Antwerp Maritime Academy (Nautical College)

Noordkasteel Oost 6, B-2030 Antwerpen, Belgium
32 3 205 6430

General Information
The Nautical College offers a 4-year license course for deck officers/masters, a 3-year graduate course for engineers (second/first engineer) according to the Belgium maritime education legislation and courses to meet specialised needs on request. All courses are offered in Dutch, French or English.
The Institute has STCW Ratification
The Type of Institute is GOVERNMENTAL
Languages: English/French/Dutch
18 Full-Time Lecturers
19 Part-Time Lecturers
Availability of Accommodation
Avaialability of Meals
Overseas Candidates
Basic Programmes Leading to Deck Officer Watchkeeping Certificate
Basic Programmes Leading to Engineering Officer Watchkeeping Certificate
Upgrading Courses Leading to Deck Officer Certificate
Upgrading Courses Leading to Engineering Officer Certificate
Availability of Short Courses
Availability of Ratings Courses

Training Facilities
Ship Handling Simulator
Engine Room Simulator
Radar Simulator
ARPA Simulator
Tanker Simulator
Electronic Navigation Laboratory
Seamanship Laboratory
Refrigeration Laboratory
Automatic Control Laboratory
Electronic Laboratory
Language Laboratory
Communications Laboratory
Computer Laboratory
Physics Laboratory
Chemistry Laboratory
Fire-Fighting Training Facilities
Survival Training Facilities
Engineering Workshop
Diesel Power Plant/Workshop

Study Programmes and Short Courses
Deck Officer Watchkeeping Certificate Programme
Engineering Officer Watchkeeping Certificate Programme
Deck Officer Watchkeeping Certificate Upgrading Programme
Engineering Officer Watchkeeping Certificate Upgrading Programme
Basic Fire-Fighting
Advanced Fire-Fighting
Personal Survival
Search & Rescue
Proficiency in Survival
Radar Observer & Plotting
Radar Simulator
ARPA Simulator
GMDSS Simulator
Medical Emergency Basic Training
Medical Emergency First Aid
Medical Care
Oil Tanker Familiarization
Advanced Oil Tanker Operations
Chemical Tanker Familiarization
Advanced Chemical Tanker Operations
Liquid Gas Tanker Familiarization
Advanced Liquid Gas Tanker Operations
Basic Stability
Other Courses