GMDSS. FCC Test 56

Which of the following is true of Sitor ARQ mode:
Which of the following statements concerning SITOR communications is true?
Which Automatic telex command should be sent by a ship station during Sitor operations to properly address a weather report to the national weather authority?
Which of the following is true of SITOR FEC in the presence of impulse-type interference?
Which of the following keystrokes or characters is sent as part of ARQ communications to request a direct telex call to a shore-based location?
Which of the following would be a valid automatic telex code and number for a request for a real-time telex connection to a shore-based telex terminal?
The DIRTLX command should be given to a coast station at what point in time?
To correctly address a Sitor message and transmit it 'live' to a shore-based office the GMDSS operator would dial which sequence:
When requesting a direct telex connection to a vessel's Inmarsat-A terminal, (i.e. making a sitor call to an Inmarsat-A unit) the GMDSS operator must:
What should happen when an RQ code is received by a SITOR station which is sending message traffic?