question: BVQC
Answer: 10 minutes

Question: BVTJ
Answer: Yes, a ship can be detained on hygiene grounds, but it is more likely that after inspection the hygiene officer would call in other inspectors

Question: BWEG
Answer: the nature of distress is unknown

Question: BWEI
Answer: listen out on VHF channel 16

Question: BWKE
Answer: Excessive cooling water velocity

Question: BWKG
Answer: As a safety net, for improved cleaning of the fuel oil

Question: BWLW
Answer: 60?C

Question: BWSO
Answer: Either of the mentioned alternatives.

Question: BWVB
Answer: All those listed in the other alternatives

Question: BWWT
Answer: 85 – 90 Centigrades.

Question: BXFY
Answer: All personnel onboard (crew and passengers) must be registered to keep a track of number of people onboard.

Question: BXKD
Answer: equipping of the survival craft

Question: BXPC

Question: BXUA
Answer: Figure 1

Question: By m
Answer: ster lists exhibited in conspicuous places

Question: By the end of the day we___painted all the rooms
Answer: will have

Question: By the time the plane arrived,we___at the airpor
Answer: had been

Question: By the year 2001 the world pollution___.
Answer: will be doubled

Question: By this time next week, we___for the summer.
Answer: will have closed

Question: By what parts is the outlet pressure Pu of this
Answer: By the stand of the valves V

Question: By which unit is the combustion intensity in thi
Answer: By the compound regulator.

Question: BYAU
Answer: By use of a float switch or differential pressure in the liquid receiver

Question: BYIN
Answer: U.S.A

Question: BYKV
Answer: A throughput of at least 400 litters a minute and a “throw” of 15 metres?

Question: BYKX
Answer: Do nothing.

Question: BYKY
Answer: On area A4 this function is based on the use of HF R/T

Question: BYMI
Answer: Cinnamon

Question: BYMK
Answer: 2187.5 and 2182 KHz

Question: BYSG
Answer: at sea, outside territorial waters, and in a port or harbour

Question: BYSN
Answer: Yes, on a form prescribed or approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate