GMDSS. FCC Test 53

'SITOR' communications are based on a digital code system:
What is the best method for a GMDSS Radio Operator to determine which SITOR station to contact for the purpose of sending a chargeable message or cable?
Which of the following methods will give a GMDSS Radio Operator the best indication of whether ARQ communication can be established with a coast radio station?
When placing a telex call to a Coast Station, you should always:
During Sitor ARQ operations through a coast station, what should the GMDSS operator do during the 'Automatic Exchange of Answerbacks.'
After establishing contact with a Coast Station on an available channel, which of the following exchanges take place?
Which of the following would be a valid selcall for use in ARQ communications?
The purpose of 'parity' in SITOR communications is?
Which statement is correct regarding HF NBDP under GMDSS?
Once ARQ communication with the coast radio station has been established, which of the following exchanges will most likely take place?